Auction (The Flesh Cartel, #2)

Auction (The Flesh Cartel, #2) No, Dougie, no There are no spoilers from Auction, but there will inevitably be some from Captured Contains cussing and explicit scenes 4 I m sorry, Mat I m so sorry stars Me while reading this Did that really just fucking happen He thrust a hand through the bars of his cage, wanting to touch her, needing it, to confirm they were still human somehow, still held the power to love, to connect, to make choices.Me I m going crazy.Book Well at least you aren t being sold.Me Well, yeah but Book But nothing child.Dougie and Mat have been taken, for what they do not know But Dougie hears Mat s screams through their shared cell wall Poked, prodded and forced into sexual acts, it seems like an eternity until he has to perform But that just opens up a new hell.Mat can hear Dougie s whimpers He tries to ward them away from Dougie every time, but it only makes it worse Mat s beaten and brutally raped constantly, but that won t deter him He d do anything for Dougie anything.A backstage area, bustling with people in black Moving props, going over cues He recognized it for what it was some kind of elaborate play or performance, dozens of people with dozens of interconnected responsibilities.And I m the performer.This is fucked up, but I just can t get enough.I was supposed to start this on the 30th of June 2014 , a week after the first one But, I just couldn t stop myself They re just sooo goood Gah There was still the blurb spoiler in the beginning of the ebook, but because I knew it was there, I skipped it No spoilers for me, thank you Although the title does give a bit away Auction, and just what are they going to auction, hmmm Poor Mat and Dougie, their minds are being changed She had three holes to fuck He wondered if that made it worse Just the fact that he was in a mental place to think something like that made him want to gag.Mat and Dougie 3 cries You re both so cuteHe d thought he d lost Mat once, all those years ago when they d sent him into foster care, when Mat had been unfit, and it had been like all the light in the world had gone out, all happiness and meaning drained away like blood down a sink.And a hug it d gotten them that precious, stolen moment together Maybe, to Mat, that was worth it.Why only a four when Capture got a five It was really hard to tell who was who, and I m still not quite sure.To see my previous and next reviews for The Flesh Cartel please click the links below.Capture The Flesh Cartel 1 HERE Choices The Flesh Cartel 3 HERE Between 2,5 and 3 stars.The book is well written and I understand everybody who can t put it down It could be an addictive read if you like an extremely dark disturbing mind fucked erotica Normally that is one of my favorite genres too But I decided for myself after reading the second sequel to stop I need my light at the end of the tunnel I don t see it here And as I have already explained to one of my GR friends Lisa, I need another level of love relationship, an intense love between brothers is not enough for me Having a little brother myself you have to see this almost 1.90 m muscled bulk now I react very sensitively to this topic, because I played this art of protector s role in our childhood too, and I do not just read about Mat s feelings, I LIVE them and it is hard, every single line breaks my heart, that is unbearable for me.More I don t see the sense of the story It looks like an endless description of their sufferings, sexual humiliation, physical and mental abuse, brutal tortures that lead NOWHERE Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone It is your own choice to decide if this book is one for you or not I made my decision.Though enjoy the reading another 5 DARK and full of PAIN stars The writing style still amazes me Such shocking and traumatizing scenes Mat and Dougie are terrified finding out they will be sold at an auction and will become sex slaves Only the thought they ll be separated makes them accept anything, do anything just to make sure they stick together Heartbreaking to say the least This review has been posted at Dirty Books Obsession Brothers Mat Dougie survived a week in the brutal hands of their captors Can they possibly endure what comes next What lengths will they go to in order to survive The purpose behind the kidnapping and incarceration of the brothers finally becomes clear they are to auctioned off as pets to the highest bidder Worn down by days of unrelenting fear and abuse, Mat and Dougie are packaged with the same ruthless efficiency as any consumer product Dougie the pretty boy twink, Mat the rabid pit bull They are led to the auction block as the showpiece of the house s collection. Trapped in adjacent cells awaiting their fate, the brothers are achingly close close enough to hear the other s tortured moans yet unable to see or comfort one another While Mat clings to the strength and endurance earned in this MMA training, Dougie is despairing only a few feet away.HelplessBrokenWill the brothers ever be able to escape this hell And will the ever be the same if they do Mat would rather be beaten to death than play the role of obedient slave for sale, but Dougie, desperate not to be separated from his brother, strikes a deal with the pitiless Madame who runs the auction house and controls both their fates. I d like to strongly warn readers of the following This book goes beyond graphic relentless abusegang rapeforced incestemotional torturesexual slaveryI do not know what this series holds for Dougie Mat, but let me be clear This is not BDSM Romance,This is not MM Romance,This is not Stockholm Syndrome disguised as Romance It might just be enough to keep them together slaves, but together assuming Mat even wants to be after Dougie fulfills his end of his with the devil. Each time I finish one of the Flesh Cartel episodes I find myself at a precipice Do I continue down this dark and twisted path to satisfy my curiosity Can I possibly handle the increasing brutality which Mat and Dougie have been forced to endure Because one thing is for sure there is no light at the end of the tunnel for these brothers I read this book as part of The Flesh Cartel, Season 1 Damnation which was provided to me by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review The second instalment of The Flesh Cartel series was in my opinion even better than the first This was another traumatic read for my already frayed nerves from reading the first instalment Dougie and Mat s relationship and love as brothers is further revealed in this volume When one of them feels pain the other cries out to stop it from happening Each wanting to take the punishments themselves rather than the other half of their flesh and blood having to suffer the unspeakable wrongs being carried outDebasement Humiliation Pain Wearing him down day after day Nikolai s character seems on the surface to be calm and collected, when seeking to buy the brothers for himself My depraved mind cannot wait for the 3rd instalment to find out if this calm fa ade will break to show the demon I feel Nikolai is suppressing so far from the readers.Bring on the angst and powerful emotions Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau for the 3rd instalment I loved this 2nd volume very muchFavourite quotesThe wetness in his eyes overflowed, dripped down his cheeks It was like a fucking dam breaking suddenly he couldn t stop it His love for his brother His fear of ever facing the world without Matt His fear of what might happen to Mat if he was gone I d die without Matt Shrivel up and die and if I didn t then I d kill myself because I can t do this How many times could you rape a boy, beat and humiliate and taunt him, before you justbroke him I have a feeling Mat and Dougie will be so broken this will be true of them breathe Ok, I thought that maybe, by episode 2, I d be used to the writing style and maybe numbed to be able to handle the brutal content I was wrong It was even worse than episode 1 And though I have to thank Rachel Heidi for talking me through some of the story, including spoilers, to make me feel ok with reading on, a part of me feels ANGRY at them for doing this to Dougie and Mat for taking it this far not angry at you ladies just ANGRY I know, that makes no sense If you haven t read book 1 yet, I ll say it again, this is harsh materialunless you re a member of the Depraved Minds Club DMC on Goodreadsthen this book reads like a tea time kids taleIt doesn t get any easier Constant rape and abuse, over and over again, coupled with non stop fear of rape, torture, and brutality always underlying, makes for an exhausting read I need a Xanax and a massage after this.With that said, getting to know Dougie and Mat better is the treat of ep2 Their fierce loyalty to each other as brothers is like a vice on my heart I don t want them hurt I m begging for their safety Some of me SCREAMED at Dougie for his weakness And a part of me WANTED them to want to die to save themselves But, their love for each other was what broke my heart the most Frighteningly, the greatest emotion riled up in me was HATRED I want to castrate every single guard and stick a burning stick of steel up their arseholes And the madame I would put leeches all over her body, rip out every finger and toe nail, make her drink gallons of cum and and It s disturbing the torture methods one can come up with when driven to such hatred I m wondering why Rachel Heidi want to stir this up in me WHY I can only hope that maybe maybeit won t be so bad under this mysterious Nikolai character Nothing about this book is happy Nothing about it feels good That s the best warning I can give anyone This series is NOT for everyoneI m not even sure if it s for ME I m left feeling sadbroken helpless and yet, I need to keep reading to make sure it all turns out OK in the end if that s even possible whatever OK is Not as brutal as book 1 but just as horrific On to book 3, like a train wreck I can t look away from. I opened Pandora s Box with this series Wait a minute No, I didn t Noah opened it for me and now I gotta know I ll not be reading these back to back since they re too much for my delicate constitution, but I m fully vested in what happens to Mat and Dougie at this point I m fairly certain their troubles have just started Their suffering is far from over with Nicolai s training looming just around the corner.These authors have done an excellent job of making these brothers two ends of the spectrum I m anxious to see how long that will hold I m certain their devotion to one another will be tested, that they ll be pitted against each other at some point and forced to make a choice It may make me sound like a freak but I can t wait for that I wonder if they got the idea for this series from Tumblr In Episode Two Of The Flesh Cartel, The Dark Purpose Behind Mat And Dougie Carmichael S Abduction Is Revealed Though Dougie Is Protected From The Worst Of The Guards Brutality, He S Disgusted To Find Himself Halfway To Broken Despairing Of Escape And Terrified Of Pain Mat Holds Onto Hope Despite Repeated Rapes And Beatings, But Threats Toward His Brother Teach Him Well To Lay Aside His Pride And Pick His Battles CarefullyWorn Down By Days Of Unrelenting Fear And Abuse, Mat And Dougie Are Packaged And Marketed With The Same Ruthless Efficiency As Any Consumer Product Dougie The Prettyboy Twink, Mat The Rabid Pit Bull They Are Led To The Auction Block As The Showpiece Of The House S CollectionMat Would Rather Be Beaten To Death Than Play The Role Of Obedient Slave For Sale, But Dougie, Desperate Not To Be Separated From His Brother, Strikes A Deal With The Pitiless Madame Who Runs The Auction House And Controls Both Their Fates It Might Just Be Enough To Keep Them Together Slaves, But Together Assuming Mat Even Wants To Be After Dougie Fulfills His End Of His Deal With The Devil Publisher S Note This Title Contains Material Some May Find Objectionable Or Trigger Inducing, Including Explicit Violence, Non Consent, And Forced Incest This is my second time starting the series The first time, two years ago, I was in a romance kind of mood and was shocked at the cruelty of this story.Two brothers being kidnapped by a human trafficking ring, abusing and breaking them violently to become obedient sex slaves for sale to the highest bidder, isn t exactly sweet romance material, though.However, when you re in a dark mood, this story is actually really good and Mat and Dougie are amazing characters.So yeah, 5 stars for the second round

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