What the Mouth Was Made For

What the Mouth Was Made For The Poems In WHAT THE MOUTH WAS MADE FOR Seek To Fill Up The Spaces Created By Loss And Desire With Images Of Open Fields, Of Green, Of Kisses What Does It Mean To Be In This World, To Eat, To Laugh, To Speak Tim Seibles Calls These Poems Fresh Food For The Head And Heart, Saying, Get This Book Get Full Katie Riegel s second book of poetry shows that she is confident and precise than ever Dare I say that I liked this than her first book, Castaway I believe that if the trend continues which I believe it will , Riegel s third book will be legendary. We are the publisher, so all of our authors get five stars from us Excerpts THE SIREN SONG OF CORN COUNTRYCome down to the seamy love, to the dirt deep prairie waters,the cold rush of high water levels,the sure devouring of wind.I want to ask youand the earthwormsif life underneath is sweeterthan above.I would be a swimmerin the lush soil, a maker of patternsin snow foam.There are secrets down here,pyrite and quartz,taste of clover seed and moss spore,the glacial movements of bedrock.At firstyou will squeeze shut your eyesand hold your breath,but soon the heaviness will begin to shinesmooth as dolphin skin,and I promiseyou will not miss the air.APPLE, WORD, KISSIt is for thisI was made to be in lovewith a multitude of faces, to feel laughterlike a finger run lightlyacross the skin inside my elbow,to roll in gardenias like a dog, to singwith hands and teeth and nape,to murmur confidences into the earsof animals, to circle boyswith my arms and noticeeyelashes staining girls cheeks,to speak and to swallow, to kiss and to begto be kissed, my moutha bird leapingfrom the top of a tall pine, and the air love its inevitable medium, silkyand fundamental as words.

Katherine Katie Riegel is a poet, writer, blogger, editor, educator, meditator, Midwesterner, and Anglophile She s the author of five books and currently lives with her husband in Memphis, Tennessee, though her heart is spread out among friends, family, and landscape in Illinois, Florida, and Yorkshire as well.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ What the Mouth Was Made For  Author Katherine Riegel – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Paperback
  • 86 pages
  • What the Mouth Was Made For
  • Katherine Riegel
  • English
  • 27 August 2019
  • 9781938853043

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