You'll Never Guess Who's Dying From Cancer

You'll Never Guess Who's Dying From CancerYou Don T Know Michael, But He D Like You To Owe Him BucksImagine You Were Told That Your Life Was Ending Would You Run Off For A Last Hurrah, Or Spend Every Moment With Your Friends And Family One Incredible Man Decided That The Last Months Of His Life Would Be Dedicated To Appreciating Loved Ones, Petting Strange Dogs And Trying To Raise A Million Dollars For Cancer Care Along The Way, He Brought The Dreaded C Word, Cancer, Out Into The Open Join Michael On His Journey To Make , Facebook Friends, Publish A Book, Meet A Couple Of Hollywood Comedians, And Let Him Show You What Living Is Really About A very uplifting book that focuses on the life of one man and his good moments, bad moments, and incredible insights as he lives a life with Cancer. I m having a really hard time writing this post because I have so many feelings about it, but here goes.I have a little story for you all When my family moved out to Thunder Bay two and a half years ago, we fell upon some hard times I m talking KD and ramen noodles, here It was an interesting period but we got through it as a family and I would never change a thing about our experience because we learned so much about our new city, as well as ourselves It was during this time that I first heard of Michael Antcliffe, a local author and personality I saw the write up about his upcoming book signing at Chapters in the local community newspaper, and told myself that I was going to go Life got in the way and I didn t end up going typical About a week later I read that Michael s signing was a smashing success It made me happy because he was doing it to raise money for cancer research It also made me think that if a local author could manage something like that, then so could a little budding author type person like me At the time, Michael s book was entitled You ll Never Guess Who s Dying From Cancer It didn t take me long to figure it out.Well, time went by and I continued to see that book in the local section of our Chapters, always telling myself that next time I d pick it up Next time Yeah Half the darned bookstore is filed under Next Time.Months later, in an effort to socialize my youngest boy, I headed out to our local playgroup I must point out that I m really quite terrible at getting to the playgroup, as I completely forget about it every week Don t judge, lol While there, I met an interesting woman who seemed to be every bit as silly as I am in several different ways Therefore, I immediately wanted to be her friend I didn t hope for too much becausewellwe live in this society and we re far likely to show a long time friend our Pinterests and wonder why the entire world isn t liking our status messages than actuallyyou knowactively socializing with new people This is not to say that I m not culpable I am just as guilty as the next person in regards to social media pitfalls.Anyway, this woman told me to add her on facebook, so I did the very thing that my generation does not do readily I disregarded that little stranger danger voice in my head aka pulled my head outta the nethers and added her to le facebook Yay for new friends in a new city I feel it prudent to point out that at some point along the way, I realized that I recognized my new friend s name from somewhere It took me about a month to figure it out her book rested on the local interest shelf next to Michael Antcliffe s Gonna be honest, I felt a little awed about meeting a fellow author type So over the next week I debated talking to her about this little discovery of mine I finally got drunk one night and shot off a message to her account.It went something like this Hey I think I know who you are This was despite the fact that I actually knew who she was I was just trying to sound cool No one likes a creeper, lol She now knows how stupidly uncool I am P She responded very kindly either the next day, or the day after that I was told that a dear friend of hers had just passed away and that while she couldn t quite talk to me at that moment, she would open up a greater dialogue in a few days.I felt a little silly at that point, though she had handled my drunken enthusiasm with grace.So I sheepishly waited over in a corner while she mourned her friend When she made a post about him, I tried to show how sincerely sorry I was for her loss When she shared pictures of her and him, I actually looked through them I haven t been as close to death as having a friend in my immediate circle pass away, so I tried to be as empathetic as possible The name of her friend You guessed it Michael Antcliffe.So I already knew how HOPE is my Wingman was going to end before I started reading the book.I wasn t sure what to expect, but the unabashed honesty and humor that Michael regularly worked into his posts are some of the most sincere and heartwarming things I have read in a good long time I cried A lot I also did something that I reserve for particularly beautiful strands of prose in my eReader I used my highlight function In fact, there are entire sections of his posts that are yellow I used that highlight function like you wouldn t believe, and I don t regret it one bit.Hope is about one man s, losing, battle with cancer Yeah, that s a really hard sell It s an even harder read because you know how the story ends But it s also about finding friends both new and old And petting strange dogs And pimp sticks And the re acquiring of pimp sticks And the little things in life that we often take for granted I couldn t put this book down I have read a lot of books, and very few have ever made me want to stay up until 3 AM in the morning to read the next page I do not use that phrase lightly and I cannot convey how much I think that everyone should read this book Near the end, and you know that it s the end, there seems to be a recurring line Still alive It made me incredibly sad for a few days as the echo of those words kept replaying themselves in my head Still Alive And thenI thought of a song that I ve come to love within the last year and it didn t seem so sad any Michael s story is still incredibly sad, don t get me wrong, but the silly song allowed me to look past those words and smile about all the things that Michael was able to accomplish The very fact that he had seemed to make peace with his impending death and tried to use his experience to help others was courageous beyond words.I never met the man I never got to be one of those who befriended him on facebook so that I couldyou knowofficially owe him ten dollars, but I ve met many of his friends and even some of his family in the interim I am in complete awe of the living legacy that Michael Antcliffe left behind This last June, I participated in the Relay for Life event in our fine city If you ve never done the Relay, it s awesome good times You get to walk all night against a backdrop of paper stars to light your way On the hill was a word HOPE and a cluster of Michael s little stars, put there by friends and family, made up the H The level of devotion they have to his cause makes me quite emotional Michael s words will stay with me long after I ve forgotten where I heard them And in that way, he lives on.Also Michael I do believe that I owe you some cash, sir.All proceeds from Michael s book are going to cancer research 50,000 has already been raised in his name to keep hope alive. One of the things I like about reviewing books is that it makes you take a second glance at books you might otherwise have ignored Certainly, a book about someone suffering from cancer isn t one that I would normally pick up Why would I Cancer affects one in three people there isn t one of us who doesn t know someone who has had cancer or has died because of it, whether it s a friend, family, or colleague Sadly, it s little than an arm s length from us.When I was asked if I would review this book, I confess I did say to myself, oh lord, do I really want to read a book about a man who is dying After all, my reading is recreational do I want to be saddened The book is short, and so I thought I would take that second glance However, this isn t a book one reviews It s not a book that you like or dislike.This courageous dying man has written this book to raise money for a foundation to provide support to terminally ill cancer sufferers by asking people to friend him on Facebook and to pledge 10 to his cause after he dies His aim is to raise a million in this way, along with proceeds from the sale of this book.It s a book about a man a young man who describes his first diagnosis of his malignant melanoma, his treatment, its spread, yet treatment, its effects, and, most poignantly, about what cancer has taught him He rarely complains He cries, yes, he cries a lot, but he doesn t complain Instead, he tries to find a positive and discovers that cancer has actually taught him a thing or two It s taught him to find joy in other people s happiness, humility, the joy of giving without receiving in return it s taught him to recognise other people s strength and courage, it s taught him to fight, and rather touchingly, it s brought him the experience of a new love.Apart from the utter selflessness of this young man, what bowls you over instantly is his intelligence, his eloquence, his wit, and if you can believe it, his enduring sense of humour He says cancer has taught him many things, but we would do well to hear those lessons and learn and reap from them before we have to wait for cancer to teach us He is engaging and inspiring the testament to that are the Facebook posts some of which are quoted in the book and quotes from those who have been fortunate enough to meet Michael.My what a long review of a short book I think that just about says it all So go to Michael s Facebook page, friend him, pledge your 10 to him If it s not viable because of your location, then perhaps you could give to a local cancer cause or hospice.I said before that this is not a book you like or dislike it s one that cannot fail to touch and inspire you. This book is beyond AMAZING It is one of those books that I find is a must read, to show that even my bad days aren t really so bad after all Michael Antcliffe handles his impending death with humor,a positive attitude, composure, and an unimaginable grace There is something to be said for not only talking about making the most of one s life, but doing it Michael did this until the very end Down to the last few pages in the book, with a picture of him in his Muppet shirt, he had a way of making you smile There aren t many intimate events in one s life than their death I have much respect that he opened up to strangers who became friends and family Through Facebook, you hear other people s stories and how Michael touched their lives He included quite a few pictures throughout the book, which I really enjoyed This was a heartbreaking, yet uplifting story through Michael s character This isn t a book that will leave me anytime soon.

Michael Jack Antcliffe was born May 13th 1975 in the old McKellar Hospital in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada The youngest of three children siblings Christopher and Jennifer in a working class family, Michael spent his early years raised by his parents, Alan and Mary, in a country setting in the township of Scoble, a short distance southeast of the city of Thunder Bay He enjoyed a childhood

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