The Changeling (Weald Fae Journals, #2)

The Changeling (Weald Fae Journals, #2) There S Darkness In The Wilds It Has Been Only One Year Since Sixteen Year Old Maggie O Shea Moved To The Ozark Mountains And Was Declared Steward Of The Weald, The Most Sacred Realm Of The Fae, Mythical Beings With Both Enormous And Sinister Powers, Who Often Take The Form Of Humans Her Life Has Been In Extreme Peril Before, But Never So Than Now Her Younger Brother, Mitch, Has Been Kidnapped By A Rogue Band Of Fae And The Demand Is Simple Leave The Weald And Her New Life Behind Or Else Her Brother Dies Now Maggie S On A Breakneck Race To Save Her Brother, Her Family And Friends, And Perhaps All Of Humankind From A Threat Insidious Than Anyone Can ImagineThe Weald Fae Journals Continue

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[Reading] ➾ The Changeling (Weald Fae Journals, #2)  By Christopher  Shields –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • The Changeling (Weald Fae Journals, #2)
  • Christopher Shields
  • English
  • 04 March 2018

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    The sequel takes the story to a whole new level.I am really enjoying this series I regret reading it before the third book was published, because I don t like waiting to continue a series this good and those endings are a killer Luckily, The Aetherfae, 3, is coming in a few weeks.The direction of this story is 100% unpredictable Shields writes a masterfully woven tale of god like supernatural villains and heroes, and its often impossible to discern one from the other.The Fae of the Weald are dangerous, powerful and treacherous creatures Its all Maggie can do to maintain day by day, hour by hour, amidst the intricate Fae rules, politics, and unknown pitfalls awaiting her every misstep And of course, she has to figure out where they took her brother before he wastes away to death.Maggie s brother has been stolen and replaced for a Changeling, and the clock is ticking, as both Fae and the boy are dying, their fates tied together And who can Maggie trust Her friends at school are unwittingly dangerous, with their lack of control over their thoughts and words The Unseelie would have her dead in an instant, and the Seelie, her supposed allies, are potentially her most dangerous enemies.Maggie must learn to harness her phenomenal abilities, secret away the full extent of her power from the Fae who surround her every minute, and protect her brother and family from the whims of these callous, deadly creatures.A very intense read Don t start this book unless you have the time to finish it in one sitting.

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    Well, well well I read the first book in this series while indulging in very little sleep I came to the end of book 1 and saw there had to be another book This Author should be declared a danger to the public for turning people into addicts.I started The Changeling or Maggie s story on 10.12.12 an finished on 13.12.12 Sorry my American friends, in the UK we always put it Day,Month,Year so I didn t start reading in October as it looks.Christopher Shields hates me He s determined I won t sleep This book runs smoothly telling of Maggie and her trials, and of those who cause them and those who help her The magic of the Fae is all around Christopher shows his scholarship in talking about the legends that surround the Celtic culture as well as that of the Native Americans Not for one minute does he let that detract from the story as the tension mounts from chapter to chapter.The end came abruptly for me and was not welcome.I expected a showdown between the bad and the good on a grand scale but was just given clues s to the terrible thing that might be about to happen to Maggie.Needless to say he has the first customer for the third book in the series at the front of what I suspect will be long queue.His books deserve their placings in Goodreads lists and I urge you to vote if you haven t already This series is a classic in the making and though he sold his soul to Santa sorry, dyslexia he remains an erudite, complex, entertaining and addictive writer in spite of his evil way of not letting me put his books down.

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    The Changeling by Christopher Shields is the second in his wonderful series about the Waeld, a place for the Fae, which has a young woman, Maggie O Shea, as their steward Not usually big on Fantasy and Fairy stories I was taken by surprise by the beauty and strength of the first book that captured me with its sweet magic and loveliness Since said book ended with a cliff hanger of sorts I had to get the second book right away and move it up my tbr pile of books.As the title lets on, in this book Maggie has to deal with a Changeling, a Fae that has taken the place of her brother Mitch, a hostage blackmail situation which was created to force Maggie to give up her role as the Steward Maggie s position within the Fae is no longer undisputed but her unique qualities make her not easily disposable Stronger than she was even in the first part of the book Maggie is however a force to be reckoned with and while she fights her corner in the Fae world she is also part of the human world with Prom nights, girlfriends and romantic feelings.The book is well written, tightly edited and has some very enjoyable and particularly strong dialogues The characters have now all come into their own, become complex and so fill the several plot lines perfectly My favourite character is predictably Maggie s dear Fae friend Billy with his rather profound philosophical ideas about love, but there are plenty of other well developed ambiguous and possibly deceitful characters that make this a rather gripping and engaging read Although you can guess from the title of the forthcoming book where the story might go it never becomes dull for a minute.Again I must point out the playfulness and joyful writing, yet, once the parameters of this particular fantasy world have been established the story never deviates from it and remains within these confines believable and consistent, an absolute must for me that distinguishes Shields from many of his peers.This is great fun, cleverly and carefully written with impressive skill and obvious love for the characters and the story A must read for all fans of the genre.

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    Great sequel to The Steward Looking forward to in the series

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    This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.This is the second book in The Weald Fae Journals Series and continues where The Steward left off.I already had great expectations from this book since I loved the first one and I wasn t disappointed.It was equally as good as,if not better than, The Steward.We see some new characters and old ones.I felt a lot of emotions while reading the book including sadness,happiness and sometimes annoyance and this shows what a great book it is.We see the main character Maggie learn new abilities and we see the determination she has for finding her brother.I liked that it wasn t always easy for maggie to do something and she didn t always win without help.This made the book seem realistic.It was a great book and I recommend it to fans of Paranormal romance.The ChangelingChristopher Shields

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    Yo, I honestly like this book Its just that the main character Can be unfathomably dense at times I wasnt surprised by the twist at the end I rarely am these days but I did like where the story is going The surprise at the end was actually very predictable, it was eve kind of heavily hinted at before it happened Hopefully I get some answers in the next book because what happened at the end really doesn t make sense Well I have one guess at the motives actions of an character I shall not name, but I hope im not right because its way too predictable Also my major problem with this and the last books is the random time skips without an explanation One day its may first and the nest paragraph its august 29th with no warning or explanation Makes reading the book very jarring Im really happy I finally got to read this series, I had been wanting to read it since last year, but never got the chance You should probably read this book, then again you probably shouldn t, its up to you.

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    I thought I loved the first book The Steward, but The Changeling has stolen my heart The author does such a wonderful job of putting you inside the life of Maggie O Shea In this second installment of this series, the Fae have personality, and an obvious agenda, although the what and the who are not easily discernible Maggie s brother Mitch is replaced by a Changeling a fae who has changed form to look like Mitch , knowing that the fae have her brother captive, is the motivation behind most of the book Maggie must speed along the development of her talents to have any chance at saving her brother The relationships forged in book one only deepen along with the character development in book two If you like stories of Fae, or magic, or YA romance read these books, they are fantastic A huge thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of these awesome books in exchange for my honest review.

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    The Changeling by Christopher Shields is the second book in the Weald Fae Journals I loved the first book, The Steward and this one is just as good A book filled with Fae fairies and set in the mountains of Arkansas, it is every fairytale lover s dream Maggie O Shea, the main character is a strong feminine character that will do anything to protect her family and friends from the evil fae As the title states, there is a changeling in book two Maggie desperately tries to save her little brother, Mitch, while the changeling takes his place in their lives A great read I give this book 5 stars My only disappointment is that the third book isn t finished yet Good for ages 13 and up.

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    I finished this book yesterday I didn t want it to end The Changeling is actually the first EBook I actually paid for I downloaded part one The Steward when it was advertised for free Normally I read suspense, thrillers, paranormal and horror books I thought I was way to old for Fairy Books, well, maybe I AM to old but that doesn t change the fact how much I enjoyed this book It continued right were it left off and the story got even better if that s at all possible.This story gripped my imagination and followed me into my dreams I can t wait to see what happens next This story is wonderful and amazing.

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    What an amazing roller coaster ride I loved the first book in this series, The Steward, but The Changeling was even better The excitement and suspense had my heart thumping in my chest on than one occasion, and the breadth of intense emotions kept my heart in a vice most of the time The characters are very well developed and the storyline keeps you guessing This book had me so entranced that I was almost late for work yesterday as I sat in the parking lot trying to finish it Then when I didn t quite make it to the end, it was all I could think about all day long Now I just have to get through Friday so that I can dive into Book 3

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