This is Yours (Alejo and Bobby, # 1.5)

This is Yours (Alejo and Bobby, # 1.5) Cute short story from Alejo s POV Nice to hear his thoughts about Bobby when they were younger. Almost, but not quite 4 stars.Alejo s love letter to Bobby a memory of the time their friendship changed into somethingand the night when they were treated like men for the first time during the fight between Roberto Dur n and Sugar Ray Leonard Once again, Val beautifully captures the time and place and some very touching emotional moments I m not very fond of this kind of narration, but I enjoyed the story nonetheless. I read this short story as an appendix to Reach for the Moon, which I received for free in exchange for an honest review It is also available as a free download to all readers on Goodreads at the time this review is being written.It is a fun story to read, particularly as a follow up to the original series The author states that it could be read as a stand alone story, but I have a hard time seeing that, as it contains little character development Knowing the characters as I did, based on previous reading, made this short story an enjoyable glimpse into what was an enjoyably memorable day in Alejo and Bobby s lives.They are young, only fourteen, and full of the mischievous spirit, slightly raunchy sense of humor, and secret yearning to be viewed as grown men, that is typically found in boys of that age.The get the chance to watch one of the most famous fights in boxing history, the legendary pairing of Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Dur n II, also known as the No M s Fight.The story begins as a love letter in celebration of the adult character s anniversary but transitions into an narrative story line from Alejo s memories of that day.It delightfully describes the excited bloom of first love and sexual attraction the boys are experiencing, as their relationship recently developed beyond friendship.It also offers a glimpse into the culture of the time a room full of men who are husbands, fathers and community leaders Men the boys would have been encouraged to emulate and taught to respect For once, they are being treated as men, not boys, and the sense of family and community is strong.The descriptions of the fight that are interspersed throughout the story are exciting and well written A true showcase for Kovalin s highly descriptive writing style.A wonderful addition to the series This is a lighthearted and highly enjoyable short story that I would recommend to any fan of Alejo and Bobby s story. 2.5 starsWhen I rate a story, it always comes back to the core question do I like it While this story is a nice appetizer for the upcoming full length novel, my answer to that question would be not so much My reason comes from my dislike over the writing style or how the story is structured First of all, the story is written from Alejo s perspective as if he s talking or writing the story for Bobby So the story comes like this Bobby, you and I looked at each other We were being promoted to temporary manhood for that one night Isidro s voice cracked as he asked my sister for a Dos Equis, and he blushed With a sympathetic smile, Christina handed one over She didn t make fun of him, as Graciela might have I took a Tecate because I liked the name You chose a Tecate, too..Some people don t like first person POV Some people don t like present tense This style makes me feel detached, like I m not invited to be part of their life I don t like feeling like I m being excluded from the story Secondly, the story starts with In 1980, my parents Mexican restaurant became very successful so I m set with the 1980 as a timeline Then in the middle, there s the flashback that starts with Bobby, you remember when we first met It was 1972 in the cloister at Our Lady of Sorrows after Easter Mass, and we were six years old. right in the middle of description of the fight night I am usually okay with flashback, but at the time I m reading this, I m probably not in the mood I find it distracting I read another story with flashback in the middle prior to this story, and also found it distracting So the back and forth time switch is not favorable this time though I remember I like it alright in the first book.It s just personal things, as always the case with being a reader I m sure there will be others who will like itso than I I am still waiting for the upcoming novel, though Especially since it has road trip I read this after reading Reach for the Moon and enjoyed it Let me hang onto the boys story just that much longer It is written as a letter to Bobby from Alejo and gives a detailed look into one evening when they are 14 as well as some subtle hints to their future in this timeline There is quite a bit about a boxing match in it, though, which did not do much for me not a boxing fan. This whole short story is a beautiful love letter from Alejo to Bobby Even at 14 years old you could feel the love between the two of them and know that they were meant to be together. This was included as a bonus with a sweet treat, but the back and forth plot was a bit annoying i enjoyed it in the first book but not again also i didn t enjoy the description about the boxing fight You got the most amazing look on your face amazing and amazed Your eyes widened in vivid excitement and your pupils expanded The gold starburst edging each pupil brightened like a sunrise in the rich brown of your irises Your full lips parted, and I could almost taste the cinnamon on your breath from the flavored toothpicks you liked to chew You grabbed my hips to steady me I d sat on your lap because I didn t know what to say to get through to you Wonderful mood booster I have to admit the boxing match wasn t totally my thing but I enjoyed to read about Alejo and Bobby and how they found their love Now I ve got oneBobby and Alejo story left Thank you. Alejandro Sandoval Roberto Gallegos Love Forever Alejo Looks Back To One Night In June , When He And Bobby Were Fourteen Years Old Only Days Before, They Realized Their Attraction To Each Other But Now, Alejo S Dad Has Invited Over His Buddies To Watch The Most Anticipated Boxing Match Of The Year Anything Could Happen During The Fight And Anything Could Happen To Alejo And Bobby As They Struggle To Keep Their Newfound Love Secret While Soaking Up The Macho Atmosphere Of Mr Sandoval S Fight Night It Is A Night Of Love And Revelations For Alejo And BobbyEE Short Story, Sex Scenes None, , Words Of Story, Not Counting Additional Text Such As Excerpts And Blurb Download A PDF On Goodreads Here

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