ForgivingIt is heart warming, funny, and endearing with a dash of darkness as life is not always fun After the death of her newspaperman father in St Louis, Sarah Merritt went to Deadwood, Dakota determined to find her runaway younger sister Adelaide, who went missing 5 years ago and also to put up Deadwood s first newspaper She thought that her sister, was an upstairs maid employed by a Mrs Rose Hossiter Well, Adelaide no longer answers to that name, she is now called Eve and she works as an upstairs girl the town s moniker for a saloon girl at Rose s brothel owners like Rose are called landladies their side of the American Frontier so Noah Campbell informed Sarah as she herself was propositioned by no less than Sheriff Campbell upon finding her in front of Rose s saloon Very good reading for those who love the lighter side of life in the American Frontier when the West was almost tamed. LaVyrle Spencer is one of my favorite authors just for the reason of the topic that she picks.Love stories of people who you would not think were suited for each other This one is a western taking place in Deadwood during the gold strike The two main characters are the Marshall of the town and a woman who comes to town to start a newspaper and clean up the town in her own way You know I am a sucker for a good western.others reading it might not give it a 4 star rating. La Giovane Sarah Arriva In Una Cittadina Del Dakota Decisa A Fondarvi Un Giornale, Ma Anche A Rintracciare La Sorella Addie, Che Lavora L , Per Annunciarle La Morte Del Padre Due Grosse Delusioni Tuttavia L Attendono Addie Ha Infatti Abbandonato Da Tempo La Retta Via, Diventando Una Donnina Allegra , E La Comunit Ostile Al Suo Progetto, A Cominciare Dal Seducente Quanto Implacabile Sceriffo Noah Campbell Inizia Cos Una Guerra Tra Due Personalit Forti E Determinate, Ma, Com Noto, Spesso L Odio Solo L Altra Faccia Dell A Mixed feeling about this one The setting is 1876 South Dakota, the mining town of Deadwood You can tell the author did a lot of research about the historical town and events surrounded it The reader gets a very good sense of place and time period through many factoids sprinkled throughout the story The sprinkle was like pouring in some places and was dragging the story a bit There were two love stories in the book The first one future a strong and independent business woman Sarah who came to Deadwood to find her sister and to start a printing business and the non nonsense town s sheriff The two of them met in less than ideal circumstances, disliked each other right away but reluctantly came to respect and love each other The second love story was about Sarah s younger sister Addie who worked as the upstairs girl aka prostitute and the man who saved her The second story was very dark, disturbing and realistic but resolution seemed to happen too fast and too good to be true There was also strange omission about the sisters mother who left them when they were very young and ran away with her lover There was no further mentioning about this traumatic event except in a passing sentence Overall a good story from a master storyteller but one time read for me. I thought that LaVyrle Spencer had stopped writing When I finished the book I checked the copyright and it was 1991, so I don t know if this happens to be one of the books I missed or what It touches on a serious topic and I liked the way she handled it. I loved this book so much I could almost cry over it.wonderful dialogue, plot, background.another classic from Ms Spencer.If only every book at Barnes and Nobles was as captivating as this one. I have not found a LaVyrle Spencer book, yet that is not beautifully written, she just has a gift The story in Forgiving , however, is a little slow going Wonderful, interesting characters, just not too much going on for the better part of the book. I first read Forgiving twenty five years ago and am glad I was in the mood to reread it at this time LaVyrle Spencer wrote deeply moving stories, of which this was an excellent example Lovely This was a reread after some years, but I really enjoyed the book again and, surprisingly, it has hardly dated First published in 1992 In the last couple of years I ve read or reread a few HRs from the 90s and found some of them to be overly melodramatic and or too chaste and tame But this book is still fresh and very readable in 2017.Although it s a Western HR, it s not a cowboy type book, and there is very little mention of Native Americans Instead, this book is set in the frontier goldrush town of Deadwood, South Dakota, and focusses on a small group of characters who have come to this rowdy, very new town for a variety of reasons Sarah Merritt, daughter of a deceased newspaperman, has come with a plan to start the town s first newspaper, and she brings her news press and equipment with her Sarah is also drawn to the town because her only sister Addie, whom she hasn t seen for about five years, is already living there, as a domestic maid or so Sarah thinks Noah Campbell has recently been appointed as Deadwood s marshall His parents and brother are farmers in the nearby Spearfish Valley, but Noah isn t drawn to the farming life and has gravitated towards life in town It s a rowdy and rambunctious place, but Noah seems to be dealing with his job pretty well.There is also a superbly drawn cast of secondary characters, with varied backgrounds, personalities, and physical types, all with their own reasons for living in this raw place mostly men chasing gold Spencer does a fantastic job of sympathetically, but realistically portraying her characters and their rough and tumble town You can almost taste what it must have been like there Sarah and Noah meet right at the start of the book, and instantly there is conflict and aggravation between them due to the awkward circumstances of their first meeting Things go from bad to worse, and they annoy the heck out of each other So, the familiar enemies to lovers trope But it s done beautifully The book has a slow, even pace, and the gradual development of love between Noah and Sarah grows naturally So, another familiar trope or style the slow burn But again, done beautifully.The other major aspect of this book is darker territory it deals with sexual abuse and prostitution Because Addie is not a housemaid she s kept it well hidden from Sarah, but Addie is actually a prostitute in Deadwood And she never dreamed that her sister would actually come to Deadwood and find out So, alongside the ups and downs of Sarah and Noah s growing love, there is the story of Addie The fallen woman Can she ever leave her past behind Can the good townspeople forgive and forget her past Can Addie ever forgive herself This aspect of the book is handled sensitively and quite movingly Kudos to Ms Spencer for dealing so well with this taboo topic, especially considering the book was published in 1992.There were two scenes in this book that literally made me cry doesn t happen very often when I m reading Both of them involved Christmas night Maybe I m just a sucker for Christmas But some sections of the book touch on deeply felt emotions You can really imagine what it must have been like to live in such a place in 1876, many of them far from family and loved ones, and missing them deeply.So, if you haven t read any LaVyrle Spencer, and are thinking maybe she s a bit too old school , think again Or, if, like me, you read her books years ago, don t be afraid to jump in for a reread This is a lovely book. Forgiving takes you through about every emotion possible You go from aww how sweet to why in the heck did he do that , not to forget the Dang it I hate this book, yet love it at the same time Forgiving is about a young, middle aged woman who has come to a new town, to inform a sister she hasn t seen in years that her father has died Not only is she excited to see her sister, but she also plans to open up a printing press there as well Unfortunately, her sister doesn t share her feelings, and infact wants her to leave town immediately Also, when she tries to establish herself in town with her printing press, the new sheriff makes it a rough start What is it that has turned her sister so nasty and why is this new shariff so persistent in putting her where he thinks she belongs

LaVyrle Spencer is an American best selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels She has successfully published a number of books, with several of them made into movies Twelve of her books have been New York Times bestsellers, and Spencer was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1988 Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focu

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