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Kingdom Journeys Do You Feel Like You Ve Been Missing Out On The Abundant Life Most People Do If You Take A Look At The Life Of Jesus, You See That He Called His Disciples To Follow Him On A Physical Journey, Not Just A Spiritual One Hundreds Of Books Talk About Our Faith Walk As A Journey But Few Delve Into The Subject Of How A Physical Journey Can Reinvent And Revitalize Our Spiritual Journey With God Kingdom Journeys Is About The Journeys We All Take, Presented In A Series Of Initiation Steps By Disciples Who Are Taking Serious The Call To Leave Everything And Simply Go This Book Is An Exploration Of An Ancient Spiritual Discipline We Must Recover If We Re Going To Truly Follow Jesus

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kingdom Journeys book, this is one of the most wanted Seth Barnes author readers around the world.

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    I could not force myself to finish this book So take the rating I gave with that in mind.I m sure this could be a useful book to many, but there are likely to be many, like me, who simply do not connect with the premise that we must leave and go on a journey in order to experience God and to find out identities I say this as one who chose to leave a very comfortable life, plenty of friends, to a place of unknown future I think that at the time of my restlessness I might have found that this book resonated with me But now on the other side, I don t think it is for everyone.Take the biblical example of Lazarus, Mary, and Martha They were not disciples that left their homes to follow Jesus, but they were disciples and his friends nevertheless They remained where they were and served Jesus in that way, by being a place where Jesus could return to We take the gospel accounts and try to use them as direct examples, but we forget that only a few incidents of Jesus life are actually recorded We do not have record of how he spent most of his days, and we conveniently forget that he spent some 30 years at home We fail to realize that the 3 years of Jesus mission were highly condensed because he knew his time was short I m not saying this book is bad What I am saying is to take it with a grain of salt It is not for everyone and it is not applicable to everyone The author makes it sound like everyone should really do what he writes about.

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    Seth Barnes has written a needed book It finally brings into focus the missing discipline that can transform us from the inside out like non other The book is rife with Aha moments The biggest one for me was that restlessness is a gift because it forces us to leave to go on journeys But there s a caveat, Barnes warnes Restlesness is an itch that, if left unscratched, is a curse Seth Barnes presents life principles through the dozens of stories of people who have heeded the itch The stories he knows are about missions, but this book is not just about missions The examples illustrate transferable principles at the heart of the myriad of journeys we will take voluntarily or will be pushed into.Kingdom Journeys inspires bravery and boldness It invites the reader to welcome adventure and the conflict that will undoubtedly come when we are forced to let go of our comfort zone It paints a picture of a life only available for the courageous few who are willing to depart from status quo and safety It ll make you want to grab the boots off the cover and embark on your next kingdom journey.I recommend it highly.

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    Easy to read and relevant to my life Read on a flight as I was leaving my life and moving to do volunteer work with Adventures in Missions in Europe Very encouraging.

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    Seth Barnes, founder of Adventures in Missions, explains in his book how kingdom journeys are a largely underutilized spiritual discipline akin to fasting, worship, and service Each of us is on a lifelong journey of knowing, loving, and serving God Barnes uses anecdotes and Biblical examples to show that sometimes it takes a physical journey to complete a spiritual one.Jesus took his disciples on a physical journey After discipling them into maturity, he sent them out on the first short term mission trips They were instructed not to take food, money, or supplies and were forced to trust God completely to meet their needs They were also given the power to drive out demons and heal in Jesus name When we embark on a similar kingdom journey, we encounter challenges that enable us to discover new truths about God, the world, and ourselves It is a chance to break free from the ordinary and to examine our identity When we are away from distractions, we learn to focus on the present and depend on God to meet our needs In addition, being removed from our cultural comforts helps us examine our prejudices and ignorances In Barnes words, we must allow God to heal what is sick and poor inside us then he will use us to reach the sick and poor in the world As a result, our faith grows.According to Barnes, there are three stages of a kingdom journey AKA How to Change the World Abandonment We must first leave behind home, family, friends, job, security, and comfort We are choosing to give up control of our lives to God.Brokenness Personally seeing the needs of the world will break our hearts We take some of the world s pain on ourselves because we are no longer ignorant of it.Dependence As our weaknesses are revealed, we become aware of areas of our lives that we need to give over to God Self knowledge drives us to dependence on him We usually return to dependence on God when we have no other choice, but what can it look like to live in a state of continual dependence and trust instead of spiritual entropy Barnes points out that it is important to avoid the danger of a spiritual vacation instead of a Jesus centered kingdom journey Different from quitting or escaping, the goal of a kingdom journey is to surrender even completely to God s will for our lives, seeking that he would use us to reach others It is important to analyze why we are going, what we will be doing when we are there, and how our and others lives will be changed The central focus of a kingdom journey is on expanding God s reign in the world and in our own hearts.Barnes has made it his life work to awaken a generation to understand that they can make a difference in the kingdom and grab hold of the abundant life Jesus offers us when we follow him wholeheartedly He believes that kingdom journeys can show us our calling, as he has seen many World Racers go on to establish ministries, enter full time missions, and commit their lives to making disciples.

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    Kingdom Journey s by Seth Barnes is a must read for any parent of a World Racer and their family members Frankly, it should also be a must read for any World Racer Barnes explains the heart and purpose of the World Race and any kingdom journey for that matter while also walking the reader through the process of kingdom journey As a parent of a Racer, Kingdom Journey armed me with information that will help me counsel my daughter, it gave me information that will help me understand my Racer s experience and emotions, it also gave me information that will help me through the inevitable emotions I will face as I watch my daughter experience both the highs and lows that come with a journey such as the one she is on Kingdom Journeys is far than a manual on the World Race It is an invitation to step into your own Kingdom Journey right were you are It prompts thought provoking ideas and questions that caused me to evaluate my willingness to walk closer and intimately with my Savior I am grateful for the opportunity to not only watch my Racer go on a journey, I am grateful and excited that God invites me on a journey too Seth Barnes book gave me a framework to see not only where I have been but where I am headed I highly recommend Kingdom Journey to anyone who is wondering if there is to this life than the status quo and the everyday mundane living It might just spark a bit of restlessness to get moving within you

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    Feel the yearning to travel Has your life become mundane wanting Do you want to bring value and purpose to your life If you have answered yes then you need to read this book Kingdom Journeys is written with a personal touch and experience Get ready to be charged with an inner desire to do something for the Kingdom through a personal relationship and walk with the command of the Lord Read this.

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    Missions Short and Long TermReading this helps me to get a glimpse of friends and family members who are on the mission field in other lands We re all part of a Kingdom Journey , wether abroad or here in the U.S A very excellent ebook Thank You Mr Barnes.

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    What an awesome eye opening look at our journey with God This book set afire a new prayer in my heart for myself, as well as for my son Thank you Seth

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    Kingdom JourneyExcellent read for someone planning to do a long short mission trip Provided insight on the real reason a mission trip is chosen and how to fulfill your destiny

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