Taken at the Flood

Taken at the FloodChoose Your Own Adventure Your name is Lynn Marchmont, and you have come home from the war Home to your predictable village of Warmsley Vale, your predictable fianc David, your predictable little life all laid out in front of you Once upon a time, you loved it all.You secretly long for the war the excitement, the medical emergencies, the thrills and the danger Instead you must contend with your tiresome upper crust family, their sudden loss of fortune, the scheming, that strange feeling of ill will floating around you But do not fear, young miss You shall see your share of excitement again danger and passion, a thrilling life of adventure on the horizon And a man with his head savagely pulped is surely its own sort of medical emergency But are such things really what you crave Do people ever truly change Which path shall you take If your way leads homeward, then choose this path to a long and quiet life, well lived a life full of quiet, easy murder If your way leads to places unknown, then choose this path to mystery and menace enough to unhinge your mind view spoiler I had to add this one to my all fucked up shelf because man, the happy ending jaw droppingly fucked up all it takes is a man to literally try to choke you out as long as he genuinely loves you to realize that you actually do love that man and apparently if someone is accidentally killed, it doesn t really matter if the accidental murderer then berserkly mashes the dead man s head into pulp to cover up his crime as far as Poirot is concerned, it all still started out as an accident, so no big deal and certainly not reason enough to stand in the way of true love gosh still, this is a particularly clever Christie it is full of unpredictable and often strange twists turns and has a few exceedingly well rendered characters but I had to knock off a star because of that demented ending hide spoiler Weak plot Too many coincidences that help Poirot solve the crime There is little that Poirot does with his little grey cells The first half of the novel is all over the place and at times it becomes difficult to pay attention to the story I would place this novel at bottom 10% of all Poirot s novels Avoidable Taken at the Flood Hercule Poirot 28 , Agatha ChristieTaken at the Flood is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in March 1948 under the title of There is a Tide It features her famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot 2013 1379 275 9645750350 20 1390 314 1392 9789643637224. I was really enjoying this in fact, I was thinking it was the best Poirot I had read but then there was a three page epilogue which was COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT which undid every bit of characterisation and plot that had preceded it.Christie had her heroine go back to the man who had tried to murder her, with the immortal lines When you caught hold of me by the throat and said if I wasn t for you, no one should have me well I knew then that I was your woman WHAT THE FUCK.I know, I know, different times and all that But, seriously A woman wrote this About a woman who had served with the Wrens in WWII and been in conflict That attempted murder and violence can be so easily shrugged off It s just fucking unbelievable. Poirot sighed One should never struggle against the inevitable, he said If a middle aged lady wearing sham Egyptian beads has made up her mind to see the famous Hercule Poirot, and has come up from the country to do so, nothing will deflect her She will sit there in the hall till she gets her way Show her in, George This will contain spoilers.Taken at the Flood had an interesting start to the story We start the story in a gentlemen s club in London during an air raid What is interesting is that Christie starts off with a show blatant xenophobia by one of the club s members who is deemed to be a bore, but also deemed to be a character of integrity as shown later in the story From there on we get a story about dependencies in various forms It was curious to watch Christie developing characters in this story, but I could not buy into the psychology of her characters not that all of them would resign themselves to doom, not that none of them would question David Hunter constantly hanging around his sister Was he there during her marriage, too If the family was so closely dependent on Gordon Cloade, would they not have met his new wife or heard about her brother And what about the other members of the Cloade family, too Could they really have been so inept and helpless Could they really have been so ignorant of each others affairs and weaknesses I m not sure the psychology really works in this book.This is not helped by Poirot swanning around in the second half of the book and uttering nonsensical metaphors I would expect this from Miss Marple, but not from Poirot Come on Poirot is pretty annoying in this book whenever he appears He is arrogant and a bit snobbish, and withholds information from the reader I could have made peace with that, but then he turns into a complete idiot when he stands by to witness an attempted murder and does absolutely nothing to stop it Well, not nothing He politely coughs.Wtf It s like a bad comedy sketch.What was most annoying, tho, was the ending As I said, the story is based on a lot of dependencies, some between the characters Some sweet, but some are really dark and abusive To have to book end with one of the characters, who had hitherto been described as a confident, self reliant young woman, a former wren, agree to marry a guy she tried to leave for most of the book view spoiler and who had only a few pages before been trying to strangle her hide spoiler I pretty fun one. A Few Weeks After Marrying An Attractive Young Widow, Gordon Cloade Is Tragically Killed By A Bomb Blast In The London Blitz Overnight, The Former Mrs Underhay Finds Herself In Sole Possession Of The Cloade Family FortuneShortly Afterwards, Hercule Poirot Receives A Visit From The Dead Man S Sister In Law Who Claims She Has Been Warned By Spirits That Mrs Underhay S First Husband Is Still Alive Poirot Has His Suspicions When He Is Asked To Find A Missing Person Guided Only By The Spirit World Yet What Mystifies Poirot Most Is The Woman S True Motive For Approaching Him Then came a change, as all things human change. Tennyson, Enoch Arden Interesting way to construct a mystery all the characters are plausible as the murderer Great twist s Point off for having one of the worst of generally weak classic mystery romances view spoilerWhen you caught hold of me by the throat and said if I wasn t for you, no man should have me well I knew I was your womanAnd no, that s not some masochistic kink her fiance just tried to strangle her to death Romantic hide spoiler This is a pretty good Christie mystery, but the character development at the end was such a betrayal I felt personally offended I should probably not get so involved in the characters, but still, I m taking away a star out of spite.Suggestion don t read the last 3 pages You ll be a happier person, and still know the end of the mystery.QuotesThe thing that was different and that ought not to be different was herself P14Was that really and truly what people were secretly feeling everywhere Was that what, ultimately, war did to you It was not the physical dangers the mines at sea, the bombs from the air, the crisp ping of a rifle bullet as you drove over a desert track No, it was the spiritual danger of learning how much easier life was if you ceased to think P99Doctors, like every one else, are victims of the preconceived idea P174Can you love someone you don t trust P213The wages of sin, Mademoiselle, are said to be death, But sometimes the wages of sin seem to be luxury Is that any endurable, I wonder P218What I say to you is this, there is no telling what a human character is, until the test comes P235 .

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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