Redlisted At first, Redlisted tok me a little while to get used to with all the dreams memories going on from different perspectives, but eventually it starts to make sense the you read I don t want to give away details of the story like most people do It seems to take the surprise factor away if you basically know what will happen So I will say this This was a completely different writing style that I have yet to come across, but it definately worked out There were so many twists and plots that left you a bit puzzled I absolutely loved it I was so sad when it came to the end because it just seems to be the type of book that you can just keep reading on and on It s captivating You are always wondering what is going to happen next Needless to say I can not wait to read the next one Things are seriously about to get interesting So if you guys are looking for a new interesting vamp type book, this is most definately one to read First the disclaimer I know the author, which is really why I downloaded the sample, since I m all vampired out and usually find fiction written in the present tense rather stilted I was than pleasantly surprised This is a lovely debut novel, and it all worked From the first page I was intrigued by the protagonist, and by the end of the first chapter I was hooked I purchased the whole book before I finished the sample download, which is almost unheard of for me Ms Beaman, I am looking forward to the sequel You ARE writing one, aren t you Kate Wakes From A Gunshot Wound To Find Herself Dependent On The Blood Of The Man Who Shot Her She Can T Remember Who She Is And Her Own Face In The Mirror Is Unfamiliar As She Tries To Unravel The Mystery Of Her Own Identity, She S Swept Along On A Covert Mission She Barely UnderstandsRevenants, A Vampiric Race Of Post Mortals, Maneuver For Power In The World Of Plastic Surgery, Internet Conspiracy Theories, And Information Stifling Media Conglomerates Those Who Can Control Dream And Memory Muddy The Waters As The Mission Converges On A Underground Bunker And The Key To A Source Of Eldritch Power Kate Must Uncover Her Past And Tease Apart Clues To Her Companions Urgent Mission So She Can Take A Stand Before It S Too Late To Act This story is very interesting It is hard to describe how the story takes you through situations The only thing that comes to mind to be a close example is looking through a mirror which is in turn reflecting mirrors It is definitely a unique point of view I found myself wondering whose memory was I reading from time to time I lost track of who was who at times The main character is unknown anonymous The story takes you through her experiences by reliving them through dreams and memory flashes The story is a web of mystery and confusion and self discovery I truly enjoyed exploring this interesting story It was like putting a puzzle together. I received this book from the Author for my honest review.From the very first page, it is clear that it is not an ordinary vampire novel The novel weaves through time, not with flashbacks, but by having the main character dream the memories of other characters And while this may sound weird or even confusing, in the context of the novel it does work, It actually creates a first person narration but from several view points along time This books is full of strange delusions or dreams It has a puzzle of plot lines which you the reader are forced to decipher I didn t particularly like those aspects of the book, however the characters are all made strongly and we can feel the fear or the anger or the confusion of the characters Not once during my reading of this book did I feel that the characters needed work I found it strange that the main character Kate spent most of her time asleep But because of everything going on you don t get bored with the dream sequences as I ll call them This story crosses into so many genre s that I can say that anyone who likes Paranormal, Romance, Mystery, Thriller or even Fantasy can have a nice read in this book While I disliked some things about this book all in all it was a strong book with very strong character creation Good job I received a copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility This book manages to integrate conspiracies, media, vampires, mystery, dreams and even some psychological tricks into a story that pulls you from one supposition to the next, and then seeks to make you question them all I enjoyed this take on a vampire story each new revelation brought twenty questions, and kept you reading just to find the answer Much of the story is told in a 3rd person form, or with a step removed flashbacks and other characters accessing a memory to detail it for the story which can get confusing and is a technique that suffers with overuse Where every other detail of the story was beautifully detailed, and the characters were developed with care and complexity, the story did require me to set up a series of reminders when I read, to see who the flashback related to, and then how it fit into the story The frequent use was furthering the story, but for me, it was at the expense of enjoying the whole Still, the story did have several unique takes on the usual vampire stories, referenced lore that was different from others, and that difference is very refreshing I am thinking hoping that the author is planning another book to complete this story and tie up the loose ends It is something I will be looking forward to reading. Redlisted is about characters That alone causes it to stand out in the genre of dark and urban fantasy but let s back up for a moment I don t believe that it s necessary or helpful to compare books to one another A rating and review should be about the enjoyment one gets from reading something Was it interesting Did it compel you to keep reading and, at the end, leave you wanting Redlisted manages both of these feats Does the book present characters who become real to you Do they engender genuine emotions The violations Kate experiences at the hands of her enemies are harrowing on a visceral level, and cause the reader to hurt for and with her Her struggles and triumphs become a part of the reader s experience, long after finishing I have found myself on several occasions wishing for her spirit of indomitably, her will to continue regardless of cost and sometimes good judgement.Full disclosure I am married to the author of Redlisted But if I had never met her then I would still consider Redlisted a privilege to read The strength of the characters, the clarity of the prose, and the coherence and reality of the world all serve to create a story that is truly accomplished and, I firmly believe, will be thoroughly enjoyed by almost any reader.I wholeheartedly encourage you to give Redlisted a try. Redlisted was nothing like I thought it would be, it was so much better I loved how the author provided many details of the story through various dreams memories of the main characters At times some parts of the dream sequences were a bit confusing but in the end everything came together nicely One of my favorite aspects of this novel was the many different groups of Remnants vampires included, each having specific abilities This story took me on an action packed journey I will never forget Sara Beaman keeps some of the classic traits of vampires we have grown to love while adding refreshing new abilities that will keep you craving Do NOT let the summary throw you off, give it a try I promise you will be blown away In my opinion the summary provided from GoodReads seems far too harsh almost giving this book a war like feelscaring away a lot of potential readers For my full review Finally a Vampire Novel for Adults as well as TeensLately, it seems, vampire novels fall into three major categories, the quirky semi comical mysteries Charlaine Harris , the hardcore romances Laurell K Hamilton , or the overly moralistic teen love stories Stephenie Meyer And while all three types can be quite enjoyable, they tend to lack a certain amount of depth Sara Beaman s novel Redlisted Volume 1 is an impressive exception to this growing trend From the very first page, it is clear that it is not an ordinary vampire novel In fact, it s actually quite difficult to pin it into a single genre, which makes it rather difficult to review Regardless, I ll do my best to paint a picture of what makes this such an extraordinary read, without giving away too much of the story.From the beginning, the characters in Redlisted come across as real They are three dimensional none are overly good or bad As such, we quickly relate, feeling a kinship not only with the main characters, but also with the world that surrounds them.The style of Redlisted is both unique and addictive Beaman s prose comes across as effortless, to the point where we as readers fall into the story But what is really impressive is the narrative structure The novel weaves through time, not with cumbersome flashbacks or other common narrative devices, but by having the main character dream into the memories of other characters And while this may sound weird or even confusing, in the context of the novel it works perfectly, creating a first person narrative from several vantage points And because the chapters are relatively brief, Redlisted is a quick read It s one of those novels you just don t want to put down.Overall, Sara Beaman s Redlisted is a great novel While it is clearly a supernatural work, it entwines the best of mystery, espionage, and science fiction into a work that is both fun and compelling The postmodern structure and superior prose make it a novel that stands out from its contemporaries, one that is entertaining for both adults and teens For a first novel, Beaman has set the bar high I am looking forward to reading the next novel in the series, and anything else she decides to write I have all ideas Redlisted is just the first in a long and successful writing career. Disclaimer I do know this author but it s from the context of a critical critiquing forum, so it s a little easier for me to be objective In other words, she is not family, so anything critical I have to say will not result in lifelong banishment from shared holiday celebrations I think any author who can try something new and succeed in the crowded vampire genre is worth reading I m definitely a fan of this series start I like the idea of what the author does with revenants I like the sense of court politics you get between the different factions I like the use of well paced and non intrusive flashbacks to give the present story better context I like the different POVs and I like well, let s face it that Adam is sort of hot It s rare I read an indie author with the writing chops to hold their own against traditionally published authors Ms Beamon succeeds and I m pretty sure people are going to see a lot of her.

Sara Beaman lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she spends her time teaching and performing bellydance, making jewelry out of old junk, reading, playing tabletop roleplaying games, and writing Sara enjoys speculative fiction of all stripes, but especially that which makes her question the world she lives in She is the author of Redlisted, a novel about vampires, the media, and hidden memorie

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  • Paperback
  • 333 pages
  • Redlisted
  • Sara Beaman
  • English
  • 15 September 2019
  • 9781478324898

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