Pursued (Treasured, #1-3)

Pursued (Treasured, #1-3) What Began As A Chance Encounter In A Museum For Daniel Hart And Rhys Daveth Blossomed, Sometimes Painfully, Into A Romance That Spanned Continents, Endured Secrets And Defied Danger The Pair Of Men Couldn T Be Different One A Scholar, Dedicated To Preserving The Past, And The Other A Shape Shifting Thief Bent On Stealing History For His Own Gain Their Road Together Was Never Easy, But In The End Love Proved Too Strong For Their Warring Inclinations To Conquer This Is Their Story This Collection Contains The Novellas, Treasured, Shadowed, Reclaimed

Cari Z is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine She has a wonderful relationship with her husband, a complex relationship with the characters in her head and a sadomasochistic relationship with her exercise routine She feels like Halloween should happen every month, which is why you get this picture of her, and hopes that you enjoy reading what she s put out there as much as she enjoyed w

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  • Pursued (Treasured, #1-3)
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  • 10 October 2019

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    Wow, what an adventure I m glad I read all three in one book because stopping at any point would have been frustrating Rhys Reese was not a likable character at first He came across like some kind of smooth, icky playboy even though he did have the smexing moves down And Daniel Danny , what a nice guy A normal, kind of geeky museum helper working on his doctorate I just picture him with glasses and perfectly pressed khakis Reese had his number from the start and didn t hesitate to use him At first I just loved how this story progressed with the thefts, the loving, the kidnapping, the crazy band of thievesit was sure an action packed read I enjoyed it much than I was expecting

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    This was good It started off in one direction, and then switched gears.This was broken into 3 parts Each part took a different direction.The first portion, I was hooked from the get go I didn t really like Rhys to much at that point He was to smooth, rich, and a little coincided But I did still like them as a couple You knew what the betrayal was going to be, and was braced for it, but it still sucked when it happened.The second portion Rhys was likable Here is were some of the action started.I enjoyed all 3 parts.

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    I started this book almost a MONTH ago, I don t know if I should even try and blame the book for the fact until yesterday I only read 14% of it. the rest I actually finished in one evening Truthfully I had ZERO time But one thing I can t deny. Both Daniel and Reese weren t my favorite characters Took me long enough for them to grow on me I guess The world Daniel Hart lives in contains magical abilities and though Daniel isn t a very talented spell caster he has found his calling working in preserving those beautiful and powerful magical artifacts in a way the public can enjoy them Daniel is an introvert scholar so nothing he has done in his past or who he is prepares him for his meeting with Rhys Daveth or as he calls him Reese Reese is a shapeshiter, his special abilities allows him and his team to steal the precious artifacts Daniel works so hard everyone would have the chance to enjoy But their mutual attraction somehow puts their different perspective aside, well, up until a decision has to be made. one only one of them has to make..This book was originally published in three parts Treasured , Shadowed, Reclaimed, The book itself doesn t have chapters, just these three rather equal parts of the story The first one basically tells how Daniel and Reece met and the beginning of their relationship, the second is about them forming a relationship and Daniel learning about Reese s past and current occupation though he knew enough when the first one ended and the last part is where they have to finally deal with their life differences or lose each other Truthfully, Daniel was boring Even his mother thought so This book being told only from his POV made it redundant at times and left me wishing for a fast forward button or maybe a bit from Reese s POV Yet I had my issues with Reese as well I didn t get him or his thinking, I didn t get his decision making especially in the third part The story does have a sweet and endearing ending and yet it still felt totally unrealistic No one changes THAT much and THAT fast It was an okay read I guess Some parts were great mostly the second Shadowed which had a lot of action in it , but others were too slow going Reese was a bit too cocky for my liking and Daniel too passive I got this book a LONG time ago and now it seems to be out of print Maybe it has to do with all the undercurrents in the publishing world. don t know..More Reviews HERE

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    Pursued is the collection of 3 novellas Treasured, Shadowed and Reclaimed I am not sure if rating each novella individually they would have all received 5 stars but, read all at once, the overall feeling I have is that Pursued is a 5 star read I really enjoyed this action adventure series that included some hot,smexy romance It was well written and definitely a page turner The plot was exciting and there was a crazy ass villain in the final story that made my skin crawl The main characters were well done I enjoyed the emotional connection between Danny and Rhys Resse very much Rhys was my favorite because what the heck is not to love about a freakin hot shape shifter with a British accent The paranormal element was very cool and I loved the HEA and resolution It seems this series is done but I would totally be up for reading about Danny and Rhys.

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    This book sucked me in from page one It was intriguing, hot, and really fun to read I am really glad I got to read it as one collection because waiting in between installments would have killed me The touches of magic were engaging and the whole theory of Rhys Reese was fascinating But the heat Whoa Especially view spoiler the phone sex with Reese and Danny feeling each other through their connection Yowza hide spoiler

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    3,5 StarsMy feelings about this book are really mixed This full story is composed of three short stories The first part let me annoyed by Daniel s behavior view spoiler he is supposed to take care of antiquities but he keeps a stolen amulet by his lover hide spoiler

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    I picked this book up as a recommendation for the Scavenger Hunt Challenge It s devided in three parts and I have to say that this aspect makes it very hard to rate the book The first two parts were terribly boring to me I didn t like the characters and the idea of doppelganger shifters Only the third part was ok, I liked the paranormal interaction between the characters That s why I m rating the book with 2 stars

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    4.5 starsA lovely read The first portion of the story Treasured didn t really paint Rhys is a very likable character sort of way for me I kind of hated him for using Danny Even so I hated that Danny allowed him to do so The other two parts helped change my mind about it though and in the end I really enjoyed the story The plots were intriguing and the story flowed really well.

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    Lovely readcould not put it down it just pulled me in and swallowed me whole

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    This was an interesting book Each of the first two books end on a uncertain note without anything really being accomplished This is really one book separated into parts that was originally sold as multiple pieces There were things that bothered me but usually they were rectified by later in the book There was great action, danger, peril, conflict, thrills and chills, etc., totally up my alley.TreasuredWaiters at five star restaurants don t carry pens or wear aprons They are expected to memorize and get everything perfect without writing it down, even special orders.I m a dumb American because I thought Rhys was pronounced like Reese Can someone give me some kind of phonetic spelling or explain it maybe No one is supposed to be on time to an exclusive gala museum opening of an exhibit A history scholar would not say B.C he would say B.C.E., Before the Common Era and A.D is now C.E , the Common Era It is impolite to point They ve done it at least twice in nice places I love that the narrator is ordinary Not pathetic, not with extremely low self esteem, not angsty, just an average guy who underestimates himself a bit I m pretty sure you can t handcuff someone to go for questioning Until they re charged with something or subpoenaed, it s voluntary, I think Maybe they can force you, but I don t think they can ruin your rep with cuffs I too would be mortified if I were arrested or even brought in for questioning First section is a little boring after a while Way too much sex even though it was pretty hot Dubious ethics Not fond of this crime and it doesn t fit the character to be okay with it Not sure why Danny forgave so easily, either ShadowedNot sure how why he told boss he was seeing Reese Not sure how that didn t result in getting Reese questioned or Danny getting questioned again as an accomplice To support the local economy, buy Japanese They re made here Most Anerican cars are made out of the country Actually, as far as I know, state schools at least have fabulous insurance and health plans usually The employees work for the state and get those bennies, at least where I ve worked and some other people I ve spoken with We also got holidays than most people because we got all of the legal ones off They ve spent the night together twice and if the last time didn t count because it was implied, not described then it wasn t last visit He s still using Danny s face This one is sweet Action, danger, peril Reese popped in on Danny in the last episode Why can t he do that now I must have read it wrong, although he would have had to go through a door without being heard.ReclaimedDanny was able to be in Reese s head before he had the amulet and that was reiterated last episode, so how could it be the amulet doing it Oh they explain it but I don t buy the explanation.Hot sex Torture nice.With a doctorate, it should be a cloth robe because he d be expected to wear it in academia, and he d have a stole I like that throughout this the police have been good guys and that Reese and co brought them in to help find view spoiler Danny hide spoiler

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