The Lure of Luxe

The Lure of Luxe In The Past, An Upgrade In Status Would Have Remained A Dream Or Just Become The Reality Of A Few But Today, Upgrading Socioeconomic Status Is Commonplace, Mostly In Emerging Markets In The Nineteenth Century, Self Appointed Tastemaker Of New York Society Ward McAllister Claimed That Four Generations Were Necessary To Breed A Gentleman Today, Due To Rapid Wealth Creation And Accumulation, The Digital Revolution, And The Relative Ease And Affordability Of Travel, The Process Of Developing A Level Of Taste That Is Deemed Acceptable By High Society Has Been Sped Up Dramatically Luxury Is Relative At Every Level Of Society While Michael Kors Might Be One Woman S Gap, The Brand Might Be The Ultimate Splurge For Another Woman What Marketers, Retailers, And The Media Tend To Ignore Is That Very Possibly Describes The Same Woman, Just In Different Phases Of Her Life, Geography, And Socioeconomic Status The Lure Of Luxe Explores The Metaphorical Climb Up The Luxury Consumption Pyramid, Which Determines How And Why A Client Will Spend The Book Provides A New Way To Think About Marketing To This Elite Segment, And Offers Best Practices Across A Variety Of Marketing Tactics,

[Download] ➺ The Lure of Luxe  By Jordan Phillips –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Lure of Luxe
  • Jordan Phillips
  • English
  • 15 February 2017
  • 9781475113327

10 thoughts on “The Lure of Luxe

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    Anyone with an interest in luxury, fashion or marketing should read this book It will change the way you perceive the luxury industry It s informative, yet not boring or overly academic as so many marketing books are.

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    Great read for anyone in the luxury field

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    Honestly This book sucked If you are going into a field where you are marketing high end luxury items, you will enjoy this book Like a business how to, this book focuses almost entirely on how to market high end items to people, how to make use of websites, how people should be enticed If you want to learn about or read about all those lovely items you crave, don t bother It s not about the items, but only on how to sell someone the items complete with little chapter summaries on how to sell, sell, sell to people I could not finish it Boring as hell.

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    A book for brand decision makers This is a very very useful read to understand several faces of luxury industry worldwide at least, at the most important markets for luxury products.Although this book was in my list for several years, I regret not to read it before It s absoletely straightforward and interesting Mrs Phillips writing style is quite in sync with the topic and includes several sources to further reading and research I encourge any luxury management student to read it.

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