Teacher's Pet

Teacher's PetAdam Lucy, A Professional Tutor, Goes From Town To Town Tutoring Problem Children, Especially Rich, Problem Children However, At His Present Location, He Gathers A Small Group Of These Children And Turns Them Against Their Parents, School Teachers And Other Students With His Help, They Destroy A Young Teacher Who Suspects Something And Eventually, They Murder The Valedictorian In A Ritualistic Killing Adam Also Has An Affair With A Young, Married Woman, Who Bears His Child After Adam S Children Commit Their Gruesome Act, He Turns Them Into The Police Himself And Leaves To Go On To Another Village And Start Again Could He Be The Devil Do not let the cover, jacket text, and the inside teaser fool you Because they will Naturally, there is no little girl playing with a beach ball imprinted with a skull at any point in the story This was not a huge surprise What was surprising was that the back spoke about the teacher Mr Lucy who was not, in fact, a teacher, but a tutor The rest of the back copy was about Mr Lucy, who we learn very little about throughout the book The inside teaser was an even bigger lie.The scene teased here is not exactly the same as what actually happens in the book The sentence The first child raised his hammer makes it sound like we ve got a crew of murderous elementary school students The story is about a group of four high school students, 16 and 17 year olds Not exactly children The teaser also made a bigger deal out of Sheila s resistance to helping in the murder.I found this book at a thift store along with several other totally cheesy looking horror novels, but this one sounded the best As you might have guessed, this is a fairly boring story wrapped up in an enticing package that promises much than it actually contained The four students, apparently inspired by and or operating on Mr Lucy s suggestions become a tight group, and the other students begin to pull away from them and even start rumors about Mr Lucy, until the group decides they need to put a stop to it I expected a happy hammer murdering spree, but only one person dies, and that was spoiled for me in the teaser hence why I m not marking it as a spoiler There was a plot to accuse another teacher of some kind of sexual misconduct with his male students, which could absolutely never happen today as it did in this book It made me think of Gone Girl and Amy s plot of accuse an ex boyfriend of rape and how it destroyed his life, but the accusations here are sort of brushed under the rug and the teacher quietly dismissed No charges pressed Doesn t exactly seem demonic.At the same time, one of Mr Lucy s neighbors, a woman named Ellen, becomes obsessed with him She has wild sexual fantasies about him, and I wasn t exactly sure what the point of her entire storyline was In fact, it is never especially clear what Mr Lucy is, if he is in fact anything I can theorize all I want that Lucy is a nickname for Lucifer and that Mr Lucy is really the devil in disguise, entering communities and destroying them, but aside from one quiet rape accusation, one murder, and one woman impregnated, it doesn t exactly seem like Mr Lucy is destroying the community Never mind that there is really no textual evidence to support this theory Aside from the students and Ellen feeling like there s something compelling about Mr Lucy, it could all be in their heads Overall, I felt like the characters were very 2 dimensional I was quite disappointed that the story didn t live up to the hype of the packaging especially from the ghost writer for V.C Andrews I read this sometime as a teenager in the 80 s Probably bought it at B Dalton along with a few Sweet Valley High books I must have like it well enough to keep it around in with my books all these years However, I remember nothing about it except the front cover and that fact that I did read it Unmemorable This bit of fluff is headed to a little free library, may some other teenager read it and pass it on. Another example of great 80 s B grade horror and suspense Quite linear in terms of plot Overall a good read but I did think that both characters of the married couple Barton and Ellen L were a bit one dimensional and oversimplified given the ordeal Ellen went through. 3.5 stars. Why they labeled this a horror book I ll never know I ve had nightmares better then this It was the worst book I ve read in awhile The story was boring lame and uninteresting pass it up and save your brain cells.

V.C Andrews following her death in 1986 He was the screenwriter for Rain, a film based on a series of books under Andrews name Between the novels written under her name and his own, he has published over 100 novels.

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  • 319 pages
  • Teacher's Pet
  • Andrew Neiderman
  • 14 June 2017

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