The Green Bath

The Green Bath Bath Time Turns Into A Fantastical Adventure In The Hands Of Two Of Children S Literature S BestMargaret Mahy And Steven Kellog, Two The World S Most Beloved Picture Book Creators, Are Reunited For This Galloping, Free Spirited Romp It Begins With Sammy, Whose Obnoxious Neighbors Get To Go To The Beach In Their Brand New Boat, While He Has To Get Clean For A Visit From Grandma Worse, It S A Bath In The Strange Tub His Dad Just Bought At A Tag Sale But The Magic Of The Tub Soon Has Sammy Roaring Out To Sea, Befriending A Giant Sea Serpent, Conquering Pirates In A Huge Soapy Battle, And Returning Home With The Greatest Of Treasures Bath Time Will Never Be The Same Plus Grandma S Got Surprises Of Her Own

Margaret Mahy was a well known New Zealand author of children s and young adult books While the plots of many of her books have strong supernatural elements, her writing concentrates on the themes of human relationships and growing up.Her books The Haunting and The Changeover A Supernatural Romance both received the Carnegie Medal of the British Library Association There have 100 children s boo

❰EPUB❯ ✰ The Green Bath  Author Margaret Mahy –
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Green Bath
  • Margaret Mahy
  • English
  • 19 November 2017
  • 9780545206679

10 thoughts on “The Green Bath

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    Buccaneer bath battleWeird, Kellogg and Mahy are both pretty famous but I d never heard of this collaboration.

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    Cute but I felt as if I ve read this before.

  3. says:

    Good idea the power of imagination , but not executed well.

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    I ve been letting my story listeners determine the ratings for the picture books lately L always says 5 amazing while my thoughtful A thought this one was a solid 3.

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    I didn t like this one The pictures land a little too close to the uncanny valley, and the story doesn t make any sense Worse, the first half of the book is driven by the main character withdrawing weakly from some slightly overbearing neighbors, and then lashing out in disproportionate retaliation once he gets the slightest bit of power For the record, it s unlikely the author would agree with this characterization, but this is, nonetheless, a weird revenge fantasy If I m really honest, though, these claims are probably after the fact rationalizing of the fact that I just don t like the book The art reminds me of Chick tracts, and that s strike one, two, and three, all in one favorite quote At last, every single buccaneer was bobbing in the waves, beaten, bubbling, and blustering.

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    Ah, Margaret Mahy I m trying to introduce Miss 3 to of her books It can be a bit hit and miss She thought this one was okay whereas she loves There s a Lion in the Meadow.Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so it s fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors.

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    Really fun, detailed illustrations Interesting writing with lots of colorful words vocabulary Creative story line with lots of adventure and imagination No real moral sub theme of envy competition.

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    3.5 stars good This would be a good book to read for kids who don t like to bathe In it, Sammy is enjoying a game in his basement he made pirates from things standing around, and was working up a plan to get their loot when his mother admonished him to get clean as his grandmother was soon to arrive.His father had just arrived home with a new, very green, bathtub Their neighbor had just arrived home with his own new purchase a red speedboat When Sammy took his bath, the tub took him on an adventure to the seashore Along the way, they overturned the neighbor s sons and caused a wave to rock his boat They also met up with a friendly sea serpent, who helped them defeat a band of pirates and swipe their treasure.I think this would be a fun story for kids who don t like to bathe, as it illustrates the power their imaginations have to turn the boring into the fantastical This particular tale, however, was not really to my taste The illustrations were good but didn t captivate me, and the story itself seemed incomplete the grandmother didn t have a role beyond being mentioned as the reason for the bath, which would have been fine except she appeared in the closing illustrations I would have liked the story better if she had had a role in the pirate adventure perhaps by exclaiming over the stolen loot However, these minor dissatisfactions are my own And my rating is solely based on my own, adult, opinions I don t imagine a child would notice or care, so this would be a great book for kids.

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    Review This is a wonderfully fanciful story about a boy, a bath, and pirates Delightful illustrations accompany fun text that lends itself to a good read aloud for young children Sammy is challenged to stay clean for his grandmother s arrival.When his neighbors get a new fancy boat and he gets a new green tub and his adventure begins Poor Sammy finds out that his adventure can be equally as fun as theirs This story lets each one use their imagination in an amazing and fun way reviewed by C Delorge The teaming of Margaret Mahy s famous award garnering text and story line with famed Steven Kellogg s fantastic skill as an illustrator creates a book sure to please the kids and presents an adventure that they will surely emulate in their own bath tub.DISCLOSURE A complimentary copy was provided by Scholastic Press in exchange for our honest review Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.

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    Because his grandmother will be arriving soon for a visit, Sammy s mother wants him to clean up his act He puts aside his pirate adventures in favor of a dunk in the green bath tub his father just brought home The tub has a mind of its own and takes Sammy off on an adventure where he meets a sea serpent who helps him capture treasure from pirates The text is fun to read aloud or silently while the mixed media illustrations created from pencils, watercolor, colored inks, and acrylics are filled with plenty of action scenes and expressive faces Even the tub and Sammy s cat show emotion on their faces.

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