The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window3.5 LIAM StarsCould this boy be anyperfectThis story had a lot of things that were far fetched but it also had Liam James, a swoon worthy hero that had me reading on, even though at times I was rolling my eyes It just goes to show you a great male lead can sometimes save a story.The premise of the story is quite simple, Amber and her big brother Jake have been suffering physical, and on her part sexual abuse by the hands of their father Amber s brother s best friend, Liam lives next door and one night he sees her crying and decides to climb up into her room and offer her comfort by staying the night in her bed This routine of Liam and Amber sleeping together nightly goes on for eight years without getting caught and seemingly having a different relationship during the daylight hoursIt was like he had a split personality By day he would annoy me, making me crazy and angry all the time, and by night he would be the sweetest boy in the world and would cuddle me, making me feel safe and secureThe story goes ahead eight years where Liam and Jake are high school seniors and the crush of every girl in their school Amber and Jake s father has been out of the picture for years but her nightmares are still kept at bay by Liam s nightly visits Amber doesn t like being touched and the two have a hate hate relationship it seems during the day because she sees him as her brother s arrogant best friend and man whore It must be noted that never in those eight years has anything happened between the two in her room One night, while Amber and Jake s mother was away on business she was never home, she never went to authorities to protect herself or her kids either Amber and Liam share their first kiss and she begins to see him in a whole new lightLiam, what do you want from me I asked quietly, looking at my soaked sneakers He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face so I had to look at him Everything, he said simplyWell there is a whole lot that was off in the story like the fact that 200 girls in their high school paid 20 dollars each in a pool claiming that they could get Liam James to cheat on his mystery girlfriend The idea that every single girl in the school was promiscuous and of course my BIG ISSUE Amber not sure about dating Liam because he would expect sex and she wasn t that kind of girl and had touching issues and then she gives it up within a weekwow, I was a slut I slept with a boy I d been dating for a weekThe story hits a ridiculous vibe in the middle but Liam James perfect book boyfriend vibe had me reading on even when Amber felt like a walking contradiction Things get kicked into action when Amber and Jake s father moves back into town with a new wife and her teenage son, Johnny A whole lot of crazy goes down in which I was left questioning the fact that a sixteen year old girl can release herself from the hospital and the whole freeing themselves of their father s evil plan that didn t include going to the authorities to protect a future family from this monster.Overall, this story had many things that didn t work but with one fantastic big brother, Jake and a dreamy hero, Liam made it a memorable readIt s always been you it ll always be you, Angel One of the worst books I ve read Nuff said So, meet Amber and Liam They aren t couple , but they sleep together since they were kidsBUT THEY JUST SLEPT But then something changes and she starts to feel something And of course he feels something tooHe turned to me, and do you know what he said to me He said in a deadly serious tone, Momma, am I dead And I said no honey, you re not dead , and he shook his head, looking all confused about something Then he pointed to you dancing and said, if I m not dead, then why is there an Angel in our house Liam, what do you want from me Everything They were all for each otherShe was the only thing I needed If everything else went away tomorrow, the big house, all the cars, the money, I wouldn t care As long as I still got to hold her every night, I would still be the luckiest guy in the world This was so so sweet story, that the whole time I was grinning like a fool There was love, a litlle action, drama, humor One of my favorite book. view spoiler Used Delena gifs cause I m team Delena DDD hide spoiler Almost 4 stars maybe 3.5 SIt s always been you it ll always be you, Angel My goodness I felt torn about how to rate this book There were literally times where I was grinning, and awww ing and proclaiming my whole hearted love for the book but then, there were times where I d cringe, roll my eyes or want to throttle the characters I kept going back and forth between 2.5 and 4.5 stars It was a tough call because the good parts were reeeeally heart meltingly good but the inconsistencies and some parts of the writing kind of brought it down for me.This book has a fair bit of flaws moments of stilted dialogue, a LOT of out of character, unrealistic and nonsensical actions from the heroine, some not so great writing, and plain flat out stupidity , but the thing is, if you can and I mostly did overlook those flaws, and remember that this is purely a work of fiction, its actually a very adorable, at times hot, and definitely aww worthy romance about a girl who came for an abusive home and a boy who has loved her since she was a little kid, has been her protector ever since then, and is willing to do just about anything to make her happy, comfortable, feel safe, and loved. Its all very swoony and sweet underneath the flaws.8 year old Amber lives with her mother and older brother Jake in constant fear of the verbal, physical, emotional and in Amber s case, sexual abuse inflicted on them by their father No kid should ever have to lock their bedroom door at night just to feel safe But every night, once her door is locked and no one can hurt her any, her brother s best friend Liam 10 years old , sneaks into her bedroom window and just holds her as she cries, comforts her when she feels unsafe, and by secretly staying with her through every night, helps her to push back the pain So, so sweet of him sniffhe was wearing his pajamas I saw you through the window I just wanted to come and make sure you were alright, he whispered I m not leaving until you stop crying, He had his arms wrapped around me so tightly that I couldn t even squirm away I felt safe and warm I scooted closer to him and sobbed into his chest Cut to 8 years later, Liam is still sneaking in through her window and staying the night with her awwwww, right and he has almost every night since they were kids His presence is the only thing that keeps her nightmares away Jake, the older brother and Liam s best friend, is seriously protective of her too His willingness to do absolutely everything to protect his sister and to keep her physically and emotionally away from anything that could hurt her was really gorgeous.But Amber can t figure Liam out He s an annoying and lovable jerk by day, and the sweetest guy ever by night He s also your typical man whore plenty of girls, no girlfriends, no meaningful connections He has always really only had eyes for AmberNight Liam was considerate, loving and thoughtful Day Liam was a flirt, slut and a jerk However, both night and day Liams made me feel safe and protected I was a little frustrated with how long it took Amber to clue into Liam s feelings for her, but at the same time, it was really sweet to watch her come into the realization that the guy who d been sharing her bed since they were kids is also crazy about her.I have to say that I LOVED Liam Seriously, he made the book for me He was utterly, perfectly sweet, swoony, hot and thoughtful The guy literally had no flaws other than his man whoring past which he completely stopped once they got together He has always seen himself as her protector and is always watching out for her Whats , he knows what she s been though and although he s completely in love with her and wants , he never ever pushed her outside of her comfort zone and just settled for being protective and caring for her, willing to just be whatever she needed from him.Once Amber started to realize that she has feelings for him, the adorable hotness begins as they start going out Its really hard not to love a guy who is always telling his girl how beautiful he thinks she is, who will check the bathrooms and closets for undead after a scary zombie movie, and who can t fall asleep without being wrapped around his girl I went though many awwww, he s just so freaking sweet moments that made my heart squeeze And I loved how Liam was the only person who could help her through her pain, who understood her deep down, who knew what she needed, who made her feel safe it was really cute He totally let her set the pace of the relationship, was endlessly patient, never pushing her or rushing her, but yet always letting her know he was there for her and ready to go wherever she was comfortable going And once they started going, he pulled out all the swoony stopsLiam, what do you want from me I asked quietlyHe put his finger under my chin and lifted my face so I had to look up at him Everything, he said simplyBut I also felt it was all a little too romance book perfect The story basically had a lot of the elements that make romance books swoony, but I felt like at times they were a bit crudely put together not all the pieces fit and sometimes it just made the whole thing feel off kilter at times Also, there were times when the characters felt much older than they were and especially in the second half of the book, there were a lot of over the top and cheesy elements The intention was swoony, but the execution, not always so much But if you could overlook that and a few other things, the book was really cute.This book touches on themes of abuse and teen pregnancy, and is set again a high school background, however the focus of the story is the romance There is a really adorable epilogue and there s no cheating or separation in the book Once Amber and Liam get together, they are both completely crazy about each other with no deviationsMy girl He kissed me again The only one I wantHowever, despite a lot of steamy buildup, teasing, flirting, making out etc, the actual bedroom scenes are fade to black Its YA, but its hot YA PHow I see Liam and Amber Forof my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page Some books are meant to teach us lesson Some, to give us information Others, to provide entertainment After reading The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window , I thoughtWhere do we put this horrible bookBecause it is neither of the three.Well, okay It might provide entertainment for those who seek for this kind of story But to me it s a big no no This was a horrible and infuriating read Kind of insulting to the female and male population who were looked up to be slut and man whore by the author Clearly Kirsten haven t encountered a lot of teenagers Or she might have And unfortunately, she met the worsts This novel is a Wattpad sensation Written by one of the most popular authors in the said site I guess she should just stay in there Because her work, particularly this one, is an example of non sense The theme of the book Urg, I don t know if there s any.Let s start with the main protagonist, Amber She s annoying, stupid, slut, immature, unreal, stereotype I could mention everything that will make one character a target for despise But there s too many And I know yo9u get my point.Not to mention, she s a fucking Mary Sue And it made me hate her so much There were moments when she would describe herself as if she s perfect Not too often would she remind us of her figure Curvy Sexy Blah blah blah What happened to the show not tell rule Because in here, instead of showing us and letting us picture her, she would practically plant into our mind that she s fucking sexy How s that How would you feel when someone walks up to you and sayCan t you see how gorgeous I am I m honestly infuriated I abhor her to the bottom of my hypothalamus.While having a protective brother is sweet, and having a boyfriend who s probably the hottest guy in school seems so cool, you put it in this book and it s unrealistic.To be honest, everything and everyone in this book is superbly unrealistic This kind of novel doesn t need researching unlike the others, such as science fiction or fantasy, but I think the author of this needs one Because last time I checked not all high school girls and boys are whore and man whore.There s also this author s habit of starting almost every chapter with Amber waking up next to Liam, telling us how his boner poked her in various body parts As in practically every chapter And it got annoying.I m tired of giving a crap to this book.But you just have to be reminded how bad this is It s terrible Oh, and I haven t mentioned the fact that I didn t even finish it I just couldn t get myself into continuing it And I m the one who always finishes a story I don t get it why there are people who even liked it But if I were you, I wouldn t waste my time on this one. WARNING this review rant contains spoilers but hopefully by the end of it, you won t want to bother with it either way.A list of some of the reasons why I, not disliked, not hated, but despised this trash of a novel Painful grammatical errors sprinkled all throughout because who needs a BETA reader, right Countless repetitions dripping with mozzarella la It s always been you, Angel I love you, no I love you , Angel andcheesy bullshit along that vein Between this and Taher Shah s musical monstrosity that wreaked havoc across my country, I never want to hear the word angel again Shallow, sex driven characters every single one of them Is this a school or a fucking playboy mansion Asshole of a love interestI know you re a fragile victim of sexual trauma and I totally care for you baby, but let me just go ahead and grope your ass in public every two pages anyway, cause this is a romance book and everything I do is unbearably sexy and your past magically poofs at the touch of my holy dick and this is all very realistic of courseLack of any emotional depth whatsoever You can cut these characters out of their goddamn pages, they re so cardboard Pathetically idiotic protagonist oh I know, I ll run off to save the day by confronting my abusive fuck of a father even though the situation s already under control and then most likely get abused again, except this time, while carrying a baby genius Oh AND I could ve just filed a case against my dad for attempted rape all this time but I won t because then where would the plot in this thinly veiled, shoddily written smutfest beIt s just onemiserable addition to the ever growing collection of unoriginal new adult novels Mary Sue Adonis Dickhead with good intentions Troubling past Sexual abuse Highschool drama Teenage angst Flawless first time Accidental pregnancy Miscarriage Happily ever after Woohoo I could go on forever.But if I type any further, I may just suffer an aneurysm, so I m gonna go tear my eyes out instead. Dicono del libro Per Uno splendido disastro era meglio cit lettrice disperata che non pensava che ci fosse possibile E invece. Le sorprese della vita Che esempio sublime di supercazzola Mi inchino cit Lello Mascetti Ma esiste davvero cit drogato medio in preda ad un suo trip S Ho letto volontariamente il libro e non ero sotto effetto di droghe S , sapevo di trovarmi probabilmente di fronte ad uno degli esempi pi bassi della letteratura S , mi diverte scriverci recensioni XDQuesto libro la BRUTTEZZA No, anzi, questo libro inaugura una nuova frontiera del brutto, l oscenit La domanda che sorge spontanea ma legale scrivere e pubblicare cose simili Dov la tutela del cliente e del povero lettore Sono allibita..Partiamo dagli elementi di facile sfregio cover e titolo Lo so, lo so, viene da piangere anche a meIl titolo era sufficiente brutto, stalker e creepy anche in originale The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Per dargli quel non so che in pi Una scintilla di interesse magari. Ecco che in Italia diventa Il ragazzo che entr dalla finestra e si infil nel mio letto Ma che disagio Ma puoi Se l obiettivo era allontanare il lettore o farlo ridere come un demente, secondo me ci sono riusciti Chi non vorrebbe gente random che non solo entra dalla finestra ruolo creepy gi adottato abbondantemente da Eddino Glitterino che cavolo a questo punto dopo questi romanzacci trash sembra anche essere appetibile. no Vi si infila pure nel letto. normale routine, suvvia Ma vabb , sono di vedute larghe se dietro questo titolo improbabile mi si fosse celato il Capolavoro, lo avrei accettato di buon grado. Peccato che a titolo osceno e vergognoso corrisponda un altrettanta oscenit e vergognaAltro grande elemento la cover Con le 1918332892384723727237383784389 persone che abitano questo mondo. non si riusciti a trovare una ragazza che avesse la faccia pi da sveglia e meno da schiaffi Il problema che spesso Amber, la protagonista, per me aveva la faccia di questa sveltona. E quindi io l ad immaginarmela come se si fosse appena svegliata da un coma di 67 anni, o come un un ominide appena sceso dall albero che struscia le nocche delle mani per terra uh Uh Aaaah Uga Uga na pena Come dicevo, questi sono elementi di facile sfregio. Parlarne male troppo facile Ho fatto tutti i compitini sottolineando sul kindle come se non ci fosse un domani e tenendo vicino al letto il taccuino. Qui non si fanno prigionieri, tutti alla gogna Da dove iniziare, in questo marasma di Per me no, Maria Direi dalla cosa pi ovvia, l inizio delle vicenda Amber e Jake 8 e 10 anni hanno un padre violento e ubriacone, la madre inerme e spaventata e una sera, dopo una sfuriata particolarmente crudele Amber si ritrova in camera sua a piangere Il vicino, amico del cuore di Jake, vedendola cos decide di entrare dalla sua finestra e consolarla.Ci potrei anche stare se a l emotivit che mi ha procurato questa scena non fosse pari a quella che mi prende di fronte a Verissimo Ovvero inesistente b la scena narrata avesse un minimo di credibilit e c il tema non fosse stato usato fino alla noia in modo completamente sbagliato e scorretto per impietosire il lettore e per costruire una base fragilissima alla storia porcata che seguir.Dopo questo piccolo excursus per far capire al lettore accigliato la genuinit del rapporto Liam Amber da lui soprannominata Angel Le comiche, dopo ci torno e che noooo qui mica parliamo di cose strane, Liam un cavaliere , la scena viene ripresa 8 anni dopo il padre stato cacciato perch Jake e Liam lo hanno trovato che provava a stuprare una Amber 13enne chiamare la polizia I servizi sociali Oprah Winfrey Gli alieni Il santo guaritore We, ragazzi non scherziamo Sul serio volete dare credibilit alla storia Ma vaaaa Qui regna il nonsense, mica no , la madre fuori scena perch Caspiterina, ha trovato un lavorone che le fa fare il giro del mondo. E chissene se ha due figli MINORI di cui occuparsi, no Cio , oh, alla fine gli metto il pane in tavola, DEVO PURE stare l fisicamente Ah ah ah Dai, su e Liam. Liam continua ad entrare tutte le notti in camera di Amber per dormire insieme e ad addormentarsi svegliarsi con palesi erezioni Ma la cosa, ci dicono dalla regia, non sembra traumatizzare Amber Jake un rincoglionito assurdo quindi non ha capito la manfrina in atto e i genitori di Liam, che lo vedono dalle nove alle nove e mezza di sera non si pongono problemi Inizialmente pensavo fossero morti. Poi che magari erano sessantottini figli dei fiori ed erano per il Peace Love Insomma la Moseley riuscita a togliersi di mezzo tutte le figure genitoriali e i problemi di no, caro, non puoi dormire in camera di una ragazza tutte le notti, non sta bene o di Dove diavolo eri stanotte, eh in una volta sola. Magia O una pi semplice e spudorata faccia di culo Ehhh Solo il fato lo sa La storia prosegue tra colpi di scena incredibili e svolte rocambolesche. un emozione dopo l altra, non riuscivo a metter gi il libro dall adrenalina. Se ci avete creduto, faccia di velluto Sappiate che la prima citazione sul libro era la mia e che ho davvero trovato Uno splendido disastro migliore rendo l idea Vi ricordate la mia recensione Ecco.Il libro una grande e continua contraddizione, a partire da Amber dove non pu fare a meno di dormire con Liam, lo reputa un cretino e puttaniere Cosa. Ma. Seria Lo dice circa 191273934 volte e non si stanca mai di ricordarcelo grazie, eh quando per lui fa un paio di mosse audaci, succede il patatrac e i due si rullo di tamburi baciano Oddio, me la stavo per fare sotto Non mica finita eh. I due doppio rullo di tamburi si METTONO INSIEME E non importa che Amber non sia pronta al sesso, Liam pu aspettare per tutta la vita perch la ama da sempre.Carino, eh Commovente, quasi. Se non fosse che la faccenda completamente nonsense Fino alla mattina Amber non sopporta Liam, lo detesta e gli lancia parole avvelenate ma senza mai smettere di dormirci insieme eh, attenzione poi. Occhiata magnetica, palpatina, lezioni saltate e. La magia Insomma si sveglia e fa Umm, oggi cosa mi metto. I pantaloni Dai, s Maglioncino Ottima idea Liam come fidanzato Ma sono geniale.Piet Non posso dilungarmi nei dettagli perch poi c lo spazio personaggi 3 La loro nuova storia d a prosegue tra mille dubbi Lo so che mi ama, ma prima o poi mi spezzer il cuore frase topica di Amber che deve lagnarsi ogni tre per due senn non credibile , la relazione esce allo scoperto dopo che era stata tenuta segreta perch il fratello possessivo non vuole che i due stiano insieme Non ti avvicinare a mia sorella o ti gonfio di botte il leit motif tra Jake e Liam ed ripetuto, in diverse salse, mille volte , ma poi quando la cosa si sa lui Vi volete bene Ok, ciao sindrome della doppia personalit , a me e attenzione attenzione i due si amano dopo 5 giorni capisco lui che prende il palo da dodici anni. Lei. NO Patetica fino alla fine e dopo 7 fanno sesso In quel momento il lettore, che si era un po appisolato vista la fastidiosa melensit della loro storia Giuro, ad un certo punto sentirete la necessit di prendere la clava e distruggere qualcosa , si riprende di colpo e Ma. Aspetta. No in realt Ma seriamente Ma no, dai. E una burla Capitelo Amber ha sfracassato i maroni per duecento pagine s , le loro smancerie sono INFINITE sul fatto che non pronta, che non se la sente, che ha paura, che gn gn gn e poi dopo sette giorni puntuale come Samara di The ring afferma invece di essere prontissima a compiere il passo successivo La gran furbona anche andata al consultorio per chiedere la pillola il mercoled 4 giorni dopo che stanno insieme e tre giorni prima del grande evento figurarsi se fosse stata subito pronta, eh non sono assolutamente per il sesso dopo 3 anni di relazione o dopo il matrimonio. Ma se sostieni la posizione del Non sono pronta e non so se quando lo sar , portala avanti diamine O.O.Tanto a, tanti sentimenti e tanti Sei unica sei bella ti amo come hai fatto a scegliere me dopo, c ovviamente il momento clou della storia perch s ragazzi, la Moseley ha davvero qualcosa da dire Il padre di Amber e Jake tornato in citt con nuova famiglia a carico e vuole vederli Ad Amber prende un colpo, sviene, paura, lacrime, ospedale e la sentenza ma quale ansia, Amber INCINTA Mamma che caldo in questa stanza No Sar che la storia rovente. La povera cretina ha preso random la pillola e non dal primo giorno di ciclo e essendosi data da fare. Ecco fatto.Parentesi la tipa del consultorio non pensa a dirglielo, in fondo l per scaldare la sedia. Per le d il foglietto illustrativo Indovinate chi non lo ha letto Ecco Boh, senza parole.Decide di abortire perch Liam non pu perdere la sua borsa di studio a Boston e lei tanto cattiva e gn gn gn per Liam, che probabilmente nella vita precedente era un attore in una famiglia felice della Mulino Bianco, le diceC il nostro primo bambino l dentro, Angel un bambino che abbiamo fatto insieme Puoi almeno pensarciDisagio in 3,2,1 E le chiede di tenerlo lui sceglier un college in zona, Amber far la scuola per corrispondenza, i suoi genitori Ah ma allora ci sono si occuperanno sostanzialmente del bambino e vissero felici e contenti.Lei Ma sei sicuro Rinunceresti a tutto per me Lui Certo Ok, teniamoci il bambino, siamo fighissimi insieme e c tanto amm Gioia, hai 16 anni Dove vai Ma ci vuoi riflettere cretina che non sei altro Per uno strano scherzo del fato, ma forse pi per la solita faccia da culo dell autrice, a scuola arriva John, figlio della nuova moglie del padre violento di Amber. I due diventano amici e per una ragione cun po patetica, Amber la cretina si ritrova di fronte al padre che la minaccia e la terrorizza Jake e Liam incazzatissimi lo chiamano a casa loro per parlarne , mandano Amber a casa di Liam Rimani qui, mi raccomando Il padre arriva boh, vabb , fantascienza , voci grosse, minacce e la presenza di Amber che Vado cos faccio da testimone che lo hanno colpito per difesa morale della storia Liam riempie di botte il tizio dopo che ha picchiato Amber. Amber perde il bambino e il padre denuncia Liam.Ci state credendo Vi giuro sui miei libri che tutto tristemente vero Una pena che non vi dico Amber viene portata in ospedale per il raschiamento chiamare la madre Suvvia Servizi sociali Ma no, normale routine ma eroica e come il miglior agente segreto del mondo va dal padre chiedendogli di ritirare la denuncia con un abile mossa gli fa dire a voce alta tutti i suoi crimini registrandoli prontamente sul telefono, con domande tipo perch mi hai picchiato Wow, McGyver proprio Una soluzione ad ogni problema. Col padre fessacchiotto che spiattella tutto compiaciuto. S , eh.La parte pi bellaper l epilogo, cinque anni dopo Liam un affermato giocatore di Hockey ricchissimo ed il giorno della laurea di Amber, sono tutti emozionatissimi Volete sapere in cosa si laurea Tenetevi pronti, questa grossa Ebbene s , Amber si laurea in COREOGRAFIA.Vi do due minuti per riprendervi da questa idiozia colossale, personalmente sono ancora senza parole Io una storia cos cretina e surreale non l avevo mai letta, giuro Ma cos O.O Innanzi tutto, paraculissima non ci sono elementi di fastidio e gli elementi secondari eliminati quando non necessari alla storia tipo la migliore amica di Amber che dorme da lei, la mattina dopo completamente cancellata dalla memoria solo Liam Amber Amber Liam, a folle, e cretinerie Non c altro Poi vabb , il modo in cui i temi sono trattati. Che vergogna In primis la storia del bambino abortire brutto e cattivo quindi facciamo intervenire un elemento esterno e magari aumentiamo anche un po il pathos , poi il modo in cui sono trattate le informazioni mediche Senza una logica, senza scontrarsi con la realt per non parlare degli abusi fisici sessuali ma qui l autrice non chiara s , no, un po , solo toccate. Se decidi di affrontare l argomento fallo come il signore comanda a parole sono pieni di ossa rotte, lividi ovunque e simili Ai fatti, quelle tre volte che riprende un episodio del passato, non viene dato spazio alle cure o al fatto che due bambini si presentino a scuola con occhi neri e braccia ingessate Si sar fissata io ma cos totalmente irrealistico Senza parlare poi del fatto che il padre di Amber, nonostante lo schifo che ha fatto, viene lasciato libero deve andarsene dalla citt , nient altro Ma che messaggio negativo Perch La madre mi ha fatto prudere le mani quando era presente il marito ho capito e compreso la sua fragilit e il suo non intervenire, ma sono rimasta sconvolta quando, una volta libera. Prende e lascia i figli di 13 e 15 anni, rovinati dal padre, in crisi da soli Ma stiamo scherzando Un altro cosa disturbante la scommessa che fanno a scuola di Amber su chi sar la prima che andr a letto con Liam un figone che pi figo non si pu ovviamente dopo che questi ha annunciato, senza dirne il nome, di avere una ragazza ed essere innamorato. Ecco, la cosa triste che partecipa pure Amber la fidanzata segreta perch sarebbe stata una vittoria facile Ehm, scusa, dove hai lasciato il senso di vergogna Deve esserti caduto dalle tasche di quella minigonna zoccoleggiante..Se la storia non vi avesse turbato a sufficienza, ci penser lei, Amber aka Angel Le azioni che fa pi di frequente RINGHIARE quando si rivolge a Liam non ancora boyfriend e MUGOLARE quando. Beh, sono fidanzati Sbatte i piedi a terra dalla frustrazione Tieni, mamma ti d il lecca lecca e soprattutto ha due problemi il primo che probabilmente soffre della Sindrome di tourette, dal momento che sembra essere la figliol prodiga di un camionista della Salerno Reggio Calabria nei suoi momenti migliori dopo otto ore di fila, da come se ne esce con certe espressioni imbarazzantissime e il secondo la palese tripla personalit odia Liam, ama Liam Si fida di Liam, non si fida di Liam Non vuole essere toccata, si struscia su di lui come farebbe Balu con il tronco per grattarsi Non vuole avere nulla a che fare con il sesso, tollera apprezza tutte le erezioni ho perso il conto di quante volte ci viene detto, sinceramente di Liam una suorina, una zoccola.MA PUOI SCEGLIERE CHI ESSERE E MANTENERTI TALE O.O Quando non impegnata a cambiare idea 1292383 volte, Miss Scaltrezza 2015 Il disagio che non vi dico Liam, anche detto l uomo delle erezioni si prende cura di Amber, la ama e venera Ripetere all infinito e avrete la sua descrizione La chiama Angel perch la prima volta che la vede sei anni pensa sia un angelo. E lei per dodici anni non si mai posta la domanda Ma perch mi chiamer cos Ha capito, s , che il mio nome A M B E R e non A N G E L , ma lo scoprir dalla mamma di Liam che sapeva che l amava follemente E il momento giusto per vomitare arcobaleni Mi dicono insomma che Miss Scaltrezza abbia di nuovo colpito Le amiche di Amber sono forse la cosa pi imbarazzante del libro e ce ne vuole sono il corrispettivo femminile dei morti di figa Sbavano letteralmente su Liam e Jake in modo cos zoccolegiante che non vi dico il disagio Vi risparmio la parte in cui vi dico quanto il libro sembra essere stato scritto da un pesce rosso saltato fuori dall acquario ripetizioni sempre le stesse 4 cose, la noia vera , la punteggiatura random. Mamma miaaaa La cosa pi drammatica, ragazzi miei, che la Moseley ha scritto DIECI libri Piango forte. LA RECENSIONE CONTINUA SUL BLOG CON LE CITAZIONI IMPERDIBILI DEL LIBRO D What a gorgeous gorgeous book I started reading it in the afternoon and refused to go to sleep until it was finished I d like to think that I m over books set in high school but this book proved me wrong It had me wrapped around its sweet little fingers from beginning to end and I think it had everything to do with the loveable characters I was looking for an angst free read and, for most of the book, that is exactly what I got.The story centres on three characters Amber, her brother Jake and Jake s best friend Liam We meet them when Amber is 8 and the boys are 10 We are immediately thrown into the household nightmare in which Amber and Jake live, and the horror that the these two kids have to survive each day They are both physically and emotionally abused by their note to self can t use profanities here to describe people father and Amber is also being sexually abused by him We get a short glimpse of an ordinary day in their life, the suffering and helplessness, especially Amber s and then we get to meet Liam He lives next door He sees Amber crying one evening, taps on her window, asks her to let him in, embraces her with a brotherly hug, comforts her through her sobbing and doesn t let her go until the morning And so this becomes a daily routine For the next 8 years, Liam sleeps in Amber s bed, protects her from her nightmares by simply holding her while she sleeps.I know what you re thinking but take your mind out of the gutter right now It s one of the most beautiful things I ve ever seen described Amber is a traumatised child who cannot bear to be touched Liam s touch is the only physical contact except her mother s and brother s that does not give her panic attacks He finds a way of calming her down when nothing else works The whole thing about putting his lips on her neck to help her steady her breathing and calm her down made me cry Liam is the sweetest male character I have ever come across in my reading travels What fascinated me the most at that point was the bipolar nature of their relationship at night, Liam was attentive, sweet, gentle, while during the day their dynamic would change completely He would tease her incessantly, provoke her just to get a reaction from her, and do everything he could to appear like a player in everyone s eyes, including Amber s The only thing he couldn t hide during the day was his protective streak towards her.And so their relationship evolves One kiss and nothing is the same after that We discover the depth of Liam s feelings for Amber, how he has loved her from the first moment he laid eyes on her when she was 4 and he thought he was staring at an angel He loves her so beautifully and so unconditionally that it made my heart melt But he also loves her patiently, never pushing her out of her comfort zone and always making her feel like the most beautiful and adored girl in the world Amber takes her time to realise that she loves him too but he never pressures her into it I was constantly expecting something to ruin their fairy tale romance, maybe because it normally happens in the books I read, but I was very happy that nothing ever did Amber had survived through so much ugliness in her life and I was happy that she got to have this one positive and bright constant in her life Liam s love.The other important relationship in this book is between Amber and her brother Jake Jake has protected her ever since their father s abuse started when they were kids He would provoke the father just to shelter Amber from the beatings and he would comfort her afterwards It was only natural that he became an over protective brother later on who threatened any guy who got even mildly interested in Amber Including Liam In the beginning, Amber and Liam s relationship was kept secret from Jake fearing his reaction When he does find out, I can t say that I was surprised that he doesn t overreact as everyone would have expected He witnesses first hand the unique bond that Liam and Amber have developed, his protectiveness towards her and the way only Liam can make her snap out of her almost catatonic reactions to memories of past abuse and mentions of their father I didn t think it was unrealistic that he didn t go all nuclear at Liam Jake has perceived himself as Amber s protector ever since he can remember and her emotional well being and safety came first for him However, he knew that he never had the calming effect on Amber that Liam had and eventually his love and concern for Amber overtook his over protectiveness.This book is not about the abuse itself as it is only really happening at the start and end of the book This book is about the trauma that physical sexual abuse causes and about coping mechanisms And it is a book about love, pure untainted love.My only reservations about this truly beautiful read were the spelling and grammar mistakes, not to mention the endless omitted words throughout the text I understand that this might be a self published book but surely someone else at some stage had the opportunity to edit it and correct the errors I am a bit narky about this and I normally ignore mistakes when there are only a few but, in this case, they really distracted me too often and made me lose track of what I was reading because I was desperately trying to figure out what word should have been there to make the sentence make sense Otherwise, I liked the writing style I thought it was simple but appropriate for the intended audience and the narrative was easy to follow.So, I ll finish this review on a positive note I am very happy that I ve read this book, I had no expectations whatsoever as I had heard very little about it and was only pleasantly surprised to discover how much I liked it I compare reading this book to eating a really big bar of chocolate enjoyable throughout, with occasional pieces of marshmallows or chilli in it, it made me pleasantly full in the end but I needed to brush my teeth afterwards N See this review on my blog Review also posted on my blog at Kala s Book BlogThis book is terrible Absolutely terrible I had a really long review written which included lots of quotes to back up my opinion, but then my power went out and I lost it THANKS TROPICAL STORM ISAAC I m re writing most of it, but I don t feel like digging around my Kindle to get the quotes again Sorry Like I said, this book is terrible The plot is terrible The characters are terrible The writing is terrible The editing is REALLY terrible Right now, I can t think of one redeeming quality about it and I m shocked I read the entire thing.It had promise I liked the blurb and I thought reading about a girl who is emotionally scarred and damaged from years of sexual abuse from her father would be interesting Instead, I got this load of horse dung.Amber and Jake are brother and sister Amber has been getting molested by their dad since she was five Jake, Amber, and their mom have been getting physically abused by the dad since forever When Amber is 13, the dad beats Amber up and tries to rape her Jake and his best friend, Liam, beat up the dad and tell him to go away forever He leaves Mom gets a job where she out of town 24 7, so Amber and Jake live home alone Disappearing parent syndrome alert How convenient Police are never called about any of this.When Amber was 8, she was in her room crying Liam, age 10, sneaks in and consoles her He sleeps in her bed that night, which starts a trend that goes on for the next 8 years Fast forward to Amber at age 16 and Liam at age 18 He s still sneaking into her room and sleeping in her bed at night Amber is supposedly traumatized for life by the sexual abuse and has panic attacks whenever anyone touches her Makes sense, except the author completely drops the ball here and these panic attacks only happen when it s convenient to the plot Liam sleeps in her bed every night, rubbing his morning wood against her every morning and sometimes before they fall asleep too , but she doesn t seem to mind that Amber hates Liam, though she never shows it outside of making snarky comments when he is eating her cereal in the morning He sleeps in her bed every night to keep her nightmares away, he saves her from all the wannabe rapists and there are a lot , he drives her wherever she needs to go, he does EVERYTHING for this girl but she just keeps on keeping on with the inner monologue about how he s so selfish and she hates him and he s a man whore Not sure how much of a man whore he can be when he is in her bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT but whateverMoving alongAmber is also unfortunate in that she lives in a town where every single person has zero self control when it comes to their sexual impulses Jake and Liam are apparently SO good looking that the girls at their school mob their car when the arrive, pushing and shoving each other out of the way to get to Jake and Liam It s like they re Justin Bieber or something So freaking ridiculous and unrealistic and stupid.Amber is sexually assaulted or nearly sexually assaulted by every male character in the book Apparently she s so good looking that they just can t stop trying to rape her She s in a store, they come over and act all creepy try to kiss her and Liam has to come save her She s at a party and a drunk guy pushes her against the counter and kisses her, and Liam has to save her At this point, she is not upset because of being sexually assaulted, she is SO EMO BECAUSE HE STOLE HER FIRST KISS sigh When a bunch of friends are at her house watching a movie, a third guy forces her into a kiss in the hallway and she kicks him in the balls This is all before the 35% mark Three wannabe rapists already And that s not counting rapist dad The girls are not any better Every single girl in this book acts like a complete slut, including Amber Amber s best friend Kate comes over to watch movies and starts grabbing Jake s dick He keeps trying to tell her no and ends up begging Amber to intervene Of course, he has a personality switch a few chapters later and starts grinning wickedly and flirting with Kate Every female in this book acts like a bitch in heat, constantly purring and flirting and winking and pawing at the male characters even though the male characters are constantly calling them sluts and rejecting them You would think after the first few rejections these girls would move on, but no these girls can t control themselves and MUST try to have sex with every single boy they meet.So Amber and Liam end up making out and start secretly dating When the hordes of girls at school constantly try to have sex with Liam, he turns them down saying he has a girlfriend These girls then decide to start a bet to see who can nail Liam first Every girl puts in 20 and they all try to get Liam to have sex with them The pot gets to over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS So that s over 200 slutty girls all trying to get Liam to have sex with them.Amber puts in her 20 of course, and then starts acting like a big slut too, even though she s the mystery girlfriend She decides to start driving Liam crazy by wearing a short skirt to school She goes up to him in the crowded cafeteria and says she has a bruise on her thigh and asks him to look at it, then proceeds to spread her legs and show him her underwear In front of the entire school twitch After a week of dating, Amber and Liam end up having sex Amber then becomes insatiable and they have sex constantly None of this causes any issues with her panic attacks, she s fine with it Guess she forgot about all that sexual abuse from her childhood.Amber also is in a dance crew think Step Up You Got Served where she does sexually explicit dance moves with boys who touch her, but those don t cause panic attacks either She decribes one move as having her legs around a boy s neck while she s on his shoulders, then flipping off and wrapping her legs around the boy s waist No panic attacks here Amber wins the sex bet and takes the 4000 To make the other girls jealous, she puts her hand down the front of Liam s pants in front of the entire school, hiding the money next to his johnson twitch Now, this is where the plot goes in a totally different direction and starts getting REALLY stupid.Amber gets pregnant by Liam Good thing there are no parents around to worry about this Amber s rapist dad moves back to town with his new wife and son and 17 year old step son, Johnny Johnny and Amber become BFFs, which is so beyond weird to me but whatever Amber then goes to rapist dad s houseRapist dad threatens her with sexual assault again They also find out that he s been beating his new wife and kids too Jake and Liam find out and talk the wife and kids into leaving rapist dad and moving in with them o.ORapist dad gets upset, there is a big fight, he throws Amber against a wall causing her to have a miscarriage Liam beats him up Amber ends up in the hospital, where the police show up wow, they exist in this town and they ARREST LIAM Amber decides that the only way to resolve this is to meet with rapist dad in private where she records him admitting to his crimes and blackmails him into dropping charges They all agree that he will go away and leave them alone.So this rapist dad is STILL free to go rape and abusepeople He will almost definitely find another woman to abuse and possibly another young girl to molest and possibly rape but none of this matters because he is going to leave Amber alone now She has PROOF that he committed heinous crimes against her and tried to RAPE HER but they re willing to let him be free to rape other people so long as he leaves her alone.What the hell is wrong with these people It s all okay though, because Liam becomes a big NHL star and Amber gets her picture taken by the paparazzi all the time and graduates with a degree in dance choreography Who cares that they let a rapist free to rape other children, they get their happily ever after Wink count 48Purr count 37Smirk count 74Flirt count 38Ass count 91 this one was the most annoyingeveryone calls each other hot ass sexy ass fine ass nonstop throughout the entire book Please don t waste your time on this book Liam James, Boy Next Door And Total Douchebag, Is My Brother S Best Friend I Can T Stand Him Well, That S Not Strictly True, At Night I See A Side Of Him That No One Else Does Every Night Liam Becomes My Safe Haven, My Protector, The One To Chase The Demons Of My Abusive Childhood Away And Hold All The Broken Pieces Of Me TogetherHe S Cocky, He S Arrogant, And He S Also Some Sort Of Playboy In Training With His Hit It And Quit It Mentality, He S The Last Person You D Want To Fall In Love With I Only Wish Someone Had Told My Heart That The International Bestselling Novel, And Finalist Of The Goodreads Choice Awards YA Fiction

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