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Deadly Election Gripping political thrillerArthur Crandon s Deadly Election is a gripping political thriller that I had trouble putting down I really enjoyed this fast paced book, which is a real page turner chock full of surprising and interesting plot twists The author doesn t hold back on his descriptions of violence and other action scenes, so this book isn t for the faint of heart I really enjoyed how seamlessly real world history was worked into the plot.The descriptions of various places in the Philippines, where this novel is set, adds to the realism of the book The political corruption is chilling in that it could be describing a real election Instead of long winded speeches, the author focuses on the people and individuals involved in the election, which is refreshing.Overall I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys a good political thriller I m looking forward to the next books in the Asian Intrigue series 4 5 A fast paced, easy to read, action thriller set in the Philippines The narrative is tight and the action relentless as Crandon s morally ambiguous characters run through a well plotted tale, staged in a country portrayed as fatally infected with endemic corruption Although the characters, and the story generally, lack depth, and the language is light on metaphorical flair, Deadly Election, contains plenty of thrills, spills and surprises I recommend it as both entertainment, and as a disturbing insight into corruption in the political system, and in the human heart. This book was amazing.I spent the last 2 days reading the book with hardly any time to stop It was not that I was pushed for time or something, it was just that I was hooked Deadly Election opens the real yet ruthless politician world, where a man running for President can go to extraordinary lengths to get what he wants I cannot tell you the plot for fear of spoiling this book, you have to grab and read it to experience it yourself What I can say, though, is that Arthur Crandon excelled in depicting the characters, bringing to readers vivid yet shocking images The story has a strong pace, too, always keeping reader up and unable to take their eyes off the book.Overall, it s an intriguing work for anyone who s looking for a tight and freshly plotted book. Crandon has given us a vicious world of corruption and politics not that we haven t seen it before, but here, we are given a look inside what political corruption is like in the Philippines.You have your usual cronies, beautiful women who want power, and loyal servants Added to the mix is also lots of action and behind the scenes views of what goes on behind closed doors with politicians.I did get distracted now and then from some grammar mistakes that the editor should have caught They were simple things that would have been an easy fix, however, this did not stop me from liking the book.If you enjoy thrillers and political intrigue, this would be a good read for you. Good bookGood story and believable characters First you root for the good guy, then feel sorry for him and finally the ending is unexpected I would recommend this book to anyone who likes twists and turns Political Intrigue in the Philippines NY Times Are You Listening Rating 5 Stars Author Arthur Crandon Deadly Election is Arthur s debut novel It s a twisted tale of political intrigue, mystery, murder, and double dealing in the Philippines I have many Filipino friends and I have often thought of visiting that island nation So I was hoping for an insightful tale involving the Philippines and I was not disappointed From the very first page, the story grabs the reader The novel opens with a serious rape scene during World War II Japanese soldiers brutally rape a Filipino teen in front of her dying father Afterwards they massacre the villagers and hide the evidence of their crimes along with a treasure The treasure left behind by the Japanese serves as the McGuffin.After the Americans take out the Japanese, Arthur jumps forward to the present Greed for the treasure leads to murder, mayhem and betrayal Arthur hardly pauses to catch his breath before racing to the conclusion Deadly Election is highly creative, and yet it strikes one as utterly plausible Deadly Election has all the makings for the inspiration of an Urban Legend.Call me cynical, but I was surprised at the number of high officials who risked their lives to bring justice home I wonder if this is Arthur s chivalry and good nature, or if these reflect real persons of fortitude, character, and integrity Certainly, I know my share of extraordinarily decent, kind, and generous Filipinos.Buy Deadly Election US UK Kindle eBookRanking The pace is almost relentless and the scene selection, characterization, and style show raw, natural talent Deadly Election would make an awesome screenplay It s got Alfred Hitchcock written all over it Hollywood would love Deadly Election if they gave it a chance . Albeit some characters are not portrayed in the manner so common in major films, they behave realistically Plus, none of the characters are choir boys Characters who are not pure at heart think about the consequences of their actions and some actually decide to do the right thing despite the risk And others don t What a concept Format and Writing Deadly Election is in third person and generally, chronological order There are a few, short flashbacks.Generally, I concur with the other reviewers, but I would suggest that Deadly Election is Better Than Self Published, and it should be a NY Times Best Seller On that basis, I have to expand my comments on the writing Deadly Election is a first novel, and it shows in small ways For example, I noticed an abrupt viewpoint shift in the middle of Chapter 1 We jump from the Japanese to the Americans, which is fine, but then, in the middle of Chapter 1, we jump to the present This is very minor Another such shift occurs in the middle of Chapter 8 There are also some very minor typos None of this justifies taking away a star.Ordinarily, I overlook these small details, but I really think Arthur should approach Actual Publishing Insiders whoever or whatever they are Deadly Election should fly off the shelf at Barnes Noble and put Arthur on the map He needs to go for it and find someone in the business who will talk to him.But to do so, he also needs to prepare the book for approaching Publishing Insiders This means polishing the manuscript until it s as sharp as glass and as tight as a diamond Again, for instance, I would smooth out the transitions and find all the typos Viewpoint shifts should be separated into chapters or subsections For example, I would also put all of the initial WWII stuff in the Prologue, and begin Chapter 1 in the present.Traditional publishing may not be the Indie Author thing, but if Arthur can write work like Deadly Election, he should be a Brand Name Author in a few years.Recommendation As always my ranking takes the target audience into account Deadly Election may be a bit raw, but Arthur Crandon has talent on par with Brand Name Authors of the likes of Patterson, Fleming, or Koontz If the Gentle Reader enjoys mysteries, spy novels, legal thrillers, thrillers, or political intrigues, she will enjoy Deadly Election I strongly recommend the book Anyone thinking of traveling, working, or living in the Philippines should read the book if they like mysteries or are thinking of doing anything than a quick sight seeing tour Deadly Election would probably be rated R in an American movie house for violence and inappropriate behavior Nonetheless, the content is consistent with the story, the characters, and none of it is particularly gratuitous Given the horrific crimes involved, the author displays considerable self restraint.About the authors According to Arthur, the story is a composite of actual experiences and reading the novel, it felt real The tale is too convoluted to make up and yet not outlandish enough to feel like fiction If Arthur vanishes, he might have left us a clue in Deadly Election.Reviewed by Dan KnightAuthor of Cretaceous Clay and the Black Dwarfand Cretaceous Clay and the Ninth RingThis is a review of a PDF version. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA What can we say about politics Let me rephrase that question by asking what can we say about American politics Let me rephrase that question again by asking what can t we say about American politics Before I go any further, let me just assure you all that I am not here to discuss the current events in Government Anyway, I believe that we Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians and Progressives can agree that politics is a dangerous career to pursue I don t think I have to explain the details to my claim However, politics can serve many goods One field that it serves well in is the entertainment field.I m not just talking about Comedy movies or Saturday Night Live , I m also including all genres and the different forms of entertainment One of those different forms of entertainment is a book called Deadly Election by Arthur Crandon His story actually doesn t cover American politics His story is set in the political field of the Philippine Islands But the battles of American politics are very similar The story begins with three young men meeting with their Senator Enrique Consuelo who is also running for President They meet with him because they discovered Spanish doubloons in a cave where politically related crimes occurred many years ago Consuelo, being a typical politician in other words, fully corrupted orders his staff to kill the men so he can keep the treasure for himself But Consuelo just might meet karma when an eyewitness to the murders threatens to expose Consuelo for who he really is Consuelo thinks that he can have his staff easily take him down but once he escapes their grasp and takes them through a beyond wild goose chase, Consuelo realizes that he is probably facing a greater enemy that his political opponent Deadly Election is the story of a truly deadly election where people not only die but where people go through many mental stages that can easily hurt them physically Had it just been for the typical political atmosphere in the story, it would probably just be a fictional repeat of what we see on the news But Arthur Crandon added his own tone to the story He made it into a political thriller As I said before, politics serves entertainment well and that combining with Arthur Crandon s talent of entertainment giving, this book is a must read from beginning to end Not only is it entertaining but it s also informative I don t know if that was Crandon s intention to inform us a little but here s why I think it s informative it s a wake up call It s a wake up call to all of those people who thinks that politicians are one hundred percent clean and have no skeletons in the closest In other words, read this book and you ll be entertained while being given the harsh reality of a typical politician. Three Young And Innocent Youths Awake One Day In Their Remote Village In The Northern Philippines They Could Not Know That The Events Of The Day Would Change Their Lives, Than That It Would End Their LivesThe Day Started Well Breakfast, Preparing For A Fishing Trip, The Anticipation Of An Exciting Day Out Maybe With A Good Meal At The End Of ItAlong The Way, They Find A Fortune Enough To Keep Them All In Riches For Many Lifetimes Their Naive Misjudgments Bring About Their Downfall And Start A Chain Of Events That Will Change The Course Of History For The Small South East Asian NationWithin Days, Lives Will Be Lost And Fortunes Will Change Hands A Chain Of Consequences Has Been Started Which Will Spread Like A Spiders Web And End In Tragedy For Many And Triumph For A Few It takes a lot of hard work and a bit of luck to have a truly authentic voice as a novelist When the story is one of intrigue and mayhem this is even harder because there are so many authors trying to make their name writing such books In Deadly Election Arthur Crandon succeeds brilliantly where many other people have failed He has direct and dire experience of living in the Philippines that he had to leave after living there for eight years He warns us that the reality in that country is worse than the story he has written Prepared for a grisly tale, we get it full blast immediately in a cave where a massive treasure, in gold coins is being hidden The local people knew the secret location of the cave so they must not live to tell the story They are all dispatched but not before the graphic rape of a girl All this happens sixty years before the main story, when the cave is rediscovered by adventuresome boys At a loss to know how to keep some of the hidden treasure for themselves, they go to the local warlord Senator Enrique Consuelo This mistake costs them dearly because the senator, who is running for election as the President of the Philippines, has no scruples and will stop at nothing to advance his interests Surrounded by hard men who know how to use a knife, he controls people with bribes, threats, and violence I began to ask if there is a hero who can stop him from gaining control of the country Paul, a flawed character with a tough background is drawn into the mess and is on the point of losing his life to Consuelo s henchmen when he wakes up to the reality of his situation and takes positive action in a complex situation This story is very well written with a good strong pace Crandon uses sex, violence, the huge treasure, and conspiracy in an authentic way It satisfied my need to read a book with a good plot that deserves to be counted among the really successful novels of this kind. UeX9ON and pieces for websites and magazines in Asia and North America His other interests include cooking, fishing and music he plays the piano.He is originally from Somerset in the UK, and gained his law degree in Bristol, briefly practicing as a solicitor before retiring to the Philippines He moved to Hong Kong in 2011.

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