Violet Chains (The Redvein #0.5)

Violet Chains (The Redvein #0.5) Sixteen Year Old Valencia Grace Thought That The Spiders She Made Appear In A Purple Smoke Weren T Real, That The Voice That Kept Telling Her He Was Her Father Was Just Some Guy With Walkie Talkies, And She Never Understood Why Her Family Insisted She Keep The Birthmark On Her Arm Hidden With An Uncontrollable Power Running Through Her Veins That She Only Knows As Negative Projection Where She S Able To Make Anyone S Nightmares Come To Life Valen Dreams Of The Day When The Mirrors Will Close Then Daine Connors Reenters Her Life And Valen S Sure That Day Has Come He S Changed He S Not The Same Bothersome Kid Who Dropped Off The Grid Two Summers Ago He Vows To Keep Her Safe And That He Loves Her As Days Go By The Negative Projection Is Increasing And Nightmares Are Surfacing She Looks To Daine To Keep Her Sane Then She Loses Him In A Bit Of Rage And Turns To The Church Hoping A Little Prayer Will Save Her But There Are Some People Who Threaten Her Very Existence Some Want The Mirrors To Stay Open While Others Want To Steal Her For Their Own Personal Gain Valen Begins Questioning Everything Her Sanity And Her Family Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Violet Chains can be read on the Redvein website. I received this book from GoodReads First Reads Valen Grace is not your typical teenager Aside from dealing with her not so secret crush on her sister s boyfriend and failing grades, she must also learn to control her power, known as Negative Projection Valen can make anyone s nightmares come to life This ability has even resulted in someone s death She is terrified of hurting others and desperately wishes that someone will help her The overall story is slightly interesting, but grammatical and spelling errors detracted from the storyline I was often distracted when I would stumble upon, yet again, another punctuation error Please note that this is the correct spelling of Marilyn Manson, not Marylyn Manson Unless you re referring to someone else I enjoyed Valen s interactions with Daine They were extremely sweet His nickname for Valen was clever and cute The ending was not clear view spoiler So apparently every single person Valen has known is well aware of who she is Absolutely everyone hide spoiler It had a great plot, but unfortunately was filled with punctuation errors I really believe this book would have been amazing if the book was longer and gone into depth The relationship between Daine and Valen seemed to come out of nowhere One second Valen didn t want anything to do with him, the next they were both saying, I love you The ending was really confusing Hopefully, it will all be explained in the second book Nice cliff hanger at the end though I can t wait to read the second book I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

Horaida Rodriguez has dreamt of witches and ghost since she was a little girl growing up She loves anything covered in white chocolate and happily ever after s When Horaida s not writing you can find her at her local discount book store trying to figure out what book to buy next or watching scary movies with friends She currently lives in Massachusetts with her family working on her next projec

➬ [Ebook] ➧ Violet Chains (The Redvein #0.5)  By Horaida Rodriguez ➸ –
  • Paperback
  • 148 pages
  • Violet Chains (The Redvein #0.5)
  • Horaida Rodriguez
  • English
  • 04 January 2019

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