Deluge: The Conqueror Worms II

Deluge: The Conqueror Worms IIEarthworm Gods Through soil they do crawl Earthworm Gods They bring doom to us all God is such an asshole, killed the prior Universe,Now ours will come to a splashing end I I I Earthworm Gods They re rotten, evil guys Earthworm Gods Now everybody dies Destroying every Universe,Having evil fun Here comes old Behemoth,Over there s Leviathan, oh fuck Starfish men and mermaids who will sing you to your death Tentacles that drag you down, hope you can hold your breath Don t forget the fungus, better keep your pant legs tucked You can run or you can swim, you re still completely fucked Earthworm Gods They re such a bunch of dicks Earthworm Gods Can no one stop their tricks . In Brian Keene S Cult Classic, Earthworm Gods, Global Super Storms Decimated The Planet, Eradicating Most Of Mankind In The Midst Of This Ecological Nightmare, The Remnants Of Humanity Fought Against A Supernatural Menace In A War That Ranged From The Rooftops Of Submerged Cities To The Mountaintop Islands Jutting From The SeaNow, The Battle Continues As The Last Of The Mountains Sink Beneath The Waves, The Survivors Make A Desperate Final Stand But The Worms Aren T The Only Enemy They Face The World Wide Ocean Is Host To A Legion Of Monsters, Each Terrifying Than The Last, And Mankind Is Vastly Outnumbered By These New Horrors Adrift At Sea And Struggling To Stay Alive, The Surviving Members Of The Human Race Cling To A Thin Strand Of Hope But Their Possible Salvation May Be Worse Than Their Looming ExtinctionEarthworm Gods II Deluge This Is How The World Ends So yeah people praise G.R.R Martin, and how he is so ruthless and kills characters that you love, with no care to your poor heart, but hear me Brian Keene KILLS WORLDS.He is one of my favorite Horror authors, and man, when you start to read one of his books, forget about HOPE.I will not spoil the story, and in order to read this one, you need to read the first book otherwise you will feel very disconnected to the situation the world is going in.If you are a fan of H.P Lovecraft s Chutlhu Mythos, Earthworm Gods both the previous book and this one is for you.This is a modern take in that mythos, a bloody, violent and in your face take, and man, what a ride.Just remember Leave hope outside, before entering this world Loved this one Way better than the first one, even when the first one was great I love how he describes his characters, it s sort of like you know them by the end of the book.Me encant Mucho mejor que el primero, incluso cuando el primero fue genial Amo como describe a sus personajes, es como si los conocieras para el final del libro. As much as I loved Earthworm Gods it was actually called Conqueror Worms when I read it for the first time I enjoyed the sequel even Why Because Keene has come a long way since he wrote that first book Many other great books followed, and, even , the Keeneverse is much fleshed out now As someone who has read almost everything the guy has written, minus the really hard to get limited editions, I loved how he ties this fantastic story in with his other works I am a bit in awe of how massive and consistent his mythology has become I read somewhere that someone has mapped it all out and keeps track of all the references and cross connections and I believe it There are tie ins to a dozen other works.Ok, back to EG2 Picks up right where EG or CW if you read it a while ago left off We blend some old characters with a bunch of new ones and we are finally sat down and told exactly how bad the situation, which we already knew was really really bad, is Bleak doesn t begin to describe it Magical forces are at work and it most likely is waaay too late to do much about it The creatures get nastier, the creepiness gets amped up We rush head long through a melting world hoping against hope to reach some place or portal of safety that may not even exist How long can you tread water while trying not to think of what hungry thing is rushing up below you A strong sequel to one of Keene s better books Originally published on his website for free, I do not know whether it was changed or improved since this free version but at times it feels rushed, like one might expect Could have used some editing in parts He uses the word denizens constantly and I m pretty sure that the name of a minor character changed from Mark to Sylva half way through the book.Nontheless, it is a fast paced read with little fat For the most part it is well written, though a few horror cliches slip through the net I find it hard to believe that good writers still use the he heard a scream then realised it was his own cliche but it is here The monsters are creative, if a little silly and the ending feels rushed It was also very easy to spot who would survive, who was there to make up the numbers and be killed and who would make a gallant sacrifice to ensure the survival of those expected to survive.That said, this is a very enjoyable book and hard to put down If you go into a book about giant worms you should be prepared not to think too deeply about it Keene can be hit or miss but this is one of his hits, for sure. In the first book, The Conqueror Worms, the protagonist, Teddy Garnett really made the book for me And his nut case neighbor, Earl Earth Worm Gods II Deluge I kinda get bugged when they go switching titles on me picked up right where the last one left off, and some new creatures from The Great Deep make their appearance So, yes, there s still a whole lot of rain, and Brian Keene s merciless bleakness, but I love how the characters keep on truckin , or should I say, floatin Oh, sure they get pretty beleaguered, but there s an interesting character who comes forward and helps to explain things, helps give just a tiny, minuscule sliver of hope for our soggy protagonists I highly recommend this book to those who loved the first one It s just damn good entertainment, and this one helps to sort of explain the situation a little better Definitely gonna read Selected Stories , and some other Brian Keene books. Wow, what a great sequel I was so pulled into this book, that I felt as if I was there with them The whole time I read Part 1 of this book I was itching all oversoftwhite fuzzsoft.What caused all this and what is happening to Earth is finally explained, what the worms part in it all was, along with all the sea creatures Amazing imagination and writing by Keene I really got to know the characters, even the new ones, and was so rooting for the survivors to make it Even teared up when some didn t make it As the book came to an end, I wanted I read this and the first book as a group buddy read with some good friends and awesome people We have had a blast I am a big fan of post apocalyptic books and I must say these two books are on my favorites list Highly recommended This is not only a worthy follow up to the first book, but it may even be slightly better than it.Brian Keene writes end of the world scenarios with a vengeance His characters, for the most part, are drawn realistically Will certainly be checking out many of his books, especially since there apparently is a mythos that ties many of them together Having read precious few of Keene s books, I still recognized plenty of the material from Darkness on the Edge of Town.

BRIAN KEENE writes novels, comic books, short fiction, and occasional journalism for money He is the author of over forty books, mostly in the horror, crime, and dark fantasy genres His 2003 novel, The Rising, is often credited along with Robert Kirkman s The Walking Dead comic and Danny Boyle s 28 Days Later film with inspiring pop culture s current interest in zombies Keene s novels have be

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  • Paperback
  • 255 pages
  • Deluge: The Conqueror Worms II
  • Brian Keene
  • English
  • 13 February 2018
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