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Private BerlinPrivate Berlin Has The Extraordinary Pace And International Sophistication That Has Powered The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo And Patterson S Bestseller The Postcard Killers EUROPE S MOST DANGEROUS CITYChris Schneider Is A Superstar Agent At Private Berlin, Germany Headquarters For The World S Most Powerful Investigation Firm He Keeps His Methods Secret As He Tackles Private S Most High Profile Cases And When Chris Suddenly Disappears, He Becomes Private Berlin S Most Dangerous Investigation Yet INVESTIGATOR IS SEARCHINGMattie Engel Is Another Top Agent At Private Berlin, Gorgeous And Ruthlessly Determined And She S Also Chris S Ex Mattie Throws Herself Headfirst Into Finding Chris, Following Leads To The Three People Chris Was Investigating When He Vanished A Billionaire Suspected Of Cheating On His Wife, A Soccer Star Accused Of Throwing Games, And A Nightclub Owner With Ties To The Russian Mob Any One Of Them Would Surely Want Chris Gone And One Of Them Is Evil Enough To Want Him DeadD SHE S AFTER MORE THAN THE TRUTHMattie S Chase Takes Her Into Berlin S Most Guarded, Hidden, And Treacherous Places, Revealing Secrets From Chris S Past That She D Never Dreamed Of In The Time They Were Lovers On The Brink Of A Terrifying Discovery, Mattie Holds On To Her Belief In Chris In The Face Of A Horror That Could Force All Of Europe To The Edge Of Destruction And Chaos James Patterson Has Taken The European Thriller To A Masterful New Level WithPrivate Berlin, An Adrenaline Charged, Spectacularly Violent And Sexy Novel With Unforgettable Characters Of Dark And Complex Depths Private Berlin Proves Why Patterson Is Truly The World S Bestselling Author

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  • 06 April 2019

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    wow, another intense book by James Patterson Falk is a psycho I really hope nothing like this ever happened in real life, so horrific I did love the very end when Mattie was talking to Burkhart about when he told her to fight and that he loved her over the Bluetooth ear peice in the orphanage, it was really cute.

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    I have read all the books in this series and while I thought the story was ok it seemed to be a different style and not in sync with the other books Maybe its because Patterson uses so many co authors Two of the other Jack Morgan books were written with Maxine Paetro where this one was Mark Sullivan.Personally I do feel a little cheated with the mass production of James Patterson books with a team of writers as you are never quite sure how much comes from the man himself Maybe this is why I have steadily changed my opinion of him as I was a massive fan in the beginning.That said the story is good with lots of action.

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    On the whole, I enjoyed reading this rather dark, suspense tale I liked the heroine, Mattie, and liked the journey of her relationship with Burkhart.Where the story line lost it, for me, was the ending.SPOILER ALERT FOR THE ENDING The author used every worn out cliched twist in the ending First, the protagonist yawn goes after her young son Of course, they anticipated this but not well enough The boy, son of a woman in the protection business, got in the car with a man claiming his aunt was hurt and he would take the boy to him and his mother hard to believe The kid is nine and described as smart When it s finally realized the boy is missing, they go off to find the killer without backup Another yawn And, expectedly, Burkhart arranges to wait in the distance, and also no big surprise the killer anticipates it and shoots him.Although the results of all this is a rather satisfying ending, some of the above would have made me give up on the book had I not wanted to find out what happened to Burkhart and Mattie in the end.I d recommend reading this book, unless, like me, you read a lot of books in this genre in which case the ending might hit you the way it did me.

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    Patterson at his best Despite co writing the books with other authors he keeps his style I ve binge read it Dobar prevod, nemam zamerki

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    So glad this one was better than Private London which was a miss for me The characters and the plots in this books are so entertaining Complete redemption after Private London This is one of my favorites so far in the Private Series Hope for books in the Berlin office My quick and simple overall enjoyable characters and intriguing plots

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    In the newest Private readers are introduced to the team of investigators at another branch of the international agency This time, the team is from Germany, and they find themselves investigating the disappearance of one of their own, Chris Schneider His former girlfriend, Maddie Engel takes point on the investigation in the hopes of finding out what happened even as the local police seem quite reluctant to include her and her team as a part of the investigation.Jack Morgan, the owner of Private who makes cameos in all of the novels in the series, arrives in Berlin to help and finds that besides the disappearance of Chris, there is also the case of a Brazilian soccer player who may or may not be throwing games to affect gambling results The true interest lies with Maddie, though, who partners up with bomb specialist Burkhardt, whom she seems to think is quite dim and worth little besides his muscles Maddie finds her team being drawn deeper into a mystery of a serial murder who makes use of a slaughterhouse to dispose of the bodies, and the answers lie with the mysterious past of 6 young orphans who were shattered by the experiences that took their families decades earlier Maddie can only hope she can find the answers as victims pile up and the murderer, known as the Invisible Man, tries to finish his list of targets before he is captured.I really enjoyed this one At first, some of the writing came across as quite awkward and even unrealistic in the way some of the characters spoke and behave, but that seemed to smooth out as the story started to really develop Maddie is quite an interesting character and one of the few female detectives that seem to be a part of James Patterson s books She is strong, good at her job, and a caring mother to a young boy I would definitely be interested in books that centered around this branch of Private.

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    Patterson redeems himself in this PRIVATE installment While most others have been lugubrious and highly annoying, this one jumps off the page and keeps the reader wanting The story is nothing unusual, but the plot flows nicely and the characters are realistic A tri forked storyline converges just at the right moment to keep the reader guessing who might have murdered the fellow PRIVATE member, with time running out With a jam packed closing section, the reader WILL sacrifice a good night s sleep to finish this book Told from two angles a la Alex Cross series , the reader must piece together the story together as they flip from chapter to chapter With a great culmination, Patterson may have redeemed past PRIVATE flops with this, the second European PRIVATE story I have a love hate relationship with Patterson, as some will know from my past reviews Patterson super saturates the market with books and sells based on his name Should he stick to some of his successful ones Cross, WMC, Bennett , he would surely create quality over quantity and keep his readers happy That said, who am I to say how Patterson chooses to brand himself He is still rolling in the cash and making appearances to rooms full of fans I wonder, unless that violates some contract, if he would ever stitch together a series using two or of his protagonists in a spill over mystery I am sure they would sell well and really keep readers pulling his books off the shelf.Well done, Mr Patterson, for a positive blip on the PRIVATE radar I was sure I would not have such glowing reviews for this series, but you proved me wrong What s next on the PRIVATE scene

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    I received this book as a gift, and as such wasn t completely aware it was part of a series There s no real reference to being part of a series on the cover.The story is set in modern Germany, and involves events which took place in East Germany before reunification I thought with the contextual setting involving East Germany, the Stasi and a mysterious slaughterhouse with many secrets, that there was a lot of potential for a really great novel However, I can t help but feel it was squandered at the altar of fast profit these novels seem to be being churned out ever quickly I also couldn t help but note that despite being 431 pages it s a very quick read, then when you realise the font is large, double spaced with large margins it really isn t as large as it appears just padded.I was also disappointed with the lack of description as to what Private Berlin is Yes, one eventually draws the conclusion it s some form of private investigation company yet I m confused as to why they have corporate jets forensic labs A little introduction paragraph to cover off the non series readers wouldn t have gone astray.Overall, an average but entertaining read Doesn t excel, doesn t add anything to the genre, but it will fill your time in.

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    Being an avid James Patterson fan and having just read the last lines of this book I have to put my thoughts down quickly I have to say this is by far the BEST BEST book I ve read The historical information was incredible, gut wrenching and very informative, and has made me very curious about what actually went on when Berlin was divided and activities in East Berlin, actions of the German secret services, etc as horrific as they sound.So, for anyone who really wants to read a page turner full of suspense, twists and turns, this is it 5 stars all the way Loved it, loved it Didn t love all the cruelty portrayed therein, however that makes for a good thriller Well done, James Patterson, hope we get like this.

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