My Warrior, My Slave

My Warrior, My Slave Orion S Promising Military Career Is Cut Short When He Is Caught Having A Sex With Another Free Man He Is Condemned To A Lifetime Of Slavery After A Public Trial, A Fate Which Meme, His Ex Lover, Shares With Him When He Finds Out He Has Been Purchased By General Ares, He Risks Invoking The Wrath Of His Former Superior By Pleading With Him To Also Purchase Meme Even Though Ares Is Furious With Orion, He Grants His Request Ares Is Determined To Unravel Orion S Impassive Facade And Meme May Just Be What He Needs To Break A Warrior My Warrior, My Slave Is A Companion Story Of Slave Of Heart However, It Can Be Read As A Stand Alone Work The Story Contains Explicit Material With Light BDSM Content And Is Intended For Adults OnlyGenre Gay Master Slave Erotic RomanceLength Approximately , Words, Kindle Pages Based On Words Per Page

I write gay bdsm fictions and have published a few eBooks in the Kindle Store I love reading something unusual and my favorite characters are often dark and complex Maybe, that s why I have been attracted to BDSM stories Although I have done a lot of research into the subject, it is my imagination that I rely most when I write my stories I try to get into my characters minds and it is

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    3.5 StarsI confess I read the companion book, Slave of Heart just prior to reading this one so, some comparisons are likely forthcoming My Warrior, My Slave backtracks to explain how Orion became Ares slave They were both military, Orion serving as his trusted Lieutenant He was caught with his lover, Meme, and not only expelled from the military but forced into servitude Ares cannot bear for him to belong to another so he buys him The glitch in this is Orion is a dominant Meme was his submissive which, by all accounts, should make the transition to slave complicated and probably tedious It is, to a certain extent, not quite as much as I would ve expected shifting from dominant headspace to slave headspace, but he did have a pool of knowledge to draw from which coupled with his acquiescence to his punishment lent credibility to the transformation.The writing style is much improved from Slave of Heart, but the world building still needs improvement All I know about this world is Ellirasa is warring with someone I ve no idea why, where Ellirasa is, when this is taking place, nothing I m not asking for Kushiel levels of world building, just explanation which, in all likelihood, could be accomplished in a handful of paragraphs.Additionally, the character development is good but it could be better The author seems to favor giving the reader an in depth look into the mindset of BDSM participants and she does this exceptionally well I truly felt the need of both master and slave in terms of serving, being served, pleasing, selflessness and sexual desires, but I don t feel like I know any of them They re all still two dimensional characters.The kink is good I enjoyed the storyline in Slave of Heart but that s strictly my own personal preference for sadomasochism I enjoyed the methods with which Ares went to to break Orion, pitting him against Meme in a manner of speaking I think Ares enjoyed it than he expected to and it certainly served its purpose I used to think we were very much alike, and that s what drew me to you and why I thought you completed me, Ares spoke, petting Orion s hair Now I know better, but you still draw me in You still complete me It surprises me how much I love seeing you this way, submitting to my will It was actually romantic than I anticipated and sets up Slave of Heart nicely A copy of this book was provided by the author as part of the DBML program in the M M Romance group in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5It s no secret that I love a good slave story And this one was good and gritty and got down to business right away And by down to business I mean turning this man who has been captured, Orion, into the sweet slave boy he should be.Orion was sold to be a slave, it was never something he wanted but he s a man who wants to excel at anything he sets out to do He s supposed to be a slave, well he s going to be the bast damn slave he can be If he s going to do something, he s going to do it right And boy, did he do it right He totally embraced his slavery and loved being loved by his master How do you feel now, Orion Ares asked, gathering his precious boy into his arms I feel complete, Master Ares smiled That was exactly how he himself was feeling at present Is that your way of telling me you are sore and stiff, Orion The boy nuzzled his shoulder, spreading warm feelings inside him It is, Master Unfortunately for you, Orion, it will be like that every time I take you for my gratification If you think that was bad, wait until I finish taking you again before allowing you to sleep Is that a promise as well, Master Oh fucking my Please let that be a promise, please.Oooooh, the master slave and BDSM scenes were good Whips, whips, whipsmmmmm I love a good whipping scene Ares knew exactly what to do and how to treat Orion in order to turn him into a slave He was the perfect master for his slave Not to mention how he was with his other slave, Meme Sweet, loving Meme He s one of those genuine slaves who sincerely needs to be mastered in order to be happy He was just perfect.So, Orion and Meme were arrested and sold into slavery for having sex with each other Apparently, free men can t have sex, but they can if they re slaves I m not quite sure The world building was a bit fuzzy for me and I never really caught the gist of this whole slavery thing they had going on The why of everything was never clear, I would have liked to know about why Orion and Meme were punished for having sex with a man and then sentenced to slavery where they would have sex with a man Huh scratches unicorn horn But, really, there were masters and slaves involved, so was I all that bothered No, not really.It was short, hot and to the point If you re into slaves stories, I d say pick it up It s worth the read for the whips alone I recieved a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review through the Don t Buy My Love event hosted by the M M Romance Group on Goodreads

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    Possibly 3.75 Provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review There were some really intriguing parts in Nana G s short that hit some good spots for me In a time where a man can be sold into slavery for sleeping with another free man, Orion becomes the fallen hero, a lieutenant who sleeps with Meme, a free man like Orion himself And the price of sleeping with each other Both young men are put on trial and sentenced to live out their lives as pleasure slaves.We learn all this within a few paragraphs, and I was groaning a little at what seemed a good part of the novel becoming brushed over exposition But then in comes Orion s General Ares.Gravely disappointed in what appears to be his most respected lieutenant, Ares seems out to teach Orion a lesson, that whatever Orion wants in life, he shouldn t just take it ergo Meme And he does it by taking both Orion and Meme as his pleasure slaves.I loved this idea Orion s natural and artistic skills as a warrior, his will to impress his General, to have that natural control and command from the General used against him, it sounded so delicious.But here I got a little confused, though It was originally Orion s final request as a lieutenant to his General that Ares also take Meme as his pleasure slave When Ares left Orion s cell, I was under the impression that Ares was in no way in favour of the idea Yet when we next see Orion and Meme together Orion is waiting to have his body inked to show he is to be Ares sex slave Orion seems so sure that Meme is going to be under the General s care I needed a iittle consistency in order to understand how Orion would know about Ares agreeing to take Meme too.It did leave a very interesting relationship, though Two lovers who aren t supposed to love each other, who are then pleasure slaves to a Master who wants to teach Orion the art of subjugation and seduction Ares is used to having Orion s calm, neutral actions in battle, and needs to break Orion in order for Orion to show his true emotions and become a proper sex slave as Meme seems to do naturaly And he masters Meme to the full while barely touching Orion to do it, with Orion able to hear I felt sorry for Meme in all of this Although the General does come to realize he s not just using Meme to break Orion down and open up emotionally, there s still that feeling that Meme will still only ever be a pawn between them and never loved properly by either of them.When Orion breaks, it s in a scene that I would have hit Ares for I didn t quite get Orion s reaction He seemed angry for not being under Ares instead of being angry at Ares for what Ares was putting him through.This impassive nature of Orion s nature was frustrating for me I know that was the whole point, that the General wanted to break how this warrior will follow a General s order to get into bed as easily he ll follow an order to go into battle, and not really be seen to be himself in either but I expected some kick back, something that would show me Orion didn t just blindly follow, but had a mind and a will of his own where the General himself was concerned He seemed too willing to experience the sex, to want to become a sex slave, even if he didn t quite know how to be sex slave.I was warned about taboos before I started, but didn t find anything too extreme in here slave Master relationship, light bondage, light caning, butt plugs The mind play wasn t too extreme I felt it could have gone a lot darker, and I think I was expecting darker too.Not a bad read overall, though, with some very good concepts master slave General lieutenant, and interesting characters.

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    3.5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.coAnd this is what happens when I m torn by a book I loved it on one hand It was an exquisite exercise in mind games and breaking a slave It was erotic, intense, and capable of making your heartbeat drum high But it was also heartbreaking due to the nature of the slave character.Orion is not just a sex slave He was a free man a man with dreams and ambitions He was a Master himself and most of all, the thing that affected me than anything, he was a warrior.In a society where men and women can indulge in same sex intercourse with their slave, yet between two free men such thing is inexcusable to the point of said free men to lose their freedom and become sex slaves themselves, witnessing the descend of a warrior was for me at least unbearable My heart was held in a vise like grip the entire read, weeping for Orion While the transition from a free man to submitting, the mastery of how Ares managed to play his mind games and ultimately break Orion and make him his, was extremely erotic and mind blowing, I still ached for the warrior and felt such a profound sadness Even in the most sensual parts of this book, even during the most erotic and stimulating passages, that sadness never left me, surrounding my like a damned cloak.So you understand my torment now, I don t know how to truly evaluate this read If I keep in mind how much it affected me, I d say point for the author, mission accomplished Still that lingering feeling makes me rip this book apart, if only it was a paperback.In any case I feel this work deserves praise, lots of it for it is quite powerful I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who has an appreciation for mind games and M s relationships The scenes are light and described with smooth words, not cringe like, and the length is quite short, making this read a nice and enjoyable break.Enjoy Thommie

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    This book was given to me free for a honest review.I was completely floored by this book It was by no means what I expected I expected a lot of anger and humiliation leading up to love But what I got was a beautiful story of respect, love and submission Orion is a celebrated warrior who is sentenced to being a sex slave due to being caught having sex with another free man, Meme He is bought buy his general Both men have a tremendous amount of respect for each other Orion ask the general to buy Meme also, because he cares for the man and he knows the general will be a good caring master even though it means he will have to witness Meme caring for another man.I got drawn into this story emotionally pretty instantly The Master Slave, Dom Sub relationships were well written and all the characters had substance You understood where they were coming from I ll be reading from this author.

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    I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I wavered between 3 and 4 stars for this one It s a nice short story with hot sex scenes and complex characters but I had some reservations about the story line As a hot little M M read with BDSM elements nothing extreme other than the slavery aspect imo it pleases and definitely earns 4 stars, as a story it is lacking, for me, in some respects Meme made me uncomfortable, there seemed to be a lot of love between Ares and Orion by the end and I think the tale would have been sweeter without the addition of the third character who I can t help but feel sorry for Alternatively a inclusive M M M relationship where all the characters were loved equally if differently would have been nice I d have loved to read those sex scenes too So overall nice world premise, nice characters in Ares and Orion and great sex scenes, an enjoyable read for those who like Master slave tales.

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    It s amazing because Ares isn t a complete jackass It s hard to see in Slave of Heart, but that s understandable.What bothers me the most are actually the implications of Orion s slavery and how that affects the real world, if you will the one outside of Ares household There were hints as to possible issues the loss of such a valuable lieutenant would cause, but nothing really beyond that Are they actually in the middle of a war or are they those types of countries that pretty much are fighting all the time You know, it s actually quite good It s primarily erotica, I suppose, but it s good erotica It s high quality erotica It s erotica with a bit it s actually quite a story, too I mean, it s short, brief, and it really leaves me wanting to know of the universe and all its implications I even actually like the characters, who actually seem to have characters.

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    Somewhere between 3.25 and 3.5 This book was provided for free by the author is exchange for an honest review This is an erotic BDSM story about a Master who breaks through the emotional reserve of his new sex slave It takes place in a vague maybe 19th century world with gas lamps and carriages General Ares is the Master He has just come home from a victorious three year war His second in command is the stoic and dutiful Orion The story begins with Orion in prison He has been caught having sex with a free man Meme The penalty is that Orion and Meme are turned into sex slaves General Ares buys them both The rest of the story is Ares using sex to master Orion body and soul The viewpoints are third person Orion and third person Ares.Without judgment, let me tell you what you won t get with this book You won t get a harsh, brutal story of subjugation Both Orion and Meme are devoted to their new Master They desperately want to serve him sexually Meme is a sweet and submissive natural slave who does not miss his freedom Orion s strong sense of duty enables him to immediately accept losing his freedom Ares is a firm, but kind Master He does nothing really cruel that either slave would object to Though the story makes clear that he could if he wanted He has absolute power over them You won t get a deeply complex psychological story of love, betrayal, and jealousy Meme has very little personality beyond wanting to please his current Master Orion feels the most conflict about seeing Meme with Ares But Meme is so two dimensional that it is hard to believe that Orion would have developed deep feelings for him Orion s sense of duty and devotion to Ares enables him to accept whatever Ares wants Ares is a typical perfect Dom with no complexity I couldn t see Orion s and Meme s devotion to him coming from anything but lust Ares also undercuts any potential psychological anguish by being nice enough to come up with a way for all three men to be together This is a good move on the author s part The story works by keeping itself light and not getting too heavy What you do get with this book is an erotic BDSM lite story Ares uses sex to coax Orion into showing emotional vulnerability, and then rewards him with possession It is hot and even romantic The writing is a little flowery with the descriptions General Ares has fiery red hair and deep violet eyes and sentences like, the tight channel that craved his presence, and pushed his tongue into the parted lips, which obediently opened wider at the demand to entrance The characters are not very complex But the situation and sex scenes are hot, moody, and enjoyable.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the M M Romance group s DBML Don t buy me love program.This short story easily could have been expanded into a full length novel As a short, it stands well by itself as the story of three men in a complex relationship.Ares was the commander of both men during the war, but after the war, he purchases both Orion and Meme after their indiscretion becomes public.Orion harbors feelings towards Ares, but feels that he and Ares are not compatible as lovers due to both of them being dominant types So Orion takes a chance with Meme who is a natural submissive.Meme the natural submissive has already tried to talk Orion into letting Meme break a law so he can be sold into slavery Orion refused him that, but after being caught in their illegal lovemaking, Orion feels a duty to protect Meme as best he can by asking Ares to also buy Meme.As a standalone short, this story is good on its own, but I feel it s missing some things that a longer story would allow time to explore a World building We don t see any of the world the men live in except for the prison and Ares slave quarters where the other two men are kept b Sexual behavior Same sex relations between free men is illegal which is why Meme and Orion are in prison after being caught, but relations between a slave owner and slave are not illegal c Characters As a short, there isn t much time for each character s personality to show We see a little into each character Meme we see is naturally submissive and actually wants to be someone s slave Orion has feelings for Ares that he won t act on so he transfers his attentions to Meme Ares has feelings for Orion, but was jealous of Meme for catching Orion s attention There is only so much you can write into a shorter story, and I think the author did a good job of showing the complex relationship of the men Overall, I like the story, but would really have loved a longer version to include some of the world building and back story of each of the characters I m giving this a really liked rating because for the length of the story it was well detailed.

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    Orion is a disgraced hero Previously first lieutenant to General Ares, his illicit affair with fellow soldier Meme has landed him in prison to be sold as a sex slave Now his beloved General Ares has decided to purchase Orion for his own personal use.In sorrow over the uncertainty of Meme s future, Orion begs Ares to also purchase Meme Ares warns Orion that he will use Meme at will, something that deeply unsettles Orion, but he d still rather know Meme is safe Before their discovery, Meme had been his sub, and Orion feels a Dom responsibility for his safety.This novella is a pre quel companion to the author s Slave of Heart which I have not read It works as a standalone, fully describing both Orion and Ares through alternating POV I had a definite sense of Orion s anguish over the loss of his position, the loss of Meme, and the loss of General Ares esteem.Ares is consumed with getting Orion not to behave like a slave, but as a sub In doing so he neglects Orion, driving Orion hunger for his touch so greatly that Orion is able to actively submit himself The final task that Orion must experience before Ares will take him is to learn that a sub s love can be transferred Orion must witness Meme s complete submission to Ares and it breaks his heart.In the resolution a bargain is struck Also, the set up for Slave of Heart is created, with the expectation that Orion will accompany Ares into a looming war this time as his slave, not his lieutenant It seems implied that Orion will also do battle, however.It was a solid story pet up I enjoyed the quiet interaction of the three characters And the power structure was well described and consistent I received a free copy of this book from the author as part of the Don t Buy My Love exchange on Goodreads.

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