Open House (Cove Castle Comedy, Book 1)

Open House (Cove Castle Comedy, Book 1) Open House Is The First Of A Series Of Cove Castle ComediesCove Castle Is A Decaying Stately Home, Run By The Eccentric Marquess Of Cove, Who Is Broke Serious Revenue Is Needed, So, Reluctantly, He Lowers The Drawbridge To The Great Unwashed But Does Everything Go To Plan Actually, Very Little Goes To Plan Activists Occupy Cove Woods, A Dog Show Ends In Disaster, Drugs Are Discovered, A Bomb Explodes And A Film Crew Sues Even Worse, An Assassin Stalks One Of The Family, The Marquess Buys A Thai Bride, Ghosts Go On The Rampage And A Smuggler Sails Into Stormy Seas A Hilarious Farce With A Strong Cast Of Characters, Some You Will Love, Some You Will HatePreliminary Reviews Has The Feel Of A Modern Tom Sharpe Laugh Out Loud Funny Gary Smailes, BubbleCow Lots Of Talent, A Lovely Easy To Read Writing Style, A Very Good Story Lorraine Mace, The Writers Bureau

As a self published artist who quickly learned the effort required to sell Indie books, Charlie founded and successfully runs Indietribe, a portal that waves the flag for independent authors and their books.He recognizes that the wonderful self published book industry to which we all belong has certainly grown apace in the last decade and now boasts over a million self published authors and who kn

❴Reading❵ ➿ Open House (Cove Castle Comedy, Book 1)  Author Charlie Bray –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 209 pages
  • Open House (Cove Castle Comedy, Book 1)
  • Charlie Bray
  • English
  • 23 June 2018

10 thoughts on “Open House (Cove Castle Comedy, Book 1)

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    So near yet so far This book claimed to be in the Tom Sharpe mould but, sadly, it wasn t It started out well but , as the story unfolded, my attention waned By the end I couldn t have cared less about Cove Castle and it s gang of misfit inhabitants.

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    What a coveQuite an enjoyable read, the story entertaining characters plausible but I think it could be a bit longer to set the story as I feel there is going to be a sequel

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    Open House by Charlie Bray is the first in his Cove Castle Comedy Series and it is off to a promising start An aristocratic family runs into financial difficulties and has to open their house to the public, at least for certain people and projects, such as a hunting party, a film crew and ghost tourists.Charlie Bray portrays the British class system and its difficulties to stay intact in modern society extremely well The family concerned struggle in hilarious situations with the outside real world and with the decay of the conservative values amongst their own ranks Catalogue brides, tree hugging activists outside their premises and rebellious family members provide an excellent mix of adventures for the reader and the author tells it with great wit and talent A must read for any fan of the genre and anyone in need of a good laugh.

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    There were times when I was going to stop reading this book However, there was no defining moment that made me to do so I generally like humorous books and it is difficult to put my finger on why I didn t enjoy this one Generally I am up for a domino effect of funny circumstances that reach a clever, absurd, even preposterous climax But was it because there were so many of these that they lost their impact I also felt that each character was trying to be bizarre than the next I thought was too much I m sorry because the basic plot had good potential.

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    This was a fantastic and easy to read book, which flew by reading it on my Kindle I found the description particularly strong and could easily picture the castle and all its quirky and entertaining characters within Great value for money as well at only 77p If you re looking for something to entertain you, as in seriously make you laugh, with a breadth of great characters then check out this book by Charlie

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