The Shrinking Jungle

The Shrinking Jungle Anthropologist Kevin Jones Takes The Reader On A Journey Into The World Of The Ach , Hunter Gatherers Of The Deep Jungles Of Paraguay The Ach Were Among The Last Tribal Peoples To Come Into Peaceful Contact With The Outside World, With Some Bands Leaving The Forest Only In The Late S Jones Was Fortunate To Live Among Them While Conducting Ethnoarchaeological Fieldwork As Part Of His Graduate Studies Their Stories Were So Compelling And The Insights Into Their Lives So Profound That He Wove Them Into This Fictional Account, Seeking To Share The Uniqueness Of The Culture While Illustrating The Universal Nature Of The Ach S Concerns The Shrinking Jungle Tells The Story Of A Fictional Ach Band Forced To Deal With The Tribulations Of Living In A Forest Gradually Diminished By The Encroachments Of Loggers And Farmers It Follows The Lives Of One Family And Their Band As They Grapple For Existence In A World Of Waning Resources The Unfolding Narrative Captures The Human Struggle To Live, Love, Care For Family, Fend Off Danger, And Dream And Hope For A Bright FutureA Compassionate Look At The Lives Of People Affected By The Expansion Of Modern Industrial Society, The Shrinking Jungle Gives A Face To The Human Cost Of Tropical Forest Habitat Loss It Also Provides A Realistic Glimpse Into The Lifeways That Were Common To All Human Beings For Much Of Our History

Kevin T Jones is an archaeologist and writer whose ethnographic novel The Shrinking Jungle is set among the Ach people of Paraguay during the 1960s The Ach are traditionally hunter gatherers who came into peaceful contact with Paraguayans only in the 1960s and 1970s The Shrinking Jungle, University of Utah Press, 2012.See

➠ The Shrinking Jungle  Ebook ➦ Author Kevin T. Jones –
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  • The Shrinking Jungle
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  • 01 October 2019
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    The Shrinking Jungle was written by a good friend, so one might fear I would not be objective in my review I fear one would be correct I liked Kevin s book, found it engaging, sufficiently anthropological, sufficiently tense, yet true to what I believe are the natures of the Ache forest hunting and gathering people, and the vast but shrinking South American rainforest Armadillo and Snake and Catfish and Monkey, the central characters and family, are truly believable, very likeable, yet prone to all too human emotions, pressures, fears, schemes, and compromises So their story, and that of Turtle s band, and how they live on the land and jungle, is complete and satisfying Kevin writes very lucidly, and the story really comes alive in my mind and stays alive and lucid in my memories I think a new fiction author would have to work hard to keep primitive stereotypes, or aspects of the noble savage from creeping into his story Kevin maintains an almost childlike narrator s objectivity throughout, not over sympathizing, not over dramatizing, not over explicating, and not over demonizing the whites who constantly encroach, destroying the jungle and the Ache way of life I wish I d talked to Kevin about his experiences when he first came back from living with the Ache Perhaps he couldn t have told me any , or in any better way, than he has in his wonderful book, The Shrinking Jungle.

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    Kevin Jones s novel made me go looking for this quote from Albert Goldbarth s essay, The Future The grasses the hunt the dark and then the grasses the hunt the dark and then If future means foreseeing change, there must have been a time the species major time when there wouldn t have been a future when time was replica, not revolution when anything that could ever happen, had happened and when birth then aging then death took place inside the greater present tense My take on The Shrinking Jungle It brings narrative to a way of life that of the hunter gatherer Ach people of Paraguay that is in some ways resistant to narrative and this resistance forms the plot of the novel, because change, Western narrative, is coming.

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    Kevin Jones writes eloquently about the Ache This is one of the best novels out there written by a professional anthropologist archaeologist.

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