Choices (Golden Collar #1)

Choices (Golden Collar #1) Born And Raised A Gypsy In The Late Eleventh Century, Teman Values Freedom Over Everything He And His Best Friend, Jasim, Are Thieves For Hire Until One Night They Re Caught And Their Precious Freedom Is Revoked Given The Choice Between The Dungeons Or Palace Pleasure Slavery, They Become Slaves, But Teman Vows To Escape SomedayBathasar Doesn T Want The Throne He Supports His Brother Instead, Which Suits Their Sadistic Father, Mukesh When Teman, The Handsome Slave Bathasar Has Secretly Been Watching, Saves His Life, Bathasar Requests A Slave For The First Time Before Long, Bathasar And Teman Fall In Love But All Is Not Well One Day Mukesh Brutalizes Teman Before The Court, Angering The Empress Of A Neighboring Nation To Appease Her, He Then Offers Her Jasim As A Gift, And Teman Decides To Stay With Bathasar For Now Despite The Abuse He May SufferThe Peace Doesn T Last Mukesh Plans To Invade Jasim S New Country, And Bathasar Must Find A Way To Stop The Destruction But If He Succeeds, He Ll Ascend To The Throne And Have The Power To Grant Teman His Liberty Then Teman Will Surely Leave Him What Other Choice Could A Gypsy Make

Grace Duncan grew up with a wild imagination She told stories from an early age many of which got her into trouble Eventually, she learned to channel that imagination into less troublesome areas, including fanfiction, which is what has led her to writing male male erotica.A gypsy in her own right, Grace has lived all over the United States She has currently set up camp in East Texas with her

[Reading] ➷ Choices (Golden Collar #1)  By Grace R. Duncan –
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  • Choices (Golden Collar #1)
  • Grace R. Duncan
  • English
  • 06 April 2017
  • 9781623803995

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    Lots and lots and lots and lots of sex And a teeeny tiny plot Duncan has a thing for orgasm denial Every night, I will tease you and work you Then I will take you and fill you with my cum And when it is over, I will leave your lovely cock unsatisfied Each day, on our rest breaks, I will feed you myself and play with you until your cock is filling the cage completely and straining against it And if I am feeling particularly wicked, I ll even remove the cage now and again and have you stroke yourself for me. Also much seriously, MUCH sex slave training, painting of nipples with exotic dipping sauces, bathing, oiling, and donning of various cock cages, clover clamps, penis plugs, butt plugs ugh, it never ended I was gagging for some conflict Rarely have I been so completely bored by a book And boy, am I over reading about edging.At the conclusion of the story I actually groaned aloud when I realised I had one sex scene to go I m amazed I finished it, although I did skim a lot of sex scenes i.e vast swathes of the book I wasn t happy to find questionably racist descriptions The setting is vaguely Thief of Bagdhad Thousand and One Nights ish Middle Eastern Mukesh big badBathasar our hero Bathasar had long, thick black hair, pale skin, and dark gray eyes Mukesh, of course, was the exact opposite He kept his own coarse black hair cut short His skin was the dark olive of their people, and the eyes that bore into him were black as midnight. So the good guy has pale skin and the bad guy has olive skin And coarse hair That s seeming pretty dubious to me Am I oversensitive since the whole Revealing Eden debacle The writing style is very young you know those novels we write in high school and wisely decide never to allow to see the light of day Example You can t just tell us how the characters feel Teman is supposedly longing for freedom, so that at the end of the story the conflict yay, conflict hinges on the fact that view spoiler he can have his freedom, or his love, but not both hide spoiler

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    Is edging your thing Boy do I have a book rec for you I must warn you, if you don t have a good dentist you should get one prior to reading this I had mine on standby The sweetness got so thick my fingers began sticking to my Kindle I tend to think in terms of cooking food so let me put it this way, Choices is the equivalent of this as an entree This as a side This as dessert And this to wash all that yummy goodness down of I love yous 46 of times they refer or are referred to as lover 100It s a veritable love in, I tell ya.Verra, verra surprising given that it s essentially a dub con tale I was expecting a bit grit instead of edging, edging, edging, objectification, praise, praise, praise oh look, edging with LOADS of love sprinkles on top I m actually surprised Teman s balls didn t simply explode Teman s body bowed hard as the orgasm ripped through him, pleasure so sharp and hot, it was insane His balls hurt as he pumped out stream after stream of cum, coating all three men along with his own chest, legs, and even catching his own face and hair It went on, not wanting to end, and he rode the cock still inside him, thrust into the hand around him, twisted so that his nipples were pulled harder, all dragging the orgasm out and intensifying it Not surprising after 9 days 9 N.I.N.E.I scanned some of the reviews prior to reading Choices that complained of too much sex my first thought was, that s an oxymoron, right Admittedly, there is quite a bit of sex but they are pleasure slaves so it s to be expected, no My issue is there s no pushing limits, no delving into the psyche of the slave, the sex doesn t advance their relationship so in that respect it is gratuitous and sort of bodice ripping AND no punishments That s just wrong.Rundown Teman and Jasim are gypsies and besties that get picked up for theft attempted murder trumped up in Neyem They are given the choice of being sent to the dungeon or becoming pleasure slaves Hmmm wonder what they ll choose They begin their training and become friends with two established slaves, Cyrus and Nadir The training involves conditioning to become aroused by bells and incense Very effectively, I might add Teman catches the eye of the malik, Mukesh, as well as his son the amir, Bathasar The malik is a sadist and a hair on the cray cray side Bathasar wends up scooping up Teman and they fall in insta love Political intrigue, assassination attempts, covert alliances traveling cross country help keep the story going.I like both Teman and Bathasar They re both very ahem, sweet and I do love me a sweet lil slave boy On the other hand, I think that s part of my problem They both love, love, love each other All goes swimmingly with their relationship No struggles with becoming a slave which one would expect under these circumstances There s not even that much angst The writing s pretty good if predictable I think it could ve done with some editing there s an excess of fluff, repeated fluff that dragged the pacing I was bored and distracted often not a good sign But can t rate a sweet lil slave boy tale less than 3 stars In the end They loved, and that was all there was to it Literally.Update for those in the Taboo Twister Challenge.

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    Please note This is a work of erotica The sex and plot are inseparable The plot is woven through the sex If you read the sex, you ll get the plot Thank you I am very proud of this book I ve put quite a bit into it and am thrilled that I am finally published Thank you to everyone who s stuck with it, finished it and appreciated it.

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    If I could do half stars it would be 4.5, only because I had a few nitpicks and I really do mean nitpicks, it was nothing huge, and nothing that can t really be chalked up to first novel stuff please do not get me going on all the flaws in my own first novel There are a kazillion All of THAT said, I really enjoyed Choices I knew going in that it was much longer than I usually prefer in a romance, but I was really suprised at just how much longer It didn t feel long, it just took a little while longer to read than usual which was NOT a bad thing The pacing was excellent, the amount of detail just right I had a very firm sense of where I was and I really appreaciate the use of all five senses in descriptive passages and in fact there are places where scent and sound are far important than sight and touch and not just the sexual conditioning scenes there s a particular passage where the scent of night flowers triggers a memory that comes crashing down on Teman which is just beautifully written The yes, frequent sex can be summed up in two words Hot and Tender , which is just the way I like it Overall, the writing is solid and very easy to read There is definite character growth, mostly in Bathasar s and Jasim s characters Teman does experience some character growth, but it s subtle and he was mature to begin with IMO, so he didn t need to grow so much as to get a little sense knocked into him Anyone who knows me knows what a big deal good dialoge is for me, so total kudos to Grace in that department The dialogue was completely natural sounding and flowed smoothly And did I mention the sex was hot Folks who don t enjoy multiple partner sex scenes all male in this case probably won t like this one, and folks who can t quite wrap their heads around open relationships may not like it either The relationships in Choices are NOT open in the typical sense of it, but rather there is a distinction drawn between sex and making love, and even that gets blurred somewhat in places, although it s truly all good because there is so much tenderness involved.I enjoyed the D s elements tremendously it was very well written and did I mention the sex was hot I m labeling it D s rather than BDSM because of the nature of Bathasar s and Teman s relationship Master and slave The SM aspects of the story weren t a part of that relationship although there were some definite SM type scenes and not all of them bad as in non con See below There are also some truly brutal scenes in Choices and they are described in enough detail to make it clear that life isn t always pleasant As a slave, Teman can be used by anyone who wants him and one of the people who wants wants little than to break everyone he considers lesser he especially wants to break Teman because Bathasar loves Teman While I didn t like reading those scenes no one should, they re not meant to be enjoyed , I do appreciate the way they were handled and the guts it took to include them This is definitely not a fluffy read, but it s not a difficult or dark book, either While I wouldn t call this the angsty est is that a word book I ve read, it had enough to satisfy my appatite for angsty fiction I am very much looking forward to the sequel spin off

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    DNF 59%Bored to tears even after attempting to skim through all the mind numbing sex Zero tension of any kind between the MC s Insta love the likes I haven t encountered in some time with I love you s than I could handle I found the MC s uninteresting and never came to care about them, their story or the external conflicts they faced I couldn t finish it, didn t like it one bitnot my book.

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    M m kinksters who enjoy dub con, this is a must read Ms Duncan is a new to me author She s one I will be following This book is a richly woven tale of sexual servitude, sexual slavery, love and court politics Best friends Teman and Jasim used up all their luck They are basically re possessors This last item they tried to retrieve was a set up It s never clear who set them up, but the results are nevertheless, constricting They can go to the dungeon in iron chains or go to the harem in golden chains.The sex in this story is hot Those who enjoyed the Beauty Series by Anne Rice will enjoy the sexual training of Teman and Jasim I m never going to think of an anklet ringed with bells the same again The behaviour modification is subversively depraved Almost makes me want to find a couple of not so submissive humans, capture them and test out this theory The CBT is delicious as well as the constant edging The sadistic parts in this story isn t the acceptable BDSM yet I still enjoyed it I liked the cruelty and the poor beaten male slaves The King, Mukesh was a dastardly bastard This tale is than just sex and sex There is a plot with a believable conflict as well as good character development I like Teman and how he struggles with his captivity He s living a better life than if he were working on the streets, yet he s a gypsy, used to packing up and leaving at a moment s notice Will he survive living in a cage, no matter how luxurious Teman is determined to escape yet his plans are changed when he meets Bathasar Bathasar is the heir to the crazy sadistic Mukesh He s different than his father Bathasar falls for Teman Their blooming romance is sweet and in constant threat from the Mukesh This conflict is well done and did tug at my heart strings.The world building for this story is just enough for a reader to gain perspective and a frame of reference For those who know a little about Turk and China, it may make this story easier to assimilate Even without this background, it s easy to understand and follow Overall, I found this story silky smooth and riveting I read it in one sitting Recommended for kinky m m dub con romance lovers I received this from the author for an honest review through the BDSM group s R2R

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    Sensual and hot 1st millennial political thriller.This isn t reality, it s romanticized sexual slavery It is simmering with flashes of molten hot as Jasim and Teman become indoctrinated into the palace pleasure slave corps after being caught red handed This a gentle take on harem life with leisurely slave training focused on creating a happy and prepared slave The good torture, aka bed play, is offset with a few short scenes of cruelty not sadism, because done right Teman would have lit up like a Christmas tree Bathasar respects the line his father, Malik Mukesh enjoys obliterating at every opportunity, which he deems his right and the slave s duty to endure This is an epic edging and orgasm denial read that just keeps Bathasar playing Teman and assorted friends while you, the reader stews Bathasar s lovingly devised frustrations for Teman just melt you In fact, I upped the rating a half point just because of the incredible smexiness Be advised that the story features multiple sexual partners, it is a harem setting after all, but with dedicated pair bonding.In the end, Teman has choices to make and in between all the teasing and caging there is an entertaining story with intrigue and assassins Recommended for kinksters who like hot, sweet loving of the Mmmmvariety.Favorite passage Do you really feel free Or do you feel trapped What is freedom to you, Teman What defines freedom A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

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    This book isn t of a genre that I normally read or enjoy While I am extremely open minded, accepting, and supportive of the homosexual community, I don t find myself enjoying reading this nature of book With that being said, this book was extremely well written The author took to detail with the utmost care The descriptions of everything from the countryside to the people and even to the walls of the palaces was well done As I was reading, it was impossible not to envision every last detail of anything going on As for the story, wow I felt almost every emotion possible while reading this story I found myself to truly care about every character and was full of hatred towards Mukesh I laughed, cried, and even turned my normal nail biting habit into something of insanity Talk about a whirlwind of emotions To think that this book is the first by this author seems ridiculous She has a raw talent for this I can t wait to see books by her I will definitely be looking out for any sequels

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    An excellent story that let you enter a world filled with pleasure slave, political intrigue and love that knows no bounds I really can t recommend this book enough The pacing is excellent, the characters are amazing and the story line is compelling I finished reading it and wanted to immediately start all over again.

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    I found this book an intriguing read because it wasn t what I originally expected I assumed it would be erotic adventure, in part because the opening scene is so wonderfully Prince of Persia, but the story of Choices is really erotica And it s really good erotica Once Teman chooses to become a slave, which given the choice he had to make was understandable, the greater part of the novel follows his erotic journey He discovers parts of his psychology he had not known existed and his body learns new ways to experience pleasure and release Some of the passages describing these erotic lessons are beautifully written, and there are a lot of these passages Sometimes I enjoyed the writing so much it became part of the erotic experience for me But there you have it I enjoyed the book on that level as much as for the story.Parts of the story left me unsatisfied I would have liked to see interaction before the characters fell in love, for one thing For another, I m a plot person and the plot has some flaws The erotic journey inside the palace is intricate and detailed, with intimately drawn characters The slave master Saheli, fellow slaves Cyrus and Nadir, and Teman s childhood friend Jasim all come to vivid life Once the story moves out of the palace, however, it steps into a bigger picture of strife between two countries that demands suspension of disbelief than I was able to muster I won t spoil the plot points, but will just say that I found the situation leading up to the climax unrealistic and distracting from Teman and Bathazar s gorgeous personal journey.Which is what I always come back to when I think about this book the personal erotic journey it details I read a lot of fiction with BDSM themes and most don t ring true for me, especially in their portrayals of sexual submission The way Teman falls under the spell of his body s capacity to experience pleasure is so beautifully portrayed it s a journey I will want to revisit The erotic core of the book, which is also the biggest chunk of pages, is what makes this book so satisfying Is there a lot of sex Oh, yes That s why this book goes right on my I want this in paperback list.My rating might be 4 stars because of the plot issue, but it gets points for the lovely writing and I enjoyed it so damn much I m giving it 5 stars because that s what I give every book that lingers in my mind and prompts me to go back and read it again I recommend this book to lovers of slave fic, orgasm denial, insta love, and rich, lovely erotica.

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