The Name of the Star

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Maureen knew from an early age she wanted to be a writer She went to high school at an all girls Catholic school and graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in writing She now lives and writes in New York City.Many of the adventures Maureen s characters face in her books are based on real life stories Maureen has traveled all over Europe, and is a Secret Sister to vlog brothers Han

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  • 24 March 2019

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    Hilarious, fun and mysterious read that I recommend everyone read

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    As seen on The ReadventurerThe Name of the Star is a novel with a great premise but bogged down by a very mediocre writing.American teen Aurora Rory Deveaux is spending her senior year in London Her parents work in nearby Bristol and Rory is all set to live and study at a boarding school On the day of her arrival to London she learns that there is a brutal murderer on the loose This murderer appears to be mimicking Jack the Ripper his first victim was sliced and diced in exactly the same manner as the Ripper s in 1888 More murders happen in the neighborhood of Rory s school, and one day she crosses paths with the killer The strange thing is, she seems to be the only person able to see him Rory soon discovers that she possesses an ability to see ghosts and is eager to assist the ghost police of London in its search for the serial killer.Jack the Ripper s case is a truly fascinating and gruesome one Johnson does a respectable job incorporating the details of the crimes in her story without shying away from the gore cut off noses, bowels and heads it is all here What is not so great is Johnson s writing The Name of the Star is the author s 9th book I think , but it often read like a debut It is full of mistakes that an experienced writer should not be making any Boring, vanilla characters all of them, except the villain, are like that BTW and far too long and indulgent HP fanfic like boarding school minutiae aside, I think every YA author should know by now that creating a mean girl as a heroine s arch nemesis is overdone In this book I could never figure out why this certain girl head girl I am sure you remember those from Harry Potter series was hated so much She never does anything bad, except she is quite determined to be accepted into Oxford and is very proactive and school oriented What is wrong with that Can we stop bashing overachievers already Then there are absent parents Murders are happening all around the boarding school one in its yard , but the main character s supposedly caring parents don t bat an eye and do not bother to withdraw Rory from school Or when Rory reports to the police about possibly seeing the murderer, they let her out without asking her not disclose this information to anyone and she goes out and right away blabs it out to the media.And my main pet peeve is that the villain, if you think of it, does not really have a reason to murder all these people view spoiler You see, the villain is a ghost He is copying the Ripper s murders to attract the ghost police s attention The purpose of that is to take away the police s ghost killing weapons However, the ghost police does not kill all the ghosts they come in contact with, only those that do not cooperate and create trouble So why would this killer even bother Nobody was threatening his ghostly existence hide spoiler

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    Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at only thought in my head for much of the reading was that of Alexis Bledel as Rory Gil It doesn t do much credit to a story when the reader is perpetually distracted by a pop culture reference You don t see Heathcliff or Rochester being thrown around the literary world for a reason The goal is to hook your reader, not set them in mind of other amusements Perhaps I am too judgmental but I feel this was an exceeding poor choice on Johnson s part especially since we are talking about her protagonist Chapter one is bad place to identify your first red flag.I also found Johnson s assumptions presumptuous especially as she is an American For example, the central character is greeted at what I assume to be Heathrow by Mr Franks who informs her that Some nutter s gone and pulled a Jack the Ripper She barely even registers the name and doesn t attempt to understand the reference Maybe I am mistaken but I was under the impression that the name Jack the Ripper is what sold this book Okay, Rory is American but we aren t completely incompetent She may not know the details of the case but the name would certainly ring a bell I was similarly irked by Johnson s need to explain the term prefect Again, I know we are largely considered uncultured, ignorant and arrogant but give us a little credit Harry Potter mania wasn t limited to jolly ol England mate To be fair I did appreciate the explanations of Bonfire Night and the local perception of pubs and alcohol in general but I would have been happier if I didn t feel the author was insulting the general intelligence of teenage America Thoroughly annoyed is not a good way to begin the third chapter of any book and things don t get much better The writing is mediocre but the pacing is the nail in the coffin The story doesn t take off until the last hundred pages but getting there like slogging up a mountain in the rain Irrelevant anecdotes about Rory s family, Wexford s daily menus and occasional episodes of awkward snogging leave little room for character or plot development Rory doesn t go after the killer until she realizes she is a target but she also doesn t have any genuine interest in what is going on around her No, our insipid heroine is only relieved the threat and subsequent media circus have resulted in cancelled hockey sessions with Charlotte and Call Me Claudia Why should a reader be interested in a story the primary character is a not interested in and b largely uninvolved with Before I close I invite those of you own a copy of the book to turn it over There, on the back cover you will find glowing remarks from Cassandra Clare, Ally Carter and Holly Black Now again, I beg your indulgence and ask you to open the book to the Acknowledgments section Here you will find the following statement To my friends, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, Robin Wasserman, Holly Black, Cassie Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, John Green, Libba Bray, Ally Carter who read drafts, walked me through plot problems, and talked me off of ledges I don t know about you but I find it appalling that Johnson and publisher G.P Putnam s Sons would stoop so low It would be different if these were unbiased third parties or professional critics but by the author s own pen, these are her friends As such their opinions are irrelevant Additionally the appearance of their feedback paired with Johnson s admission call into question the integrity of all three women as they are essentially endorsing a piece they had a hand in creating Bad form all around, bad form.At this point you may be wondering why I have issued a two star rating rather than flagging The Name of the Star a complete waste of time The truth is I, like so many others, have a rather morbid curiosity in regards to the Whitechapel murders The basic concepts of the story are not altogether horrid and I actually really like the idea Johnson was trying to execute The Ripper theme wasn t as strong as I had hoped but there were a handful of chapters towards the end where I actually felt the book was getting better This brief shining moment was subsequently followed but a train wreck but that doesn t change the fact that for a few pages, hope existed.On the fence about taking on book two when it is published in the fall If I learned anything from Anna Godberson s Luxe series or Libba Bray s Gemma Doyle trilogy it is to listen to my gut and quit while I m ahead Still, I like to think authors improve with time and experience I have yet to identify anyone who fits the description but I have been known to torture myself searching for that elusive diamond in the rough.

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    There are several things I love about Maureen Johnson s writing Her ability to describe a setting in such a way that causes vivid imagery to accompany her words, and her incredibly intellectual wit that makes me laugh out loud while reading When I read that Johnson was publishing a paranormal YA book I knew I had to read it.Rory is a Southern girl going to school in London, I adore the way Rory sees the city and the brilliant deductions she makes about all things British She is having an okay time at school, making friends and learning to fit in then she starts seeing things, things that no one else sees.Not long after Rory sees a man that her roommate didn t Rippermania seizes London Is this the work of a copy cat killer Can the police stop the next murders on the list since they know when and where they will happen What can anyone glean from CCTV footage that doesn t show an assailant Rory soon realizes what she saw wasn t normal and is thrown into a world of secret police and paranormal investigation Will the special team of Scotland Yard detectives be able to stop the Ripper before he strikes again The Name of the Star is full of edge of your seat thrills, laugh out loud moments and quotable phrases Johnson has breathed life into a genre swiftly turning stale and blended thriller with paranormal with humor in a recipe that is guaranteed to please I promise you that this book is wholly unputdownable.The Name of the Star comes out September 29th and features blurbs from paranormal goddesses like Cassie Clare and Holly Black.

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    Audio book narrated by Nicola Barber 9h 50 min Goodreads has a great synopsis so I will not rehash the details here Quite simply, The Name of the Star is a contemporary YA mystery with a mixture of romance and the supernatural set in London with a Jack the Ripper copycat But like other reviewers, I felt there were so many chapters that served as fillers Pages of Rory s crazy family from Louisiana and endless details on the life of a British boarding school A decent book, but it left me feeling unsatisfied.

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    Amazing listened to the audiobook while driving back and forth on tour stops I HATE driving long hours but I was honestly excited about getting back in the car so I could hit play and dive back into the world plus, the woman who does the audio does TONS of accents and it was incredible this story is creepy, unique, and has a touch of Gothic feel that I just adore ordered book 2 the second I finished

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    This is actually the first book I ve read that s by Maureen Johnson, so I didn t know what to expect Normally, I would shy from these types of things I mean come on it IS Jack the Ripper Are you kidding me I m not a big fan of horror movies, or horror books ,for that matter A few weeks ago before reading the book, I foolishly thought that this was a historical paranormal So imagine my surprise when I started reading and found out that this was set in present day, not in the 1880 s with the actual Jack the Ripper The plot was very multi layered and clever it s obvious that the author had put so much thought into this I read in an interview that she intended the beginning to be heavy on the school boarding stuff, and I agree At the start, I didn t feel like I m reading a paranormal story It felt like a contemporary Which isn t a bad thing It wasn t boring it was unlike others I had read before.What was up with the title I asked myself I actually thought of it literally But you ll find out in the book why it s called that and YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME THAT THAT IS THE MOST FITTING AND BEAUTIFUL NAME FOR THIS BOOK I love it whereas I hated it before.You can see Maureen did her research Damn, those historical facts were very interesting AND accurate Despite living near London well, quite I had only been a few times guys, I AM only fifteen so I found her descriptions of locations very detailed Oh, and I want to go to her boarding school now Next year I would be doing my A Levels as well the same as Rory s and now I wish that the school was real ha I also love the English references , and how Rory compares them to the US.Maureen s writing is just lovely and fabulous I admire her use of switching between third person and first person, formal and informal The main character Rory s personality shone through Her humor is fresh and witty I loved her She s just the kind of person you aspire to be She s not a wimp But she s not brave either, which showed that she s human she gets scared She s loyal, relatable, trustworthy and just a genuinely nice person If I had to be extremely picky about saying something negative not that I have to but. then I would say that I dislike the name Rory Maybe that s because I personally think it s quite a masculine name for a girl and the fact that I know three boys called Rory in my school doesn t help At all.Have I mentioned how FUNNY this book is I never knew books with Jack the Ripper could be so amusing But this one is There were a lot of times that I was laughing out loud hysterically my dad was giving me strange looks The writer managed to balance the creepiness and entertainment just right All the characters were very interesting and each and every one had a very distinct personality, with each of their own secrets Rory, Jazza, Jerome, Alistair, I love Even Boo, Stephen, Callum, where at first I had a sense of distrust and an unsettling feeling about them, all had something special and unique to add to the story And don t let me forget Call Me Claudia Claudia Ha ha, she s got to be the funniest teacher ever.One thing that I wasn t particularly ok with was the romance There s a guy, then another one appeared, and THEN another one It was not until near the end of the book that things were cleared up, and I crossed one guy off from the list She s on and off with unnamed guy, but I have a feeling the other guy that I prefer would be prominent in the second book I know this is going to be a trilogy, but honestly I m than fine if it s just a stand alone I think it s one of those books that don t leave you hanging the story has a beginning, middle and the end Overall, The Name of The Star is one book that you cannot miss You ll have to read it Or Jack the Ripper might go to you next.My blog

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    This book had been on my shelf for years, seriously, before I actually picked it up to read it I m not even sure why, because the plot was always intriguing to me.I ended up having a great time with this story, and give it a solid 4 I thought the Jack The Ripper was stuff was interesting albeit a little on the fantastical side the way London and the general media was reacting to these murders but it didn t ruin the story for me I enjoyed the main character, I enjoyed reading about the London boarding school life which was surprising, as I m a little burnt out on boarding school stories and I found some parts to shockingly creepy this book has just the right amount of spook in it Some of the side characters felt a little flat to me, but I loved the Shades and I loved the antagonist Looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

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    Fand es richtig cool Toller Schreibstil, gute Geschichte Und wenn Jack the Ripper vorkommt hat man bei mir sowieso gewonnen.

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    I was really intrigued and quite pleased with The Name of the Star I read it after seeing many dazzling reviews, so my expectations were quite high and though it wasn t perfect, I was very satisfied with it.Jack the Ripper That is all it took to entice me Unless you have been born and raised under a rock, you have already heard about Jack the Ripper His case is fascinating and very mysterious I was really curious to find out how Maureen was going to use an extremely known story and make it fresh I was not disappointed I loved the creativity she used while writing the plot in this book She obviously did her research and added quite a bit of actual Ripper facts in the story which was very interesting Then she added some great plot elements to make it an original and refreshing story.The first part of the book we have Rory who has moved to London to attend a private school However, we don t have the usual private school cafeteria drama that you d expect in this setting Rory doesn t make instant enemies who happen to be the it crowd Nor does she become the it crowd with the hottest guy in school Rory is an ordinary high school student who works hard to get good grades and makes friends with her roommate All the while a new killer is terrorizing London in much the same way as Jack the Ripper Some may find it slow, but I enjoyed getting to know all the characters and Ripper facts before the furor The second part is much fast paced with a lot of plot progression and excitement.The plot itself was nicely done with lots of fascinating facts and creative spooky encounters I did have a few issues with the motives of the murderer I can t say exactly what without going into spoilers, but I didn t understand the reasoning behind his motives He never had any reason to think he was ever in danger unless he became troublesome That is all I can say without giving away spoilers, but I think those who ve read it will understand I also understand, myself, that this is the first in a series, so the possibility of getting further explanations is still open It was refreshing to have no love triangle hanging in the air, but the romance was scarce at best The love interest wasn t vert attractive or charming I never felt much of a connection between him and the protagonist, but since it held such a scant part in the novel, it didn t affect my enjoyment of it by any means I was reading this for the suspense, not the romance.I was actually surprised and pleased to find quite a bit of humor added in the dialogue The protagonist is smart and witty I really enjoyed her way of thinking There are a good number of great and amusing lines that I could have used as quotes in my review, but I was always too comfortable or lazy to write them down so I ll let you read them for yourself The ending will undoubtedly make anyone want to read the sequel right away It s not a cliffhanger, but it opens the imagination to a great extent In the end, it s a pretty good start to a potentially great series.

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