Tricks Dante (Scarcity Sanctuary, #5)

Tricks Dante (Scarcity Sanctuary, #5) Trick S Settling In At Scarcity New Life, New Love, New Kid To Save Huh All Trick Davis Needs Are Being Met He S Settled In Comfortably At Scarcity Sanctuary And Loves Working At The Shelter With Daniel He S Working Through His Past Trauma With Tommy And Has Met A Wonderful Man, Dante Farrell, The Cook At The Shelter And One Of The Best Things Dante And Dillon Keep Trying New Chocolate Recipes Just Because He Loves, No Really Loves Chocolate Along Comes A Kid Named Mike And All Their Lives Are Thrown Into Chaos Who Threw This Kid Away, Literally How Will They Be Able To Learn Anything When Mike Can T Hear Or Speak

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tricks Dante (Scarcity Sanctuary, #5) book, this is one of the most wanted A.K.M. Miles author readers around the world.

[Epub] ➟ Tricks Dante (Scarcity Sanctuary, #5)  By A.K.M. Miles –
  • ebook
  • 256 pages
  • Tricks Dante (Scarcity Sanctuary, #5)
  • A.K.M. Miles
  • English
  • 27 November 2018
  • 9781608207510

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    I really really wanted to like this Maybe if it was less repetative Sometimes it felt like I was re reading the same thing over and over I liked Trick and Dante but I failed to feel their chemistry I never felt we really understood why Dante was the way he was and yet we were repeatedly told why Trick was the way he was I loved Mike, but again there was not enough background on him We learn he is deaf and mute with no proper schooling, and yet the conversations he signs are much inteligent than you would expect Overall the writting style is too simplistic to be believable The dialogue between characters was stilted and unrealistic The bits of background we did learn were in a lot of ways overkill For example Mike is abused and half starved at home and runs away only to be picked up by a guy who beats him up and throws him from a moving van It was never explained why a stranger picks up a young boy only to half kill him and dump him That was just one of the many questions that went unanswered A lot of things just never added up for me, and I was left with a lot of questions.Sadly this one again fails to live up to the first book 2.5 pushed to a 3 because I still love Soldier and Dillon.

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    I just love the guys from Scarcity I was so happy for Trick to find someone like Dante The way they were there for each other and the love they weren t afraid to show was great.

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    Find my review of this serie with the laat book.

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    My go to for fluff.

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    Reviewed for Confessions from RomaholicsReview at Confessions from RomaholicsI love this series and all the characters So I was over the moon when I heard about the new book coming out and immediately added it to my must have list The way AKM Miles brings the characters of this series to life with their stories and struggles makes the whole feel real What I really liked about Trick s Dante was while it focused mainly on Trick, we re also presented with a look back at many of the young men from the first book Soldier and get to see how far they have come and what they are doing now Trick has been dealt a hard life his past was a mass of mental and physical abuse by his own parents Their forcing to go along with their schemes led him to run away at the age of 12 Now at 18, Trick s life is going a lot smoother Living at Scarcity Sanctuary with Dillon and Soldier Trick is finally starting to feel the love and security that should have been given to him as a child Due to his turbulent past he s behind in school and has to take his senior year in high school again But that s OK with Trick He is very wise for his age and understands how much work it ll take to catch up He has Tommy, Daniel, Dillon, and Soldier to cheer him on Wanting to help those in need, Trick approaches Daniel Daniel Tommy s partner is than happy to give Trick work in the shelter he sees great potential in the kid The intrigue starts when Trick meets a young boy who is literally tossed out of a moving van onto the road and saves him from being run over However, when help arrives on the scene, it also comes with a hiccup Officer Surley is rude, arrogant, and definitely a bully He immediately assumes the worst of Trick and Dante, the shelter s chef who s been summoned by Trick s call after the incident.Trick and other guys from the shelter eventually succeed in placing the boy, Mike, in the safe environment of Scarcity Sanctuary, though not without another run in with the surly Officer Surley It helps that Trick finds a way to communicate with Mike who s mute and death and apparently suffered a lot of abuse The mystery of Mike s life and what appears to be a murder attempt is unraveled while we follow the love story of Dante and Trick.They ve been subtle in flirting with each other It s a relationship that builds slowly as both have insecurities to work around Dante has always been tall and felt he didn t quite fit in with the Native American heritage Trick still has that feeling from the past that no one could love him after all the lies he was forced to make growing up But they are perfect for each other Dante is so tender with Trick, loving him slowly while encouraging him to break free of the shell he has created around him Trick being so wise at his age can read people so well he picks up when Dante is holding back It s simply a perfect slow building romance that is just too sweet for words As the heroes find out about Mike and the terrible betrayal he s suffered at the hands of those most close to him and who are demanding now for his return they get into scrapes with Officer Surley The latter even goes so far as hauling Dante in to the police precinct under false charges But in the end he s forced to see the truth and the good that Scarcity Sanctuary brings in the lives of the young men there, Mike finds a family and everyone is happy, at least until the next book which I m definitely looking forward to The bond created by all the character in these series is unbreakable and very emotional I give 4 couples This is a beautiful story that will capture your heart and soul Highly recommended

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    All of the books in this series are playing fast and loose with ages Even within the same volume they are wont to jump a couple years ahead when it suits the plot Very weird for someone like me who needs a time frame to sort things out I am trying to just go with the flow, but really If a main character is only seventeen at the start of a story it creates certain expectations To suddenly be told he is nearly nineteen and it s only been two weeks Uh In this case there s an actual explanation for it but the whole thing still gave me whiplash.That said, I ve definitely encountered series that were considerably temporally challenged.The actual story is Well, it would be okay But it really, truly drags, not the least because of the way people have constantly express and repeat just about everything.The author responds somewhere to those who tell her that guys don t talk like this , that yes, they do Which is fair enough The issue I have with it is that everyone talks like that in her books In fact, every couple in this series is mostly the same as soon as they start getting closer They have largely the same conversations and explain the same sets of feelings to each other, enjoy or less the same romantic and sexual things, go about them in mostly the same way, and everything just feels the same All those protagonists seem to be at the same place wanting the same things no matter who they initially seemed to be in the particular story.I was trying so hard not to get bored but, god, it proved to be tough I ended up putting this book aside in the middle to re read one of my old favourites instead, just to revitalize my interest in reading That actually helped with enjoying the rest of the story.I strongly suspect that it s utterly vital to not read than maybe two books by this author in a row, or the sameness and slow repetition and perfection fantasy just get too much As nice as the latter can feel with limited exposure.Even now that I have recovered slightly thanks to my brief and, alas, nausea filled extracurricular reading, I ll probably need to take a break from these books and fill up on something, anything different Variation

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    A very very very sweet story We learn about Trick s back story and he falls for Dante It s a lot like the others in this series, a little drama, an OTT baddie, and loads of sugar In this story both romantic emotional sugar and tons of real not read this story before you have had dessert Trick s chocolate addiction is very prominent There was the issue of Mike, he was abducted and beaten and thrown out of the car by a stranger, and that is never ever mentioned or followed up on..just bad dad was focused on, which I understand, but why even have it happen like that , if you are going to ignore it from there on out These stories have a fairy tale like feeling to them..the boys all have the rough beginnings and really bad mother fatherand then find a home with Dillion and Soldier the fairy godfathers lol and then find true love.

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    Although I liked this book, I felt it was a bit too cheesy perfect, written in a way that made everyone act speak a little too unreal I did, however, enjoy the return of many of the characters from the previous books, especially Soldier and Dillon, and I liked Trick and Dante and little Mike Just wish the story would ve been a little less cavity inducing.

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    I got about half way in and decided to drop it This is basically the same story the previous books are, just with different MCs Maybe I ll finish it eventually, but for me the format has run its course, as much as I loved the first book back when I first read it.

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    It wasn t bad, however, some parts were too sweet even for me.

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