Wild Card (Down & Dirty, Book 1)

Wild Card (Down & Dirty, Book 1)werewolves and cowboys interesting concept book is ok not great not bad would like it to be longer Will read 2 in series. Of these three novellas, I thought Wild Card was the best It would have been good on my part had I gone to Ms Rogers website to get the background on this series I assumed this was a historical paranormal well, an erotic historical paranormal when in fact it wasn t Classifying books into genres can be so confusing Regardless, Wild Card was the best of the bunch for me I loved Jack s gruff exterior and Ginny s refusal to back down or take orders She s a woman who knows what she wants, and I absolutely adore heroines with that kind of gumption We re introduced to Hazel, the heroine of Calling the Bluff, in Wild Card, and her transformation from novella to novella is startling Hazel s the cause of much trouble between werewolves and humans, you see, because she s going into her first mating heat And the man she wants doesn t want anything to do with her When she s in trouble, however, something inside Oliver snaps He s surprised to find that he does indeed want Hazel Ante Up was the novella I thought I d like most Unfortunately, I never really felt a connection between Lottie and Thomas, certainly not one that had been aluded to in the two previous novellas. As Alpha Of The Lonely River Pack, Jack Owens Is Responsible For Keeping The Peace Between What S Left Of The Human Population And The Wolves Who Have Taken Over Since The War All Wolves Are His Responsibility, Even The Ones Like Virginia Howard Who Don T Necessarily Recognize His Authority Ginny S Been A Thorn In Jack S Side Since She Took Over Her Parent S Operation And Established Herself As One Of The Area S Premiere Ranchers The Fact That She S Everything He Wants In A Mate Makes It Hard To Stay Away From Her, But Any Good Hunter Knows How To Bide His TimeGinny Fights Hard To Maintain Her Independence From Men, Human And Werewolf Alike The Humans May Not Like Having A Woman As Their Chief Competition, But They Re Not The Ones Determined To See Her Submit When A Group Of Angry Wolves Try To Run Her Out Of Business, She S Forced To Accept Jack S Assistance But In Saving Her Ranch, Ginny Runs The Risk Of Losing Something Far Greater Her Heart, Words this was originally posted on Book Lovers,Inc My Thoughts I read Wild Card in one sitting, for 2 reasons 1 This is a novella, we re talking 60 pages here, not long term commitment guys 2 I couldn t stop reading it, I just wanted But let s start at the beginning The Cover I find this cover to be very sensual It s erotic without being overly sexual Translation I can read it next to my mama without blushing too much yes, that is a criteria When I look at this cover I see love there we are, the romantic in me is back , look at how his hand is delicately brushing her face huh huh The font is well chosen, when I see the title I think of cowboys heh close enough All in all I find the cover very appealing thumbs up The World War on Earth ended fifty years ago with the Sickness, a nanite plague that killed without prejudice and set the human race back two hundred years The only ones immune to the Sickness are the werewolves, who have been forced out of hiding in the aftermath Now human and werewolf must form an uneasy alliance and find a way to rebuild a new world The story takes place in a post apocalyptic world where technology no longer exists We re back at the time of cowboys and Saloons well nearly This just works for me, I loved the idea This world reminded me of the Atlanta in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews Yes, I know they have nearly nothing in common but in these worlds technology isn t reliable any, or in this case doesn t exist any and it makes it all the interesting.The story Virginia Howard a.k.a Ginny is one tough lady or I should say, werewolf She s tried to stay independent all her life, which is not easy when you live in a world full of possessive male werewolves She s got her own Ranch and minds her own business Most of all she wants to stay clear from the Alpha, Jack Owens.Jack Owens is the Alpha, he s got lots of responsibilities and he has waited years to see Ginny ask for his help Should I mention that he s really hot Okay, I won t mention it The story is simple enough, 2 very different characters will fall for each other hard A little details Okay Ginny is having problems with a band of werewolves doing all they can to ruin her business She has to ask for help to the one man she s tried to avoid for years Jack Owens, the Alpha, the only one that can stop the wolves Needless to say that Jack is than willing to help wriggles eyebrows Ginny is attracted to him but she knows that she can t have a one night stand with this man sleeping with him would mean accepting to submit to the wolf, abandoning her independence, and that is something she just can t bare She s torn between reason and lust The sexual tension between the characters is strong one thing leading to another they end up sleeping together anyway didn t see that one coming huh The sex scenes are sizzling, they are very well written and I found myself blushing than once Cookie points for that The story resolved itself after some blood being shed and I got my Happy Ever After Yay.Was the story predictable Yes Did it diminish my pleasure in reading it No As I said before, it is very well written, and while it was easy to see how this was going to end, I had a great time reading it We re introduced to some interesting secondary characters, such as Hazel Young and Oliver Russell I was very happy when I learned that the second novella Calling the Bluff focuses on them as the heroes I thought they deserved their own story.There s just one thing that got me a bit frustrated it s a novella It s very short, so the story seemed a bit rushed sometimes, there wasn t enough time to build the tension I m not used to reading novellas I think it would have been perfect if the characters had been given time to build their relationship This is why I m giving Wild Card 4 and a half Bookies I know it s not fair But It is a quick, fun and hot read, I strongly recommend Wild Card. This book was pretty interesting I mean, a cowboy book where they are all werewolves, living in an post apoplectic world that had reverted itself back to old west times Doesn t get much interesting than that This book could should have been a full novel Since it isn t, it was missing a lot of meat that makes a book great When we meet the H h, they have already known each other for years and the hero is already in love with her I hate books that start this way. But since this is or less an erotic romp with a good story tossed in I wasn t overly upset.It had plenty of sex in it as well as a good conflict to keep me interested The character s were just okay for me I really didn t like Ginny and there was just something missing with Jack.I did however find Hazel and Ollies introduction interesting and I think I might pick up their book, which is the next one in the series. The first thing that caught my eye was the mix, cowboys and werewolves It sounded a bit far fetched so I had to read the book.Wild Card is about how Ginny Howard, a strong, independent werewolf and Jack Owens, the Alpha of the Lonley River Pack, finally get together Jack has been haunted by the notion that Ginny, with all her strength and insecurities, would be the perfect Alpha female but she has resisted him this last five years.Now Ginny is being harassed and needs Jacks protection.The story could have been so much greater if edited right There are holes in the flow of the story that annoyed me And I think the world building could have been a bit stronger Or clearer, I didn t quite get the War And I had a bit problem with werewolves riding horses, the poor horses should be terrified So a bit about how that works would have been nice.But apart from that Ginny and Jack were strong characters and the chemistry between them were hot There weren t many secondary characters but the titbits about Hazel and Oliver has made me buy the next book in the series, which are about them. This was a fun sexy short read this is my first time reading this author and I love reading about shifters Jack Owens is the Alpha of the Lonely River Pack and he is looking for a mate Virginia Howard took over her parents operation and established herself as one of the area s premiere ranchers Ginny is everything that he is looking for in a mate Ginny isn t looking for a mate or even a man she is trying to hold on to her business until some angry wolves try to force her out and she has to accept Jacks help can a strong independent women accept help from a strong dominant male without losing her heart This is the first book in this series and it was pretty good I will be reading the rest of this series. Good writing and a decent storyline but the heroine ruined it for being anything better than average Her reasoning for not comitting to anyone was ridiculous, and her abrupt turnaround didn t make any sense Jack saved this story for me C 3 stars 2.5It has all the necessary features of a shifter paranormal erotic romance a reluctant heroine independent and stuff , a possessive hero, a bunch of friends, a few enemies to cause trouble to push the pair toward whatever they need and a lot of sex Actually, it s not a bad short story It is too short to have a lot of information about the world, but it still throws in a few comments about the world they live in without info dumping. 3.5 Stars

How do you make a Moira Rogers Take a former forensic science and nursing student obsessed with paranormal romance and add a computer programmer with a passion for gritty urban fantasy Toss in a dash of whimsy and a lot of caffeine, and enjoy with a side of chocolate by the light of the full moon.By day, Bree and Donna are mild mannered ladies who reside in the Deep South At night, when their h

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