Ecole des Maris

Ecole des Maris The School For Husbands Is A Comedy In Three Acts And In VerseThe Intrigue Of This Comedy Is The Radical Contrast Between The Ideas Of Two Brothers About Educating Their Children One Of Them Is Very Strict While The Other Is IndulgentThis Was The First Play In The Title Of Which The Word School Was Employed, To Imply That The Author Not Only Had The Intention Of Amusing But Also Intended To Convey A Special Lesson To His Hearers

Jean Baptiste Poquelin, also known by his stage name, Moli re, was a French playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature Among Moli re s best known dramas are Le Misanthrope, The Misanthrope , L Ecole des femmes The School for Wives , Tartuffe ou l Imposteur, Tartuffe or the Hypocrite , L Avare ou l cole du mensonge The Miser , Le Malade

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    4.5 stars for the L.A Theater Works full cast recording, the 3rd play in their The Moli re Collection.

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    This was a free project gutenberg play which I downloaded on my kindle, and can be read in under an hour.I do enjoy reading plays yet rarely do so, and this one was a simple play to read The play tells the humorous tale of a young woman duping her older fiance in order to marry her secret lover This play has many twists and turns, and saw the feisty Isabella s cunning get the better of her patriarchal match.I m not sure about this translation as some of the phrases seemed very modern, such as ogling someone, but the footnotes were interesting I love that people used to send love letters folded into the shape of a chicken

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    2.5 stars.What I liked This play represents a very progressive for its time view of women It makes clear that they should be allowed to make their own choices, be treated as adults, be trusted and loved.What I didn t like The poor old man was really mistreated Now granted, for the time this woman would have had no choice but to do what she did, but I still ended up feeling sorry for the old fool.

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    This is a fun little play and I m just about to start rehearsals for a production of this at the Village Players, a local theatre group I m so excited

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    Read in the original my native French This 1661 play tells the tale of two brothers and the two sisters who are destined to become their wives In an arrangement that is hard to imagine nowadays in the west, the father of the women, at his death, left each of his daughters to one the brothers, for him to raise and educate her and later to marry her The older brother is liberal minded he believes in giving his future wife freedom of choice with respect to nearly all aspects of her life, including who she hangs out with, who she will marry, etc , whereas the younger brother is conservative he believes in controlling her every movement and decision, locking her up in the house most of the time The story begins as the girls have just reached marriage age The question is which future husband will be cuckholded Very early it is obvious that the liberal attitude is better but how will a secluded woman succeed in avoiding her controlling future husband and tutor As it turns out, through a succession of clever, imaginative, and hilarious stratagems, at the expense of the duped young conservative husband.Overall, a very entertaining comedy, written in a fluid, flowing language, which can be read in an hour or two It reflects a society where women have much fewer rights than nowadays in the west but a similar story could still occur even today in many countries, and thus retains both historical interest and contemporary significance On top of being funny.

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    The School for Husbands by Moliere shows its age the most of the plays by him I ve come across The overall message trust your spouse and they will be inclined to be loyal to you, attempt to control them and you invite cheating and betrayal was perhaps a powerful move in the right direction half a century ago, and is still generally good advice However, the satire involves an old man practically owning a young woman to be his wife, forcing her to adopt ever increasingly dire straits to avoid marriage with a man she hates, but otherwise cannot act against except by deception And, of course, to avoid marriage with the one, she must take on another Even than The Bungler this is a period piece, and its than a little worse for it as the story is less amusing Still, its not bad, and as far as historical plays are concerned there are far worse out there.Score 74 100 C

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    Dopo aver letto questo opera, mossa dalla curiosit del libro precendente con il titolo La scuola delle mogli, trovo un che di divertente in tutta la storia letta.L uomo cerca di plasmare la donna a suo piacimento, senza darle nessuna libert di scelta ma ecco che anche in quest opera subentra l a che rende la donna pi acuta e furba nel poter trovare una scappatoia e vivere la sua vita in piena libert , mentendo a sangue freddo Certo per la reazione dell uomo al riguardo delle donne eccessiva ma non si pu biasimare se son dettate da un momento di rabbia e impulsivit dopo esser stato soggiogato.

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    Unlike the other Richard Wilbur translations of Moliere, I liked the School for Husbands the least Much of that might ve been due to the fact that it was an early play by Moliere and doesn t have the wit and sophistication of the later School for Wives However, it is slightly similar to the latter play in the examination of social s regarding marriage circa 17th century The translation is straight forward and enjoyable though.

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