Masks of the Lost Kings

Masks of the Lost Kings Following The Sudden Disappearance Of Treasure Hunter Ben Sanders In Mexico, Beautiful Archaeologist Suzy Da Silva Is Snatched From The Cloistered Environs Of Oxford University And Thrust Into A Deadly Maelstrom Of Intrigue And Discovery Joining Forces With Astrophysicist Tom Brooking She Crosses Four Continents, To Unlock The Dark Secrets Of Tutankhamun S Tomb, The Holy Sepulchre And The Mysterious Mayan Temple Of Inscriptions To Reveal A Mysterious Truth Together They Risk Their Lives, Pursued By Martial Assassins And Renegade Special Forces, Fighting The Forces Of Evil To Discover Hidden Knowledge So Precious That It Has Lain Dormant For Over A Thousand Years

Tom Bane grew up in England He studied physical chemistry at University and went on to work in the energy industry before becoming a writer The son of an engineer and a school teacher, he has always had a fascination for the interplay between science and beliefs, and these themes provide the backdrop to his novels He had the idea for the Suzy da Silva series one day in 2008 whilst out walking w

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  • 14 April 2018

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    4.5 Stars from Between the BindFirst, I d like to say that this book is not a typical read for me I really wanted something new and challenging from an author that I d heard great things about and when Worthy Marketing Group contacted me I was thrilled to read MotLK.Now, on to the review The blurb does a great job of summarizing the book so I m going to skip that this time and really focus on the reasons why you should most definitely purchase a copy for your bookshelf.Suzy, our heroine, is a B.A I LOVE her intelligence, wit, humor, and even her back story I enjoyed all that she taught me about Egyptian culture and although some may find this book to be information overload, I never once felt lost or overwhelmed by the history In fact, I found it fascinating and written well enough to keep me interested page after page.If anything overwhelmed me, it was how much depth was in this novel There was so very much to uncover about our characters, what was happening, who it was happening to, who is connected it was absolutely a stunning plot filled with wonderous twists and turns.I have a love for Egyptian culture and although I wouldn t say that I m well versed in their practices, religion, or history in general, I would say that I have an above average understanding of their practices This really helped me get involved with Suzy s almost obsession with uncovering the past and learning about this culture.However, my missing half star came from the lack of romance between Suzy and Tom There was a tension missing and I really was just expecting there to be MORE I was a bit disappointed by the lack of personal relationship development.MotLK had me guessing until the end and then I guessed again to still be thrown for a loop I love the way Bane writes how much knowledge and research and just plain AMAZINGNESS went into this book astounds me THANK YOU for such an edge of your seat, intelligent, fun read I can t wait to see what Bane writes next

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    I really wanted to like this book I had high hopes that it would be in the tradition of Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series or even Indiana Jones But no It s a clunky, over written potboiler at best As far as I can tell, Bane did massive amounts of superficial research on a wide range of subjects including Egypt, the I Ching, and the solar system then dumped into ALL into this book, interspersing it occasionally with mysterious attacks on the heroine There s not a genuine human moment in the book.

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    I thought I d never get done with this book The characters were supposedly doing all this groundbreaking research, but they were really just running around asking about established theories concepts Then the big secret that must be kept from the world at all costs turns out to be this cumbersome theory about global warming Also it was repetitive, because the main characters explained their theories to over over to everyone else in the book I skimmed the last few chapters because I felt like I was rereading a lot of the information.

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    Had fun reading most of this book For some reason the author felt the need to intersperse the story with LONG scientific explanations of items mentioned in the book which should have been moved to an Appendix I skipped the slow parts.First paragraphsCHAPTER ONE They emerged from the black, dripping jungle night already bruised and drenched from the hot rain of the Tumbala Mountains Ben and Jos , his tribal guide, were making progress, but it didn t feel like it In every direction unbroken jungle spread out around them in spirals of verdant green, impeding their every move, slowing down every step as it clutched at their limbs, trying to trip them up and hold them back Something was following them in the trees above their heads Ben guessed it was monkeys disturbed by the flames of Jos s Cahune palm torch and made anxious by this intrusion into their nighttime privacy Mosquitoes patrolled in jerky circles, mounting regular painful attacks on their sweating skins All around, the buzz of cicadas crested and receded like tropical ocean waves, making it hard to listen for any sounds of impending danger Just like the heat, a sense of menace cloaked the ancient Mayan rain forest like a deadly veil The gods had been starved for over a thousand years Now they wanted a sacrifice They demanded blood The temptation to turn and run was almost overwhelming, but Ben knew he couldn t give up now This search for a sacred truth was his chosen quest If he could pull this off, his reputation as an archaeologist and astrophysicist would be assured He would win his place in the history books forever.Bane, Tom 2012 03 09 Masks of the Lost Kings Suzy da Silva Series Kindle Locations 100 111 Telemachus Press, LLC Kindle Edition.

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    Wowza, Tom Bane I loved this intriguing adventure The you read, the you are left guessing who s good, who s bad, who and what are involved as the plot thickens, and the pace runs you ragged Seriously awesome sciences that are solid in their research, cunning new ideas, and the stuff of conspiracy theories placed into facts to propel the story from Oxford to Egypt, to Israel, to Mexico, and the CIA Except for the main character, Suzy da Silva yay gutsy heroines , the cast of characters keep evolving, and you are kept guessing who is good who is evil, and who is running this entire show , if you will I was literally carrying my Kindle everywhere and telling everyone to please leave me alone I was totally engrossed in this exciting ride Praise for Tom Bane thank you,you talented devil you I loved this book Everyone should read this if you love mystery thrillers 5 stars but if I could score this one higher, I would Bravo looking forward to , much from this author

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    Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane is a fast paced action adventure that kept me on the edge of my sit waiting to see what would happen next Dealing with the belief religions of the past and archeological sites in Egypt, Israel, and Mexico it provided for a great adventure and tied in a lot of historical facts to give the story realism.I really enjoyed the characters and I was able to identify with them I could put myself into the story The lead character was very believable, not one of the superhero types you often find in this genre The storyline was easy to follow but kept me guessing what was going to happen next The author did an excellent job developing both the storyline and the characters.I highly recommend Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane for all ages.

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    Great read Love the history and the story plot Keeps you on the edge

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    Archaeo techno thriller So glad I didn t study archaeology It appears to be a very dangerous calling This adventure story has a complex plot but has rather too many characters whose dialogue resembles reading from an encyclopedia.

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    Cover Art I liked the cover The image of King Tut s burial mask attracted my attention immediately The pyramid and the Inca temple peaked my interest I would have omitted the woman running or changed the placement to a less prominent area of the cover It looked too much like the image used for Charlie s Angels for my taste The use of the columns and archway were a perfect frame for the art.Main Characters Suzy da Silva is strong, independent and intelligent She has all the right attributes of an interesting protagonist Readers will like her, but I think attention to her background story would have added the extra connection that seemed to be lacking While I liked her, I didn t feel invested in her story Just a little background into her family, especially her relationship with her Father would have helped me form a stronger connection to her character The author provides some information about her background, but I needed a little to feel invested in Suzy Suzy is truly one of a kind She has some unique skills that come in pretty handy through the course of the book She is definitely not the stereotypical archaeologist Tom Brooking is initially the rival researcher and eventually the love interest I enjoyed the way Tom is introduced to Suzy and the reader Tom seemed pompous and awkward in that first encounter As the story progresses and Tom appears to be following Suzy, Tom does become a bit likable However, I never felt that Tom s character ever fully evolved from Suzy s first encounter with him I needed to see Suzy revise her initial impression of Tom into someone she could care about For me, Tom seemed a little lacking in personality There were moments that I really liked Tom The romantic connection between Tom and Suzy seemed to be an afterthought Their relationship needed sexual tension and romance.Overall, these are minor criticisms Both characters are interesting and well written.Writing Style The author, Tom Bane writes with a relaxed style that is easy to read and flows well I loved the illustrations and pictures that Tom included within the text It helped the reader follow some complicated concepts that were a part of integral to the plot I found myself flipping back to the illustrations frequently as a reference The information in the author s note at the end of the book also included information that I found helpful and interesting Occasionally, I noticed a change in the writing style, which was a minor distraction See the first paragraph in Chapter 28 The flowery analogies don t compliment the plot and seem forced.Plot This is one of the most complicated plots I have read It is full of twists and turns I was never sure who the bad guys were The amount of research and information contained in this book is truly amazing Bane weaves popular archaeology and astronomy concepts into a wild ride that crosses continents At times, it did feel a little like a history lesson, but the information is a necessary part of the plot This book is best read in uninterrupted periods of time I tried to read it in shot increments and found that I needed to backtrack to understand parts of the plot.Fans of Indiana Jones, Dan Brown s Da Vinci Code, Mayan history, Egyptology and conspiracy theories will enjoy this book Thanks to the author for the copy of his book and in return I offer my unbiased review.

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    For my full review, visit my website at epic archeological adventure, Masks of the Lost Kings is a conspiracy story involving an Oxford University graduate student named Suzy da Silva Suzy is a bright and upcoming archeologist who is researching her thesis on the link between Christianity and the ancient Egyptian culture She is introduced to the Horus Corporation, the company funding her research, by Professor Piper When she arrives in Egypt she is emerged into an ancient mystery surrounding the ancient cultures of both Egypt and Mexico The mystery involves sacred numbers used by the Egyptians and the Mayans small clues left in their temples that could potentially unravel a truth about the Earth s future Along the way Suzy is given clues from an anonymous source about this secret truth, and with the help of astrophysicist Tom Brookings, is about to discover what has been hidden for thousands of years The only problem, some very important and influential people wish to keep this truth a secret now Suzy and Tom are not only trying to find the answers hidden in the past but they are also fighting to stay alive in the present I enjoyed reading this story because of my love for mythology and of ancient cultures these were the main factors that attracted me to the book, and they also became the reason I continued to read the book Although the story was interesting enough, I felt the characters lacked substance Yes, there was a background story to the main characters Suzy and Tom but for some reason they both didn t really grow on me I actually had of a connection with Professor Logan he seemed realistic in his actions and behavior That being said, the overall story was intriguing as the author kept the reader guessing There were a few times I thought I knew who was behind the attempts on Suzy s life only to doubt my sleuthing skills by some other circumstance that arose Same with the mystery I never really unraveled the clues until the very end when the author wanted you to unravel them To me, having the reader not really know the outcome until the end is a good sign that the story is complex enough to entertain and engage the reader throughout the entire book, not just the beginning.

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