Nicki Sosebee Foursome (Nicki Sosebee, #1-4)

Nicki Sosebee Foursome (Nicki Sosebee, #1-4) Title GOT THE LIFESeries Nicki Sosebee 1Author Jade C JamisonPublish Date 08.01.11Publisher Jade C JamisonCategory Genre RomanceReceived from Jade C Jamison in exchange for an honest reviewDate completed 02.19.14Nicki Sosebee sohs bee is a rookie reporter chasing her goal to have a front page headline She has the sexual ethics of a man and the mouth of a sailor At 30 years old, she s working three jobs, living a life of independence, and enjoying one night stands between boyfriends When she becomes part of the story she s chasing, she now has to worry about surviving it.The guys she dates will always be boyfriends and nothing , sometimes even less, because Nicki s heart wants Sean For example, she hooks up with Carlos, a one night extended into two Latin lover who calls her mi dulzura Doesn t sweet thing sound even cuter in another language Sean s been her best friend for most of her life, but each foray into making it something ends in disaster, such as the night that must never be mentioned again Even so, neither wants to lose their friendship and regularly set aside the hurts and jealousies Alright, ya all know that Jade is one of my favorite authors She even said she would claim me as a sister I have read the four books in the Bullet series and a couple of stand alones I have promised her a whole week to catch up on as many of her older works as possible We agreed on the Nicki Sosebee series first, so I started with this one today I absolutely could not put this down I am sitting here looking at page one of DEAD and reminding myself that this review has to be written before I can continue reading This is always a problem for me, just because I do love reading so much It is especially difficult for me today, because I know I have seven books in this series and 9 will be released soon after I complete these I m hoping to complete the eight I have in time for the cover reveal of FAKE on February 24th.For all of the time that I have been following Jade, I have been pronouncing Nicki s last name incorrectly Since we who have done so are made fun of in the book, I am challenging Jade to pronounce MY last name She has three days, and then I ll open it to all of you Perhaps there will be a prize Title DEADSeries Nicki Sosebee 2Author Jade C JamisonPublish Date 08.22.11Publisher Jade C JamisonCategory Genre RomanceReceived from Jade C Jamison in exchange for an honest reviewDate completed 02.20.14This is book two in the Nicki Sosebee and they do need to be read in order.I knew I was going to love this series Jade and I have talked about them often enough that I just knew, but I seriously love them even than I thought I would Nicki is a freelance crime beat reporter, surrounded by hot guys, and unapologetically engaging in hot sex Nicki is everything I wish I were brave enough to be She knows how and when to be a lady, but most of the time she s just this real person with almost no filter on her mouth.This is easy reading Like eye candy for the brain I am loving this mental vacation.Yeah, beginning book three immediately, NO PLACE TO HIDE The triangle is fully formed and I just know it s about to get intense in here Title NO PLACE TO HIDESeries Nicki Sosebee 3Author Jade C JamisonPublish Date 09.06.11Publisher Jade C JamisonCategory Genre RomanceReceived from Jade C Jamison in exchange for an honest reviewDate completed 02.21.14This is book three in the Nicki Sosebee sohs bee series They do need to be read in order If you have not read the first two books, stop now, do not read any further I d hate to spoil anything for you.Sean who Yeah, yeah, I ve been around Jade enough, kept her company at enough author take overs, to know that this is all a big love triangle, but right now I am completely in cheerleader mode and Jesse is my man Tough cookie Nicki has fallen in oh, don t say that L word with Jesse Meanwhile she s chasing a story about a serial rapist, an unheard of occurrence in peaceful Winchester, CO Nicki s doing her best to advise the women of her hometown to act with caution to protect themselves One of things you may not know about me is that I am a martial artist and I used to assist in teaching self defense classes Jesse earned extra points with me when he advised Nicki to use her keys as impromptu brass knuckle knives as she walks to and from her car after dark I always included that bit of advise for my students Jade, thank you for getting that message out there in another forum There are never too many words of caution.One other thing, Nicki is having a hard time dealing with the idea of turning thirty and the guys don t get it I turned fifty this year Thirty wasn t a problem forty wasn t a problem, just a number I would say, but fifty is killing me I still feel about 25 inside we won t get into the other half of Jesse s cheer up speech LOL , but there is no denying that there are certain birthdays for each of us that seem to define our lives I m looking forward to seeing how Jesse helps Nicki to celebrate this milestone.Okay, so bottom line, did I like the book Hell, yeah Third book in the series and each one better than the one before I am so glad I gifted myself with a week of Jade s books I have no other stories scheduled until the 26th, except for one cover reveal tomorrow Title RIGHT NOWSeries Nicki Sosebee 4Author Jade C JamisonPublish Date 10.12.11Publisher Jade C JamisonCategory Genre RomanceReceived from Jade C Jamison in exchange for an honest reviewDate completed 02.22.14This is the fourth book in the Nicki Sosebee series and they do need to be read in order.The ninth book in this series will be released in about two weeks, so I am trying to get caught up and be ready for FAKE as soon as it s ready.While reading this book, I was also stalking Facebook Jade reposted my review for the previous book NO PLACE TO HIDE and I told her I was at chapter four here in RIGHT NOW and I didn t know whose ass to kick first Full blown love triangle, oh yea, and they all want to be the base sorry, my math teacher persona making herself known Oh, my Lord, people, don t you know that ultimatums are never a good thing Lovely person that Jade is, she tells me to keep reading, You have a HUGE Oh, sh t moment coming up near the end When I got to the end, and there is one hell of an oh shit moment, I had to tell Jade she is evil She s evil in a good way, but oh my Team Sean or Team Jesse, either way Nicki has a hot guy who would move the world for her Oh, and it is Nicki, so Sean and Jesse aren t the only guys getting the steamy Nicki treatment wink I ll admit, I had to give in and look up my old music and play Prince s Sweet Nikki it just seemed appropriate.I can t stop now I need to continue reading this series You ll see me soon with the review for ONE MORE TIME Until then, if you haven t started reading this series, I am highly recommending you get caught up with me. ALL 4 of these books earned 5 star reviews from me posted individually and OMGnow I have to buy the rest of them If you loved Jamison s BULLET series and Tangled Webher earlier work will not disappoint you Even with these shorter books, each having a complete story but all tying in together as a journey of sorts, you can see how wonderful a storyteller Jamison really is, as she leaves no questions unanswered and uses dialogue that is honest and very frank I love how she writes her romance and the sexy, steamy encounters are so descriptive without being so explicit that you can feel it in your guts If you want a tasteget this 4 pack it s saves you a bit over buying all 4 and you will not be sorry 5 stars but really should be 20 collective stars The author sent me a copy of this book to introduce me to her Nicki Sosebee character and I am HOOKED Nicki is the women many of us secretly want to be She is tough, feminine, smart and loves sex She is an up and coming reporter and finds himself in some scary dangerous situations throughout the book Nicki has lusted after her best friend Sean for 8 years even after a botched sexual encounter where she screamed out another man s name in the throughs of passion, she has held in her lust for him Enter Sean s best guy friend, Jesse, who Nicki once thought an obnoxious douche Jesse is on her radar and then they hook up and the sparks fly Jesse is sensitive to her needs and sweet and Nicki is falling for him Can she and Jesse work things out Can she let go of her attraction to Sean and can she keep it all balanced A must read 5 Stars Squuueeeeaaa Diving in Princess Jade wow..what a ride into the fun life of Nicki Sosebee from her interesting jobsone as a reporter that gets her in a bunch of adrenaline enhancing situations to her fantastically fun and exciting luv life, while still sucking you into a major romance in the background oh yeah and a little in the foreground s seems to be turning into an angsty love triangle and you all know how much I love those can not wait to see how this plays out two things for sure one Nicki, who is like a sexually assertive adult Nancy Drew will definitely get herself in many a situation as a reporter and two the hotness factor is just going to blind me diving into book five Wooooooooo Nicki Sosebee is a strong, fun sassy woman who knows exactly what she wants whether it be a man or a story OK, so she s only a trainee reporter and still learning the ropes but that doesn t stop her hunting down a story and asking the awkward questions and pretty much figuring out the story behind the crime Not bad for a rookie Plus juggling being a reporter with being a waitress and selling make up should put the reins on her personal life Yet she puts as much energy into her personal life as she does her professional and manages to end up in bed with some very hot men.In addition to her short loved affairs, she is attracted to and drawn to her best friend Sean Sean is equally attracted to and drawn to Nicki but neither will act on their feelings after a disastrous attempt whilst in college Add in to the mix an incredibly sexy Jesse who is attracted to Nicki and he is not afraid to act and make Nicki his own Of course being Sean s best friend is an added complication but who knows who Nicki will actually end up with This is a collection of Nicki s first four stories Got the Life, where Nicki is on the trail of an arsonist Dead, which sees Nicki on the trail of a murderer with a possible political motive No Place to Hide, which sees a serial rapist set Winchester on high alert and Nicki investigating and Right Now, which sees a series of robberies taking place where odd items are taken.I loved the fun nature of these books Nicki is a bright and bouncy woman, full of enthusiasm and no sense of danger Throughout these stories she ends up figuring things out before the cops do but ends up putting herself in danger But that s OK because she has two incredibly sexy men in her life who can rescue her Nicki Sosebee reminds me of Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum, who is another sassy, strong woman with men decisions to make Nicki is a good reporter on her way to being a great reporter Works hard, plays hard and enjoys life With a great supporting cast of crazy friends and sexy men, this is a series to be followed. I m hooked Not a big fan of Sean I just want to kick him in the nuts He aggravates me I wish Nicki would just be done with him Now Jesse, on the other hand, yuuummmm I m so glad that he Nicki hit back together at the end Can t wait to see what happens in the next book. The First Four Books In The Nicki Sosebee Series In One Neat Bundle If You Liked Jade C Jamison S Tangled Web, You Ll Love The Nicki Sosebee SeriesGot The Life Nicki Sosebee Has Been Working Low Paying Jobs Ever Since She Finished School, But Now That She S Older, She Wants She S A Novice Reporter Trying To Learn The Ropes Just As She S Getting Her Career Goals On Track, Though, Her Love Life Gets Worse And Worse Sure, She Has No Problems Picking Up Good Looking Guys For Brief Flings, But Relationships Out Of The Question Maybe It S Because Sean, Her Gorgeous Best Friend, Just Can T See Her As Than A Buddy So When Sean Encourages Her As She Pursues Her First Headline Producing Story, Nicki Realizes That Her Life S Pretty Sweet If Only She Can Live Long Enough To See Tomorrow S Front PageDead Nicki S Love Life Might Suck, But Her Sex Life Is Great The Only Way Both Could Be Spectacular Would Be If Her Best Friend Sean Would Look At Her As Than Just A Friend Nicki Knows She S Stuck In The Friend Zone, So She Focuses Her Energies On Her Job She S Becoming A Better Reporter Every Day, So When Her Editor Asks Her To Interview A Local Politician, Nicki Is Thrilled But When The Politician S Secretary Ends Up Dead, It S Anybody S Guess As To Who Did It Nicki Has A Few Ideas, Though, And Finds Herself In Deep Trouble As She Pokes Her Nose Where She Thinks It BelongsNo Place To Hide The Winchester Tribune Publishes An Article Warning The Women Of Winchester That There Is A Sexual Predator On The Loose In The Streets Of The Town They Once Thought Was Safe Danger Doesn T Stop Nicki, Though, And It S Not Till It S Too Late That She Discovers The Criminal In The Place She Least Suspects And There S No One Who Can Save Her This Time Meanwhile, She Decides That Her New Love Interest Jesse Might Be Worth Of Her Timebut He S Not Making It EasyRight Now Nicki Is Becoming A Better Reporter, So Much So That Her Boss Neal Leans On Her And To Get The Good Stuff So When A Rash Of Robberies Hits The Downtown Winchester Area, Nicki Is Reporting The Damageand Probably Getting A Little Too Close For The Bad Guys Comfort As If That Weren T Enough, Nicki Finds Herself In A Full Fledged Love Triangle Between Jesse And Seanand She Can T Bear To Choose Between ThemDiscover What Other Jade C Jamison Fans Have Been Buzzing About Warning Not For The Faint Of Heart This Book Contains Explicit Sex And Naughty Language Proceed With Cautionif You Dare I m kicking myself here for having the Nicki Sosebee series on my kindle for just over a year and not reading them until now OMG I absolutely love them I have been a HUGE fan of Jade s since I read Bullet over a year ago To show my support and to load my kindle with some amazing books I have purchased almost every book she has published just a couple to get The ones I haven t read yet have been sitting on my TBR for what I am finding out is way too long I was hooked immediately and cannot put this series down it s been 3 days and I m already on book five I forced myself to pause reading so I can get reviews written for the first four Nicki Sosebee is a witty, tell it like it is, busting her butt to make it in the world, take what she wants type of woman Her main job is head waitress at Napoli but her love is being a rookie freelance reporter at the Winchester Tribune She has a deep connection with her best friend, Sean, and she feels an electric physical chemistry when she is around him, but they have only gone past the friendship zone one time, eight years ago, on The Night that Must Never Be Mentioned Again Nicki has never gotten over her lust and desire for him but keeps it hidden Her favorite way to deal with it is with sex Mostly quick pick ups since she doesn t keep a steady boyfriend due to no one being able to compete with her feelings for Sean Then we add Jesse into the mix Jesse is one of Sean s best friends, and someone who has had a major crush on Nicki since high school Each book revolves around Nicki s life, her relationships especially with Jesse and Sean, and the current story she is reporting on, and in many cases, finding herself in dangerous situations Lives are in danger, friendships are tested, relationships are tested you have to read this to see how it all turns out This is a definite MUST read and is highly, highly recommended Okay, now, on to book five and the rest of the series Nicki is an up and coming newspaper reporter waitress Her best guy friend is a hottie she practically slept with one time, but they avoid dealing with it She has a penchant for finding the story but also trouble along the way, and always needs saving Nicki loves sex and will grab it whenever she can, without thinking of the consequences, and sometimes there are some.Overall I like this series, it s well written although the characters are a little shallow but interesting The fact that Nicki grabs her a man whenever it appeals to her into no strings attached fun, leads to some interesting reading but I wouldn t want to do that in reality I d say this is a light read, with some interesting storylines and characters I wish would be developed a bit , but likeable nonetheless Here s the link on for this book I m giving the first four books in this series about 4.75 stars I truly enjoyed these books, from start to finish Initially I was a little skeptical because I had only ever read rock star books by Jade C Jamison before and I wondered if someone who wrote rock stars SO WELL could write that well in another sub genre of romance The answer is, she sure as heck can Jade has no niche, she can do whatever she wants and she does it well They re amazing, fast paced, page turners These books are like The Adventures of Nicki Sosebee They re very entertaining The series follows Nicki Sosebee, a freelance reporter waitress make up distributor Each individual book focuses around a particular story she s working for the paper and includes some element of her love life I can t say enough good things about it I can t wait to get to the next part of the series.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner While you re likely to see Jade headbanging instead of Dirty Dancing, she like Baby won t be put in a corner or a box So even though you can t really stick her books in one genre, you could say she mostly writes steamy Contemporary Romance and, while you re at it, you ll notice in her stories that Jade freaking loves Colorado, hard music, coffee, bad words, an

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