Dark Masquerade (Black Earth, #3)

Dark Masquerade (Black Earth, #3) Darkness Has Engulfed The World, And The Nightmare Has BegunTwo Weeks Have Passed Since Nathan Pierce Battled The Great Witch, Evanescence, And Rescued Pearl From Her Mother S Corrupt Influence Nathan Now Finds Himself Inhabiting A Mall In Northern California With Members Of Absolute S Rebellion, Holding Onto Hope That His Sister, Daisy, Hasn T Been Executed For Treason Yet And Keeping A Watchful Eye On Pearl An Immortal Girl Branded With A Black Key Mark That Could Unlock Destruction Upon The Earth When A Stranger Strolls In From The Darkness With A Lead On Daisy S Whereabouts, Nathan Sets Off On A Journey Into The Broken Lands To Find Her But To Save His Doomed Sibling, Nathan Must Maneuver Through A Horrifying Landscape Of Terrifying Creatures And Violence, Dodging Both The President Of The United States And Legion An Alien Entity Intent On Destroying The World

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✼ Dark Masquerade (Black Earth, #3)  Epub ✿ Author David N. Alderman – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • Dark Masquerade (Black Earth, #3)
  • David N. Alderman
  • English
  • 18 April 2019
  • 9781478206064

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    Survival is a struggle, so much so that luck and fast thinking plays a higher role in who will make it out alive than preparation Nathan Pierce, Macayle, members of Absolute s Rebellion, and Pearl, Nathan s girlfriend, know this for a fact They ve been hanging low in the previously deserted Westgate Mall Plaza for a little over a week Though they ve taken many measures to protect themselves from the demons, the president, and everyone else out to murder them and there are many groups who would do anything to see Nathan and Pearl dead that doesn t mean they can expect to safely live in the Mall for long Unfortunately, when danger finally does come, it comes in doubles.When a mysterious man tells Nathan that there are people in a town 15 miles away who know where Daisy, his sister, will be executed, Nathan is instantly determined to go to that town However, just as Nathan is starting to create a plan, he learns that the strange sounds many people in the mall have complained about are coming from the Legion demonic aliens vessel that landed oddly in the Best Buy next to where everyone is staying Unlike other vessels, its landing didn t create a massive crater or wipe out square blocks The tip is protruding from the ground, the rest hidden underneath.The first time Nathan looked at it alone, nothing happened It s not until he, Macayle, and Pearl venture to the mysterious vessel together that all hell breaks loose It turns out Pearl is a key for the special vessels that haven t instantly erupted The moment she gets near them, the vessel opens and allows new, creepier aliens entry into the world First emerges a female with black rock material coating her body She s wearing an elaborate mask, the mask that is gracing the cover of Dark Masquerade, and she s able to cause destruction just by speaking Unfortunately, there are many masked females To make matters worse, as though things weren t bad enough, an alien larger than the Best Buy also emerges.Nathan, Macalay, and Pearl go back to the Westgate Mall Plaza in the hopes that they can at least help some of the people there, but most of the occupants were already murdered not by the hands of an alien, but by the hands of a trigger happy, delirous man with a gun.At this point, the three of them can do nothing but search for the town where people who know about Daisy are supposedly staying.Just like in the previous two books, there is much to the adventure than what Nathan is going through, though much of his tribulations effect and are tied to the other conflicts We also get to see the story from the point of views of Heather, Sin, President Amanda Stone, Daisy, Mr Silver, Ericka Shane, and Jasper President Amanda Stone is hiding in a underground bunker With members of Absolute and Daisy s Defiance determined to see her dead, that s her best plan of action She s the only leader with power still on her mind While others are shaken up by Legion s attacks, she s deadset on conquering and rising beyond the title of President of the United States She has the dark advisor, the Man of Shadows, on her side promising her power She needs him for than that, though His touch heals her He is her drug.And what happens if you keep turning to a powerful drug After a while, you lose yourself to it.Sin, meanwhile, is staying in the Village Grove Apartments complex Sin has the barcode enforced by President Amanda Stone and the Falling Star Directives laws that ban all religious items, force people to taint their bodies with the barcodes as a means of currency, and sentence opposers to death but she can t stay in the Sanctuary where all of the government s followers live A lot of her actions in the previous book have put her on the President s hit list.With a baby in her womb, the assassin that killed her mother after her life, and a mysterious, powerful man named Ryn deadset on making her his princess slave, she has plenty of things to worry about Sex is her greatest weapon and also her greatest weakness No one knows this better than Ryn, and he will use that against her to make her his.Halfway across the world, Heather and Griffin, two Wedges, are out to find the blade capable of killing immortals Without the blade, Earth and other worlds will most definitely be destroyed Griffin just learned that he is Wedge royalty and has rare, serendipitous powers Joseph Warren is the Vector agent in charge of their mission In fact, they are all aboard a Vector ship, their destination the Land of Seven Moons in the Bermuda Triangle.Unfortunately, the land s monks and leader have no intention of giving them the blade They re not open to getting involved in any way, and they re willing to take violent measures to make that clear.Like the monks, Mr Silver also doesn t care about the pain and suffering everyone is going through Sure, a quarter of his ships have already left earth and taken people to Anaisha, an untarnished planet where everyone s memories of earth will be erased, but he isn t doing it out of kindness After all, Mr Silver is an egomaniac who sees Anaisha as his opportunity to become the god of a new world.As much as Mr Silver wishes to go to Anaisha, he know he still has too much work to do at SilverTech Industries to leave just yet Beside worrying about the messes his losses from previous books may bring him Hush, the woman he made his slave, his daughter, the time traveling device, and all of the research connected to the device he also has to handle Tamasine and the assassin Tamasine sent as revenge for when Mr Silver killed Inken, Tamasine s sister.Mr Silver really isn t that concerned, though Power is his only concern Just a little time, a little research, and his scientists will discover how to go about becoming immortal Than he really can rule Anaisha as a god.As expected from a book in the Black Earth series, there is a lot going on However, there aren t as many events as the previous books, and it s easier to grasp all the different storylines and how they intermingle Two things came to mind the instant I started Dark Masquerade First, the story is very well written Everything flows well I never once found myself unable to read a section due to bad writing.Second, this would make an awesome comic book series Seriously If someone made this into a comic, I would be very excited I m smelling a great Indiegogo campaign.Those two things stuck in my mind throughout the book.What I liked most about this book, as well as David s other books, is how all the characters and organizations have shades of grey No one is completely good or bad, black and white, and the uncertainty makes for an intriguing read If you, like me, love learning about other creatures, worlds, powers, and items, this book will definitely pull you in.Once again, David doesn t disappoint I ve loved every one of the books in the Black Earth series, in spite of the sometimes overwhelming amount of stuff to keep up with I know that as soon as the last book comes out, I ll be all over it.

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    Black Earth Dark Masquerade is the 3rd book in Alderman s Black Earth Series This novel contains violence and cursing than the previous 2 books but it is an excellent book overall It starts out with Nathan still looking for his sister, Daisy, and it explains in great detail how the earth has dramatically changed for the worse since book 2 ended The author really does a great job painting visuals with his words as he opens up this third book The imagery and articulation the author uses makes it very clear as to the environment the author is trying to create The story line is great and the character development is very good but my favorite thing about the book is the author s writing style Alderman s ability to articulate scenes and situations in his writings simultaneously in chapters and then intertwining the stories writing in later chapters is unparalleled to any other author I have read He did it great in his first 2 books and does it just as well if not better in his 3rd book.I like the way the author lays out each chapter The book is laid out beautifully to intertwine the story through the multiple characters The Black Earth series is very character heavy and this novel is not different however, this book starts to bring all the story lines together and really explains the history behind each character The reader starts to understand why certain things happen the way they did in previous books You really start to understand what type of people the characters areexample Cynthia is pregnant and truly loves this baby growing inside heryet she is so naive and uneducated She drinks NyQuil to handle her allergies and is still sleeping with random men She fails to realize that her habits are very harmful to herself and her unborn child The man in the red suit finally gets a name and he proves to be extremely violent His true personality comes out in this book as well as his dark background I love how this author elaborates on Ryn and the cathedral and then ties how Ryn fits into the story and who he is related to fighting against Nathan s personality really comes out in this book He proves to be pretty stubborn at times The author is not scared to kill off key characters and it s rather shocking to see some main characters go.but if I know this author and his writing style, I think a couple of these characters may pop back up on the dark side in future books which excites me The scene of the frozen ocean and the black sand is great again excellent imagery and you feel you are right there experiencing the entire scene Time travel and portals to other worlds are still a big part of this book You get to see of the Heavenly realm and angels are introduced The book ends with the reader wanting I m excited for the next book to come out already Again the story is great and elaborate detail gets revealed, but this author has an amazing writing style The writing style is one of the best I ve seen and I m an avid reader I suggest to readers that they try to read this book and the first two from start to finish in as close to one sitting as possible There is a lot going on and a lot of detail and if you take too much of a break in between readings you have to stop and figure out exactly what just happened and what is going on This book is gripping and leaves the reader wanting I highly recommend this series

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    Not as good as either of the two previous books It requires discussing heavy spoilers though, so the review is marked.Nathan s search for Daisy is about to be resolved Meanwhile Griffin, Heather, and Joseph find that the Land of the Seven Moons isn t all that keen on giving up the immortal killing weapon Shadowbanish Vector s chief reveals a surprising secret, and the assasin Shaonna isn t quite done with her quest to kill Strangeways Silver Sin takes the first steps to a dark destiny as well.The problem with the book is that it wastes a lot of time on characters that there s little reason to care about, and adds situations where it should be resolving them or working with what they have The land of the Seven Moons is just there to provide Shadowbanish and remove some people, and it s really not needed It would be one thing if the three tried to convince the monks to join the fight, or the monks would pursue them, but it could have been handled better.There s other scenes like this too Was it really necessary to make the head of Vector yet another space alien from another planet Why is so much space dedicated to Shoanna s multiple deaths and revives The first time was okay, but after the repeated attempts to kill Silver only to fail due to deus ex machina, it got a little old.Same with the Soul Eater Impressive beastie, but we don t NEED any beasties, and it s already established that the heroes cannot fight them Adding is kind of pointless Same with Tamrin I get she was supposed to tempt Daisy, but her idea and backstory were weird, and we already have plenty of weirdness in the book Same with the soul mask people.I guess you could boil this down to the fact we don t need evil to be any stronger They ve been established as a credible threat We don t need time wasted on ancilliary characters when ones like Olivia don t even show up in this book, and when Evanescence makes all of one appearance Unlike before, the new additions start to feel tacked on and unneeded There s also still a lack of explanation Why is Nathan so valuable What did Daisy s death really accomplish I mean, it would be one thing if seeing this unlocked Nathan s latent Wedge powers, but it kind of just fizzled out Some characters you can see where they are going, and Sin for could be extremely potent in the next book I also like knowing finally what Pearl s true purpose was, and that it could even be activated accidentally just walking anywhere and unlocking things has a quiet horror to it.But this is a much weaker book than the first two I think it shows that the series needs some much needed resolution All the pieces are in place for a satisfying end, and the book just needs to get there Unfortunately this book feels a bit like tying up loose ends.

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    The third book of the Black Earth series really starts to advance the action The world is crumbling with only certain areas that are even able to see the sun any, there are lighthouses that shoot beams that cause violent insanity, and the President of the US has implemented a plan to give herself power on a global scale I really enjoyed this chapter of the series as there are certain elements that are beginning to get an explanation, such some background on the man in red who is holding Daisy while she waits for her execution The christian theme is also becoming a bit pronounced as the story develops That is not to say that this is what you would normally consider to be a religious story, but the relationship that some of the characters are developing with God is becoming apparent There is a lot of violence and other adult situations that may turn some readers away, but the underlying message of faith is still pretty apparent to those willing to read.The story takes place following the characters that have been introduced in the first two books, but they have separated for the most part leading to a fair amount of scene jumping This honestly had me a bit confused at first since it has been a while since I read either of the first two books in the series I did pick up everything pretty quickly once I started to get pulled into the story though The flow of the book was excellent and had me locked into the story after the introductory getting my bearings Nathan is still a decent guy, who has some character flaws, but he is easy to respect Daisy is a tragic figure being held for execution for refusing to bow to the presidential mandates and being used as an example Cyn is still a bit of a mystery as her story has seemed to have a few different possibilities through the series and a pretty big question mark about her is left open in this book Heather is also a character I still have some questions about and hope to see a bit about her in the next book of the series.

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