Code of Honor (Honor, #8)

Code of Honor (Honor, #8) The Face Of Terror Is Hard To Recognize Especially When It S HomegrownBlair Powell Is Set To Join Her Father On The Campaign Trail Even Though A Domestic Terrorist Group Has Already Launched One Attack On President Andrew Powell S Life The Orchestrators Of The Assassination Attempt Are Still At Large, And Andrew S Opponent Is A Popular Ultra Conservative With Questionable Ties To The Radical Right Blair S Wife, DHS Deputy Director Cameron Roberts Has Been Charged With The Task Of Tracking Down Those Responsible For The Attack, While Secretly Searching For Proof That A Powerful Senator Is Involved In Treason Cam Has An Ace In The Hole No One Knows About, However An Agent Deep Undercover In The Stronghold Of A Radical Militia Group, FBI SA Loren McElroy Cam S Biggest Challenge Is Running The Terrorists To Ground Without Getting McElroy And Her Renegade Handler, Skylar Dunbar, Killed In The Cross FireThe Honor Series

Radclyffe has written over forty five romance and romantic intrigue novels, dozens of short stories, and, writing as L.L Raand, has authored a paranormal romance series, The Midnight Hunters She has also edited Best Lesbian Romance 2009 through 2015 as well as multiple other anthologies She is an eight time Lambda Literary Award finalist in romance, mystery, and erotica winning in both romance

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  • 03 November 2019
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    I ve always loved the honor series and reading the end of the book, looks like there s going to be a next installment Can t be thrilled about it.I ve liked the arrangement of this novel it wasn t drowning with Blair being in danger and Cam trying to put her under a shell There s been maturity in this one, and reality as well, on how Blair and Cam lives together happily married and how danger, when it happens can just happens on anybody The story line of the bikers group, Loren and Sky woven in neatly and it s very well balanced, so you don t feel you are reading the same characters and same story lines over and over again Must admit that I m now a bit tempted to take couple days off and re read the entire series again.My only complaint though is having too little of Valerie I just loved her as a character since the first book She s such an enigma, and I would really love to see of her.

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    This is an action packed adventure with great new characters It did take me a little while to become familiar with all the threads, but in the end it was rewarding Make sure to plan to continue with book 9 right away There is no cliff hanger, but there are some very large unresolved plot threads.

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    I have just completed the entire Honor Series collection I started with the ninth volume, which unquestionably whetted my appetite and I may just choose to revisit it since book eight provided some tantalizing foundation information To date, this is unquestionably the most impressive, involving, and inimitable potpourri of stories I have read With both extraordinary characters and phenomenally intricate plot assemblages, the journey from beginning to my current ending is simply incomparable I do recommend, if possible, that you read the entire group in order, however, I am confident having read everything so far, each story is a treasure in and of itself Phantasmagorical Indisputably and once again, Cameron Roberts and Blair Powell are simply a nonpareil couple Cameron currently leads a special task force under the rubric of Homeland Security She is a paragon within her work scenario and possibly a pinnacle as Blair s lover Being human, she has flaws and she has enemies, but from my perspective she is the finest and most complete woman I have ever known I love her unconditionally, which is a tad easier to actually do since she is such an artfully embellished fictional character On the other hand, Blair is a total delight being unpredictable and at times passionately explosive Nevertheless, she is an accomplished and successful artist with kaleidoscopic talents plus emotions supported by her highly volatile feelings and beliefs Blair is also the daughter and only child of the president of the United States Oh, by the way, both these women are stunningly beautiful as well as consummate professionals I need to hope there will be many additional books in this series so I will not tumble into an indefinite period of mourning Respectfully requesting Skylar Dunbar, generally called Sky, has taken an undercover name of Lisa Smith Loren McElroy is the highly complementary other member of the second couple in this book Sky and Loren are affiliated with the FBI So a bit of inter agency folderol gets into the mix in book eight since Cam is with the Secret Services Also, Sky is Loren s handler They generally communicate via phone on a regular basis, although not regular enough from Sky s viewpoint However, something large and urgent comes up on the scene requiring Sky to go undercover within Loren s territory Sky presents herself within Loren s world as a super sexy gal who noticeably and actually prefers lady partners She is also, apparently, an accountant sent by Jerome, international president of the Renegadesthe name of Loren s biker crew So Sky cuddles up to Loren early on before she completely convinces Loren that she actually is her handler on an undercover assignment The group Loren is attached to is a biker pack also called the Bitterroot Renegades in the woodland wilds of Idaho where she has worked her way in as a proficient grease monkey plus a very accomplished procurer of goods under the radar that the gang can sell for a handsome profit After two and half years, Loren now appears to be fourth in command and considered a voting member The eventual major confrontation involving Loren s clan is truly a nail bitingly exciting tug of war par excellence Wow This is a spectacular and marvelously constructed thriller involving long term characters from the series and wild and wooly right wing paramilitary groups I could not put it down Ergo, I totally recommend this for the action, the sexual heat, and the mind boggling peek into the world of radicalized Americans, plus the staggeringly grand conclusion Electrifyingly exhilarating NOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Love the series, have grown to love the reoccurring characters, and usually can count on the sizzle in every book Radcliffe writes It is a new experience for me to like the plot than the love arcs The lesbian myth that the second date includes a moving truck, is just that, a myth I usually suspend disbelief in all my romance novels when it comes to the speed with which our protagonists fall in love, and tend to overlook the idiotic way the authors mix love with lust, but it was too much to believe that this tough biker chick, a soldier and an FBI agent, after 2 days in the company of a hot redhead looses control and declares herself madly, passionately, irrevocably in love for ever I did not buy it It was rushed, forced, and I think of all the books I have read by this author, the biggest miss The rest of it was pretty good Blaire and Cam are still growing in their relationship, I love what is happening with the prez and Lucinda, and am fascinated with the sisters evil Let us hope next one is better

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    Adore the Cam and Blair moments as always, but there was just so little of Diane and Valerie The new characters were okay but they are not as compelling compared to the beloved existing cast Please have of Diane and Valerie in the next book Even Tanner had her own book

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    It s been a while since I read any of Rad s books, and this one was a really pleasant surprise I really enjoyed reading it

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    The Honor series is awesome The main characters keep me interested and the new characters keep me engaged The page time of Cameron and Blair is soooo good as they continue to work through the challenges of being together The introduction of two intriguing characters was sweet and captivating and in my opinion that is a good thing There is so much to like about each one Loren McElroy is distant yet maybe interested Skylar Dunbar is tough yet maybe interested I hope to read about these two as the series continues.

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    This felt like a follow up to Oath of Honor than as a follow up to the main series, and I struggled with that for the first half of the book I was surprised to barely see Paula, Diane and Valerie and to never see Renee, Felicia or Mac The book was also as much Loren and Sky s as it was Blair and Cam s, unlike the other books in the series where new romantic pairings are secondary So while Oath of Honor is billed as a stand alone, it s required reading for Code of Honor so that you at least know who a bunch of the characters are and why we re not reading about the team like in the rest of the series.None of that is intended to be a knock it s still a great book It s fun to read to about the motorcycle club, and because it s a Radclyffe book, there s a beautifully written, sexy romance There s also a lot being set up that I m looking forward to seeing resolved in future books I just recommend making sure you read Oath of Honor first.

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    Ano0ther excellent chapter for the Honor series It has everything from action, romance, love, friendship.Radclyffe has a real talent of keeping you interested and focused She also drags in other characters from previous books That way you start to care about them.I really enjoyed this series and hoping there will be Enjoy

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    More action centered less relationship focused Sometimes the devil is the only option, but best to leave it to those of us who have already sold their souls Sky had touched her where no one else had ever dared to reach, and now she couldn t seal the wounds The only thing that had changed was her Oh, she still believed, she still burned with the need to carry out her duty, but she bled now in places she never had before She d told herself she didn t need to be known for so long, didn t need to be touched by anyone who truly saw her, that she d come to believe it She d believed her mission, her objective, her duty, was enough to satisfy And without truly believing she was capable of it, Loren had fallen in love For the first time in her life, something mattered than the mission I love you No matter where you are, no matter where I am, I will always find you An intriguing series continues with another good, entertaining story with interesting characters, taught attraction captivating action mystery all extremely well written The entire book has you saying What s gonna happen next Wonderfully written, wonderfully developed, wonderfully told, wonderfully enjoyed.PS We should all get into Cam Blair s inner circle cause EVERY character that get close to them ends up finding their Forever Love except for the dead ones but that s only the single folks so the odds are WAYYY worth it

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