The Trouble with Cats

The Trouble with CatsHolly Has A Lot To Deal With Lately Her Mom Has Remarried And She Has To Get Used To A New Town, A New House, A New School, And A New Stepdad As If This Isn T Enough, She Has To Share Her Room With Four Pesky Cats Or Rather, They Have To Learn To Share Their Room With Her Max Cat Always Escapes George Cat Always Disappears Wilbur Cat Eats Socks And Boo Cat Is Always Somewhere You Don T Want Him To Be These Cats Are Driving Holly Crazy She Can T Get Her Homework Done, All Of Her Socks Have Holes In Them, And The Police Even Pay A Visit To Her House All Because Of The Cats Can Holly And The Troublesome Felines Ever Learn To Get Along Freeman reminds me of Beverly Cleary, dealing with typical childhood problems in a gentle, nonjudgemental, humorous way In this book, Holly is just entering third grade, and is starting in a new school because she and her mother moved in with her new stepfather and his four cats This is a good book for the easy chapter book section Teachers should take special note of the episode in the classroom where the students are supposed to solve a math problem by working as a team Jake read the problem We all looked at Zach Zach said 1,200 I wrote it down End of teamwork So true Freeman continues Holly s life in the sequel, The Trouble with Babies, when Holly starts fourth grade in a bigger place a house, not an apartment, in San Francisco The sequel deals with complex issues, such as the boy next door who has two dads, so adults selecting books for children need to be aware of that. I m looking for books to booktalk at the schools this month in preparation for our summer reading program the theme this year is pets Sit Stay Read This one is cute and caught my eye because the narrator is adjusting to a new school, in a new town, with her mom s new husband and his four cats kinda similar to my own stepkids situation this year Of course, it just didn t ring true to me that this 3rd grade girl named Holly, btw hated sharing her room with these cats My kids have adored my cats since they first met them Don t all kids looooove cats No OK, well, I feel sorry for those who don t Anyway, it would be a good read for kids who have just graduated into chapter books from early readers. This is book is primarily about a girl adapting to a new stepfather and the new living situation brought about by her mother s remarriage The title refers to her annoyance with her stepfather s 4 cats she starts off resenting them but they end up helping her make friends with kids at school I kind of like chapter books that address situations that kids today go through, although I m not sure this was a particularly accurate or depthful portrayal The message is fairly typical even though transitions are difficult, ultimately it will all be okay Still, it was an interesting story with real ish characters and events My daughter likes anything that mentions cats, and as a single parent I appreciate anything that attempts to address diverse family situations.

Martha Freeman was born in Southern California in 1956 It is not actually true that pterodactyls ruled the skies then, but her three children believe this.Martha graduated from Glenoaks Elementary, Woodrow Wilson Junior High, and Glendale High School Until Martha came along, Glendale High s most famous graduate was a fellow named Marion Michael Morrison He later went into the film game and chan

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  • 11 December 2019
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