Разговор в мрака

Разговор в мрака nsan n i ini rperten, kan n donduran, okuru d nd rtmenin tesine ge irten, hepsi ayr ayr be y ld z hakeden hikayelerA a yukar t m yk lerin arka plan ndaki inan din, cennet cehennem, iyilik k t l k meseleleri, kesinlikle basmakal p olmayan, s ra d bir dille anlat lm.Bu arada Japon edebiyat yla tan kl m artt k a daha ok sevmeye ba l yorum ubat Mart 2018 de t m yk leri ikinci defa okuduktan sonra yazm oldu um yorumdur Muhte em eviriyi yapan O uz Baykara n n diliyle, d nd ren, i neleyen, bazen g ld ren ya da azarlayan, bazen de yumu ac k bir duygusall k ta yan yk ler bunlarAkutagava m kemmeliyet idir yle der Sanat n vatan nda m kemmel olmayan hi bir eye yer yoktur Bir sanat eseri ancak m kemmel oldu u s rece l ms z olur.RA OMON Anlad m kadar yla U ak akl n devreye sokmadan g rd nden duydu undan etkilenerek ger ekle tiriyor edimlerini A l k, aresizlik umutsuzluk, her t rl k t l e zemin haz rl yor nsan kendinden k t olmuyor Elinde olmadan aleyhine geli en olaylar onu k t olmaya zorluyor nsan durup dururken k t olabilir mi BURUN Ba kalar n n bizi nas l g rd n n , biz farketmesek de asl nda, ne kadar da umurumuzda oldu u net bir ekilde bu yk de sergileniyor Bir de insanlar n bizim iyi durumda olmam zdan ok k t durumda olmam z m ho lar na gidiyor acaba diye bir soru i areti do uyor kafam zda, z lerek belirtmek gereken nsan birbirinin k t l n m istiyor ger ekten i ten i ten, kendine bile itiraf edemese bile Biz k t den iyi duruma ge ince akt rmadan rahats z m oluyor insanlarMEND L Bu ido mutsuzlu un yan lg ve yanl anla lmalar n bir sonucu oldu unu s yleyen Japon ya am sanat Her zaman g l mse ve unutma ki mutsuzluklar yan lg ve yanl anla lmalar n sonucudur R MCEK P Kandata, kendi ya am n n riske girme olas l binde bir olsa bile, t m di er insanlar n ya am haklar n hi e sayabiliyor.CEHENNEM TABLOSU Yo ihide nin yapt resmi Horikava Efendi be eniyor, Ba Rahip Yokava be eniyor insan gibi g r nenlerin i inde dahi iblis mi var yoksa nsan n kan donuyor.MANDAL NALAR Yorgunlu umuzu, s k nt lar m z ve hayat n anlams zl n , adili ini ve tekd zeli ini biraz olsun unutturacak baz s radan ama hi de g r nd gibi olmayan basit olaylara ihtiyac m z oluyor bazen NL SA Gizemli g ler iyiyi d llendirip, k t y cezaland r yor Mutlulu umuzu ba kalar n n mutsuzlu unda aramamam z tleniyor sankiTO NUN Varsa pulun, herkes senin kulun yoksa pulun, cehenneme kadar yolun Ancak bir istisnas var bunun ana babam z Bir de nemli olan, yaln z insana yak r d r st bir hayat ya amakSONBAHAR Ablan n karde e yapt inan lmaz b y k bir fedakarl k ve karde in ablaya K skan l kla zveri, buruklukla efkat kolkolaBALO yk de krizantemlerin bolca ge mesi hi de tesad f de ilmi Ya am oldu umuz baz g zel anlar bizde yle yo un etkiler b rak r ki, sanatkar ruhlu insan i in i te bu anlar m kemmel bir sanat eserinin kayna d r, malzemesidir Bo una dememi ler Nefes ald m z g nlerin de il, nefesimizin kesildi i anlar n toplam d r hayatPi rre Loti de Madam Krizantem adl eserini nefesinin kesildi i bir andan esinlenerek yazm olmal ALILIKLAR ARASINDA H rs z n, ld r len adam n kar s n n ve ld r len adam n ayr ayr vicdan muhasebesine tan k oluyoruz, yine tabii ki ok de i ik bir kurguylaVAGON Hayat n ini k lar ndan zevk alarak ya amal , ama bunun bir istisnas var ge im s k nt s s n r n n alt na d memek kayd yla Ge im derdi i in i ine girdiyse ini k lar zd rap olabiliyor ocukken bunun fark na varm yoruz Yazar burada do ru anlad ysam ocukken Ryohey in yolunu kaybedip korkmas yla, b y d kten sonra i ine girdi i ge im s k nt s aras nda bir benzetme yapmaya al m ARKLAR Bu yk Akutagava n n belki de en karamsar ama bir o kadar da bizi i ine eken yk s Yaz ld tarihe dikkat ettim Akutagava n n hayattaki son y l Paranoya, ku ku, korku vs son evresinde art k Okudu u, g rd , ya ad her eyde kendiyle ilgili mutlaka olumsuz bir taraf g r yor, hatta yle bir ruh haline geliyor ki, kar s onu g rd nde lm zannedebilecek kadarSERAP Akutagava n n en son yazd ve l m nden sonra yay mlanan temas z yk rneklerinden biriymi bu Serap Ona g re edebi bir yap t n temas n n g l olmas gerekmez, nk air ruhlu bir yazar en basit konuyu bile aheser haline getirebilir. , 1927 Six deceptively simple or simply deceptive short stories from early twentieth century Japanese author Ry nosuke Akutagawa, who died at the too early age of 35 My favorite is the first story, In a Grove, where the police commissioner interviews various unreliable witnesses, trying to pin down exactly what happened in an apparent murder rape scene In Rashomon, a laid off servant lingers under a dilapidated gate, caught between an living an honest life that might be the end of him and adopting a life of thievery An odd occurrence leads him to his choice The main character in Yam Gruel is distinctly reminiscent of the pitiful, picked upon Akaky in The Overcoat Sometimes getting what you ve always wanted leaves you emptier than when you started Another standout was Kesa and Morito, in which a man and woman who ve had a brief fling decide to kill the woman s husband and neither of them really wants to do so Love and contempt are mixed together in their hearts, one melting into the other until they re almost indistinguishable.There are no easy answers in any of these painful stories Truth twists away from you and becomes elusive, in one tale after another.I would actually kind of like to taste yam gruel now, and to see a yam that s actually three inches wide and five feet long In a Grove A man is found stabbed to death in a grove Some people of interest and the key players give their accounts.Yeah, I m a fan of this Lots of narrators with varying degrees of reliability If the other stories are this good, this collection is going to be stellar.Rashomon A samurai s servant sits under the Rashomon during a rain storm, pondering whether he should become a thief or starve to death.I didn t like this story as much as the first but it was still interesting I never thought of making wigs in that way.Yam Gruel Goi, a samurai who is the butt of everyone s jokes, has a life long craving for Yam Gruel But what will he do when he s offered all he can ever eat This was an odd one, like a fable than the previous two I felt bad for Goi and really hoped he d go on a killing spree but, alas, it was not to be.The Martyr When the umbrella maker s daughter becomes pregnant, everyone suspects, Lorenzo, the orphan raised by Jesuits.Huh This was an odd one about protecting the people you love at all costs.Kesa and Morito The tale of a love triangle from two of its participants This was another story with unreliable narrators It was well written and fairly twisted.The Dragon An old man tells the story of a big nosed priest named Hanazo and the prank he played on a village that backfired.All in all, this was an enjoyable collection By far, my favorite tales were In a Grove and Kesa and Morito, the two unreliable narrator tales The others were good to mediocre 3.5 out of 5 stars. Here is the answer to the obvious question, which I call obvious because of the fact that I thought it, s commented below asking about it, and my guess is that will come So, let me clarifyumm, sort of.It s a little confusing, actually The Akutagawa story In a Grove, which is in this particular Akutagawa collection, was the basis for the Kurosawa film Rash mon The Akutagawa story Rash mon which is also in this collection and by the same author, Ry nosuke Akutagawa shares no similarities save robber characters and, of course, being in this collection and by this particular author Akutagawa Further, this edition of Akutagawa stories that I personally read only contains 6 pieces, though goodreads has filed it as if it were the same as another Akutagawa collection which contains 17 Akutagawa stories, including Rash mon and In a Grove, the latter of which was the basis for the Kurosawa film Rash mon, and both of which are also, as I said, in the 6 story collection that I read How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood Imagine managing the manger at an imaginary menagerie In a Grove alone makes this worth reading, though Rash mon the short story is amazing in its own right Yam Gruel is a guts knotting depiction of what happens when you get what you want, even especially if it s the only thing you ever wanted, and still have so much empty existence left to live through afterward This one made me feel like I was watching one of those guilt trippy save the battered puppies and kitties commercials with the sappy Lilith Fair soundtracks that make you so sick to your stomach with overwhelming, scary Feelings about this harsh world that you have to change the channel as quickly as possible in order to not cry or shove a pistol in your mouth Kesa and Morito is a story of adultery and murder between a couple who simultaneously despise, love, fear, and lust for one another It is a brief reflection on what we have and what we lose as a result of what our self hatreds make us think we do and do not deserve, and on the appeal of smashing something to bits if only for the resulting change itself It is also about the guilt that follows Could I not endure my loneliness since my ugliness was vividly shown to me Did I try to bury everything in that delirious moment of putting my face on his chest Or was I moved by mere shameful desire as he was I can love only one man And that very man is coming to kill me tonight Even this rush light is too bright for me, tortured by my lover as I am. Daaaaamn, gurl Isss ok The other two stories concern religious themes of devotion and mass hysteria I m not sure how I feel about The Martyr, as it struck me as a sort of Japanese retelling of the Job tale, and that bible story than most makes me extremely angry that I m expected to buy the appeal of some all powerful sadist dickwad in the sky The Dragon, however, was awesome for the opposite reason it actually questions the various supposed spiritual phenomena throughout history, anything from possessions to Virgin Mary in the cheese, all through a simple tale of a priest s prank that goes too far We all saw it happen, so that means it s real Even though there is zero proof How could we all think it if it s not true That never happens Great collection I m sure that the even longer collection that goodreads thinks this collection is, is also great Alright, I admit that I made that difficult than necessary. There are six Japanese short stories in this collection We learn from the very start that the author committed suicide at age 35 His stories are dark including murder, grief, infidelity, humiliation, isolation, desire, greed, and good evil, I didn t like these stories nearly as much as I did the short novel I read recently Kokoro , by Natsume Soseki.but they are written beautifully..most were unsettling.The author was cynical it seemed to me pretty much about everything After awhile I was ready to move on from all the bleakness. Demek ki insano lu, g n do unca u up giden bir i tanesi gibi fani ve mr de ak p s nen bir im ek kadar k sac ks.147 Sava ncesi Japon edebiyat n n en aibeli isimlerinden birisi olan Akutagava n n yk lerinden olu an kitab n Meiji hanedanl d neminden itibaren y kseli e ge en Japonya n n, buna paralel y kselen edebiyat n n da bir eseri.Japonya her ne kadar Bat dan beslenerek kendine zg bir k lt r, sanayi, politika ve bilim retebildiyse edebiyatta da ayn ekilde Strindberg, Dostoyevski gibi isimlerden etkilenen ama kendine zg bir tarz olu turan Akutagava da bu bayra omuzlam.Kitapta beni en ok etkileyen yk al l klar Aras nda isimli yk oldu Haf zam beni yan ltm yor ise y llar y llar nce izledi im, 1950 yap m y netmen koltu unda Akira Kurosawa n n oturdu u Rashomon isimli film de bu yk den uyarlama Ger ekli in farkl a lar ndan bak larak yaz lan kitab n kendisinden ok sonra gelen Miramar gibi pek ok esere k yasla 1922 y l nda yaz ld g z n nde bulundurulmal Kitab n rpertici havas n soludu umuz bir di er yk olan Cehennem Tablosu en be endi im ikinci yk oldu Bu yk her ne kadar karanl k bir ruh haletinin yans mas olsa da Yazar n her zaman ta d melankoliye de uygun insan n akl na kaz nan bir konuya sahip.August Strindberg ten olduk a etkilenen, hatta baz yk lerinde onu karakter olarak dahi kullanan yazar n t pk Strindberg gibi son derece melankolik bir ruh ta d yk lerde rahatl kla anla l yor Burada de inmek istedi im bir di er konu ise evirmen O uz Baykara n n evirisindeki kelime e itlili i evirmenin kelime da arc n n ne denli g l oldu u evirisinden rahatl kla anla l yor.Her ne kadar 13 g nde bitirsem de, a r fakat keyifli bir okuma oldu benim i in Baz yk leri ger ekten ok be ensem de baz yk lerde zorland m itiraf etmeliyim M.B. 3.5 stars.I read the Chinese translation of this short stories collection, which selects Mr Akutagawa s best short storiesand Mr Akutagawa committed suicide at around age 32.Wellthe main reason for me to finally bring my lazy butt to read Akutagawa s novels is this LINK Spider s Thread and Hell Screen must be best of the best among these handful of short stories in the collection The haunting feeling of madness, despair and an artist s obsession with the art captured and described in Hell Screen really is really masterful.The story s outline of Hell Screen in ancient Japan, a powerful, wealthy Duke ordered his painter to paint a scene of Hell on a screen Soon afterward the painter reported to the Duke that he could not finish the painting and bring the sight of a living, burning Hell to his lord if he couldn t witness, with his own eyes, a carriage being burnt to ash Surprisingly, the Duke granted his wish by setting his own expansive carriage on fire, but the fulfillment of the painter s strange desire came with a heavy price view spoiler Oh well, turned out the painter s beloved daughter was dressed prettily and chained on the carriage to be burnt alive she was chosen as a victim because she had refused the Duke, I guess , sad to know the daughter s pet monkey is the only one who cared for her enough to throw itself to the flame and burnt with her And shockingly still, despite the painter s utter horror and pain, he watched his daughter being burnt alive in an twisted kind of ecstasy How terrifying hide spoiler Rashomon and Other Stories, Ry nosuke Akutagawa Ry nosuke Akutagawa 1892 1927 is one of Japan s foremost stylists a modernist master whose short stories are marked by highly original imagery, cynicism, beauty and wild humor Rash mon and In a Bamboo Grove inspired Kurosawa s magnificent film and depict a past in which morality is turned upside down, while tales such as The Nose, O Gin and Loyalty paint a rich and imaginative picture of a medieval Japan peopled by Shoguns and priests, vagrants and peasants And in later works such as Death Register, The Life of a Stupid Man and Spinning Gears, Akutagawa drew from his own life to devastating effect, revealing his intense melancholy and terror of madness in exquisitely moving impressionistic stories 2012 2015 1390 392 1391 9789640014981 20. Writing At The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century, Ryunosuke Akutagawa Created Disturbing Stories Out Of Japan S Cultural Upheaval Whether His Fictions Are Set Centuries Past Or Close To The Present, Akutagawa Was A Modernist, Writing In Polished, Superbly Nuanced Prose Subtly Exposing Human Needs And Flaws In A Grove, Which Was The Basis For Kurosawa S Classic Film Rashomon, Tells The Chilling Story Of The Killing Of A Samurai Through The Testimony Of Witnesses, Including The Spirit Of The Murdered Man The Fable Like Yam Gruel Is An Account Of Desire And Humiliation, But One In Which The Reader S Sympathy Is Thoroughly Unsettled And In The Martyr, A Beloved Orphan Raised By Jesuit Priests Is Exiled When He Refuses To Admit That He Made A Local Girl Pregnant He Regains Their Love And Respect Only At The Price Of His Life All Six Tales In The Collection Show Akutagawa As A Master Storyteller And An Exciting Voice Of Modern Japanese Literature

Akutagawa Ry nosuke was one of the first prewar Japanese writers to achieve a wide foreign readership, partly because of his technical virtuosity, partly because his work seemed to represent imaginative fiction as opposed to the mundane accounts of the I novelists of the time, partly because of his brilliant joining of traditional material to a modern sensibility, and partly because of fi

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