Feed Identity Crises, Consumerism, And Star Crossed Teenage Love In A Futuristic Society Where People Connect To The Internet Via Feeds Implanted In Their BrainsFor Titus And His Friends, It Started Out Like Any Ordinary Trip To The Moon A Chance To Party During Spring Break And Play With Some Stupid Low Grav At The Ricochet Lounge But That Was Before The Crazy Hacker Caused All Their Feeds To Malfunction, Sending Them To The Hospital To Lie Around With Nothing Inside Their Heads For Days And It Was Before Titus Met Violet, A Beautiful, Brainy Teenage Girl Who Has Decided To Fight The Feed And Its Omnipresent Ability To Categorize Human Thoughts And Desires Following In The Footsteps Of George Orwell, Anthony Burgess, And Kurt Vonnegut Jr M T Anderson Has Created A Not So Brave New World And A Smart, Savage Satire That Has Captivated Readers With Its View Of An Imagined Future That Veers Unnervingly Close To The Here And Now

Matthew Tobin Anderson M T Anderson , 1968 is an author, primarily of picture books for children and novels for young adults Anderson lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.His picture books include Handel Who Knew What He Liked Strange Mr Satie The Serpent Came to Gloucester and Me, All Alone, at the End of the World He has written such young adult books as Thirsty, Burger Wuss, Feed, The

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  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Feed
  • M.T. Anderson
  • English
  • 03 October 2019
  • 9780763622596

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    3.5 5 stars Read for my young adult literature class.

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    In lieu of a review here is a rant inspired by Feed, using actual examples from real life teens to illustrate the possible retardation of our culture and language Enjoy.This is a discussion from the Emo Girls Boys r HOT group on Goodreads I wanted to see what our youth really talk like I figured I d get them at their best, discussing politics Here s a sampling I M BLACK BITCH i d b racest against ME no.Obama is just a fagplain simple ill bakk out right now BYEZZZ sorry.gotz a BIT too into my whole rage thing there.hehe SO embarasseddamn, well i really don t see why ya ll are getting so mad i mean he does have the privlege to say what he wants i mean we do have a feedom of spech you know but i don t really care who is president, i mean i m moving out of the country so i see no point in careingokayso what is going on here who has violent anger right now lol i just saw a picture of Obama smoking some kill yo, hahaThese are some of the outrageous things said, but most of the in between comments were things like wat tha , lol, and okai.Yeah, this is just a very small group of people, but similar comments, and spellings can be found in any of the teen groups I ve ever looked through for shits and giggles These kids don t seem to write much differently then the people talk in Feed, a dystopian teen novel about the a society all jacked into the internet through their heads Their world seems awesome, they party and buy shit all the time, and party , and goto School , where they don t have to learn stuff like reading and writing, but how to get a killer job, and find good bargains online They hang out and don t talk to each other, but message each other in their heads privately Oh they also have lesions on their bodies, their skin is falling off, and most of the planet is dying from the effects of the consumer lifestyle these kids enjoy, but that s a downer and anyway they don t have to worry about it because the feeds in their heads are customized to optimize the users preferences and enjoyment of life To sound like a curmudgeon would be to say that this isn t to far fetched from how things are now, like we don t have lesions on our skin, and we also don t have flying cars I forgot to mention that We do have linguistic books though that stress that teens should be allowed to express themselves in their inane LOL speak because, well I don t know why, I only looked at the book jacket We no longer have libraries in schools, but school media centers where kids are taught how to use the internet, because they probably aren t getting enough of it at home and they are instructed by School Media Specialists I guess these really are librarians, but we ve got to make it hip and happening to get kids into MEDIA and not just stodgy old books that have review processes and editorial control over content and that can t be interacted with and consumed like right now Lets see we also have all those stupid fucking people on their handheld devices who are constantly texting messages, looking up things, reading their custom feeds and can t seem to go a couple of minutes without having to check up on what s going on in their cyber world What else Lets see during the last broadcasted UFC fight ok, I m not immune to stupidity either, watching fighting has become my most recent foray into mindless enterainment , they kept telling the viewer to log onto Twitter to follow the fights from the comments UFC President Dana White was Twittering ringside I mean, isn t watching the fight and listening to Joe Rogan s commentary enough, but now we also need to have the experience mediated another step through micro blogging Ok, or maybe we can look at a group of kids sitting on the floor of a bookstore all on top of each other like cockroaches and they all have their sidekicks out texting away, maybe even to each other, but it s like hanging out to be online or something How much easier would it be for all of this to happen if it could just be broadcast to our heads I m sure most people would sign up for it immediately Then you wouldn t have to miss anything on any of the RSS feeds you re subscribed to, any of the news or gossip that keeps getting churned out to keep people checking back constantly, you d never have to be bored because you could just call up a YouTube video and see it right there in your head Who wouldn t want that kind of immediate access to the whole wide streaming world I might sound a tad self righteous here, but I m as guilty as anyone We are an increasingly retarded society being swayed by a profit driven media culture Some of the conditions in the world created in Feed may still be a bit far off, we still have forests in our world but the conditions for the ultimate consumerist culture are not too many steps away from what we are at now.

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    I started this book over a week ago and only got through the first page before all the likes turned me off I took a break, read a few other books, and tried again This time I got through two chapters before I closed the book and took a breath I can t do this, I told myself I hate books that overuse our obnoxious vernacular And the made up words are annoying and stupid I much preferred the made up slang in A Clockwork Orange So you re going to punish Anderson for using slang that is realistic You re going to punish him for making you uncomfortable with the world the way it is, for yourself because you know you use that word, like it or not Okay, I told the stupid analytic part of my brain If you ll just like shut up I ll keep reading And that is how I ended up reading this book.And it did make me uncomfortable It s everything obnoxious about our media frenzied, frantic paced, impulse driven, uneducated praising society exemplified megawatt In Anderson s world people are hardwired into corporate feeds that advertise to them according to what they re thinking, feeling, saying, looking at, etc They chat with each other, watch shows, check the internet, invade each other s privacy, all within their bodies Schools have quit teaching them facts because all that s accessible at the push of a button no simpler than that, with nothing than a thought All their interactions are interrupted by this internal conversation shopping distraction Through a combination of advertising and ignorance these shallow people don t care that the feeds are destroying them after they ve destroyed the world where they continue to live in vertically stacked suburbs with fake air and fake sun and fake food And they all adults included speak in that valley girl like dude hollowness, only their words are mega and unit and still plenty of like and f words I picked up this book weeks after my disenchantment with facebook over the debacle on targeting advertising for us I can see spelling and vocabulary plummeting in this text typing generation and the interruption of technology into every moment of our lives I fear for the laziness in education when information is at our fingertips I can fathom technology being introduced where electronic devices are implanted so kids okay me too stop breaking them and losing them I don t think we re that far off from biological computers I can see the pitfalls of our society heading in something akin to this direction and it s disturbing No jokes from me about my surgically implanted cellphone But those likes are too ingrained I just have to keep kicking myself mentally whenever one slips out.ETA I ve been thinking about this book ever since I read it I can t stop thinking about it For all the dystopias I ve been reading, I m amazed that Anderson s world could discomfort me this much And I ve been thinking about his main character While reading it, I was often disappointed with his choices, but now I think he was the perfect embodiment of this shallow world I loved that Anderson offers no judgment or solution, just shows us this world with all its many flaws and lets it creep under your skin and make you uncomfortable with where the world is headed M.T Anderson is amazing I look forward to reading his other books.

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    You could be eating Taco Bell tacos right now In fact, there s a Taco Bell nearby calling your name image error

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    While I m sitting here writing this review, a Seattle Groupon advertisement is trying to get me to buy nachos with some amazingly tasty looking picture in my sidebar Now I really want some nachos I just turned on the television and the advertisements while I m perusing the OnDemand selections because who can be bothered to watch television in real time these days made me want to watch The Fighter again But I m not going to I m going to watch Clueless, duh My mom told me today that Bath Body Works is bringing back Copa Cabana scented lotion so I just bought lots of it online It was Buy 3, get 2 free OMGZZ We are sick Our entire consumer based society makes me ill but I am a willing participant in a lot of it This book is set in a plausible future wherein our consumer desires have taken over Corporations rule the roost, run the schools, and implant wetware into humans so people can research online without having to do any work, receive targeted ads and shop 24 7, and chat their friends without, you know, having to move their lips There isn t an incentive to learn anything because your feed can just tell you what you need to know It s soooo MEG Titus and his friends do all sorts of unit things like frag around in clubs on the moon, wear whatever the hip new style of clothing is I actually laughed out loud at the conversation about the geriatric chic clothing canes, walkers, muumuus and the riotware the Kent State Collection , and go mal malfunction which is the equivalent of getting f ked up No one seems to give a second thought to the system they are a part of save a few people Titus meets Violet on the shuttle to the moon and she got her feed later than most Because her parents are academics she still has a lot of experience reading actual books, speaking in the air as opposed to chatspeak , and philosophizing She, arguably foolishly, tries to get Titus and his friends to actually think about what their consumptive lifestyle means in the larger scale of things It was frustrating to listen to his friends let her inquiries about their knowledge of worldwide riots, mass killings, deforestation, etc just slide off them they just called her pretentious and said she was on the lookout for any sign of the decline of civilization Sigh.This aspect of the book, actually thinking about the effects of disposable culture and over consumption really struck home for me I am fascinated by attempts to create closed loop manufacturing systems ideally, a circle from raw materials through to end product in which little to nothing is wasted and byproducts may be used rather than disposed of and the entire seven generation sustainability concept making our ecological decisions based on their effect seven generations ahead But do I get ecstatic thinking about new video games coming out Yes, I totally do Can our individual environmental choices actually effectively change anything Is our only choice to either watch our entire world deplete its resources at a disgusting rate or overthrow it all and start anew Even at the end of this book, though it ends on a semi hopeful note, I was still depressed The types of people who would probably benefit the most from reading a satire like this will never read it While I feel like this book was successful at making me think a lot about our current society and its possible devolution into something even corporate than it already is, I don t know if this book is as successful as it could ve been I thought Unwind was so fascinating because it brought up tons of societal issues while still having an engaging plot Here, I was only passively interested in what was going on in the story Which brings me to the audiobook awesome The audiobook is narrated by one man but the feed portions are actually done by a cast and it sounds completely real You hear all sorts of crazy commercials and advertisements just like you are actually experiencing the feed I really don t think I would ve enjoyed this one as much in book form maybe 3 stars but the audiobook popped it up to a 4.

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    I am so shocked and surprised to be saying that I loved this book I was honestly expecting to hate it, but I think this is the most realistic portrayal of our future I ve ever read There s so much to take away from this book and I honestly think I ll be thinking about it for the rest of my life.

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    This, in my opinion, is the best written YA book I ve ever read The characterization is brilliant and unflinching, the details of the world absolutely spot on, and the YA coming of age plot seamlessly worked into a brutal sci fi story When I grow up, I want to be M T Anderson wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel s presence on my Goodreads bookshelf as a hearty endorsement I can t believe I just said hearty It sounds like a stew.

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    oops, i accidentally liked this book i swear it was unintentional i was all set to hate it, especially after greg s review which to be fair, was less about hating the book and about hating the people this book might be hoping to educate the wariness i had about it being in kidcode teenspeak was unnecessary it was like reading clockwork orange or irvine welsh or anything else in dialect i thought it was going to be written in contemporary teentalk, which is retarded, but if it s made up speculative teen ese, its less annoying weird, right if you want to read a good review of the book, read greg s, because all i am going to say is the moon sucks, i totally agree and they have a filet mignon park with a steak labyrinth you can t have a dystopia with a steak labyrinth, because it sounds too much like heaven and as the only person without an i pod, cell phone, blackberry, or watch, i can now say i am resisting the feed but i never would.

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    Poetry for the ear Welcome to post literary society, where everything you need or do not need, for that matter is spoon fed to you, straight into your brain No need for books Every once in a while, my universe is thoroughly shaken, and I feel like I lose ground 2016 has proven to be of a strain on my nerves than I consider healthy, with political developments in the whole world going from merely bad to pure demagoguery, with news that are disturbing almost every day My one consolation in the chaos is, and has always been, reading More than most other years, I have cherished my hours spent in the reading chair, reading history, poetry, drama, contemporary and classic literary fiction All the time thinking I know what literature is Having read Knowledge A Very Short Introduction, I should of course have KNOWN better, but humanity is good at taking impressions at face value As long as we are not challenged to think differently.Well, I am now In the era when musicians win the Nobel Prize In Literature, cheered on by a whole community of non readers, and some readers as well, who like his music but probably haven t read his books either , we are not far away from the randomness of the society depicted in Feed , where human beings have a chip implanted in their brain that feeds them anything from music and news to advertisement, customised to match the person s shopping pattern.I did not expect anything from this book, and just picked it up because it fit a teaching unit on dystopian fiction for Grade 9 And then I spent the whole weekend laughing and crying I don t think many paragraphs have touched me as much as the one where proper education is dismissed on the grounds that the feed enables you to get instant information on everything immediately, for example which battles in the Civil War George Washington fought in My first reflection was that many of my students would not be able to detect the deep sarcasm contained in that sentence, and they would not question the content Scary thought Now I am almost certain that many grown ups as well, even if they are educated, would miss the message in that paragraph, as they don t care about the context and read quickly without reflection Skimming through text does that to you, whether you are an adolescent or an adult.Then I felt almost nauseated when I read a press release from the fictitious government explaining to the outside world that big shithead was an idiom meant as a compliment, and should not be considered as an insult threatening the diplomatic relationship between two states If the other state did not understand the nuanced language spoken in America, it was truly not the American leader s fault Again, I thought it was exaggerated first, only to see much worse in the real world over and over again this summer The way we treat language, first carelessly, without any thought, and then ruthlessly, without any truth, is very close to the futuristic American establishment in Feed.I felt deeply disturbed by the numb reaction of the main character when he is confronted with real tragedy, but in a way, that intensified the message of the story A life lived with a news and entertainment feed in your head makes you detached from the messy feelings you would have to confront in human interaction It also makes you move forwards all the time, not stopping to think, or read, or reflect If you don t act, the noise in your head gets tangible, annoying, and stressful To tune it out, you must be occupied with several easy tasks at the same time, shallowly half focusing.I am not sure my students would appreciate the novel, and without reading guidance, the adventure, full of teenage risk taking and bad language, as well as interesting technology, will probably make them overlook the message about humanity lost to quick entertainment and instant gratification, unable to find pleasure in deeper thoughts and feelings, and unable to express themselves in sophisticated language, as their vocabulary is based on the songs they listen to and the advertisements they are fed.The sad thing about books about the loss of literature and culture is that they are mostly read by people who still nurture that love.For the rest, I am sure the Feed gives them 24 hours nonstop of poetry for the ear.

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    If you were to choose only one YA book to read in your lifetime, it should be this book.Feed portrays the near future world North Americans are currently barreling towards, and, as a result, this book is horrifying, terrifying, and brilliant all at the same time You don t need to read my review, you need to go out and read this book, now It s a fast pace and shouldn t take very long to whip through I keep it on my shelf because it s genius, but it s so chilling I can t stand to reread it.It s not often I agree with the big gun awards out there but Feed richly deserves its status as National Book Award Finalist, star PW, and star Kirkus, it should have won the Newberry Probably would have if it wasn t SF.

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