Дама с собачкой

Дама с собачкойUn Lieve Mistero Aleggia In Queste Pagine Di Echov Il Mistero Di Sentimenti Improvvisi, Contraddittori, Incontrollabili Non Si Sa Come E Quando Nascano Forse Da Quel Mare Di Noia Che Spesso Circonda Minaccioso I Suoi Personaggi, O Forse Solo Dall Ironia Dell Autore, O Forse Ancora Dai Cuori Irrequieti E Imprevedibili Che Popolano Quest Affascinante Russia Pre Rivoluzionaria, Con I Suoi Salotti Di Provincia, Le Sue Feste, Le Sue Convenzioni, I Suoi Personaggi, Le Sue Carrozze, I Suoi Cavalli, I Suoi Inverni E Le Sue Dolci Primavere Nessuno Come Echov Stato Capace Di Raccontare Un Mondo Con Tanti Dettagli, Con Tale Verit Di Atmosfere Ma Questo Mondo Cos Concreto Sembra Poter Svanire In Ogni Istante, Trascinandosi Dietro La Felicit Dei Suoi Personaggi E Le Loro Certezze

was born in the small seaport of Taganrog, southern Russia, the son of a grocer Chekhov s grandfather was a serf, who had bought his own freedom and that of his three sons in 1841 He also taught himself to read and write Yevgenia Morozova, Chekhov s mother, was the daughter of a cloth merchant When I think back on my childhood, Chekhov recalled, it all seems quite gloomy to me His early years were shadowed by his father s tyranny, religious fanaticism, and long nights in the store, which was open from five in the morning till midnight He attended a school for Greek boys in Taganrog 1867 68 and Taganrog grammar school 1868 79 The family was forced to move to Moscow following his father s bankruptcy At the age of 16, Chekhov became independent and remained for some time alone in his native town, supporting himself through private tutoring.In 1879 Chekhov entered the Moscow University Medical School While in the school, he began to publish hundreds of comic short stories to support himself and his mother, sisters and brothers His publisher at this period was Nicholas Leikin, owner of the St Petersburg journal Oskolki splinters His subjects were silly social situations, marital problems, farcical encounters between husbands, wives, mistresses, and lovers, whims of young women, of whom Chekhov had not much knowledge the author was was shy with women even after his marriage His works appeared in St Petersburg daily papers, Peterburskaia gazeta from 1885, and Novoe vremia from 1886.Chekhov s first novel, Nenunzhaya pobeda 1882 , set in Hungary, parodied the novels of the popular Hungarian writer M r J kai As a politician J kai was also mocked for his ideological optimism By 1886 Chekhov had gained a wide fame as a writer His second full length novel, The Shooting Party, was translated into English in 1926 Agatha Christie used its characters and atmosphere in her mystery novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 1926.Chekhov graduated in 1884, and practiced medicine until 1892 In 1886 Chekhov met H.S Suvorin, who invited him to become a regular contributor for the St Petersburg daily Novoe vremya His friendship with Suvorin ended in 1898 because of his objections to the anti Dreyfus campaingn conducted by paper But during these years Chechov developed his concept of the dispassionate, non judgemental author He outlined his program in a letter to his brother Aleksandr 1 Absence of lengthy verbiage of political social economic nature 2 total objectivity 3 truthful descriptions of persons and objects 4 extreme brevity 5 audacity and originality flee the stereotype 6 compassion Chekhov s first book of stories 1886 was a success, and gradually he became a full time writer The author s refusal to join the ranks of social critics arose the wrath of liberal and radical intellitentsia and he was criticized for dealing with serious social and moral questions, but avoiding giving answers However, he was defended by such leading writers as Leo Tolstoy and Nikolai Leskov I m not a liberal, or a conservative, or a gradualist, or a monk, or an indifferentist I should like to be a free artist and that s all Chekhov said in 1888.The failure of his play The Wood Demon 1889 and problems with his novel made Chekhov to withdraw from literature for a period In 1890 he travelled across Siberia to remote prison island, Sakhalin There he conducted a detailed census of some 10,000 convicts and settlers condemned to live their lives on that harsh island Chekhov hoped to use the results of his research for his doctoral dissertation It is probable that hard conditions on the island also weakened his own physical condition From this journey was born his famous travel book T

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    Same old Same old A well off man twice the age of a pretty blonde young woman, fancies her and playing on her loneliness as she is far from home without any companion but her dog, he becomes her friend until he can get her into bed Both of them are married She worries that he doesn t respect her She s right, he doesn t He doesn t respect women at all but the company of men bores him She lies to her husband so she can travel to meet him He probably gives some excuse or other to his wife and they meet in hotel rooms He had two lives one, open, seen and known by all who cared to know, full of relative truth and of relative falsehood, exactly like the lives of his friends and acquaintances and another life, running its course in secret So what s new When she finally realises that the man she loves isn t really all that, or he is but she knows he doesn t think she is, she says, I am a bad, low woman I despise myself and don t attempt to justify myself It s not my husband but myself I have deceived And not only just now I have been deceiving myself for a long time So nothing new there How many books, films, tv series are about the older man who fancies the young blonde and convinces her that their fervid afternoons in a hotel room are real love This man who had never really had much emotion for any woman now thinks he really loves her But we know that in part two which is not written in the story but we ve read this story a million times before , when push comes to shove he will go back to his wife and next year, or the year after, there will be another pretty young blonde to distract him One thing with classic stories like these, back in the days when contraception wasn t reliable, of adultery is that they rarely include the woman getting pregnant I always wonder about that Perhaps it is the male authors just don t want to complicate their musings about love and lust with real life.Some of the writing of this story was exquisite but in common with a lot of Russian literature it did go on so Chekov was a very prolific writer Nothing in this story has made me fall in love with him myself, but should I do so, it will have the makings of a very long and involved affair.

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    Experience often repeated, truly bitter experience, had taught him long ago that every intimacy, which at first so agreeably diversifies life and appears a light and charming adventure, inevitably grows into a regular problem of extreme intricacy, and in the long run the situation becomes unbearable But at every fresh meeting with an interesting woman this experience seemed to slip out of his memory, and he was eager for life, and everything seemed simple and amusing If you like Chekhov s realistic stories, you will find this a good one as in this story, those intricacies of an out of marriage relationship between a man and a lady with the dog are depicted in a very alluring manner.Even Nabokov, who criticized Chekhov many times, had declared this as one of the greatest stories ever written on such a complicated theme.This story shows how useless pursuits and conversations about the same things all the time absorb the better part of one s time and the better part of one s strength, and in the end there is left a life grovelling and curtailed, worthless and trivial, and there is no escaping or getting away from it just as though one were in a madhouse A beautifully written story with a beginning But without an end

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    My goodness, this was a crisp short story More than that, for the type of character the man was, I thought I would love to hate him, being a philanderer and a generally nasty sort when it comes to women what we have here is one of the best written examples of Redemption Through Love You know the story It s EVERYWHERE in the romance market But this short story is probably the crispest and crispiest I ve ever read by an undisputed master of the form Well worth reading.

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    La ricerca della felicit Viveva due esistenze una palese, che vedevano e conoscevano tutti quelli che vi avevano un qualche interesse, un esistenza piena di verit convenzionali e di inganni convenzionali, del tutto simile a quella dei suoi conoscenti e amici ed un altra che scorreva segreta.E, per una strana coincidenza di circostanze, tutto ci che per lui era importante, attraente, necessario, ci in cui era sincero e non ingannava se stesso e che costituiva il nocciolo della sua vita, si svolgeva all insaputa degli altri.Tutto ci invece che era la sua menzogna, il suo involucro, nel quale si celava per occultare la verit , e cio la sua attivit alla banca, le discussioni al circolo, quel suo parlare della razza inferiore , le visite che faceva con la moglie in occasione di qualche anniversario, tutto questo era palese. Dimitri un distinto funzionario di banca Tutto perfetto nella sua vita Famiglia, lavoro, rispettabilit Poi il fulmine Per la prima volta in vita sua prova un sentimento forte ed autentico per una donna Un sentimento cos potente da sembrare l unica cosa importante della sua vita Come fare Cosa fare Cosa scegliere Proseguire nell ombra o uscire allo scoperto Continuare con la vita ufficiale ma falsa o uscire allo scoperto con la vita nascosta ma vera e soddisfacente Chi fare soffrire Perch Cechov fa centro, con questo attualissimo racconto del 1889 L a con la A maiuscola che arriva tardi, troppo tardi per evitare di far soffrire, con le sue passioni e emozioni forti ma anche con le sue ossessioni, le difficolt della clandestinit , i sensi di colpa, le ansie.

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    The Lady with the Pet DogWritten by Anton ChekhovTranslated By Avrahm YarmolinskyThe story is often translated The Lady with the Little Dog The Lady with the Pet DogCharacters Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov Anna Segeyevna Lady Gurov is almost forty 40 years old and from Moscow He is married and work s for a bank in his native city He studied languages and literature at his university, years ago Gurov is visiting Yalta, a resort city on the Black Sea He normally takes in the sights of the promenade while sitting in a confectionery shop, in the afternoons Today he spots a woman, Anna Segeyevna, walking a small white Pomeranian.Gurov was immediately attracted to Anna a fair haired woman of medium height He notices that she is alone, except for her dog and decides that he wants to get to know her Gurov has had many affairs during his marriage He considers his wife and women, in general, an inferior race However, Gurov can not live without the company of women, other than his wife He is bored with the company of men.Gurov asks around and nobody knows this women He sees her and her dog again, this time dining in a public garden He sits at the table next to her attracts dog and offers him a bone He strikes up a conversation with Anna and their relationship begins.He finds out that she too is married and in Yalta without her husband She seems to welcome his attention Anna is only about twenty years old This is a new experience for Anna, being alone and talking to a stranger away from home.Gurov can t stop thinking about Anna, and continues to seek her company, since her husband is not expected to join her anytime soon They meet daily and enjoy each others company Gurov was well aware of his intentions however, I believe Anna was lonesome and just seeking company, at first Later, Anna knows what is happening, but is involved at this time and is concerned about whether Gurov really respects her There has been some kissing and touching, but, it is not clear whether their relationship has gone any further, at this time At some point, Anna s husband decides that he is not coming to Yalta, and asks her to come home.Both Dmitry and Anna return to their homes respectively Dmitry decides that he can not get along without her and leaves home to see her He finds out where she lives and lurks around her house to try to see her She does not appear at home He thinks maybe he might see her at the theater after seeing a playbill He goes to the theater and he sees her She is upset but agrees to meet him later.Anna decides that she would go to Moscow every couple of months, telling her husband that she was going to see a doctor about a woman s ailment Gurov would meet her in her hotel room They continued this affair not wanting to leave one another.Noting the difference in age and experience Gurov took advantage of Anna Of course, she could have chosen not entered into the relationship, but I believe she was vulnerable due to being alone and young in age.

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    e alla fin fine rimane un esistenza tronca, senz ali, qualcosa di sconclusionato, e non possibile andarsene, fuggire, come se ti trovassi in un manicomio o in una compagnia di detenuti La scrittura di echov ha una bellezza quieta, lenta nell arrivare Scivola pacatamente, pensosamente, senza procurar troppo fastidio Se fosse un passo, sarebbe ovattato Se fosse una tinta, un colore pastello, un rosa antico Riconoscere una bellezza quieta missione difficile Tanto pi che siamo bombardati da bellezze roboanti, bellezze perle e lustrini, paillette, rombo di clacson Una bellezza quieta necessita silenzio, discernimento, occhi buoni Necessita un dito gentile che indichi qui la bellezza e qui e qui Una bellezza quieta, infine, ha bisogno di un esposizione prolungata, di una certa stagionatura nelle cantine della memoria e dell immaginazione Proprio per questo ho colto la bellezza quieta del Giardino dei Ciliegi solo attraverso il velo della messa in scena streheleriana E ho colto la bellezza quieta di questi racconti attraverso l a per essi di Nabokov Nabokov Uno cos cos ha da spartire lui con la bellezza quieta Lui, il pi roboante, il pi barocco, il pi decorativo degli scrittori russi Che dire di questo suo a per echov, che condensa in un aforisma di rara gentilezza, echov vivr fin quando ci saranno le betulle e i tramonti e la voglia di scrivere attraverso l indice gentile di Nabokov che ho cominciato a guardare le tinte pastello di echov con la dovuta attenzione La bellezza qui e qui e qui In questo dettaglio, in questo sorriso che si spegne, in questo riflesso sull acqua, in questo cocomero, in questo omuncolo stinto, comune E ho capito una cosa un po triste, un po crudele Che la bellezza di echov solo fintamente quieta La bellezza di echov una bocca premurosa che si trattiene dall urlare, una gola muta, un braccio che ricade lungo il fianco Vivono di questa bellezza quieta, di questa inerzia paralizzante molti dei suoi personaggi, creature patetiche, piccole, grigiastre, intrappolate Erano come due uccelli migratori, maschio e femmina, che fossero stati catturati e costretti a vivere in due gabbie separate .I personaggi di echov sono animali mansueti perch rassegnati al proprio destino, mai artefici di esso Le loro fughe sono rare, comunque imperfette e sempre pi immaginate che reali, quasi sogni a occhi aperti Ma se tendi l orecchio riesci a sentire il cigolio della catena, lo stridio delle unghiette contro le sbarre della gabbia Se aguzzi la vista nei loro occhi vedi il niente, il mare, l orlo fumoso di un avventura che esiste soltanto nel ricordo, nel rimpianto, in un futuro indeterminato, felice ma lontano Se tendo l orecchio, se aguzzo la vista, mi trovo riflessa in questa bellezza quieta E mi viene da urlare.

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    L esistenza di ognuno si regge sul mistero Sei racconti La signora col cagnolino Un affare finito male Il bacio Infelicit L insegnante di lettere Una confessioneSei racconti d a atipici poich in essi non troviamo l ideale romantico che ci si aspetterebbe.Il filo che unisce le diverse trame e ambientazioni, dominato dall irrequietezza In ogni racconto il personaggio principale ambisce alla conquista di una relazione amorosa come forma di raggiungimento di un equilibrio una stabilit sinonimo di appagamento In realt , poi, si accorge che un senso d insoddisfazione continua a sopravvivere una delusione che da tenue sottofondo diventa,via via, urgente problema da risolvere.I racconti non hanno un vero finale e, paradossalmente, in questa inconclusione trova forma la perfezione Nessuno come Cechov stato capace di raccontare un mondo con tanti dettagli, con tale verit di atmosfere Ma questo mondo cos concreto sembra poter svanire in ogni istante, trascinandosi dietro la felicit dei suoi personaggi e le loro certezze

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    Eine Kurzgeschichte ber die Liebe, die einen zynischen, lteren, verheirateten Mann doch noch ereilt, obwohl er damit abgeschlossen hat Dies waren nicht mehr ganz junge, kaprizi se Frauen, un berlegt, herrisch und einf ltig Waren Gurows Gef hle ihnen gegen ber erkaltet, erregte ihre Sch nheit in ihm nur mehr Hass, und die Spitzen an ihrer W sche kamen ihm vor wie Schuppen Mit dieser Einstellung beobachtet er im Urlaub auf Jalta die Damenwelt Einzig die junge Dame mit H ndchen weckt erst sein Interesse und dann die Liebe in ihn Die Dinge nehmen ihren Verlauf, sie hintergehen ihre Ehepartner und stehen vor einer ungewissen gl cklichen Zukunft Tschechow schreibt sehr sch n und bringt auch die Ambivalenzen in den beiden Hauptpersonen gut heraus Zuerst war ich entt uscht von der K rze der Geschichte und dem offenen Ende Aber gerade das zeichnet ja die Kurzgeschichte aus Je l nger ich dar ber nachdenke, desto besser gef llt mir die Erz hlung.

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