Blood Kin, A Savannah Story

Blood Kin, A Savannah StoryMy father passed away in Fairbanks, AK in April 2009 He and I shared a love of reading, especially nonfiction, but we enjoyed a good story in the fiction genre, as well I don t know the story behind his acquisition of Blood Kin, but it was probably the last book he acquired It is inscribed to John with much love and I believe it is dated February 2009 The inscription implied some sort of friendship with the author, and since my father was paraplegic, he didn t go out to book stores, so the book had been sent to him Did he order it Was it a gift Did he even get to read it before his final illness I didn t and dont know.But, I felt I had to read it, in memory of my dad and our long sharing of books I wasn t too keen to start it it s been in my possession for two and a half years being moved up and down in my piles of to be read I finally picked it up a few days ago What drew me in was the authentic voice and experience of the author I haven t read much fiction related to slavery and was surprised to find myself becoming engaged in the story and with the characters It takes a difficult, uncomfortable subject and brings new perspectives of complicated relationships and both the humanity and the inhumanity ever present in our human world The plot is fairly simplistic, but for a short piece of fiction, is a pretty powerful story that has stayed with me now for several days after reading the last page.My dad was a staunch supporter of equal rights for all people He taught his children to judge people individually and would stand no talk of prejudice about any group be it racial, religious, gender or sexual orientation He would have enjoyed this book This book should be required reading. What can I say, my Grandmother Beulah Tremble blessed me with many powerful stories about the South of old and I am now turning those stories into novels So when this one hit the best seller list, I felt like she was on it with me Robert T.S Mickles Sr. An outstanding read I was riveted to the pages The imagery captivates you from beginning to end Be careful of the snake.. The Brutal Inhumanities And Deadly Cruelties That Often Characterized Slavery In The United States Are Well Known Blood Kin Tells A Different Side Of The Story, One In Which Two Boys, One Black And The Other White, Dare To Challenge The Racial Barriers Of Their Time By Reaching Out To One Another In Friendship Only To Later Discover That They Actually Share The Same Blood Told With A Fascinating Blend Of History, Folklore, And First Rate Storytelling, Blood Kin Takes Readers Into The World Of Woodloe Plantation Outside Savannah, Georgia There, The Residents Hope To Avoid The Growing Threat Of Violence In The United States But Find Themselves Torn Apart Not Only By The Civil War But By Long Held Family Secrets And Resentments Finally Revealed Blood Kin Is That Rare Kind Of Literary Event That Opens Readers Hearts With Joy And Lifts Their Spirits With The Power Of Inspiration

Blood Kin, A Savannah Story is the first in a series of four books based on stories my grandmother shared with me She was a daughter of slaves and lived to be 100 years It tells the story of two best friends who discover they are actually brothers and who endure quite a bit during the Civil War as they struggle to hold their family together I m currently in the process of working to publish the second book in the series, this one titled ISAIAH S TEARS In addition to being a writer, I also operate a taxi service in Savannah, which means I get to see much of the city than most people and also enjoy meeting folks from all over the world If you re thinking about visiting, please look me up.Robert

✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Blood Kin, A Savannah Story By Robert T.S. Mickles Sr. ✸ –
  • Paperback
  • 108 pages
  • Blood Kin, A Savannah Story
  • Robert T.S. Mickles Sr.
  • English
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9780595451296

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