A Presence in Russell County

A Presence in Russell County Russell County is populated with corrupt police and politicians Drug running, robbery, and murder are the norm Samantha Biggers, a young widow, is routinely harassed by one police officer When she sees him leaving the scene of a robbery, she gets confides in Santos, a man she has known on line for several years Santos, unbeknown to her, is John Hollinsworth, a retired Army officer who is involved with The Organization, a secret society whose mission is to stop corruption throughout the country John and his former sergeant, Stuart Crogan, come to her aid and jump on the trail of the miscreant officers Cap Finch, a journalist, who vowed to seek a peaceful town, finds himself in the midst of the mayhem.The characters are well drawn, and the story if full of action I enjoyed it and would recommend it. Dirty Cops A Strangled Community A Secret Justice System Welcome To RUSSELL COUNTYWhen Samantha Biggers Is Continually Harassed By A Police Officer In Rural Russell County, Georgia, She Turns To A Man She S Known Only Online John Hollingsworth, A Retired Army Officer, And His Former Sergeant, Stuart Crogan, Uncover Than Just Police Harassment Of The Locals There S Drug Running, Loan Sharking, Robbery And Murder When It S Learned That The Cop Who S Been Bothering Sam Was Also Responsible For Her Husband S Death, Hollingsworth And Crogan Seek Justice Via A Secret Group Of Private Citizens The Organization When Average Citizens Are At The Mercy Of Corrupt Law Enforcement, They Often Suffer In Silence, Having No One To Turn To, No One Left To Trust With Its Exacting Standards For Judicial Conduct And Procedure, And Its Vast Network Of Resources, The Organization Offers A Level Playing Field That Allows True Justice To EmergeThe Organization Was Created In By A Group Of American Citizens Who Lost Faith In The Justice System, Who No Longer Trusted Their Local Police And With Good Reason At Present, The Membership In The Organization Is Approaching One MillionComing Soon MULBERRYThe Organization Book A Mute Little Boy Is The Only Witness To A Savage Beating That S Left His Father In A Coma His Only Attempt At Communication Is A Series Of Purple Drawings Always The Same, The Same Shape Over And OverSterling Greaves, A Former Police Informant, Has Been Scared Out Of His Right Mind By Harassment At The Hands Of The Local Police When He Tried To Report Their Activities He Surfaces Long Enough To Make Contact With A Member Of The Organization, The One He Calls An Angel JESSE BUTTERFLYThe Organization Book When The First Prisoner Is Released From An Organization Prison, He Seems An Unlikely Candidate For The Spate Of Murders That Occurs After All, He S Tethered To An Oxygen Tank, An Elderly Man Now The Only Clues Are Long Strings Of Nonsense He Repeatedly Wrote And Recited During The Years He Was Incarcerated Members Of The Organization Race To Make Sense Of The Patterns Before People Are Killed local police corruption grips a rural community in Georgia enter, The Organizationthe murder of a lone police officer in a rural community in Georgia in what appears to be a drug bust is not all it seems the killing triggers attention unwanted by the local police chief and his subordinates the lack of concern for the demise of their law enforcement colleague raises suspicions with a journalist plying his trade far from his original beat in Chicago the dead officer has secreted computer files logging a catalogue of extortion and criminality by others in the force a young widow witnesses a live robbery and assault, and recognises the assailant as a police officer she has known since school days her involvement brings support from friends developed online over the previous couple of years the online friend is part of a secretive group known only as The Organisation, whose raison d tre is to bring justice where it is lacking, but only working strictly by the book, not as vigilantes the emergence of The Organization sets the tone for the balance of the story, and for follow on novels, I m sure the narrative has its fair share of romance and sex, but principally drives forward on the process of nailing down the baddies engaging read As This novel has a fascinating premise and some memorable characters, who I enjoyed meeting While there were a few plot glitches, these minor issues were not enough to stop me from reading or thoroughly enjoying the book They also won t prevent me from picking up the next Orgnization novel by this author Because I was aware where I had to suspend belief, I can t give a 5 star rating, but it is a strong 4 star If you like thrillers and alternative justice stories, I would recommend you try A Presence in Russell County. After reading many paranormal novels, I decided to take a break and read another of my favourite genres A Presence in Russell County is a crime thriller that is generally a full and interesting novel that is easy to read and has a nice collection of characters As I wasn t sure what to read I chose this book for the title and because the description of the story sounded like it was just right up my street I love crime thrillers and this appealed to me as after watching programmes such as The Shield and The Unit this book combines the two for me It s almost like sending in the The Unit guys to crack down on the Strike Team from The Shield , with an extra twist of the Organization.The police are corrupt Stealing, drug running and murder are only some of their crimes And after being harrassed by one of them in particular, Samantha Biggers opens up to a man that she has only knew online but for a couple of years He happens to be ex military and when times become intense for Sam she leans on him for support As he realises the extent of the corruption surrounding the police in Russell County with the help of the Organization, of which he is part of, they begin to obtain as much evidence as they can against the police.The Organization is generally unheard of by the public, however if in any way corruption is brought to their attention they seek out the culprits and with evidence, are able to carry out a proper trial in which the defendant could be found guilty and detained very quickly Without the evidence there is little they can do and if the defendant is found innocent they are free to go It works almost identical to the system already in place, however it is quick Within days a defendant could be imprisoned if found guilty The people that make up The Organization are from all walks of life, however they appear to mostly be retired military.An interesting character of the book is a journalist, Cap Finch He becomes involved early on when a policeman is shot and he arrives at the hospital ready to make notes for a story However, whilst there he begins to find reactions a little strange There are hardly any police there, the ones that are present are walking down the corridor laughing and joking amongst themselves, not acting in the least bit bothered that one of their fellow officers has been shot and could probably die at any moment The officers wife is sitting alone, waiting for doctors to let her know how her husband is doing there is no one comforting her This is unbelievable to Cap Finch.As the story unfolds Cap Finch finds other odd actions of the police, however his editor has told him he cannot publish these stories He knows deep down that something isn t right and as he comes across other stories and people that have been affected he almost falls into the lap of the Organization Towards the end of the book we are left wondering whether he will go on to work for them and whether he will write a novel based on what he has been a part of The idea passed through my mind whether this was the case in SJ Sprague Has the author came across information in which they could not act upon and therefore used it loosely for the novel Is Cap Finch another side of SJ Sprague The whole novel was quite exciting When it comes to Sam s lovelife however, I was a little confused towards the end After becoming a widow she had been online with John Hollingsworth and over two years she had a very close on line relationship This seemed to grow naturally and when meeting him in person and becoming intimate with him I thought that it was happily ever after for them However, the last few chapters see her engage a little with Crogan, John s closest friend I m not quite sure what the reader is to make of this.Also, during the last few chapters I felt that the story was a little rushed The trial seemed to end abruptly I was reading intensely and then the following chapter moved on completely and I wondered whether I d missed something out I was a little disappointed about this However, the story and characters in general were really good If it wasn t for the ending I would have given this book five stars I will be reading the following novels and I am hoping the series goes from strength to strength.I apologise now for a scatty review This novel is one I would have loved to have read in one go However, other priorities came up and therefore I read this book very sporadically I am hoping to read the sequels much quickly than this I cannot wait to read Mulberry The Organization Book 2. This is a drama fiction about a secret justice system that exists all throughout the country called The Organization And, the people who are part of this organization, whatever state, city, county, etc they live in make up the 1Cpresence 1D for that particular region This, then, is how that 1Cpresence 1D makes its way into Russell County, Georgia The premise of this story is really great I felt However, I only gave it 3 because of how it was written It reads too much like a Hollywood screenplay That is why all the chapters are so short, I guess But, really, reading it was like watching screen shot after screen shot in many of the Hollywood dramas we are all so used to watching However, it was a wonderful story of how people live up to that age old adage If life gives you lemons make lemonade.I only want to give a brief synopsis Samantha Biggers or Sam apparently has been online chit chatting with a male friend whose online name is Santos for over 2years since the untimely death of her husband of 15 years Apparently, this chatting between Sam Brit as she is known online and Santos have been pretty deep, personal and even all nighters many times to the point that Santos believes she and he are a couple if and when she decides to allow them to meet each other in person Well, the time comes after Sam starts helping Gabe read the tapes his friend Rafe Garcia has made during his years on the Russell County police force and after he is mortally wounded while on duty one night Sam just happens to deliver pizza to Gabe one night and very quickly makes friends with him and even starts going over to his house on a regular basis to eat dinner and help him with his computer He has what sounds like two lovely orange cats that quickly take to Sam as she has a lovely cat at home as well, But, one night while helping Gabe read one of Rafe s tapes she discovers that her husband was actually murdered and murdered by one police officer JT Booker who has been sexually harrassing her ever since they were in high school Sam then starts the hysterics that pretty much continue throughout the rest of the story and finally decides to let Santos, who turns out to be a John Hollingsworth and a member of The Organization, to come to her aid which he quickly does with his sidekick Stuart Cogan I ll stop there But, I just have to add what I did not like Once John and Stuart enter the picture what the blazes happens to Gabe I mean, he literally just fades out of the story And, John doesn t waste time jumping into Sam s bed and she sure, for all her blubbering about losing her dear husband, doesn t waste time letting him But, she then seems to keep up the blubbering not only in John s arms and on his shoulders but any other man who will let her to include Stuart By the end of the story I cannot help but wonder why JT Booker thought she had the hots for him all those years And, once the trial of JT Booker is done the story just abruptly cuts to a reporter who has decided he is going to write about this secret system and you hear no about John and Sam There is just a small part at the very end where she is playing online chess with someone and it turns out to be Stuart and he asks her if she has told anyone she plays chess with him and she tells him No Hmmm something just wrong with this picture Maybe, something will be revealed in the next book or two But, I m not sure I want to bother reading the next two books.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • A Presence in Russell County
  • S.J. Sprague
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9781481232241

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