Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf, #1)

Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf, #1) A Marine Werewolf And His Commander Bring Legends To Life While Surviving Combat Deployment In AfghanistanLieutenant Lucas Young Doesn T Know Much About Shifters When Sergeant Noah Hammond Is Assigned To Lucas Platoon, The Marine Corps True Alpha Werewolf Challenges The Lieutenant S Authority And His Self Control As Lucas Learns To Dominate And Command Noah, He Struggles Against A Strong Attraction And Deepening Emotional Bond During Their Combat Deployment To Afghanistan, Lucas And Noah Begin Mirroring Legendary Partnerships Their Bond And Their Power Grow As They Survive Dangerous Combat And Ambushes When One Of Them Is Wounded In Battle, They Both Must Embrace The Strength Of Their Bond Before They Lose Each Other Forever


❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf, #1)  Author Kendall McKenna –
  • ebook
  • 336 pages
  • Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf, #1)
  • Kendall McKenna
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9781608208449

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    March 30, 2019 Comfort re read 6 Oct 2, 2015 Starting my 5th re read The time for therapy has long passed Hey, I get to meet Kendall in 2 weeks at GRL I gotta brush up, ya know May 20, 2015 Just finished my 4th re read I think it s time for therapy June 19, 2014 Just another update after re read number 3 to say I still absolutely LOVE this book It s still in my all time top 5 and I just can t get enough READ THIS BOOK if you haven t yet Seriously.I m going out on a limb again and I m gonna say this is one of the best, if not THE best, shifter story I have ever read Maybe because it was so different than the usual shifter story I don t know I just know that it was riveting and heartfelt and I absolutely fucking loved it.If you like military stories, big, beautiful men in uniform, werewolves who don t need insta love to find a mate, realistic battle scenes and a fast paced storyline along with a heartwarming lovestory, read this book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Fuck Yeah

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    this is UST porn siriusly.the point of this book appears to be to set two simpatico dudes in a fertile situation for mutual attraction and sexual tension and then find as many ways as humanly possible to keep them from becoming lovers or, indeed, from properly fucking each other at all.if that sounds like your idea of heaven my felicitations no better spent 9 in all the land skip the spoiler.but if that sounds like your idea of hell view spoiler LIST OF THINGS THAT KEPT THESE DUDES FROM FUCKIN LIKE ANIMALS1 interruptions2 shyness3 PTSD4 embarrassment5 ignorance6 responsibility7 decorum8 command structure9 hygiene10 stupidity11 grievous bodily harm12 stupidity13 tactical assault by taliban extremists14 stupidity15 a motherfucker is fuckin dumband all that despite, after a certain point, these two fuckheads being able to read one another s minds and scent the foetid vapor of unwashed erections on the if that ain t the silliest i mean, whose goddamned kink is this s kink.i get it like edging.well that makes sense.not for me at all but for other people hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Holy F this book was S M O K I N G hot Guys, I am a seasoned erotica reader Oral, anal, menage, spanking, whipping you name it, I ve read it Over time, I ve become a bit jaded Desensitized So that fact that this book got me all hot and bothered over a freaking hand job I m in awe Let s talk about the hand jobs, folks A ton of readers complain about the excessive amount of hand jobs in this book, and, to be honest, about 95% of the sex scenes are hand jobs or variations thereof Now, let me paint a picture of where these two guys are They are fighting in Afghanistan, and it is mentioned multiple times that they have limited access to showers, going for days or a week without cleaning themselves Guys, let s be serious If Lucas and Noah started rimming each other after not showering for a week, I would throw a freaking hissy fit Of course these guys aren t going to go there Would you I don t consider myself particularly persnickety, but I can assure you that I wouldn t be putting my mouth anywhere near someone s neither regions after a week with no washing psssht Oddly enough, the hand jobs were the most realistic thing about this book.On the surface, I like military books I like a dominant man, a man in uniform, and the idea of two military men getting it on gives me happy shivers However, the actual nitty gritty of a military book bores me to tears I disliked all of the combat scenes in this book They felt manufactured and fake not even counting the strange element of shifters in the military coulda used some world building there However, my biggest complaint about this book was the bone headedness of Lucas What does Noah have to do before you ll get a freaking hint, Lucas Sky write Me likey you Lucas, please stop with the weird notion of military formality, you moron I wanted to punch Lucas in the gut when I didn t want to bone him.What can I say I m weak and this book was hot I loved all of the neck markings and hickey making It was primal and YUM I ll be returning to this series for sure

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    HOT HEAVY on the UST and hand jobs, BUT Way too much military stuff for my taste not a lot of action, but hanging around the base, planning missions, yada, yada I know that s REAL, but I was bored with the excessive details Confusing world building lots of telling about pack politics Humans came off looking like idiots I couldn t quite make all of it gel I wanted these guys to do something other than give each other hand jobs Surely, they could have managed to shower and fuck MISCOMMUNICATION for like 95% of the story NOT COOL Just too damn long 6,000 mobi locations Some of it was redundant and could easily have been edited out 2.5

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    3.5 Stars I liked this one, but it did drag a bit for me I think maybe military books aren t at the top of my list of faves Had this book been about 50 or so pages shorter I think I would have been okay That being said, I liked the premise I liked the MCs For a book filled with predominately hand jobs.those were some hella hot hand jobs I loved the whole mating thing, the alpha and dominant roles, the biting, the sniffing Not a bad read by any means I don t think I could read this series back to back But I might throw another one in here and there

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    ETA 6 23 14 After reading book 2 I ve come to the conclusion that Lucas is not the clueless idiot I first thought he was It was all Noah s fault Noah, being a typical Alpha male only said half of what he s thinking and none of what he s feeling.That about sums it up Adding an extra half star because book 2 made me like book 1 .3.5 stars Not sure how to rate this.I m not a fan of military books And yet I flew through this one.There were WAY too many handjobs in this book And yet I found them totally hawt.Lucas is the most clueless, stupid, emotionally stunted idiot I ve ever read And yet I was a bit enad of him.I quickly grew tired of the repetition in this book And yet I couldn t put it down.I still haven t figured out if I even liked this book And yet I want to immediately read the next one.hrmmmI m just gonna throw up a three star rating and be done with it.For now.

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    Shit I really need an assistant to write what I think about a book and that person will do a fantastic review for me, with those cute pictures or short videos everyone seems to know how to do except me and it s possible my assistant will be tall, dark, handsome and naked, well, until that day I don t have any other choice than to do it myself.I had this book on my to be read one day piles because I read Brother in Arms and I m afraid I didn t get the story and I was constantly cheeking the words in Spanish, even though, I was still confused.I should have read The Strength of the Pack a long time ago, as soon as it was released, I was missing out in a fantastic, terrific, wonderful story.I will read Brothers in arms again, with this new release this author make me doubt the reason I didn t get the other story, because The Strength of the Pack was so easy to followed If you love werewolf stories, this will be an Amazing surprise I don t usually recommend books, however in this case I will make an exception and tell everyone this it s worth reading

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    The Military World was So Captivating The Wolf Aspect was Sooooo Intriging Captivating and Intriging are the words that come to mind when I look back at this book both wolf and military aspects captures my attention the writing of Kendall McKenna held my attention, I love that BUT, What I Really Really Loved Was Noah, his Silvery Blue Eyes his Stealth Factor and Holy Sh t his Alpha Persona, Written ALMOST to Pefection Noah,OMG, he was so freaking perfect, his character drew me right in and I was rooting for him to be happy as soon as those silvery eyes arrived on the pagesThe Smex ual tension was really amaaaazing The Decriptive writing I so loved.The Romance was slow, but sweet.The Writing s of the pack was done exceptional well The Mating aspect was not perfection, due to clueless behavior The References of Legends such as Alexander the Great was magical.This was a great read I will admit that I did ponder between stars on this book, and it was related to the MC Lucas, I so tired of his clueless persona and Noah, who seemed a wee bit clueless as well.this resulted in me pondering between starsclueless, I hate so read with caution, clueless guy is imbedded between the pages, and he can be irritating but upon closing the book I found the story in itself still splendidly and uniquely written, and I simply love that.This was my 1st Kendall McKenna and I will be reading book 2 Gosh, this was an Awesome find Re read , 6 2014In prep for book 2 and 3 And I still love the book

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    If I m the lawyer to these two fellas, I d be set for life Because a bigger bunch of communication failures I ve yet to seen But I m getting ahead of myself.This started out good, and would have gotten three stars if I d stopped around 50% It did not however, stopped at 50%, and just went on to become stupider and stupider until I went from tolerating it to unamused.The characters as usual, these fall prey to the trap of Nothing Unless There s You They have barely any character whatsoever no past, no sister, no degree, no mortgage, nada Noah at least had some sort of character if you count Growly Alpha Male as personality and Jealous as a blood type Lucas None at all He s not even a person He s just someone who thinks about Noah s penis all the time This is Lucas personality.So okay, fine I did not come to the romance genre to meet someone I d dissect in a book club.But there I was, at 90% of the book not an exaggeration, because I actually doubled checked and Lucas is saying, You don t want to have sex with me unless you re high n And this is after months and months of them interacting, flirting, caring for each other, feeling every single emotion the other has and I just It s like trying to talk to some guy with ADD Hello You are talking to the guy who wanted to move in with you, who crawls into bed with you every morning and wakes up horny all the time and it does not occur to you that he might possibly want to have sex with you You have got to be fucking kidding me.And then at 95%, Noah drops the bomb WE ARE MATES, he says But unlike me, Lucas does not say, Thank you, Lieutenant Redundant No, he goes weak in the knees.I am sorry, but if after months and months of getting special treatment from the army and sharing his bed and getting respect from everyone while being called his Dominant left and right, you still cannot figure out that you might possibly maybe be his mate, then surely you must have failed some IQ test somewhere.As for Noah s failure inform him of this pertinent fact after months into their on off relationship Unreal It s cool that we re portraying stoic guys who don t want to talk about emotion and nuthin , but you d think he might say something to get ass because that is presumably important to a man, but no.Can you imagine if I m their lawyer I ll get to explain something to them, and when they don t understand it after 10 hours of conversation, I ll get to do it all Over Again. I m shitting iPADs just from the thought of it.The writing though, did save it a little Not in the sense that the narrative was particularly exciting, because it wasn t I just have to salute the amount of detail that went into describing the military stuff not that I ll ever know if there were any inaccuracies but it s the illusion that matters and McKenna served up a damn fine illusion.The problem though, was that it dragged ON and ON About 70% of the book was about them out in the missions Shooting people up and getting blown and running about as wolves, which is fine if it was part of the plot and served some kind of purpose, but it didn t.No one developed because of what happened Nobody had a nervous breakdown and wanted to go home The book meandered about these incidents that did not advance the plot whatsoever, and by the time the fatal incidents show up, I just wanted it to be over with Verdict I ll recommend this if you absolutely must have some military men At least there s military stuff than some of those books where the Marines is just another name of a hunk factory that generates PTSD and homophobia as side income You can do much worse you can probably do a hell lot better too.

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    Let me ask you this.what is hotter, than a book filled with alpha wolf shifters One that is also filled with hot military men Phewww, I definitely hit the jackpot with this series Make sure you have your hand fan handy when starting this one I am a big fan of shifter books, but I am also very picky about them It s hard finding some great shifter stories out there, especially when you are not into the whole mpreg me sorry.Well look no further, because this series is pretty awesome I think I have read all of the books multiple times already.mostly book 3, because that one is by far my favorite.I am a big fan of men in combat, this is no secret, but if you are notthen you should definitely skip this series Everything is about the Marine Corps and being a werewolf in the Marine Corps It s also pretty heavy on the military talk There were plenty of times, I had to go back and re read parts, because I got confused I might love me some men in uniform, but I know shit all about the actual military PLieutenant Lucas Young knows as much about shifters, as I do about military procedure NOT MUCH Which is not smart, since in this world shifters are big dealespecially in the military.Sergeant Noah Hammond, is the True Alpha Werewolf of the Marines and he is about to be assigned to Lucas platoon Lucas has no idea what to do with an alpha werewolf and he is actually pretty nervous He has to show him who s bossand boy does he PUnplanned, he becomes Noah s Dominant, without really knowing what this all meansLet me tell you, these two were shit at communicating Hand jobsno problem, but talkingNOPE Lucas was quite naive to be honest and it his ignorance annoyed me than once Not enough to stop reading though, because still loved it plenty If you are looking for hot military guys getting it on with some even hotter werewolves, then you should definitely give this series a try This review was posted on Wendy s Wycked Words Follow me This review has been crossposted at DirtyBooksObsession

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