Thief of Hearts

Thief of Hearts Reporter Gabe Thornton Is Not Interested In Romance Or The Crazies Who Advertise For Love In The Paper But A Lead In A Robbery Case Takes Him Straight To Casey McIntyre S Door, And Her Single And Searching Ad, And Now He Must Investigate HerWhen Casey Placed That Personal Ad To Find A Date, She Never Dreamed She D Find True Love But She Also Never Expected Her Date To Write About It Determined To Get Revenge, She Dresses For SeductionBut Payback Is Hell, And When Gabe Turns The Tables And Pursues Her With A Vengeance, Casey Finds Herself Falling In LoveOnly Gabe Holds Her Fate And Her Heart In His HandsWhen The Truth Is Revealed, Will Casey Be Single And Searching Again, Or Will She Succumb To The Passion Burning Between Them

USA Today Bestselling and award winning author Rita Herron fell in love with books at the ripe age of eight when she read her first Trixie Belden mystery Although she wanted to be a writer then and actually scrawled her first novel at age twelve, she didn t think real people grew up to be writers, so she became a kindergarten teacher instead Ten years ago, she traded her classroom storytelling a

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    Single and Searching is by Rita Herron It is one of the books in the boxed set Ten Brides for Ten Heroes The books all have the same plot which is very simple boy meets girl, have problems, make up and get married They are good for mindless reading and they are simply fun I have never laughed so much reading a book and I am only on chapter four It is hilarious I can t put this book down so it is back to reading Casey McIntyre is a writer of children s alphabet books and art ideas She has as her helper, her son Henry S 2 who gives her feedback on her work Her friend, Brick, is the illustrator and occasional babysitter for Henry S She also has a large dog that since Henry S started calling him Dog, now has a new name Casey is different in that she doesn t worry about making sure her home is spick and span She lived with that growing up, until she ran away, from her stepfather She is having problems with Henry S s father who hasn t seen him since he was a baby Travis Satterfield is a gambler He wants Henry S for his trust fund and not for the boy himself Casey s friend Bev had given her custody of Henry S before she died Now he is threatening Casey Casey s friend Jenna has encouraged her to use a personal ad to get some dates and possibly a husband Casey used her creativity and her add was simply all the things she likes in single alphabetical words It worked and she has a date with Gabe Thornton The night of the date was a disaster Everything possible went wrong She took a 10 minute nap and Henry S put purple and orange kool aid in her hair She helped Henry S with a jawbreaker and her mouth and lips are blue She has a green mud mask on her face and is dressed in a tattered old bathrobe She is on the phone with Travis and his threats when Henry S starts laughing His laughing like that is never good She finds him in the bathroom by an overflowing toilet He stopped it up with a box of neon green condoms her friend Brick and his girlfriend Sheila has left When the doorbell rings, she steps over toys to answer it and finds a man who she thinks is the plumber standing there She drags him across the toys to the bathroom just as Dog rushes in and gets all wet After getting him out, he shakes water all over everyone Casey leaves the plumber to fix the toilet and takes Henry S upstairs with her while she gets ready for her date Gabe Thornton is an investigative reporter who is thinking about settling down and getting married His boss tells him to look at the personal ads and to make it into an article He does and the first three dates are a disaster He is looking forward to his date tonight She may be the ABC killer or at least a clue He meets with an informer earlier and the informer assaults him, tearing his pants Then his car breaks down and he gets dirty while changing the tire He rushes over to Casey s house instead of going home and changing His punctuality means to him than that He steps into Casey s mess and she mistakes him for the plumber He thinks he has stepped into a different world He doesn t tell Casey who he is but fixes her plumbing problem and leaves thinking to call her and cancel their date However, by the time he got home, wrote his article and sent it in, he was exhausted and forgot to call her Casey sees his article the next day and shows up to take him to lunch all dolled up He and all the male reporters are drooling over her In the restaurant, things go wrong He can t decide what to order and changes it, she drops food on the tablecloth, the waiter drops an ice cube down her dress, spills her salad and another guest s food When Casey is around, things just happen Gage finds out who she is when she signs the check He rushes after her to apologize and finds her on her back beneath her car He crawls under there to talk to her and try to get her out She is looking for a spare key and he is just being nice Every time the two of them get together things just go wrong Not only do they do silly things but they misunderstand each other s conversations The book is hilarious However, some serious problems are going on in the background, the ABC thieves are still loose and Travis Satterfield is still a threat to Casey How will things work out

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    Single and Searching by Rita Herron is a great contemporary romance novel with great characters.Casey is an author who writes children books She is a young single mother who s has been convinced by one of her best friends to start dating again Not really sure how to handle this, she places an ad in order to find the perfect date Never in a million years would she have thought that it would turn out to be something totally different.Gabe is a handsome reporter who has been giving the job to go undercover on dates with women from ads and write his experience in an article Gabe really hates this assignment because he wants to solve the case of the ABC thief.Gabe appears to be Casey s date but he stands her up on their initial date after meeting her on the worst time in her life When she reads his article in the paper she is determined to teach him a lesson he won t forget When Gabe finds out the truth who Casey really is he is determined to fix his mistake and make her his and in the meantime trying to save her when all the signs says she has something to do with the ABC thief.Rita Herron has written an good easy reading novel with great characters I love Casey s determination to succeed in life, her cute little boy, her funny dog and the way those to two get into trouble all the time It was so funny sometimes that it often brought a smile to my face.I never read a book by Rita Herron before, but if her other books are similar to this one then I m definitely going to check them out They are easy to read, funny and have a good storyline, so what do you need.

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    This was a light, fun read Some of the situations were over the top and I found the fact that Casey was supposedly a street kid with a record growing up who is no stranger to fighting kind of contrary to her supposedly shy, virginal nature Also, we have a two year old in this book that eats jawbreakers, chews gum, is taught to crack open and eat shelled peanuts and rides in a car without a carseat, apparently I had to wonder if Rita Herron has ever had children, and if so, just how long ago that was LOL But whatever I went with it Also, Gabe kept getting calls on his cell that required him to answer it but yet entailed him calling the caller back I was wondering if this story was originally written with Gabe carrying a beeper and later rewritten to update the content I don t know Weird little details like that kept pulling me out of the story Small inconsistencies, but jarring for me Like where limbs were placed and how certain physical actions were carried through in certain situations Thinking of that scene where Casey and Gabe are under Brick s BMW What in the world And in another instance, Gabe is wearing nothing but borrowed sweatpants in one scene but pulls out his ringing phone which he has to answer, yet call the person back, as above AND a pad and pen If he had to walk over to his discarded, wet pants, please tell me LOL.Overall, it may be a typical romance plot, but it was funny, suspenseful, and a cute love story Good for a free download on my kindle, for sure.

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    Excellent book Light and amusing.If the rest of this book is as funny as the first couple of chapters, it s going to be great This did have me laughing out loud on the stairmaster breathlessly, but laughing

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    I really enjoyed this book and couldn t put it down While it was predictable, it had some originality and heart.

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    Just an easy read for now.Am planning to enjoy.And enjoy I did.Good book to read as you are unwinding.

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    This book made me LOL alot

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    Fast summer read and enjoyable Ending gets wrapped up in a neat bow so not very realistic.

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    Funny, romantic story..don t normally read these kind of books but I really enjoyed the characters and the story

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    read a few pages and quit not my kind of book.

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