A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in TimeIt Was A Dark And Stormy NightOut Of This Wild Night, A Strange Visitor Comes To The Murry House And Beckons Meg, Her Brother Charles Wallace, And Their Friend Calvin O Keefe On A Most Dangerous And Extraordinary Adventure One That Will Threaten Their Lives And Our UniverseWinner Of TheNewbery Medal, A Wrinkle In Time Is The First Book In Madeleine L Engle S Classic Time Quintet Later note Had discussion with author about this book and why it means so much to so many people specifically women Also read excellent NYTimes piece about the fiftieth anniversary Some books are powerful for their readers because of their context in this case, the utter lack in popular kid s literature of 1962 of characters like Meg real girls, who cared about atypical subjects like math, who were unashamed to be other than pink wearing cheerleaders To find a powerful role model in a novel must be a wonderful thing, especially for bookish girls And maybe it makes sense that as a boy in the seventies, I missed that entirely Still, rereading as an adult, I found it unbearably heavy handed Hence the two star rating It was okay One of those overrated books the response to which defies explanation Clunky, heavy handed, and as obvious in its way as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe I was only ever able to force myself through this as an adult having been turned off of it by a filmstrip I saw in school , and no doubt this is the sort of novel like the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs that must be first loved as a younger reader Ugh. First, understand that I am editing this review after several outraged responses I knew that Wrinkle was considered to be a classic, but I was unaware that it was considered a Beloved Classic Beyond Criticism I read this in grade school and just REread it aloud, to my daughter I didn t have a clear memory of it, though I remember that I loved the way it started Now I realize why I forgot so much of it I STILL love the first 3 chapters, and dislike the rest But since some of you found and WILL find, I m sure my review to be judgmental, harsh and undiplomatic a review IS a critique, right to the point of insulting, I thought I d do a little research, look over the book again, think about it someSo I ve edited this review But I find I just can t retract my statements They are my opinion, that s all, and I haven t changed my mind I can only try to be open minded, be honest, and try to explain my thoughts feelingsclearly Otherwise, I d be a simpering fake.Like C.S Lewis books especially the last of his Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle , A Wrinkle In Time has strong, heavy handed, I think , overtones of Christian doctrine I m not anti spiritual, but I have a personal discomfort with this kind of religious doctrine You many not, and that s fine Butthan that issue, the book is an odd combination of intelligent hard science, interesting quantum science that is brushed over, and quotes from the bible At least there are a few respectful mentions of other spiritual leaders from other cultures, and moral messages from classic literature and philosophers I understand this combination garnered criticism from both religious fundamentalists as well as atheists and secular society L Engle has earned my respect for taking on the difficult and controversial marriage of science and religion She has also earned my criticism for raising this issue and then failing to really grapple with it It s treated lightly, as though it s a natural thing that should be easy to accept, in spite of the many holes and inconsistencies in her story I wouldn t even mind, except that this book takes itself SO seriously It s easy to imagine that a school teacher might use this book to demonstrate that Evolutionist Theory and Creationism can be combined, but I find science and religion to have a disjointed and uneasy coexistence in this book One is always dropped abruptly for the other Or at least, it seems so to me Ok Now that I have tackled that big one, let s move on I found the characters rather flat, the genius child, the misfit girl, the beautiful, genius, scientist mother who nonetheless stays home and cooks stew in bunsen burners while her husband has adventures The story itself is made up of vague scenarios of conflict of the psyche and spirit, with the entire Universe at stake L Engle s metaphors are obvious and their manifestations flat SPOILER ALERT There is a quest to fight a Darkness oooh that wants to rid us all of individuality free will There are 3 beings who used to be stars before they died in the fight with the Darkness and became something beyond our comprehension They can appear in any form to us, so that we have some way of processing their existence They are, in fact, so beyond anything knowable that I can t feel much for them or say much about them, except that they make a convenient plot device for transporting the characters throughout the Universe and the story Anyway, the Darkness takes over a planet which turns into a kind of sci fi beehive, with brainwashed automatons I found the planet to be delightfully creepy and would have liked to knowabout it, even if it seems suspiciously like a thinly veiled anti communist warning message So guess what s doing the brainwashing a giant, evil, disembodied brain, called IT, who is personally responsible for spreading the Darkness across the Universe Really A brain Doesn t anyone else find this simplistic and cliche The main character defeats this brain by gushing love I am quite sure that many, many readers were moved to tears by Meg s gushing, but I do not happen to be that kind of person Before Meg realizes that she has the power to gush love, the crusaders tesser through time and space no explanation of how the father can do this to a fascinating planet with very interesting aliens who can t see, but have other senses I d have loved to knowabout their society and these mysterious other senses, but again, these ideas aren t very developed.These are the things in this book, and in L Engle s writing that I love As I mentioned, I love her courage in at least attempting a controversial issue like mixing science and spirituality I love that this book has the heart to recognize love as the greatest power, and that it has the wisdom to recognize fear as one of the biggest weapons I love that individuality prevails, and the romantic in me approves of the loving, whole family I love that she has enough respect for children that she included difficult vocabulary and a few difficult concepts Many children are farcapable of handling complex ideas than we give them credit for, especially if we expose them to these things early on I love that L Engle doesn t underestimate them in this way, at least initially, on the surface Since my biggest problems with this book all involve my finding it simplistic, naive, and certain parts of it cliche obvious, I wonder if I need to remind myself that it s meant for children Perhaps children should be idealistic, or even naive, in the way that this book is But then I wonder if that is another way of underestimating them ESPECIALLY since I felt exactly the same way when I read this book as a child Wind In The Willows makes me feel closer to God, or a creative power though there s some gushing in there too, at the end The Jungle Book explores social constructs and morals,deeply and naturally, for me A Sound Of Thunder blew my mind, in grade school, with its butterfly effect theory of the power and responsibility of each individual All of these are childrens books, though they span generations, and time and space,gracefully than tessering did for me I could name so manyBut, if A Wrinkle In Time opened your mind to new ideas, instead of making you feel frustrated by light treatment of them , made you question some latent prejudice, instead of feeling bored by obvious metaphors , lifted your spirits made you cheer for bookish outcasts, instead of feeling that no one is that one dimensional or cry for the love of a big sister little brother, instead of cringing when a version of I love you Charles Wallace appears 19 times in 2 pages , then it is a wonderful book For you. the book that first inspired me to tentatively pick up my pencil and my marbled black and white composition notebook remember those and write in 4th grade the influence l engle herself and her work have had on my life cannot be understated i met her many many years later, during college, when she was well into her 80s, but she was exactly as i pictured her spirited, engaging, challenging when i very nervously and shyly told her that she gave me my first inspiration to write, she looked me in the eyes and, with a genuineness in her tone i can t describe, thanked me i gave her my book to be autographed she signed in it an handed it back to me as i walked away, i read her inscription, which said, with love and a flourish, ananda i admit it i had to look it up to find out what it meant and when i did, my respect for her grew even deeper i won t get into the entire background of the word name here, you can google it yourself ananda means bliss or joy it was so perfect, i nearly cried an amazing book and an amazing woman. So 41 of my goodreads friends have read A Wrinkle in Time, but I never picked up the book until these past few weeks I m not sure how this novel and I slipped past each other in my youth I m guessing that since the main character was a girl I wasn t that interested in middle school and when I grew older the science fiction elements didn t appear strong enough to snag my interest Oh well Last weekend I bought A Wrinkle in Time at a Borders near the Seattle airport I wanted the novel to get me through the grueling twelve hour journey whoo, flight delays and pre dawn connecting flights home, and I thank Ms L Engle for the perfect story for early hour near hallucinatory reading in the middle of the Minneapolis International promenade.What makes this book so good First off, A Wrinkle in Time works under the assumption that kids are smart enough either to grasp the nuances of some fairly deep physics or, if they don t get every detail, they ll flow with the storyline anyway One woman I know said, I didn t understand all the science when I was a kid but I still loved it That makes sense to me Hell, I didn t understand all the science now, and I m supposedly a grown up L Engle doesn t just say, And then they traveled time She tries to explain how time travel might workI wonder if so many kids, especially girls, liked this novel because they felt L Engle respected them as intelligent readers.Second, A Wrinkle in Time frames Meg s personality as multi faceted andcomplex than just about any I ve encountered in YA literature In fact, reading this novel I couldn t help but consider her a template on which somemodern coming of age characters think Harry Potter were modeled She s brave but doubts her own strength in an tangible, authentic manner And her relationship with Calvin is sweet without getting all High School Musical Third, the evil in this novel is damn scary and the darkness pure and substantial We re talking elemental, unadulterated evil that manifests itself in the fear and conformity of those who break down in its presence And the characters encounters with this evil feel real The climatic scenes are perhaps slightly too swift but the nuances of the battle fit well with a remarkably philosophical and Christian, but in a positive way resolution of good and evil s conflict If my friends reviews are any indication a lot of smart girls who turned into strong, intelligent women grew up under the spell of A Wrinkle in Time I feel like I know them a little better after reading this novel, and I can see them all, around age ten, turning the book s pages in their rooms, feeling their own strength and potential And that s damn cool, really, don t you think, a whole generation of girls reading A Wrinkle in Time Maybe little girls across America are googling tesseract as we speak

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