Wake Me Up Inside

Wake Me Up Inside Zev Hassick Is Surprised And Confused When He Finds Himself Attracted To His Best Friend His Very Human, Very Male Best Friend Zev Is The Son Of The Pack Alpha, Regarded As The Strongest Wolf In Generations, Born To Lead And Everyone Knows A Male Shifter Has To Mate With A Female Of His Own Kind To Keep His Humanity So Shifters Can T Be Gay, Right Jonah Marvel Wants A Relationship With Zev, His Best Friend, The Man He Has Loved Since Childhood It Wasn T Easy To Maintain That Relationship Over Years Spent Living Apart While Jonah Studied To Become A Doctor And Then Things Grow Difficult When Jonah Becomes His Own Patient Before He Can Make A Life With Zev, He Has To Understand His Past And Cure The Unexplained Ailments That Plague HimZev And Jonah Know They Re Destined For Each Other, But They Re Facing Traditions Ingrained Over Generations And Long Buried Secrets That May Threaten Any Future Together

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  • ebook
  • 250 pages
  • Wake Me Up Inside
  • Cardeno C.
  • English
  • 09 June 2017
  • 9781613727126

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    Price drop to 0.99 today at US, 3 23 17 The entire plot of the book is basically described in the image below Okay That s a wrapWait, you want of a review Fine, fineI can tell a Cardeno C book from a mile away They are sap overload, true love fests, and sometimes that works for me and sometimes it doesn t More often than not, the insta love that I so often see in this author s books irritates me and I end up with mixed feelings about the story.However, this is a shifter book, a genre where insta love tends to be the norm, so in this particular case, I didn t mind it In fact, most of this book was really enjoyable I liked the slow buildup to sex I like to be tortured a bit and the banter between the two MCs The scenes where the guys fooled around in the beginning were pretty hot and I was digging the book as a whole However, at about 75% things started to go downhill for me.First of all, the sex scenes became a bit gratuitous, even for me I found myself skimming the sex a bit waaaa It also became too sticky sweet sappy and I had a number of eye roll moments as everything came together too neatly at the end.All in all, this was an enjoyable but typically conflicted Cardeno C experience for me Find this review and other like it at My Fiction Nook

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    4.5 starsDid Not Want This Book To End No one does shifters like CC Loved Zev and Jonah, even if I found Zev s reluctance to communicate with Jonah sooner rather than almost too late a little frustrating But there was so much yummy angst, tenderness, smexy times and soul baring FEELS, I was swept away Bravo

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    It s just you It s always been you I loved the way Zev and Jonah first met The human didn t cry, he just reached his small hand out and petted Zev s fur The wolf cub whined with joy and pressed himself against the human baby, licking his neck and rubbing against his body Zev s wanted to mark himself with that lemony scent It smelled so good and rightSo when they first met, they were just babies A one year old human baby and a same age wolf cub After that they are always together, as best friends, until they become 18 Then, Jonah leaves the small town in order to study and Zev stays behind in order to become Pack s Alpha.While Jonah is oblivious and he hungers for , Zev hesitates because He never thought it is possible for shifters to mate with humans He never thought it is possible for shifters to be gay And True mates are incredibly rare.Zev and Jonah will be together on and off, but it will take them 12 years to finally be together at last.An amazing, romantic story I devoured it in one sitting.

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    4.5 Stars Friends to lovers, true mates, shifters, some long distance angst.Zev and Jonah were adorably fantastic together The connectionThe friendshipThe humorThe sexCheck Check Check Check Loved it all I love the way the story was told The prologue starts in the present, and then we re taken to the very beginning of Zev and Jonah s friendship until the story catches up to the prologue I loved that anticipation of finding out why things are the way they are in the prologue With Zev being a shifter a powerful alpha at that and Jonah being human, there were a lot of things these two needed to overcome to be together In the middle of the book, the author really had me straddling the line of frustration with Zev for keeping important information from Jonahespecially with where Jonah s inner thoughts took him and what actions he believed he needed to take That could have all been avoided But a big ol hallelujah that the drama llama didn t show up during a couple of key moments when that bitch could have trampled all over this story One of the things that I really appreciated was when things came to a head, Jonah took a lot of things in stride and didn t throw a fit like may have been expected Was it a little too easy Yes But I understood it Zev was his best friend, he d never given Jonah reason to doubt him or distrust himand so many things that had been nagging in the back of Jonah s subconscious finally made sense Zev and Jonah were truly perfect together Blondie and his Pup absolutely melted my heart Highly, HIGHLY recommend this shifter book to everyone

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    3.5 Blondie and Pup Stars Zev and Jonah discovered each other when they were just babies Zev always knew there was something special about Jonah He felt this draw to him, like he was his mate But his family and the pack said it wasn t possible for him to be gay, much less be mated to a human of all things Jonah felt his own kind of draw to Zev They are best friends in all ways When Jonah final gets the courage to tell Zev how he feels, Zev discovers it is possible for him to be gay and have Jonah as his mate But Jonah is going away to college.This was a sweet mate story I enjoyed it for the most part I loved how they were drawn to each other so early and how they went through different periods in their life together So why not rate it higher First, there is a lot of sex I m all for that in my stories I enjoy the sexy times and the love making between two individuals But here, I think some pages could have been cut out by eliminating some of the sex scenes They were at it ALL THE TIME.Secondlythe cheating And yes, it was cheating IMO I hated it BUTI also understood it Jonah had no idea what was happening to him He was sick and left wanting by Zev He couldn t understand why Zev wouldn t go all the way with him I wish Zev had at least told him SOMETHING to ease his mind a little so he wouldn t have had to try with anyone else Nothing happens, but still, he tried and I hate that So, it did take away the enjoyment of them being true mates for me.Overall, I enjoyed it and will continue on with the series.

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    DNF 52%It was so slow and I got bored I read the first half and practically nothing happened so I couldn t keep reading

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    OMG This Book Has a Smexy Alpha who is a Force to be Reckoned with Blondie his mate is a Force to be Reckoned with as well 4 Stars Cuz, really really , like it and if they would have not been view spoiler separated for so long and I d got to enjoy this couple it hide spoiler

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    3.5 A sweet shifter book Zev and Jonah were quite the adorable couple They meet very young and they are sweet from age 1 and on I liked we got to see how they grew with each other and how their relationship became something serious than friends I thought Zev being so na ve about gay sex was kind of adorable I loved how Jonah made him feel comfortable about it all and how Zev was so accepting on how things were and who he was I didn t like how long it took for these two to actually join together as a complete couple and how long it took Zev to fill Jonah in on who he really was and why they had to wait so long to be completely intimate with each other Then there was the ending It was rushed for me It felt to abrupt I wanted I wanted to see Jonah meeting the rest of Zev s family I wanted to see Jonah s dads reaction to him being a shifter and being mated with Zev It felt unfinished and that left me unsatisfied.Still enjoyed it Just wanted .Happy reading dolls xx

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    I loved revisiting this universe and this story It made me just as melty as it did the first time Original Review 29 Nov 2014 4.5 StarsI don t read much paranormal Of the 900 books I ve marked as read on GoodReads, only 25 of them are paranormal books No particular reason, I don t think, I just tend to overlook them Well, after reading The Half of Us, by this same author, Dani recommended this series And thank FSM she did I hate the fact that I would have overlooked this series otherwise I LOVED Wake Me Up Inside In fact, I started reading it Friday night and stayed up way past my bedtime because I Could Not Put It Down Even after I forced myself to close my Kindle, I laid awake thinking about it I really should have just given in and stayed up to finish it, but I digressZev and Jonah meet when they are about a year old Zev was in wolf form at the time and he and Jonah are inexplicably drawn to one another, even then This story takes place over the next 30 years as Zev and Jonah grow up and it illustrates just how drawn together they really are Both when Zev is in wolf form and when he is in human form.Wolf lore says that a male and female shifter must mate in order to be able to control their shifts This could be a problem for Zev because he has never been attracted to anyone other than Jonah Ever And as he is destined to be Alpha of his pack, he must find a mate so that his pack can prosper But not only is Jonah male, but he s also human None the less, their bond is very strong and neither of them can ignore it While Jonah was away, I feared for him and Zev Their separation really took its toll on both of them, both physically and mentally Their courtship, as it were, was so so sweet And the sex is scorching hot I also loved how other parts of the story tied into the main story line Both small and large, it all ties together and in a clever way So, if you like shifter stories or, hell, even if you don t normally read them , I would definitely recommend Wake Me Up Inside It s really a fantastic in all senses of the word story I cannot wait to delve into the rest of this series and other books by Cardeno C..

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    How have I not discovered the world of shifters until now Holy crap, shifters are H O T I think this was a good one for me to start with because it covered all the basics of shifters, most of which I was unfamiliar with I m really looking forward to the rest of this series Also wanted to add, I listened to this one on audiobook Charlie David is the narrator and he did a really good job.

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