The Missing Myth

The Missing Myth Interesting book, need to read again to to better review. The Missing Myth is a groundbreaking LGBT study that aims to provide a framework for the development of a new gay myth that will help homosexuals understand the meaning of their life better and answer to some of the most important existential questions that they may have From an epistemological point of view, I find the author s initiative, coming from the standpoint of Wilber s Integral Theory, as neccesary and important, in the current cultural context However, one key question remains unanswered, as other reviewers observed, particularly the content and structure of this missing myth The author hints to examples from history, literature, movies, politics and science, that are, in my opinion, too fragmented and localized to be of any cultural significance whatsoever, from a global perspective i.e not just American or European An alternative viewpoint on this issue has been offered by James Neill in his book The Origins and Role of Same Sex Relations in Human Societies Neill s position, at least in my understanding, is that the nature of the human species is ambisexual and most people fall in the middle of a Kinseyan continuum That being said, authoritarian ideologies particularly religion can curb the continuum in such a way that it makes almost impossible to accurately determinate the same sex behavior in a specific society I also find Neill s view on the homosexual patterns that are present and sometimes prevalent in most societies including peer relationships, which are neglected by Gilles Herrada, as mentioned in another reviewpersuasive If Neill is right, we just need to get rid of the heterosexual myth i.e most people are heterosexual and only heterosexuality is natural and reveal the truth regarding our nature according to our current scientific understanding we are all ambisexual even that this is also a myth but, just maybe, a better one It is true however, that some epistemological structures need to be changed in order to adapt both the heterosexual and homosexual worldview to this paradigm I agree with Herrada that science will have the primary role in the definition of this new paradigm Summing up, I recommend this book to any serious LGBTQ scholar It is very well written, challenging and ambitious I ve heard that Gilles is working on a new book that aims to further develop the missing myth As a young gay man myself, I m hoping to read this book as well Thanks, Mr Herrada for this amazing study The book is about the ways homosexuality and homophobia have been represented in the mythoi plural of mythos of various societies.The book is divided in three sections The True exploring scientific facts about homosexuality , The Good about the way that societies have placed moral values on homosexuality , and The True the subjective view Some pre Christian cultures has a place in society for homosexuality, though it was not identical with modern homosexuality, being instead either intergenerational or involving gender crossing Likewise these cultures had homosexuality in their myths Christianity had no place either in its mythos or in its culture for homosexuality One of the things this book accomplishes is to get the reader to think about homosexuality from the cultural point of view of homophobia Herreda cites science as a source of our current culture s mythos, citing for example the Big Bang theory as our new creation story In the emergence of a new space of mythos for homosexuality, perhaps science can also be its basis.One of the most thought provoking sections were chapter 15, on The Unfolding of the Homosexual Self, exploring theories of homosexual identity development A section about the power of insults, particularly homophobic insults, also presents some captivating ideas One writer on homophobia whom I wish the writer had included is Sarah Schulman, author of Ties That Bind Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences I think her insights on homophobia as a system that rewards its practitioners would have been helpful to examine in this context.This is one of those big idea books in some ways although it has nothing in common in terms of subject matter, in scope it made me think of Douglas Hofstadter s G del, Escher, Bach An Eternal Golden Braid. 306.766 H564 2013 A daring, provocative, and badly needed contribution. It is a book I will undoubtedly re read In the Missing Myth Herrada uses Ken Wilbur s Integral approach to great effect in illuminating the co evolution physical,cultural and individual of homophobia and homosexualities the latter expression used to highlight the variety of forms it has taken Being somewhat well read, much of what he covered was already familiar to me, but his approach to the subject jolted me periodically with perspectives on that familiar material I had not previously considered As just one of a number of examples that in a very real sense it was the early church fathers, and not queer theorists, who actually created the modern concept LGBT with their reinterpretation contradicting both the books of Ezekiel and Hebrews of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and subsequent use of Sodomy as an umbrella term In many ways it left me wanting , which is not necessarily a good thing with non fiction I would have liked athorough exploration of the Mythic element from a book titled The Missing Myth, but I didn t find it deficient enough in that regard to subtract even a single star Excellent, thought provoking, read. If Homosexual Behavior Is An Aberration From The Standpoint Of Reproduction, Why Is It Widespread Among Humans, Primates, And A Myriad Of Other Animal Species, And Why Has It Been Favored By Evolution And If Homosexuality Is Considered A Moral Problem Based On Religious Beliefs, Why Were Homosexuals Exterminated Under The Brief Reigns Of Such Secular Regimes As The Communists And The Nazis Than During The Entire Christian Inquisition Why Is Everything About Homosexuality Always A Paradox In The Missing Myth, Gilles Herrada Tackles The Many Questions About The Role And Meaning Of Homosexuality In The Evolution Of Our Species And The Development Of Civilization What Evolutionary Edge Same Sex Relationships Have Provided To The Human Species What Biological Mechanisms Generate The Sexual Diversity That We Observe Why Homosexual Behavior Ended Up Being Prohibited Worldwide Why Homophobia Has Persisted Throughout History Why The Homosexual Community Resurfaced After World War II And OthersIn This Heartfelt, Beautifully Written, And Painstakingly Researched Text, The Author Sculpts A Vision Of Homosexuality That Integrates Its Biological, Sociological, Cultural, Ethical, Psychological, And Spiritual Dimensions Stressing The Connection Between The Social Status Of Homosexuality And How Same Sex Love Is Depicted In The Myths Of A Particular Culture, The Missing MythM Advocates The Creation Of A New Mythos Not Only Informed By All The Fields Of Knowledge, But Also Inclusive Of The Beauty, Truth, And Goodness Of Same Sex Love

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