Butter Anne Panning S Fiction Has Been Described As Warm And Original By Publishers Weekly, Intelligent And Humorous By The Boston Globe, Graceful And Wry By Booklist, And Infectious And Enchanting By The New York Times In Fact, Panning S Last Collection Of Short Stories, Super America, Was A New York Times Book Review Editor S Choice Enter This Exciting New Novel, The Best Work Yet From A Writer Whose Astute Observations Of American Life Are As Honest As They Are Engaging Butter Is A Coming Of Age Tale Set Against The Backdrop Of Small Town Minnesota During The S And Told From The Perspective Of An Eleven Year Old Girl, Iris, Who Learns From Her Parents That She Is Adopted The Story Of Iris S Childhood Is At First Beguiling And Innocent Hers Is A World Filled With Bell Bottoms And Barbie Dolls, Shrinky Dinks And Shaun Cassidy Records, TV Dinners And Trips To Grandma S But As Her Parents Marriage Starts To Unravel, Iris Grows And Observant Of Disintegration All Around Her, And The Simple Cadences Of Her Story Quickly Attain An Unnerving Tension As She Wavers Precariously Between Girlhood And Adolescence In The End, Iris S Story Represents A Profound Meditation On Growing Up Estranged In Small Town America On Being An Outsider In A World Increasingly Averse To Them Passionate, Lyrical, And Disquieting, This Intensely Moving Novel Is A Rich Exploration Of A Crucial Theme In American Literature That Will Confirm Anne Panning S Place As A Major Figure In The World Of Contemporary Fiction

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Butter book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Panning author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • Butter
  • Anne Panning
  • English
  • 03 December 2017
  • 9780875806815

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    Found this at the library and had no idea what it was, but gave it a try I m glad I did I loved it This is the story of an 11 to 12 year old girl in a small town in Minnesota I could so much relate to her The description of the little town sounds so much like where I grew up Her father owns a creamery My sister, cousins and I used to play at the creamery in the small town where our grandma lived They let us stick our bare fingers into the butter vats She always feels like she s not quite good enough. like maybe her parents don t even like her I always felt that, too, and still work to overcome that misconception Later in the story something happens to her that happened to my best friend All in all, it s a very readable and interesting, loveable story about a girl s coming of age I read some other reviews that criticize this book for its abrupt ending I did not feel it was abrupt it was just a true to life ending that doesn t always tie things up with a pretty bow.I thought it was a great book and very well written I read it in two sittings.

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    I think the author wrote half a book This was a nice introduction to some great characters, threw in a surprise at the end and that was it I understand letting people want , but there was NO resolution with anyone Mom s book, the teacher, DeeDee s incident , Adam s backgroundall hanging This bothered me.

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    Just one of the reasons I enjoyed reading author Anne Panning s novel Butter She gets the details right Set in small town Minnesota in the 1970s, Panning s novel is a love note to little towns growing up or dying amidst the corn fields of a different time The coming of age story is about Iris, an 11 year old whose parents marriage is disintegrating You will fall in love with Iris even if you don t love the story, described by the book jacket and some reviewers as disquieting Iris father runs a creamery, and Panning writes about full fat milk products with beauty and reverence, thus the title Butter Like his marriage, Iris father s creamery is losing traction as convenience stores with names like Stop Go gain popularity.Like the small town in which it s set, the story doesn t stretch too far There are no vampires or doomsday scenarios, but Panning successfully captures the warmth of family and the sorrow of losing it Anyone who enjoys fiction would love it, but especially readers who know anything about small towns, Minnesota or the 70s.

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    Things I liked about this book 1 The way that it flowed made me not want to put it down I read it in two sittings.2 The characters were well developed, except for the newly adopted brother, but the lack of development was probably on purpose.3 It s a coming of age story in a non stable family, different from other coming of age books that I ve read.4 The author showed with detail what it was really like to be that age in the 70s I felt like she was using examples of my life combs that stuck out of the back pocket, listening to You Light Up My Life, Shaun Cassidy, the turtlenecks with little pictures on them, the Nike shoes that everyone wanted, eating dreamsicles, and soooo many 5 Butter I wanted to go to the creamery in the story Things I didn t like about this book 1 The ending The book ended mid story and left so many things hanging.2 The quick unraveling of the main character s life and how SAD it was.3 The mom s behavior drove me batty.

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    Anne Panning s novel is a softer, gentler coming of age story, but it is also well written and evocative Set in a small town in Minnesota in the 1970s, the details of Iris s life remind me of my own tween and teen years because of some of the popular culture references Fortunately, I didn t have to deal with the lack of family stability that she encounters While the book is sad at times, there is a hopefulness that runs through the narrative, and the main character is brighter and stronger than she realizes.

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    A must read for those growing up in Southern Minnesota in the 70 s simply for the spot on descriptions of small town culture and fashion I loved the County Seat reference I too loved those cranberry cords You ll love the young protagonist, Iris well done

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    Here s another book about difficult mother daughter relationships I m on a string of three This one was palatable Yes Butter , partly because it is told entirely from a young girl s point of view The whole story takes place in about a year s time, when Iris is 11 12 years old The author has a gift for getting inside a young girl s mind My only criticism is that I kept feeling that it was taking place in the 1950s or 60s instead of the 70s, although maybe that s because the setting was a very small town, which is outside of my experience I was also struck by a scene in which Iris is standing on a chair to help her grandmother wipe the dishes At 11 years old

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    Critiquing this book forces me to confront one of my most inveterate literary pet peeves I can t accept the whole premise behind any book written in the first person by a child narrator It s hard to buy the notion that any significant literary product is the work of such a youthful mind In the real world, eleven year olds just don t write books I know and truly regret that this bias excludes me from fully appreciating a significant body of literature, beginning with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and including To Kill a Mockingbird, right up to Catcher in the Rye In every case, even when the thoughts and feelings of the protagonists seem like legitimate expressions of a young person, I cannot help but feel the contrivance of an adult writing from a juvenile mindset It may well be one of the greatest novels in the history of American literature, but, seriously, the real Huck Finn was a goober who would not have written the book bearing his name Therefore, it was with a guarded sense of willingness that I abandoned myself to the concept that Butter by Anne Panning is indeed the work of a precocious eleven year old, Iris Kauffman The author succeeds in capturing what I at least think I recall as being a child s observations and impressions Like the following We went to the drug store in the mall to pick up her prescriptions, which were given out in tiny white paper bags, stapled at the top I liked to hold the crunchy little packages, which seemed like they held great secrets inside Or Adam had devoured his cereal, but left lots of soggy flakes at the bottom that looked like wet, pulled off scabs Most of all, young Iris s angst, guilt, confusion, and sense of helplessness over the collapse of her domestic life are honest, heartfelt, and appropriately immature Every rite of passage looks backward as much as forward, and in Iris s case, her ambivalence about the future is rooted in the feeling that things were better in the past, and they seem to be trending toward the worse the older she gets Likewise, Iris conflicted sense of self is exacerbated by the onset of unwanted change in her conservative, unprepared, small town environment Iris has intense feelings that she does not know how to process In some ways, though, that serves her, for she is able to hold onto at least a glimmer of hope in her lack of resolution Perhaps, in the future, she ll better know what to do Everything about this book feels real and sincere, except, alas, the idea that Iris wrote it That s the catch with first person child narratives, though They can t be told believably, without asking you to suspend your disbelief.

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    Iris is a happy 11 year old member of a small family, but it s obvious that her small world is in danger of unraveling She becomes aware of one unsettling fact after another, and then things really begin to fall apart Her new brother, Adam, clearly brought on board to increase the family s happiness, does anything but Her mother is deeply unhappy, and her father is struggling to save his beloved creamery business Iris is struggling herself with the loss of her best friend and trials of being on the social fringe The bright spots in her life her grandmother, cousins and new teacher cannot compensate for the increasing turmoil in her life.This is a good coming of age novel Iris has an authentic voice there are things she knows and understands and things she does not The novel is a period piece too, with lots of references to foods and fads of the 70s Those of a certain age will recognize a lot, but it s not necessary to be that age to love Iris and feel her family s pain.

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    Butter by Anne Panning is our November 2013 book club selection Iris, an 11 year old girl narrates her life growing up in small town Minnesota during the 1970 s Iris is adopted by parents who have their own problems Her dad owns a creamery, but sees the trend towards chain and department stores taking over family owned businesses Her mother is in her own worldtyping a book They adopt a boy named Adam after Iris mother has a second miscarriage After her parents split up, Iris suffers from neglect The ending is abrupt and the reader has to decide if Iris survives her sad childhood and becomes a functioning adult.There are lots of unanswered questions in this book, however, Iris narrates with such poignancy that my heart reached out to her and to all the children who live through split up home with parents who put their feelings before their children All the 1970 references brought back lots of memories of growing up in a small town in Minnesota My mother NEVER used margarine My dad NEVER drank skim milk

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