Breathtaker Enter A Seductive Life Of Immortality, Whirlwind Romance, Family Secrets, And Mansion PassagesSeventeen Year Old Breya Has Been Seventeen A Long Time Ever Since Her First Love, Ash Donovan, Kissed Her And Dropped Dead At Her Feet, She Hasn T Aged A Day Her Only Sign Of Ailing Manifests In The Shortness Of Breath That Comes Every So Many Decades, When The Instinct To Seduce Another Victim Comes KnockingOnly When She Meets The Mysterious Calecko And Is Kidnapped Into A Cult Like Family Of Wealthy Comrades Who Claim To Be Like Her Do The Secrets Of Her Heritage Start To Come To Light The Part Of Herself She Has Been Running From Is Dangerously At Home Amongst These People, But Another Part Of Her Still Questions And Struggles With The Moral Transgressions Of What She Is, And What Her Kind DoAfter Finally Finding A Place Of Belonging In This World, Will The Right Choice Prove To Be Denying Herself And The Best Chance She Has Of A Normal Life With These People Or Will Her Immortal Instincts And The Allure Of Affection That Does Not Kill Win Out Over Any Moral Obligations It Is Than Her Own Affairs That Are Stirred Up, However, Upon Her Instatement Into The Family Before She Can Make Any Lasting Decisions, She Is Caught Up In A Web Of Jealousy, Lust, Discrimination And Treachery That Will Not Soon Let Her Off The Hook With So Simple A Decision, And A Love Triangle That Beats All And Demands An Even Greater Sacrifice One That Will Rock The World As She Knows It To Its Bones, or follow her on Twitter harperpages

[PDF / Epub] ★ Breathtaker  By Harper Alexander –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 97 pages
  • Breathtaker
  • Harper Alexander
  • English
  • 03 April 2018

10 thoughts on “Breathtaker

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    Breya was on the run from taking life but after 100 years she couldn t help it When the urge took her she sucked the breath out of men extending her life, she was known as a breathtaker Living all her life alone she has finally found a family that understands what she is going through This was a surprisingly refreshing read, I loved how the story progressed and the end Just need to say wow about the end, it was awesome but I m not sure how I actually felt about it Caleko was not all time favorite character of this story, he was charming and exactly what Breya needed in a lifetime devote of love I will definitely be checking out the sequel to this book, I m really excited to see what happens Note I received this book off of for free, all opinions have been honest.

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    Read as the Other selection for the January Paranormal Challenge held by YA Reader s Lounge Well how to start a new year of reviews With a book that has left me baffled as to how to rate it, that s how I ll start by saying that the writing was beautiful So much detail and description, I was enchanted within the first chapter However it was around 50% of the way through that my attention started to wander I felt there was a lack of activity in the book and I found that I could skim whole paragraphs and not loose the train of thought which lead me to think that perhaps there was a little too much description Breathtaker is a twist on the myth of Sirens Each of the Breathtakers in this novella are beautiful, with flowing hair and eyes of varying hues of the Sea They lure in unknowing victims and with a single kiss take their life breath from them so they can carry on living as Immortals Breathtaker is a short Novella at roughly 100 pages and I m pretty convinced its part of a series as it left me on a kind of Whaaaaat ending I would say its worth a read as Harper Alexander has a unique concept and a beautiful writing style So I suppose in choosing a rating I will have to say I didn t love it, but I didn t hate it so around the 2 3 mark Bumping up for beautiful prose 3

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    This book started out great, I was enchanted and enthralled by the writing it was beautiful and poetic However after a few chapters the author lost that touch I also really like that this book is about a unique paranormal being with an interesting history explanation of existence While the book started out great, it never fully bloomed There seemed to be a lack of drive in the plot, and there was no real climax I only kept reading because I had the time by the pool to do so I felt no urgency to find out what happened next and no connection to the characters.Honestly, the book probably deserves two stars, but I like the unique concept enough to bump it up one I do not intend to read the next book in the series though.

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    This was an interesting read for me I think the concept and problems faced by the main character were unique and interesting I did feel perhaps that this particular novella spent too much time at the beach I was lacking a drive to finish the book after the first few chapters and finished the book in my spare time when I wasn t reading the engrossing book I was also reading Guilt and the ideas of right and wrong were very important concepts in this book and I would be interested to see how the female main in the story continues to develop if there are further books in this series.

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    2.5 starsSpoiler freeThe concept was really cool but the overall plot needs some work I thought this would be a short, fun read but it was actually the longest 97 pages of my life I felt like maybe the main character needed some work just overall I can t really put my finger on it but it didn t hit in the face with awesome Being 97 pages, it needed to have something It was interesting and the concept was cool Plus, the cover is awesome.

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    meh I kept reading this book hoping there was going to be but once it ended it was just Meh

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    Great concept though written in a pointless manner Wont be reading this again

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