Secrets and Shadows

Secrets and Shadows3 STARS.I considered giving it 4 stars but Toby s decisions were such a turnoff I had to give it the rating I did A quick read Lee was a great character She is ex military who returned home from the war, too injured to continue both physically and mentally with PTSD Some reviewers didn t like Jolene I can understand but she didn t bother me as much as her twin, Toby Jo was just starting to separate herself her rock star twin She had been living under Toby s shadow since they were young Toby s stalker throws a wrench into her plans But as a consequence, she meets Lee who was hired as her bodyguard. How does a nearly internally defeated ex soldier on the brink of self annihilation take on a demanding job guarding a prickly twin Personal feelings with a highly volatile sexual component creep in and make it damn hard to function when functioning is needed since it underscores her job definition Additionally, the prickly twin is bowled over with rapidly escalating passionate feelings after wishing her bodyguard would simply evaporate Ain t life grand Lee Winters is a US Army staff sergeant whose injuries forced her retirement and kept her from being the first female elite ranger She is a phantom of her former self and potentially on the edge of losing the battle to live Life intervenes and with it comes an unexpected wrinkle in the form of a heated and growing passion for the person Lee is supposed to protect as a bodyguard Lee is torn in multiple directions, but she will protect Jo with her life, especially from her dark side Jolene West is the identical twin of the lead singer for the internationally famous group called Total Femme There is a really ugly pesky stalker whose actions are escalating super rapidly over his total preoccupation with Jolene s twin sister, lead singer Tory The dynamics linking twins is very tricky where their near psychic connection can turn the tide of their affections completely topsy turvy Jo is not pleased with having a personal bodyguard assigned to her because of the pesky stalker situation, but she does shift from prickly to sexually titillated to even intense emotions I loved riding the ups and downs of this relationship that was forced to develop within a pressure cooker This story and the internal relationship between Lee and Jo was quite fascinating and enjoyable as it bounced back and forth, up and down, and in and out of danger The stalker person was one scary dude with hidden secrets that surprised the adorable sergeant and me I have a soft spot for military folks active or retired Unless these women and men give you the willies, this story is a worthwhile read NOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. I liked this story but I think it was too predictable even in the land of romance which is kind of predictable by default. Good description of PTSD one of the few books where the obstacle to them being together was actually legitimate and made sense Too bad it was one of those stories where the main characters could be straight without changing anything other than the pronouns A quick easy read A little suspense, a little drama, and a sweet love story. The character of Jolene really pulled me out of this book I found it impossible to see what Lee saw in the woman most of her actions were either immature, stupid, careless or rude Unfortunately, this seems to be the case in most bodyguard client romances it would be good to read one where the tension doesn t come from the client s stupidity.The action was nice, but the romance was unbelievable to me After most of her actions in the book, I wouldn t touch Jo with a ten foot pole, let alone date her. Retired Army Staff Sergeant Lee Winters Is Trying Hard To Adjust To Civilian Life She Was Released From Duty After A Bomb In Ramadi Injured Her And Killed Her Troops, The Only People She Ever Considered Her Family Living Day To Day With The Knowledge That She Was The Only One Left Alive, She Hits Rock Bottom, And An Old Army Buddy Persuades Her Into Taking A Bodyguard JobJolene West Is Injured In An Attack Meant To Get Her Famous Sister S Attention She Resents Her Sister Tory S Life And Plans To Move Away Once She S Healed In The Meantime, Tory Has Hired A Bodyguard To Protect Jolene From Further Attacks, Which Is Just One Thing She Resents What She Hadn T Planned On Was An Undeniable Attraction To The Woman Protecting Her BodyBoth Women Will Try To Fight Their Growing Attraction For Each Other Until One Of Them Gives In Or DiesGenre Lesbian Romance 3.5So, I usually stay away from books that have to do with psychological trauma of any kind I like my fluff and stuff to distract me I surprised myself by actually reading this.With that being said, I ll jump right in.The romance was ok Come on tall, dark and handsome is every woman s fantasy I don t know if it s encoded into our DNA or what, but it s true At least I know it could be my kryptonite if I bumped into the right one Needless to say, it was lust at first sight Nothing new.The villain, was truly a villain Perhaps I ve been watching way too many DC productions superheros , but it s true I don t make light of his instability though, and he honestly was a great villain I didn t expect so much information on obsession and someone unhinged I was impressed because not a lot of books have such detail You have a hero, you have a villain, and that s about it.I liked the realistic information it provided alongside the story The action was nice, and it was a nice read Wish the romance felt deeper, or real Just felt like something was missing in regards to their romantic connection view spoiler The characters didn t grow, or really improve themselves.Reading romance novels might make me a romantic, but I don t believe love can fix everything The ending made it seem like that was the case, and that bothered me a little A good support system is important throughout one s life, but it won t cure you of your ailments, except perhaps loneliness.If someone expresses fear about hurting you, after they ve woken up with their fist in a wall, I would expect it to be taken much seriously She went from committing suicide to being in love and having purpose.Love doesn t conquer all, and inner demons don t just disappear.Jo didn t grow either She wanted independence so badly, and yet she didn t gain any of that even to the end She wanted her life back, but all that was solved was the end to a man unhinged hide spoiler I listened to the first hour of this but it didn t grab me, and the other reviews said that it was not unlike a het romance.I honestly wouldn t have started listening to this if I had read the description ahead of time bodyguard romances aren t my thing but I thought this was a f f vampire romance I had wanted to read Given the title and the cover, you can see why I thought that, right The narrator was decent and I had high hopes until the secret that Jo Jolene had was not that of a vampiric nature, but that she was a lesbian I was done at that point not because it was a bad story, but because it s not a trope I like, and I didn t really connect with the characters, and because it had no genre sf fantasy historical elements to it.Note I don t rate books that I stop reading because it s a mismatch between reader and author, as I don t feel it s fair to the book. Secrets Shadows is a good suspense novel that doesn t cross the line into being overly dramatic I enjoyed the character Lee Winters She comes with serious baggage, but still manages to be a good bodyguard Jolene s reticence toward having a shadow is understandable and believable, but her sister, Tory, who actually hired Lee, doesn t want to listen to Lee s advice on keeping Jo safe To me, that doesn t make sense, and Tory is obviously an idiot The action in the book is well paced, and the bad guy isn t super obvious only a little obvious I would read by this author.The narrator did a good job of differentiating character tones.

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➭ [Ebook] ➨ Secrets and Shadows By L.T. Marie ➹ –
  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Secrets and Shadows
  • L.T. Marie
  • English
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9781602828803

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