The Rarest Rose

The Rarest RoseI loved this book Great characters, interesting and nicely wrapped up plot, sweet tender romance and ghosts An excellent book that goes on my re read list I really like I Beacham s style of writing and I am looking forward to great stories from her. It was ok as a romance, I mean give me some broken characters that heal throughout the story, and I ll lap it up.For a ghost story, it was a bit too simplistic for me While at the beginning it was intrigueing, the solution was way too easy.All in all, a nice read. I was sorry to see The Rarest Rose come to an end as it is one of the sweetest and most riveting novels I have read in a while, with the bonus of having a genuinely challenging, spooky mystery I was mesmerized by I am ready to start another book by I Beacham, though I am disappointed to see there are just four books by her at least, for right now and I will have to purposely go slow with them that s how good she is Lovely story and well written book Though there is a ghost in this book and he frightens Ele, one of the main characters, there is really very little angst Though Ele and Kiernan are at first frightened by the appearance of the ghost, after a while they are excited about finding out about who he is and about the way to help him find peace Both Ele and Kiernan have a past that makes them reluctant to look for new love in their lives The ghost story is used to build a friendship between the main characters and build up the romance between them I enjoyed reading this book, it s a warm hearted romance story with a little ghost storyline 4 stars Beautiful Eleanor Teal Has Accepted The Tragedy In Her Life And Gradually Become Reclusive, Living Alone In Her Georgian Home In The Oxfordshire Cotswolds A Place She Once Shared With The Woman She Loved And Lost, And A Place Where She Feels Safe And Cocooned With Her Memories But Suddenly The House Doesn T Feel Safe Any Things Start To Happen There Things Distinctly Paranormal She Finds Her Life Being Haunted By The Presence Of A Ghost Who Is Desperately Trying To Tell Her SomethingHelp Comes To Eleanor In The Unexpected Form Of Kiernan Foyle, A Freelance Photographer With An Abundance Of Irish Charm And Wit But Who Hides A Secret That Makes Her Recoil From LoveBrought Together By The Haunting, They Soon Discover The Power Of True Love, But Are They Willing To Risk Loving Again Review previously posted at The Good the Bad and the UnreadI do love a good ghost story mixed in with my romance, and this gentle romance most definitely features a ghost, although the mystery remains for a long time over whether the spirit in question is malevolent or simply misunderstood.Eleanor Teal was a major star of British breakfast television, until the day ten years ago when she suddenly dropped out of the limelight Now she lives with her cat in a Georgian style former vicarage and paints pictures of wild birds Her first illustrated book is about to come out, and she s appeared in public opening a shopping mall, so the editor of a local glossy magazine sends photographer Kiernan Foyle round to get a photo story All very British We love our perky, early morning presenters and every county or major city seems to have its own style magazine that crops up in supermarkets with pictures of gala dinners and country shows on the cover and inside Like Hello, but with the added attraction that the readers are likely to bump into those featured while buying the magazine for themselves.Ele and Kiernan don t completely hit it off on first meeting, and then it all goes downhill when Keir has to call round and re take her shoot twice once because none of the images come out and then again because a mysterious man appears in every shot A man who definitely wasn t there when the photos were taken Ele initially accuses Kiernan of trying to con her, and then weird stuff starts happening including her cat rubbing up against the legs of someone neither of the women can see.Ele and Kiernan start to investigate former inhabitants of the house, and become closer to each other in the process cautiously because Ele s withdrawal from public life came as a result of her childhood sweetheart s illness and then death, and because Kiernan s previous lovers have all left her but even once they figure out who the man is, they can t understand what he s trying to tell them It has something to do with the alterations Ele has made to her property and the building contractor s wife seems to have fallen ill around the same time but what I did like the fact that the women investigated each obvious conclusion at around the time I thought of it, and that when the answer finally came to them it was something that seemed so mundane until you knew the whole story that anyone could have overlooked the same possibility.A few little niggles for me with this one, all relating to cars Because I m a car geek, I found it hard to accept that a Land Rover would have a squeaking door due to age after only eight years And an MGB should not be described as a veteran, when the term has a very specific meaning to classic car enthusiasts, nor would its temperature gauge tell Kiernan that the roads were likely to be icy unless she d been to Halfords and fitted a gizmo herself Those niggles kind of distracted me from a big dramatic car moment at one point as I tried to remember which way my MGB used to skid on ice and whether that fitted what the book was describing If it hadn t been for the niggles I d have just gone with the drama.Car niggles aside, this one started a little slowly, but then I was gripped with a need to know what the ghost wanted and whether our heroines were ever going to come to their senses and trust each other s feelings Some lovely similes in the descriptive passages too. This is a well written ghost story, mystery than horror but a few chills A romance develops naturally and slowly as a part of the story not just to have the woman hook up A wonderful way to spend my day off reading a ghost story under covers. Pleasantly English.

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  • The Rarest Rose
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  • 22 August 2018
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