ImmobilityListened 5 29 14 6 2 145 Stars Highly Recommended The Next Best Audio Book A kickass audiobook if ever there was one Get yer Post Apoc fix on now, Biatches.6 1 2 hours audio downloadPublisher AudioGoReleased 2012Audiobooks are strange animals The story could be well written, the plot could be interesting, the characters engaging, but if the voice of the narrator grates on me if their pacing is off if they overly, painfully enunciate, the darn thing won t stand a chance For me, everything hinges on the narrator.And in the case of Immobility, Brian Evenson s storytelling and Mauro Hantman s narration were a perfect match Beware The jacket copy for the book is a bit misleading Written in second person, you might not surprisingly assume the book is also written that way But fear not, you non fans, you ll find the third person narration comforting The story is set in a post apocalyptic world brought about by what we are led to believe was a nuclear war, but is simply referred to as the Kollaps and revolves around Josef Horkai, who has just been pulled out of a 30 year cryogenic sleep As he begins to wake up, he realizes that he is paralyzed from the waist down, something that he seems to have no memory of Heck, he seems to have no memory at all of being stored, of why he was stored, of where he is, who he is or what he was prior to the Kollaps All of these questions are answered by Rasmus, the leader of a group of people who have made their home in an old ruined university, and his two lackeys Olag and Olaf Rasmus explains to Horkai that he is not like them, he can regenerate and survive outside in the brutal and inhospitable environment, but he is also infected with a debilitating disease that has left him crippled and will continue to cripple him over time, which is why he has been stored to stop the disease from spreading while they work on a cure The Community, as Rasmus refers to his group, needs Horkai s help to retrieve something that has been stolen from them, something very valuable, something very important, something that their very survival hinges on And they will provide Horkai with two Mules identical human like men named Qatik and Qanik whose sole purpose is to carry Horkai on their backs, like a burden, while traveling to the mountain where Rasmus believes the stolen capsule is hidden Though Horkai can travel outside with no ill side effects, his Mules cannot And though they are fitted with hazard suits, the clothing will only slow the effects of the radiation on them Rasmus urges Horkai to make the trip there and back as quickly as possible the longer the Mules are exposed, the quicker they will die All of this makes little sense to Horkai but with nothing else to go on, he agrees to do as Rasmus asks Brian Evenson allows us to see the world as Horkai sees it, with new and disbelieving eyes We ponder the same things he ponders Who is he What s happened to the world Where are all of the other people What is the Community How did he end up in storage with them Who are these strange and obedient men he travels with Why are they so willing to follow their purpose without questioning How can they be so willing to die for him What happens when he gets where they re going As Horkai pokes and prods at what little knowledge Qatik and Qanik have, and tries to reason out the situation he has found himself in, he begins to question his place in the mission and allows himself to doubt the sources of his information Nothing makes sense The pieces don t seem to fit The Community, the Mules, Rasmus, even Olag and Olaf something is going on and Horkai won t be at ease until he uncovers what that is This book reeks of cultish and organized religious behavior and not in a bad way The blind, adoring faith of the religious compares greatly to that of the members of the Community The unquestioning obedience and willingness of the Mules to perform their purpose feels very much like the drink the koolaid mindset of cult members The re appearance of religious or cult like tendencies, even when the religion we had is dead And then there s Horkai, much like myself, who questions everything he hears and sees, not content to take what he is told at face value, unafraid to push for answers even when he knows those answers will remain to be vague and clouded Immobility challenges the reader to look at humanity from a different angle Not one of imminent survival at all costs But one of whether or not it should be allowed to survive at all In Evenson s world, we have managed to kill most of our species and all other species off Should we be given the opportunity to do it again If we did manage to survive this, we will learn from our mistakes or continue to make Do we deserve a second chance I listened to this book every chance I could get on my commute to and from work, driving out to run errands, sitting and waiting at my son s baseball game I devoured it, because I was dying to learn what Horkai was learning I needed to know what the endgame was I couldn t shake the feeling that I knew how it was going to end and I needed to see if I was right I enjoyed putting the pieces of this novel together As Horkai comes into contact with people like Mahonri for example, a brother who looks exactly like him, who calls himself a Keeper, and Rykte, the recluse who is content to remain un influential in the trials and tribulations of humanity as he began collecting pieces of the puzzle, as realization begins to dawn on Horkai that he s a part of something much bigger and much awful than he initially anticipated, I began to unravel the knotted road Horkai would end up travelling And even though I had the ending pretty well pegged, I wasn t disappointed when Evenson delivered it. Last Days Open Curtain , The Open Curtain ,. Last year I read Brian Evenson s Last Days, which was one of the best novels I read that year and earned its place on my favorites shelf That weird story of Kline, a private investigator who gets involved with a peculiar religious cult and steps through the looking glass impressed me greatly, and made me want to read everything that he has written.The origin of this book is particularly interesting Back in 2010 a website called The Hypothetical Library, which created covers and blurbs for books which do not actually exist, asked Evenson to provide a summary of a book he would be interested in writing but wouldn t actually write Evenson obviously liked the idea behind the blog, and the for the 5th of April described a bleak work of dystopian speculative fiction, titled Immobility An editor at Tor Books saw it encouraged Evenson to write an actual book, and with the idea still resonating in his head Evenson needed little other incentive Thus, even though it was not supposed to exist, Immobility came into being.I m happy to report that it s a good one Immobility opens with Josef Horkai, the main protagonist, woken up after being stored in cryogenic sleep for decades The earth has been destroyed by an event known only as the Kollaps, implied to be a nuclear holocaust which rendered the planet infertile and uninhabitable, forcing the few survivors to live underground because of prevalent radiation Horkai doesn t remember being stored or his life preceeding the Kollaps awake, he discovers that he is paralyzed from the waist down Soon he is introduced to Rasmus, the leader of a small community called The Hive, living in the ruins of what once was an university Two of Rasmus s cronies, Olag and Olaf, give Horkai a forced injection which Rasmus explains is for his own good, as it will slow down the paralysis which is shutting down his body bit by bit the result of exposure to the nuclear blast, which did not kill him but would eventually leave him locked in in a completely immobile body, were he not stored Rasmus tells Horkai that he was awakened because the Hive needs his help in retrieving an object which can save the community a stolen cylinder containing precious seed, currently held in a remote fortress Paradoxically, he is the only man who can fulfill the task and survive the journey exposure to the nuclear blast made him able to stand prolonged exposure to radiation Rasmus explains that because he cannot walk he will be carried by two mules , Quatik and Quanik, whose sole purpose is to carry him so that he may retrieve the cylinder After bringing it back, he will be stored again until the time a cure for his paralysis has been developed Having really no better options, Horkai agrees and sets off on the journey.Evenson s work can be classified as a post apocalyptic fable, employing the classic hero s quest common to many fairy tales a long and dangerous journey where the hero aims to acquire a magical item which then he will use to save his beloved family the whole kingdom from an imminent danger Horkai s immobility extends past his physical body having virtually no memories, he experiences the world he inhabits literally for the first time, just like the reader Horkai is not certain of anything he is not even sure if he s fully human and is haunted with moral, ethical and existential questions Horkai is a very unreliable protagonist, but his unreliability results because he has no way to knowing who he is much less if he can know and trust others He can t even trust his body, with its constant pains and uselessness, forcing him to depend on others for transport Even though he is completely aware of how little he knows and tries to understand and learn, he has no basis on which he could judge how credible and true is the information that he receives Religious metaphors are unavoidable Evenson is an ex Mormon, having left from Brigham Young University in Utah after growing tensions with the university officials considering the violent nature of his fiction He was subsequently excommunicated by the church, a decision which he did not challenge Immobility is set his novel in a post apocalyptic Salt Lake City where BYU is clearly recognizable Evenson s writing is clear and taut, with his distinctly ironic voice clearly recognizable it s unpretentious but intelligent, brilliantly using the language to describe the bareness and desolation of the destroyed environment and the struggle to find truth in the darkness Although I admit to preferring Last Days, Immobility is a novel which packs a surprisingly strong punch which it aims right at the gut and leaves its readers almost breathless as it ends It s a bleak and dark book which packs quite a lot of impact in its short length and certainly confirmed my desire to read everything than Brian Evenson has written. What happens when the world ends in a bang not a whimper and the addled remnant arrive on the scene with their prison features and force a protagonist into a role he s not even sure isn t a dream he s inhabiting Evenson happens, baby Evenson. These things happen, and then we say we didn t mean it, that it was an accident, that it will never happen again Never again we say God will not allow it We say no to torture, and then we find a reason to torture in the name of democracy We say no to sixty six thousand dead in a single bomb blast over a defenseless foreign city, and then we do it again, a hundred thousand this time We say no to eight million dead in camps, and then we do it again, twelve million dead in gulags Humans are poison Perhaps it would be better if they did not exist at all. 4.5 StarsImmobility by Brian Evenson is a fantastic piece of post apocalyptic fiction This is my second read of an Evenson novel so I already considered myself a fan After finishing this book, I am going to quickly grab up of his works.I have to say that as I started reading this book I was blown away with how much I felt that this would be a perfect story in Hugh Howey s Wool series, a post apocalyptic series that should not be missed Immobility would fit perfectly into that world and take place a bit farther into the future I seriously thought that I was going to read a passage about a field of silos.Evenson s writing style and craft is what sets this book apart from the crowd He has an incredibly stylistic way that he writes out his characters and his world As this is a novella I was left wanting to know I wanted backstory and world building I wanted time with Horaki, and the Q s And, I simply wanted story.This novella throws you right in with little time spent catching you up to speed Top this off that Evenson quickly spins this tale into deep philosophical and spiritual territories and you will find that you cannot put it down I was amazed at the level and depth and the way that Evenson made you feel on this journey.The world and the plot around our main protagonist in a quote You re certain I don t need a suit asked Horkai You re certain I ll be all right Qanik nodded You always have been, he said If not, we d already know How Skin rash at first, mild in the beginning but getting worse and worse Then you would start to vomit blood Around here, it wouldn t take long for your skin to break into sores and ulcerate If we were exposed to as much as you ve been exposed to today, our circulation would be damaged and our hearts would fail Why hasn t that happened to me Qanik shrugged You are okay, he said You always have been You are not in any trouble We are the ones that are in trouble, said Qatik That s why you re wearing the suits, said Horkai They are not enough, said Qatik Not enough I am a huge Brian Evenson fan and give him my highest recommendations Immobility is the perfect read for post apocalyptic fans that want something than zombies and contain no teen love or angst Every once in a while you stumble across a book which surpasses all your expectations Immobility is one such book I mean, here you have, the much used trope of a post apocalyptic scenario although, I must admit that PA is one of my favorite sub genres and I would read even a mediocre book if it s classified as PA fiction with your usual wastelands, radiation and the always present hunger for food and all other things which are common in a book of such type But the commonness ends there What we have here is an amnesiac lead character, Josef Horkai, who is woken from his cryogenic sleep after 30 years to perform a vital task for a surviving community under whose care he was stored He cannot walk as he is paralyzed from waist down, so he is to be carried by two mules , Qatik and Qanik who are human, maybe to the place where he is to accomplish his mission of retrieving a canister whose contents are vital for the survival of the community In spite of the desolate surroundings, the book is filled with excellent dark humor, in fact one of the best kinds I have come across in quite a while And the mules , despite being interchangeable right until very later in the novel, come across as very resolute of characters, and also one of the many characters you ll really care about as the book progresses.The book defies the major trope of post apocalyptic fiction that is selfishness, and the characters portray an unflinching quality of selflessness especially the mules , and of course to an extent Horkai himself, despite his own reservations, tries to remain obedient to the cause.By the end I asked myself, what would I do in such circumstances And I found myself agreeing with all of the characters, good or bad, because when I mulled over the story in my head, I concluded that each character did his best under such trying circumstances and I would have done exactly the same, or less You can t say that about many books, can you 4.5 We re a curse, a blight, said Rykte First we gave everything names and then we invented hatred And then we made the mistake of domesticating animals almost as big a mistake as that of discovering fire It s only one step from there to slavery, and once you think of humans as animals, we become a disposable commodity, war a commonplace Add in a dominant religion that preaches end of the world and holy books that have been used to justify atrocity after atrocity, and you re only a step away from annihilation It s better not to let society develop at all, to leave each person on their own, alone, shivering, and afraid in the dark.Horkai looked at him a long time You really think humanity should die out Objectively, yes, said RykteI m not generally a sci fi fan, but when I come across one that seems to have a message, a philosophical way about it, I tend to jump in optimistically and hang on for the ride At the heart of Evenson s work is what purpose do we have in this world Is it absurd or meaningless what we do or exist for Is there a puppet master brandishing its tightened strings upon your harness and moving your hands for you Restricting you to only move when he she moves Or do you have the ability to decide for yourself without outside influence Do we ruin each other in the same way we ruin ourselvesImmobilityis a fast read, but also an intelligent, enjoyable one P.S Thanks to Brian Dice for posting about Evenson, otherwise I most likely wouldn t have known about him. I spotted this book via goodreads I really like the recommendations they do here on the basis of what you re reading I think I was reading Sleepless , when this book was recommended A book which will probably never be in the bookstores in Europe, so got it online, being curious by the story outline I got here A weird apocalyptic story, cool out of the box story too How can a writer make something like this upyou wonder It s different from a lot of other books in the same genre, of course the desolation of the world and the landscape is there Josef Horkai wakes up in a place, amidst a group of people, keeping themselves surviving under the ground because the outside world can not be survived when going outside, after the world has gone down They call it a hive and their leader is Rasmus Josef s legs don t work they say they kept him in storage for years deepfreeze apparently and now woke him up because they need his help for an assignment In itself that is weird for someone who can t walk Carried by two sort of twin mules, two weird guys called Quatik and Quanik, wearing protective suits, he goes outside on a mission, while Josef Horkai is unaffected, he seems unhuman in a way His wounds heal and while the mules, despite their protective suits, get worse and worse and expect not to survive the assignment, Josef survives in the outside world without any protective clothing Out on the assignment to get something that was stolen from the hive, the story spirals to situations where you are wondering whether it is reality or a dream he is having to a weird end Can not say , would be spoiling Great read Pretty weird, but great. When You Open Your Eyes Things Already Seem To Be Happening Without You You Don T Know Who You Are And You Don T Remember Where You Ve Been You Know The World Has Changed, That A Catastrophe Has Destroyed What Used To Exist Before, But You Can T Remember Exactly What Did Exist Before And You Re Paralyzed From The Waist Down Apparently, But You Don T Remember That EitherA Man Claiming To Be Your Friend Tells You Your Services Are Required Something Crucial Has Been Stolen, But What He Tells You About It Doesn T Quite Add Up You Ve Got To Get It Back Or Something Bad Is Going To Happen And You Ve Got To Get It Back Fast, So They Can Freeze You Again Before Your Own Time Runs OutBefore You Know It, You Re Being Carried Through A Ruined Landscape On The Backs Of Two Men In Hazard Suits Who Don T Seem Anything Like You At All, Heading Toward Something You Don T Understand That May Well End Up Being The Death Of YouWelcome To The Life Of Josef Horkai

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Immobility book, this is one of the most wanted Brian Evenson author readers around the world.

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