Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor, #5.5)

Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor, #5.5) Oh the Secrets kept on Kalquor If you are starting out in this series do not skip this book Not all on Kalquor is what it seems to be Even Clans have their own drama Must read Clans Of Kalquor Short Story Collection Nine Tales Revisiting The Alien Clans And Their Earther Mates Hunted Amelia Ryan Is Stalked Through The Kalquorian Wilderness By A Dangerous Nobek With No Chance For Escape Abduction Rebellion Is Brewing On Kalquor, And Empress Jessica Is The Insurgents Latest Target The Negotiation Saucin Israla Must Deal With Earther Colonel Tyler Carter, A Man Whose Threat Involves Her Heart Michaela S Child Michaela Blake Finally Has A Child Of Her Own, But How Will She Regain Her Clan The Sentence Cassidy Hamilton S Grandfather Faces A Sentence Worse Than Death For His Part In Armageddon A Family Affair A Clandestine Tryst Re Opens Old Wounds For The Imperial Family An Improper Proposal Lindsey McInness Clan S Homecoming Is Marred By The Machinations Of A Greedy Councilman Sins Of The Past Imdiko Krijero And Nobek Wynhod S Past May Cost Dani Watson Her Life Prelude To Redemption Young Dramok Sojan Finds Than He Bargained For In The Ruins Of An Earther Women S Prison Broken But Unbowed Revolutionary Rachel HicksRating Carnal Mild BDSM, Including Spanking, Bondage, Dom Sub Play Forced Seduction Multiple Sexual Partners Graphic Sexual Content With A Hermaphrodite Michaela S Child Hunted really hot story revisiting Amelia and her sexy Alpha Nobek Breft Super steamy read A really sexy chance fantasy Abduction a great story catching up with Jessica and her sexy men I think this sets up events for coming books with the rebellion and serial killer It ends on a super sexy note even if a but questionable The Negotiation I never thought I would have much interest in a story about Saucin Israla because she comes off as shallow But this story gave her a heart and reasons for her behavior I really enjoyed it and getting to know her better. I love to read epilogues to find out what happened next after a book This addition to the series was awesome I wanted to knowabout the children or if any of the other women got pregnant but I can t argue I got a glimpse of the clans happiness with each other Of course there will always be trials and this addition to the series basically spells it out An excellent addition and loved it even if I wasn t as fulfilled as I wanted to be I can t wait to read Clan beginnings It is another smash hit for Tracy St John Loved every story i like that she added theseadditional stories about the clans before they brought their Matara into the group, or in a couple stories the exciting stories that occurred afterwards It fills in and certainly add to the whole experience This seems to me to be a series that i can finish and then just begin again, and again Can t wait for new stories. 3 5 3 stars B An ok addition to the series but not really necessary. Enjoyed this book greatly, author closed up a few loose ends from all the other books in the series without having to dedicate an entire novel on just one clan. This was great, each story was a follow up to each book in the series and she created a fewlike one about Jessica s mother Tara, Each story was well written and a good story. so many short stories from the original book are not great but these well all wonderfulSo spoilers at all so read up..Well maybe a fewJessica is targeted by rebellion rising up on Kalquor against human Matara s Tara, Jessica s mom finds love.Lindsey s get a very bad proposal from a counsil member and she may loose her clan men once again..Danielle is abducted by a man Her Dramock arrested and he intends to kill her and does a bad job on her really bad. Amelia is hunted by a Nobek on Kalquor and he attacks her in the woods and if you know what nobeks are fear for her.Cassiday must attend court at Global universe head quarters due to her grandfathers trial which cause all of earth to be destoyed he did.And ..All good reads.. 4.5 starsNot just a single story forcusing on one family but a quick story from each of the clans from previous books and two Extras along with the prequale for the next book Finally a 1female 1 kaljour male relationship Don t get me wrong this girl liks the three to one ratio but sometimes just a one on one is great This was one of the stories that was a nice surprise Not a stand alone Must read other books in the series to fully enjoy You will get lost in the characters and quick stories.

Born in a small town on the coast of North Carolina to strict parents, Tracy St John started out as a quiet, shy child She was typical for her small town studying hard for good grades, fishing with her dad on Saturdays and attending church on Sundays.When adolescence kicked in, so did full on rebellion School, family and church fell by the wayside as Tracy partied too hard with the wrong peopl

❦ [KINDLE] ❁ Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor, #5.5)  By Tracy St. John ➡ –
  • Paperback
  • 318 pages
  • Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor, #5.5)
  • Tracy St. John
  • English
  • 05 July 2018
  • 9781477528952

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