AshComraich Castle, a reclusive fortress on the west coast of Scotland provides the setting for this rather disturbing novel, featuring the enigmatic ghost hunter and parapsychologist, David Ash When sinister paranormal events start to disturb the equilibrium of this unusual sanctuary, there is no one suited to the task than this ghost hunter extraordinaire, but the dark forces which hang like a miasma over the inhabitants of the castle, soon start to take centre stage.The book starts off a little slowly there is a gradual introduction to the major characters and an opportunity to get to know the castle and its surroundings, before unrelenting horror is unleashed As always, David Ash is an interesting protagonist, he s as deeply flawed as ever, but no less brilliant because of it, and his ability to deal with terrible events, makes for compelling reading The slow build up of terror is well done, and as you read, almost without realising, you start to look into shadows before you turn off the bedroom light I always want to read a James Herbert book with my eyes closed, which I know makes no sense, but as I turn the pages, sometimes I m just a little too frightened to find out what s happening Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable, fascinating, and downright creepy story, probably best read in the cold light of day before the creeping shadows of night begin to fall..Ash comes in at a whopping 690 pages, but believe me once the story gets under way, you won t want to put the book down If I could give than 5 stars I would as this is James Herbert at his greatest The third in the David Ash series but equally the third that can be read as stand alone books.David Ash is a renowned Parapsychologist who is asked to investigate the seemingly supernatural murder of a guest in a remote castle in the farthest reaches of Scotland The whole premise being pre empted by signing a contract of utmost secrecy about all his findings Something which is utterly unheard of in the society he works for.The castle is a retreat for the heads of society and those rich enough to afford any scandal David soon realises the kind of patronage includes those members of society that have needed to escape the prying ever present media Bringing back to life many cold conspiracy theories he had long since forgotten.This is not the only evil lingering in and around the castle grounds A brooding and malicious event is conjuring strength from someone or something and it s David s job to stop it, if he can.An amazing piece of writing from the master of British horror, filled with macabre musings and un fettered humour I honestly didn t want to finish this book but couldn t stop greedily turning the pages. First of all, I didn t read any of the other books in the David Ash series I came across this one in my local bookshop and I picked it up because the synopsis intrigued me A creepy, haunted castle A parapsychologist with a disturbing past A secret, elite organization harboring secrets than the Illuminati So far, it all sounded good The only downside was the execution I enjoyed the premise, but this book was so sloppily executed I had trouble getting to the end.The plot is actually pretty simple and straightforward, which means there s no excuse for why it takes 700 pages to get to the end David Ash is a seasoned ghost hunter asked to solve the gruesome mystery surrounding Cromraich Castle, a secluded fortress where one person has been brutally murdered by a ghost Other, smaller events have happened in the castle as well and its inhabitants are terrified Said inhabitants are a mix of wealthy people who did something wrong at one point in their lives, then vanished off the face of the earth and chose to spend their remaining days in the luxury of the castle They re protected by an organisation called The Inner Court who has roots dating back to the middle ages and blackmail material on every influential person including the royal family Some of these people committed smaller crimes, whereas others commited full on genocide Not exactly the crowd I would like to mingle with, or would bother to save, but Ash doesn t seem to mind all that much.Parapsychologist David Ash is an intriguing and memorable main character He struggles with a rather clich drinking problem, and he s lost many people he cares about What makes him interesting was that, at the beginning of his career, he was very skeptical toward the existence of ghosts and supernatural phenomena It was only when he saw for himself that he became a believer I liked this aspect about him, as well as his sharp, analytical mind Unfortunately, the rest of his personality fell flat He s described in such a dry, monotone way that he never came alive on the pages He was never than a figure in a book Part of this is thanks to Delphine, his supposed love interest Delphine is a psychologist and the moment Ash meets her, he falls for her I can understand attraction, but true love at first sight That s so ridiculous I can t believe a seasoned author wanted to pull that off Also, Delphine has a problem with her lingering sexuality because at one point she spent a passionate night with her co worker and head nurse of Cromraich castle, Rachel She acts like she s terribly ashamed for the act afterward, and that might very well be, but the way the author describes it comes across like A women are only meant to be with men, and can t have meaningful relationships with other women mainly because during the sex scenes with Delphine and Ash, the author mentions how it finally felt right for Delphine and a whole lot of other crap like that, which makes it seem like same sex couples are the spawn of Satan and B every lesbian is evil and jealous It s so ridiculous and offensive I couldn t grasp why any editor would allow such crap to remain in a book.Another problem is that the author constantly refers to the main character as Ash , which is his last name It put such distance between the main character and the reader that it was almost impossible to cross the distance and get into the main character s head This could ve been easily solved by calling him David instead Also, David doesn t act like an actual ghost hunter He s busy probing his nose into the political mess going on at the castle than trying to solve the mystery Talking about the mystery, it s basically one huge joke Nothing is ever truly solved I don t want to spoil the book for you, but there s never given any actual reason for the murder at the start, and we just have to believe it happened completely randomly because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time We re given a stupid, annoying, ignorant, offensive explanation half way through of how it is that the dark forces only gathered in Cromraich after hundreds of years, and at that point I was ready to rip my hair out But about that later let s focus back on the characters first.Delphine suffers from major Mary Sue syndrom She s perfect Except that she s useless and a waste of pages She has no purpose in the book except to cling to Ash s arm and cry for help, and make for some disgusting sex scenes I skipped through I had serious problems with Ash falling for her right away, and vice versa, as well That s just not believable Especially since this book is for adults, and I expect a thirty or forty something man I have no idea how old Ash is to know better than to fall for someone right away Especially since he s supposedly gone through all this crap with past lovers Anyway, I was kind of hoping something big would be revealed and Delphine would be on the bad side all along, but alas Such clever plot devices clearly weren t thought of during the writing of this book.The second problem was that the author suffered from God syndrome He wanted to look into the mind of all occupants of Cromraich Castle He switches perspective from Ash to one of the inhabitants every so often We get into the mind of people like Ubuntu and Khadaffi, and it doesn t help the plot one bit If anything, it slows it down I don t want to look into these people s mind it adds nothing to the story I want to know what Ash is thinking and what he s doing, because by the end I had the feeling he hadn t been doing much to solve the mystery.Also, the people in the castle are clearly retarded, and with that I m not meaning the lunatics held in custody in the subbasement of the castle, but the staff and leaders Seriously If you have people suffering from mental illnesses, you do not stuff them in a basement in inhumane circumstances, in tiny rooms with no sunlight, barely any food or accomodations We re 2013, and shit like that, THANKFULLY, doesn t happen any The people staying at Cromraich pay enormous amounts of money to stay there or have their loved ones stay there, so I doubt any single one of them would be happy to know they re kept like rats in a cage and treated worse than animals When I came to these passages, I wanted to burn the book I ve never come that close to burning a book either And you d think that, even if the people doing these terrible, terrible things were evil enough to do them, at least Ash or Delphine, near perfect Delphine, would try to stop them But no The moment Ash finds his way into the subbasement, he gets attacked by almost feral lunatics who somehow managed to escape their cells It would ve been better if the author, before writing this utter ridiculous piece of crap, would ve bothered to visit a contemporary asylum and see the workings there I can t believe anyone, even someone as powerful as the Inner Court, would get away with threating their patients like that nowadays And I think Ash, as opposed to being a brave ghost hunter, is in fact the world s biggest coward for not trying to do something about it.Next up is the supposed culprit of the haunting I m going to start giving out some spoilers, so don t read on if you don t want to know them It wasn t that surprising though The culprit is actually Hitler s daughter, born from an affair he had with an English woman Turns out that not only was his offspring a girl, but she was also handicapped She has an enormous head , which makes me think maybe she has Down s syndrome In any case, she s been held in a small, confined room in the subbasement without any sunlight or company ever since she was born And the staff is SURPRISED that she tries to attack them During this entire book, she s painted as the bad guy , and I wonder why At some point she was raped and gave birth to a baby Nobody even saw the baby, except when it was dead I can t imagine what that poor girl must ve gone through She probably had no idea what was going on, and she did try her best But then the author comes and adds some gruesome details, trying to paint her as the bad guy in all this She was an innocent child, and the staff of Cromraich decided to experiment on her, lock her up in a room without a toilet or proper bed, and then somebody raped her If anyone is the bad guy in this, it s not her And I wished the author would stop trying to make her into that, simply because she s Hitler s daughter.Then there s the boy Oh, well, that certainly wasn t a big surprise to me The boy has a curious condition His skin is so translucent you can see his veins, organs and what not This is because he was born ridiculously early Also, he s a hermophiliac, which instantly said royal family to me So he s apparently Diana s son, but they never told her he was born alive because of his condition We re to believe in all this that the boy is the good guy, and hey, he is He s pretty good and decent, but his treatment is such a stark contrast as to how Hitler s daughter is treated that it made me even angry Why should he get all the love and care Because his mind functions properly and his only special condition has to do with his body Everyone deserves to be treated with the same care, regardless of who their parent is.As you can guess, by now I was ready to torch the book The plot was all over the place and quite frankly, made no sense at all The book isn t about a ghost hunter solving a paranormal mystery, as I d hoped The paranormal takes on such a small spot in this book it might as well not have been there Even the haunting is random The castle is apparenlty cursed because some lord was murdered there five hundred or years ago It has had a history of bloodshed and horror, and now the ghosts of the past decided to cling on to Hitler s daughter to make their return into the world of the living A hired assassin for the Inner Court is facing an illness and decides to kill his employers before he dies himself His apprentice assassin gets killed by large cats stalking the territory of the castle for no reason These cats apparently don t work in packs, but now they do, and it s never really explained why All this together, you d think there was some common ground There isn t It s like the author threw three or four random storylines together, without bothering if they worked or not In my opinion, the book could use an entire rewrite, and maybe even cut some storylines because they offered little to nothing to the story.Oh, and the end was so freaking confusing SPOILERS ahead, so don t read on if you haven t read it yet But Cedric Twiggs, the assassin, makes the entire castle explode by carefully placed bombs and then goes back to the cabin, but why the heck is the decaying corpse of his apprentice there and why the heck is he still alive zombie alive though This makes absolutely NO sense None of the other dead people in the castle come back to life either Why he Ugh That s just one of the major plot holes in this book, and I m long done counting.Last but not least, the writing It took over a hundred pages for Ash just to get to the castle The pace was slow, the writing repetitive and dense Some of the sentences were wonderfully crafted pieces of art, but not everything needs to be described, and you don t need half as many adjectives or adverbs as the author used in this book Seriously This book could ve been easily 100 to 200 pages shorter, and the pace would ve been much consistent if the writing wasn t so overly flowery and descriptive It slowed down the pace so much that at times it was imbearable to read.On top of that, there was no real, no real storyline, and that resulted in no real tension For a horror or thriller novel, one of the most important parts is the tension When I picked up this book, I fully expected to shiver in fear while reading Alas, nothing of the sort happened This book wasn t scary It wasn t even suspenseful It was nothing but shallow characters, a hollow plot and run on sentences filled with adverbs.I don t recommend Ash to anyone, unless everything you ve read so far sounds like you d like to read it But if you re looking for a ghost story, then there are tons of books out there that are a million times better than this one This book lacks in every single aspect, and I couldn t find any redeeming qualities It was a waste of twenty bucks, and a struggle to get to the end. This was the first ever James Herbert book I ve read and I ll definitely be going back for I actually didn t realise this was part of a series, but apart from some references, it did well as a stand alone book I bought this before reading and researching the reviews on here But frankly, I m glad I did that I d have been put off by a lot of the reviews on here, and I d have missed out on a book that I really enjoyed And seeing as I hadn t read any of his work before, I had nothing for a comparison.Okay, so some of the sex scenes were cringy, but I basically find all sex scenes in books to be cringy and awkward So as you can guess, I don t read lovey dovey romance or super lust filled stuff as I d likely projectile vomit onto the pages gross image, I know I found the story overall to be incredibly intriguing and I genuinely wanted to keep turning the pages Apparently it was his most controversial book That definitely made me want to read it I can see why it might be seen as slightly controversial, no spoilers , but it would only seem possibly damaging to certain people mentioned in the book People who ve read this, please tell me that last comment actually makes sense, as I don t want to post spoilers Some of the descriptions and paragraphs could have been left out, but the same goes for plenty of other books out there One interesting thing I ve learnt since getting Goodreads regards the reviews books receive So far, out of the books I ve read that have had generally bad reviews, I ve only agreed with them on one occasion Granted the book in question had an average rating of below 3 stars, but the point stands while reviews may be helpful, if something has a mixed response and you like the sound of it, go for it. In his final published novel before his death, James Herbert returns with his third novel featuring David Ash, the sometimes skeptical and haunted psychic investigator This time, Ash is summoned to a mysterious castle in coastal Scotland where strange and bizarre occurrences have left both caretakers and tenants puzzled and terrified But Comraich Castle has a dark past and holds dark secrets, which Ash believes may hold the key to the current events However, even his adept abilities and skills may be not be enough to solve the mystery and stop the unimaginable horror from wreaking its final deadly havoc.Quite simply, while Herbert may have often been referred to as Britain s version of Stephen King, he was one of the best storytellers of horror and a must read.Highest of recommendations This was actually the first James Herbert book I read meaning I ended the Ash stories before even starting them With that being said it is possible to read the books in any order without needing any prior knowledge The one point I would make is that if you start here and then go back there are references in this book which ruin some aspects of the past books in which you know what will happen before it does.It is a wonderful piece in itself, keeping you interested from start until end David Ash is a really loveable character one of my favourites of all time, in fact and out of his three stories this is by far my favourite With your mind being filled with questions from the very start, curious to find out what the truth of the story is There are those moments of heartbreak but overall it isn t as heart breaking as some of the books I have worked my way through, with those moments of lightness which brought a smile to my face.Once I started reading I found it next to impossible to put it down A few people I suggested it to were put off by the length of it but it is very much worth it. Its been a long wait since The Secret Of Crickley Hall, but well worth it Herbert accomplishes another fine ghost story, richly embellished with elements of a conspiracy thriller David Ash has grown into a likeable hero.While some of the Royal elements pushed my acceptance a little nicely timed in this Jubilee year , they gave some added gravitas Unputdownable. Cannot believe in the time ive bought and read this the author passed away ive grown up reading James Herbert and my mum loves him too, so sad also spooky reference to Maggie Thatcher within the book who also died whilst i was reading it However that said, I thought it was a real disappointment, far too drawn out More like a travel guide for Comraich and surrounding areas Good ideas but too many to give them real depth or credence at all and it went off all over the place with a frantic mopping up of characters near the end to try and tie things together Never before felt so cheated on the last page Its a week of reading I really did not enjoy but can never put a book down once ive started Dont want to spoil saying this so dont read if you going to give it a go a few sloppy mistakes, Delphine calling Lewis Louis before she knew it was his real name How did Louis know what a piggy back was And for someone who had been locked away in a tower since birth and almost totally uneducated he had a marvelous command of the english language, his manners were impeccable and his social skills amazing given his past with the hint that this was due to who his mother was Sudden appearance of wild cats missed by the marksmen and the zombie in the cottagewell what can I say Would have enjoyed a sticky end for one of the most interesting characters, Cedric Twigg.Love you James and many many of your books over the years This one just doesnt seem to have your stamp on it I m a horror fan, and everywhere I went this book was being advertised at me I saw it on the tube, I saw it on YouTube and when I went to , it was only 99p so I grabbed it And boy was I disappointed.I found out later that this was the third book in a trilogy, I don t think I missed much by not having read them I ve not read anything else by this author, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was pretty unbearable It was actually worse than some of the free things I ve read from , and that s a feat.Instalove, in an adult novel No explanation, nothing but twoo wuv from the instant they laid eyes on each other With all of the play about how connected he felt to her, I thought it was a set up for something horrible and supernatural How disappointed I was Some truly dire graphic sex scenes as a result Sex scenes I actually skipped over whole paragraphs of because they were so goddamn boring A woman who had a night of Hot Lesbian Sex That We Can Discuss Endlessly But Really Only Wants Men tm A ragingly jealous, bitter, jilted lesbian Throughout the whole novel, I just thought David Ash was a wimpy idiot Yes, he s supposed to be SO BRAVE with all his wandering and not being afraid of anything and talking back, but meh He just seemed so lackluster, not like any kind of hero which I m sorry, if you re the lead in a novel, you re the hero, even if you re an everyman Delphine was SO PERFECT and yet SO PERFECTLY USELESS and as a result so flat it was painful I didn t want to read one thing about the woman Their dialogue together was stilted to the point of being painful The premise was barely believable really, this castle that rich people disappear into and no one ever hears from them again and this is just the done thing No family or friends have anything to say about this I know, I know, tragedy and criminals but meh And NO ONE knows where it is, to the point that they try to trick him by driving around for ages before going there Bullshit It s a ginormous building, everybody and their mother is going to know it s there The name dropping drove me INSANE view spoiler Gadaffi Really hide spoiler David Ash Detective Of The Paranormal Is Sent To The Mysterious Comraich Castle, Secluded Deep In The Scottish Countryside, To Investigate A Strange, High Profile Case A Man Has Been Found Crucified In A Room That Was Locked The Reports Suggest That The Cliff Top Castle Is Being HauntedWho Or What Is The Reclusive Hooded Figure That Ash Has Seen From The Window Walking Across The Courtyard In The Dead Of Night What Are The Strange, Animal Like Sounds That Come From The Surrounding Woods And Why Are The Castle S Inhabitants So Reluctant To Talk About What They Have Seen What Ash Eventually Discovers Is Truly ShockingFeaturing One Of Herbert S Best Loved Characters, First Encountered In The Ghosts Of Sleath And Haunted, Ash Is A Ghost Story Like No Other, That Will Chill You To The Marrow

James Herbert was Britain s number one bestselling writer a position he held ever since publication of his first novel and one of the world s top writers of thriller horror fiction He was one of our greatest popular novelists, whose books are sold in thirty three other languages, including Russian and Chinese Widely imitated and hugely influential, his 19 novels have sold than 42 million

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