Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights One of my favorite books So full of passion and love and the selfishness. . . The Romantic Story Of The Destruction Caused By The Frustrated Love Of Catherine Earnshaw And Heathcliff, Set Against The Moors Of England, Creates A Rare Blend Of Violence, Beauty And Erotic LoveHeathcliff, An Orphan, Is Raised By Mr Earnshaw As One Of His Own Children Hindley Despises Him But Wild Cathy Becomes His Constant Companion, And He Falls Deeply In Love With Her, Discovering That He Can Tame Her Unruly Nature Their Tumultuous But Passionate Romance Is Threatened By The Lintons, Who Are Determined To Civilise Cathy She Endeavours To Be A Lady When They Are Present, But Is As Wild As Ever When They Are Not And Remains Forever Untameable By Anyone Other Than Her Lover, HeathcliffWhen She Will Not Marry Him, Heathcliff S Terrible Vengeance Ruins Them All But Still His And Cathy S Love Will Not DieA Story Of Doomed Love And Revenge With A Brilliant New Introduction Of Passion Fulfilled This book was difficult to get into There is a lot of detail provided which sometimes made me read the same line over and over to fully understand what was going on But thanks to our adaptive minds, once I got past a certain point I was accustomed to the writing style and then reading became fluid I seriously love this book At the root of it, this book is twisted It s dark and full of angst Things go wrong, characters die they scheme, they plot, they re selfish and they hurt each other beyond belief.But they love hardI know, how can they act that way if they love each otherNo one said they were good people Beyond all the pandemonium and turmoil, there is so much love it breaks your heart view spoiler No happy ending, and everybody dies Enjoy hide spoiler I won this book through Goodreads giveaways I really like this book Of course I had heard of it before, it being a classic But it wasn t as I imagined it to be like It was so much darker and intense and a little scary Not just a run of the mill romance novel Obviously a must read for everyone. the characters in this story, just like real people, have weaknesses and their weaknesses lead them in to unhappiness they are proud and selfish they often have mixed feelings and are unable to make up their minds for these reasons love often fails, but rarely as passionately and dramatically as in this story One of my favorites Romantic yearnings aflame as never before This book was really weird at times It shows how great human selfishness is represented within love and how you can or can t get past it It s filled with tragedy but I was pleased to read that there was a happy ending to a very tragic love story That some good came out of so much bad But sometimes even the bad stays because they are just as haunted by tragedies. I hate all the characters All Of Them Except Catherine 2 and Hareton Earnshaw.But I love the book I just love it.

I write what I know and love adult romance with blue collar heroes and real life flavor Tattoos, handcuffs and men in uniform are a few of my favorite things, and it shows in my thirty published books.I live in the South with my man in uniform, who I married for the entertainment value Just kidding it was the handcuffs, err, true love So far, our happily ever after includes a couple kids,

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  • ebook
  • 334 pages
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Ranae Rose
  • English
  • 08 May 2019
  • 9781781840702

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