Fleeing Back

Fleeing Back FLEEING BACK Chronicles Travels Through The Mental And Geographical Landscapes Of The World And Of The Spirit The Poems Reveal The Sensual, Sometimes Dark, Sometimes Lush And Exotic Topography Of The Worlds The Poet Moves Through As She Embraces The Choice To Live Life Dangerously, Passionately And Fully, Rather Than According To The Expectations Of Family, Culture And Time Among Dusty Sand Filled Plains, Dirty Rivers, And Desiccated Towns Strewn With The Detritus Of War From Greece, Egypt, France, Italy, Bosnia, Thailand, Hong Kong, New Jersey And Pennsylvania In Living Rooms, Hospitals, Coffee Shops, Deserts, Army Camps And Trains The Familiar Is Revealed As Foreign Through The Flux Of Time And Experience The Result Is A Celebration Of Life In All Its Tragic, Regrettable, Beautiful, Transformative And Astonishing Moments We are the publisher, so all of our authors get five stars from us Excerpts CURSE FOR A MAN I TRAVELED WITH WHO LEFT ME ALONE IN CAIROMay you forget Egypt, the blue nightsand the rhythmic sound of a felucca slapping softly across the Nile,the temples to the gods lit like ceremonial fires across the shore.May you never again imagine the shape of a goddess.May you remember only the lipsof a camel drooling its refusalto bend down and let you climb on its backfor the last of the journey upMount Sinai And may you forgetthe density of the stars,the moistureless desert nightwrapped around you like a thick cotton veilwrapped around a Moslem woman s head,but remember onlythe trash and broken rocks of the monumentto where Moses stood once upon a time,and may you never, never rememberhow it felt to feel the breeze like a god sbreath whisperingacross your skinwhen the first rays of dawnstretched across the stone slabs, rock and sand of that desert s teethbeneath the mountain.OH WELLHe says we are being exploited.I say I would like, of course, to make money, but I like teaching.He likes to lecture, and the subway stepsgo down, but not all the way to the train.The walls are cold and moistand vibrate, like my body when thingsreach a certain level, like the screechingof train brakes in a subway tunnel when thehuge moving mass of metal and grimegrinds to a sudden stopbut the whole metal boxof people and glass shakes with resistance.The smell is nauseating herebut yes, I agree, I say,as we pass a woman wearing all of herlimited wardrobe with a bag of shoes next to her.She is crouched in a corner she adds to thesmell, and we keep walking.I like teaching, I say,but I m thinking about his shouldersand what if I could lay my head on one of them,how strong would it be, how would he hold me,but he is complaining aboutegotistical intellectuals, and the subway trainis here, and thenI am waving goodbye. I really enjoyed reading these poems in fact, I read through it twice The descriptions of the travel experiences were vivid and gave me a real feel for the various locales The thread of love having gone wrong which was evident throughout the poetry was poignant and something that I think most of us can relate to I m looking forward to from this author.

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  • Paperback
  • 84 pages
  • Fleeing Back
  • Pat Hanahoe-Dosch
  • English
  • 10 February 2017
  • 9781938853067

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